Weekend Highlights {Anniversary Date Night}

Hiiiii everyone! A very happy Monday to us! And happy Cinco de Mayo too. We’re going to eat chips and salsa tonight for sure! 😉 **** This weekend was full of awesomeness. There was one kinda sad part though…baby Lily got a slight fever. I think it’s from teething because she seemed ‘fine’ other than […]

Weekend Snapshots {2}

Hey friends! Happy Monday. Happy no-baby-yet-for-me-day…. For REALZZZZ. But let’s not talk about that, mmmkay?? I will have a baby update tomorrow & share a bit more about all that….& a bag of chips. 😉 ***** Considering the circumstances, I managed to have myself a really nice weekend. Jared joined in on some of the […]

A Peek Into Labor Day Weekend

Hey friends! It is still technically the weekend to me because it is a holiday here in the US & I have work off! Paid holidays are the bomb diggity. So I’ll be enjoying my day off today with Jared! But first, because it is SEPTEMBER, that means I can now say “our baby is […]

Just What I Wanted Weekend

Hey, hey! Happy Monday to you on this beautiful new week! How are you all doing? I had such a great weekend (I swear I say this every Monday….), but it was such a lovely one. I just have to share! Just What I Wanted Weekend We didn’t have many plans in stone (because our […]

A Great Weekend of Eats

Hey friends! How was your weekend? I had a lovely one-full of fun, love, husband time, dancing (zumba!!), friends, sun time, and really great food. I also realized that most of the pics I took this weekend were of food….sooooo hence the title of this post. It was a great weekend of eats indeed! A […]

What I’ve Been Loving Lately: Food, Dates, & More

Hey you guys! Happy Friday <3 I feel like I haven’t had a full week of work in awhile, so it feels like a bit of a long week to me. Wahhwahhwahh. 😉 So I’m cool with it being Friday. After teaching Zumba & work today, we’re headed up to the mountain house. I love […]

A Lil’ Bit of Everything

Hey friends! Happy Monday <3 And happy July! Whoa! It was a great weekend with my love. I finally got to spend some extended time one-on-one with Jared (we’d been with my family earlier when he started his break), so it was a really lovely few days. **** First off, you MUST enter the Kodiak Cakes […]

Long Weekend Bliss

Hey friends! I’m totally cool with taking Fridays off of work….that was pretty fun! Long Weekend Bliss I took Friday off of work, so immediately after teaching Zumba I headed to the amusement park to meet up with some of my family. We spent the entire day at the park, and it was super fun! […]

Getting Fitter is Uncomfortable + Jared’s B-day

Hey friends! How’re ya all doing this morning? So funny story, I was totally going to do a post about my eats from an entire day (I know, I know, I’m such an overachiever), buttttt by 9 a.m., which is when I was eating for the 4TH time that day, I had forgotten to take […]

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