BODYPUMP™ Release 95 Review

Wow, the past two days have been SO busy! Celebrating Lily’s 2nd birthday was so so fun–I’ll be sure to share details & pics soon!

I taught BP release 95 now for three weeks, so I want to review it here.

p.s. If you haven’t taken a Les Mills’ BODYPUMP™ class, I highly recommend this class. It changed my life, and it can change yours too. If you want to know more about BODYPUMP™, you can read about what the program is here.

Basically though, each 1 hour class uses a barbell & plates, begins with a warm-up, goes through each major muscle group, and ends with a core track and cool-down.

Every three months (i.e. every quarter), Les Mills, the leading global fitness class brand, releases new music, choreography, and education for instructors all over the world. I love, love this! That means that each time we get new stuff, or “a release,” we get to learn it, practice it, and then launch it to our members. It’s tons of fun!

BODYPUMP™ Release 95 Review


Track 1 – Warmup. Song: “Outside” I like this warmup a lot-the song is a popular one, the exercises are straight forward & prep you well for the class, and it’s on the shorter side. My weight selection: 20 lbs.

Track 2 – Squats. Song: “Bukem”  I like the workout of this track–there are no breaks and the tempos include a bunch of singles & bottom halves (my fave!) & 4/4’s, making it a challenging track. Your legs & glutes are guaranteed a fabulous workout! The song doesn’t really have any lyrics though, so musically wise it’s not my fave. My weight selection: 50 lbs.

Track 3 – Chest. Song: “Uptown Funk”  The song already makes people ready to have a little fun, and in my opinion, this is a fantastic chest track! I love how we do heavier weight for the chest presses, lighter weight for the A-presses, & body weight for the pushups. My chest was on fire every single time I taught this track!  My weight selection: 35 lbs & 20 lbs

Track 4 – Back. Song: “Beautiful World (Radio Edit)”  This track is my favorite track of the release! I really really like the song–for some reason it just speaks to me, and if you don’t talk over it, it’s really powerful/magical for the whole fitness experience in the room. :) The track incorporates deadlifts with power presses & clean & presses/row combos to build strength & power. There are options to add weight as well, and that is always fabulous to take on! There are two mini sets of work with the plate–squats & squat presses–that are a nice way to mix things up and spike the HR. My weight selection: 35 lbs-1st set, 40 lbs-2nd set, 45 lbs-3rd set // 10 lb-plate

Les Mills' BODYPUMP Release 94 Review

Track 5 – Triceps. Song: “Irresistible”  I don’t love this song for some reason, and kickback rows are my least favorite triceps move, so this track is just okay to me. I like the triceps dips & pulses (hello burn!), and I definitely enjoy triceps extensions, but the track feels a bit boring. Although I do like the 7 & 8 isolated kickbacks, I think the track needed a few triceps pushups or somethin’ to add a bit more spice. My weight selection: 10 lbs plate; 5 lb. plate

Track 6 – Biceps. Song: “GDFR”  Finally a Biceps track that isn’t heavy metal or hard rock! I don’t really listen to the lyrics of this song (it’s naughty, I think), but the song works perfect with the biceps plate curls & pulses, and with the biceps rows. I like the simplicity of this track because it allows us instructors to work on our coaching while also letting the music land too. This is a track that had my biceps screaming, that’s for sure! My weight selection: 20 lbs.

Track 7 – Lunges. Song: “Burnin’” The title of the song is veryyyy appropriate for this lunge track because boy, does this one burn! I love that the focus is to work on ROM & technique & not so much weight; it has really allowed the lunge & squat work to really make a difference in my body, I can tell! There are a ton of bottom half pulses (so tough!) in both squat stance & in lunges, as well as plenty of slower lunges & squat work. This track delivers quite the punch; love it! My weight selection: 35 lbs.

Track 8 – Shoulders. Song: “I am Machine” At first I was so not a fan of the song, but it totally grew on me as I practiced & then taught this track. It’s a tough track that works perfectly with the song! This is a shoulder track that doesn’t have any pushups, so that feels kinda funny, but I like all the bar work; it is really tough! We also use plates to do side & rotator raises that nail the smaller shoulder/stabilizing muscles. My shoulders are toast after this track! My weight selection: 20 lbs.

Track 9 – Core. Song: “Sugar” A simple & straight-forward core track rounds out this release with some leg extensions, crunches, & (my beloved!) hovers. I really like that all three exercises target the core in such a 3-D way, ending the release on a high note. My weight selection: none

Track 10 – Cooldown. Song: “Brother”  Not much to say here other than it feels good to reach this point & stretch out. No weight selection.


Despite a few song choices that aren’t the best, there are a few that are pretty fun. Not my favorite release musically-wise though.

Overall I really like the workout of this release; there are a few tracks that really stand out to me (chest, back, lunges) and are immediate faves, but the release is really strong in building strength in all muscle groups which is a major win!

-see all my other Les Mills’ posts here


Have a GREAT day! <3

What is your favorite part about release 95??! What would you like to see in a BP class??

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  1. I would want to see YOU! 😉 are you coming in for any of the holidays!
    Linz @ Itz Linz recently posted…24 Life LessonsMy Profile

  2. I also loveeee the back track! The song is amazing and it totally puts a feel good vibe in the room. It wasn’t my fave song wise either but it is a killer workout so I can’t complain too much 😉
    Becky @ Olives n Wine recently posted…Key West Adventures – Key West Express & Eden HouseMy Profile

  3. I was looking forward to your 95 review! I’ve done this release quite a few times now and the squat and chest tracks are my favorites. I like how we have the push ups and A-press in the chest track so I can increase my weight on the bar, as I’ve wanted to do that for awhile now. I think a lot of BodyPumpers are scared to increase weight on the bar and sometimes it’s good to have a track where it’s easier to do that and work your way up (I feel like this one is). Lunge track is tough but I can tell it’s helping me when I run hilly courses.

    My instructor mixed it up Wednesday and we did triceps with the bar, and after so many releases that weren’t bar work, my triceps are killing me today!
    Amy Lauren recently posted…James Island Connector Run 5K (22:17)My Profile

    • I agree! Adding weight to the bar can be SUCH a good thing & I think many are afraid of it too. I try to encourage them, but everyone’s gotta do what they feel is best. Good for YOU for adding weight!!

      That’s a good idea to do a tricep track with a bar soon-thanks!
      annette recently posted…BODYPUMP™ Release 95 ReviewMy Profile

  4. Fiona says:

    Oh man just did this release Monday and I was smoked by the end. The squat track, chest, lunges and shoulders are killer. I totally agree with you on the triceps, as much as I love kickbacks it’s like too repetitive or not enough going on.if they flipped back and forth between dips and kickbacks like they have in the past maybe ..or over head extensions??? I have to admit I did love the release as a whole though and can’t wait to do it again tomorrow! I would say the Lunge track (my love to hate exercise) is my is probably as hard to me as the ‘fireworks’ track or Grenade lunge track..both of those have continued to be my fav tracks for how challenging they are!!!

  5. Ahhh, reading your review is making me even more excited to launch on Saturday and get back to teaching my classes next week!! I know my body is going to be SO sore afterward! Yikes!
    Ashley @ My Food N Fitness Diaries recently posted…What’s Up WednesdayMy Profile

  6. Celeste says:

    I’ve been waiting for this post too! Our gym just finished the 3 week release of this and they have moved to a different schedule. Totally agree on the releases; I actually grew to really like the squat track, even if it was boring. Our gym only does full body pump 1X per week; usually it’s an accelerated (first 5 tracks) + CXWorx for 30 min, so I’m less familiar with the last tracks. But I didn’t like the tricep one at all. It didn’t feel like we did anything.

    Overall – I felt like there was less cardio pieces in this release? But maybe that’s just me.

    Question – do you know if there is a set schedule for how all gyms rotate the releases? Our 24 fitness is back to an older release, but I don’t know how much of that is instructor preference or if everyone is on the same schedule?

    • for 24HR, when Ingrid Owen was VP of fitness, we were asked to teach the new release for 3 weeks and THEN switch to older stuff/mix in. I stick to that still because I find the members like the repetitiveness with the new stuff–they can feel it out the first time, get better the 2nd week, and then maybe add weight/make it more challenging the 3rd. I think we’re still supposed to do 3 weeks…..but not every instructor does that. 😉 other gyms I teach at are much less strict & I see instructors do basically whatever they want. I guess it just depends on the location & gym!
      annette recently posted…BODYPUMP™ Release 95 ReviewMy Profile

  7. Agree agree to the BACK track – SO beautiful to listen to the lyrics while everyone is doing the clean and press.
    Katie @ running4cupcakes recently posted…Thursday Random ThoughtsMy Profile

  8. LOVE 95 – pretty much start to finish! I’ve done it tons of times and got to do it at the Quarterly too. :) In squats, I hear “moo cow, moo cow, moo cow…” so that gets old, but the work is good. Haha. I hit my PR back weight in the last week that everyone was doing this release in the final set (sort of by accident because of the plates I had). I’d been increasing to 40lbs/45lbs on the last set, but had extra mediums instead of extra smalls. SO hard, but felt super strong. :) Biceps, I love “lift it, drop it, shake it, pop it” and the rotation with the rows. The shoulder track is a surprising love… here’s to being human. :)
    Breanne recently posted…Surfing Madonna 10K – Race ReportMy Profile

  9. Will and I just started doing Bodypump consistently about 3 months ago, and we absolutely LOVE it! Bodypump 95 is NO JOKE. Maybe it’s because we’re relatively new to the program but for the past 3 times that we’ve done this release it feels like a whole new shock to the body! lol!

    Ps: I think of you all the time when we’re doing it :) I wish you taught close to me! I’d totally go!
    Brittany recently posted…Our HoneymoonMy Profile



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