Intentional April

Hey yo, how’s it going everyone?

It’s a few days into April, and although I don’t do ‘goals’ for each month, I always have intentions and plans in my phone & head (hello check mark queen!), and I thought it’d be fun to check in and share.

Intentional April

social media

For this month I was just feeling lately like I wanted to be more intentional with my life. More intentional with my time, more intentional with my prayers, more intentional in my marriage, more intentional in my parenting, and more intentional in my teaching/coaching/mentoring.

The first thing that came to mind that would help me with this overall desire to be more intentional was reducing my time on social media.

I like social media to a point, but recently it just wasn’t doing it for me anymore. It was sapping my time, I felt like it either made me happy or sad (which is not good when something as silly as that could change my mood so quickly!), and it affected my patience. It also affected the way I took photos, the way I drove (I’d sometimes check my phone at stop lights! BAD BAD BAD!!), and the way I interacted with my kids and husband. All NOT GOOD.

So after some prayer, contemplation, and serious soul-searching, I’ve decided to give it up for a time. Yep, that means no Twitter, no FB, no Instagram. I think I have Pinterest open somewhere on my tabs, so that shows you how much it doesn’t affect me (I will probably pin here and there), but the other ones were affecting my life in a negative way so I’m letting them go.


For some they can use social media in small amounts and it doesn’t affect them much, but I’m willing to bet that most, like me, get way too involved in social media. And I knew that if I wanted my life and dreams to continue in a positive direction, I’d have to change something.

It’s HARD to take a look at your habits and make a change. It’s totally humbling, a bit embarrassing, and really difficult. Change is just hard. Period.

However, I think looking back at my wasted time would be even harder, so that’s why I decided to let it go for now!

And I’m sure that’s way more than you wanted to know, hah. 😉


This past week I launched BODYPUMP 97, CXWORX 22, and GRIT Cardio 16 at a couple of locations.

It was so fun to bring the fun and new choreo to the classes, and I’m a huge fan of all the workouts! I feel like LM just keeps bringing out better and better stuff. I’m currently sore from all three formats (hah!), so I know they work. 😉


A side-note–I don’t always love all the song/music choices of course, but the workouts are strong. I’ll have some detailed reviews on the blog soon!

And for this month I’m simply being more intentional with how I coach & teach to make it more organized, focused, and to help my people get their results they want!


I’ve mentioned this before, but I’ve upped my protein intake, vegetable intake, and water consumption in small but significant ways recently and I definitely feel the awesome effects. It’s amazing how you can feel so different based off the stuff you eat. Amazing, right?! 😉

Because I’ve love lists here are foods I’ve been eating a lot of recently:

  • hardboiled eggs
  • cottage cheese
  • berries
  • romaine lettuce
  • chicken
  • sweet potatoes
  • protein powder (both Whey & Casein –100% Optimum Nutrition is my fave brand with LM Good Protein coming in 2nd place)
  • grapes
  • almond butter
  • roasted broccoli
  • whole wheat waffles
  • cheese
  • roasted almonds

I still eat fun foods often (chocolate, ice cream, cookies, french fries etc.), but upping the ‘good’ stuff has made my body feel better overall, and I just function better as a mom and fitness instructor when I’m fueled well, so the fun foods simply don’t appeal to me as much as they had.

This month I’m simply continuing this intentional eating. It’s not hard or tough, it simply takes intention & planning!

general conference

This past weekend the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints held their semi-annual conference, and viewing it on Saturday & Sunday (there are 4 2-hour general sessions) as a family was definitely a highlight for me!

My toddler sat for about 3 minutes of the total 8 hours, so that turned out fab. 😉

Haha. Typical toddler! But I could tell that something stirred within her, and she reverently folded her arms during the prayers (for most of the time), and sang along as best as she could during the songs. Kids know when Heavenly Father and His Spirit & prophets are near!


I felt uplifted, inspired, humbled, chastised, and ready to do more and be better. <3 If you’d like to view or listen to the talks, just click here (on Thursday the print versions will be available to read). I promise you’ll hear something that you need in your life.

This month my intention is to serve in my community and to donate to the refugee effort. There are so many in need, and doing a little can go a long way.


Alright people, have a fabulous day!

What is something going on in your life recently?

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  1. Well you know what’s going on in mine lol I can definitely agree with and attest to that change is hard! Amen, sista! xo
    Linz @ Itz Linz recently posted…PURE Haven Essentials Refresh KitMy Profile

  2. CarolineO says:

    You are such a good reminder of making goals and then making it happen! Things happening in my life? Today: babysitting. :)

  3. I totally understand the needs to step away from social from time to time. I gave up Facebook for Lent last year and it was an amazing change. While I do find that I’ve increased my usage back to pre-fast levels, I find that my time is more intentional (reading discussions in running/nutrition groups, checking in) and less mindless scrolling. I also didn’t put the app back on my phone, so I have to make the decision to visit in the browser.

    Also loving the new releases – I feel like LM did a fantastic job this quarter and they are all amazing workouts! Flow is SO beautiful.
    Bree recently posted…Life Lately: Of Food & LearningMy Profile

    • I remember when you gave up FB, so inspiring!! I too came back after a month+ of not having it and didn’t return it to my phone. It’s helped my FB so much, like you said. I am much more intentional too on there. High fives to us! I think giving up insta will help that when I eventually come back to it–that’s the hope! :)

      I’d love to attend your flow class one day! It’s such a great format and you’d lead an amazing class, I can just tell!

      annette recently posted…Intentional AprilMy Profile

  4. Kaitlyn says:

    I’m going to miss seeing you on Insta, but I totally understand and respect the need to step away. I’ll have to send you some wedding pics via email :)

    • I actually thought about how I’d miss you wedding by giving it up! I was SO sad about that thought (creepy or devoted that I even knew it’d be during your wedding day?! haha), so PLEASE email me those photos!!!! You’re going to be such a gorgeous bride. So much love & prayers for your special day!! xoxo
      annette recently posted…Intentional AprilMy Profile

  5. Conference was so wonderful! I think that these are awesome goals!! You are seriously amazing!
    Rachel @ Simply Rachel Nicole recently posted…On Wednesdays We Wear PinkMy Profile

  6. Oh girl, I hear ya!!! I need to increase the veggies and decrease the phone time. I try to put the phone down when I’m with the boys, but it doesn’t always happen. They need to know they’re more important than FB/IG/etc.
    Tiff @ Love, Sweat, & Beers recently posted…Baby Gear: Frugal to FancyMy Profile

  7. I’ve been noticing myself checking my phone at lights too. I was doing really good at it, and now I’ve slipped back. It’s crazy how our bad habits slip on back in…..


    • right?! Sometimes it just takes knocking out the temptation completely to reset. It’s helped me so much on putting my phone down more by not having any social media!
      annette recently posted…Minted. {giveaway}My Profile



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