How to Stick to a Fitness Regimen

Hey friends! How’s it going? Life is peachy…..errr it’s actually not….it’s more peary. No peaches around here, but tons of pears! I love good, juicy pears…… yahhhh. Seriously though, I did some serious (good) damage at work this week, and then finally got around to my blog email inbox. Finally readers are getting responses! Hah. […]

Quieting The Mean Voices

Good morning! Wow, some of you really love your marinara, and some of you can’t live without Alfredo. I love how we all have our different tastes and preferences. How we are all very DIFFERENT. That is something awesome! We’re Each Unique Something I’ve realized over the course of my 20+ years is this: We […]

Ketchup Sauce

Hey all! Things are ‘achanging around here–and I like it. I am here for you, so please ask me questions and let’s get rolling with some healthy, positive changes! Or have you checked out this website of mine here?! Full of color. I am most definitely a color gal. Ketchup Sauce Speaking of color. My […]

Focus On: Triceps Extension

Happy Friday! Are you as stoked that it’s almost the weekend as I am? It’s gonna be a good one…. We’ve got the BodyPUMP release 79 launch (remember my review of 78? And 77? Review of 79 coming atch’ ya soon!), some exciting personal/business stuff happening, and a whole lot of time to relax and […]

Emotional Eater

Hope you’re having a lovely mid-week! (note: Just a heads up, this will talk about emotional eating, eating disorders, and the like. Do not read if overly sensitive to those topics!) In the past I have suffered from the following disordered eating tendencies : anorexia, bulimia, overeating, impulse eating, emotional eating, eating by rules, not […]

Living Healthy And Eating

Hey all! I guess it is a Monday (for Americans’ work week), but Happy Tuesday How was your day off (if you had one)? Mine was perf. Taught a Zumba class, prepped for the BodyPUMP (release 78) launch!!!, swam for like 4 hours, hung out with my husband, and ate amazing food. More of this […]

Eating Binge

Hey all! Monday has come and it has been fabulous so far. How about for you?? Did you have a lovely weekend? We sure did… rained tons… so no boating. But we did eat some delicious food! And it was yummy…   …..But I knew when enough was enough. No eating binge for me! Eating […]

Full On Vegetables

HEY, hey. Happy Monday! Hope you all enjoyed your weekend! If you missed mine, check out the good times Friday I had, and the Kale Chips I made! Oh and remember what happened a week ago today? My announcement about a coach for life? Well, things are really starting to roll, so I guess be […]

Why a Coach For Life Can Help YOU Meet Your Health and Fitness Goals

Hey friends! Happy Monday, so glad your weekend went well too<—if you missed me this weekend, check what I think about healthyliving, and how I didn’t care what others thought about me! So today, I did an a.m. workout that was a great way to kick the week (and this exciting post!!) off—-> a smattering […]

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