Friday Confessions {22}

Hiiii everyone!

Happy FRIDAY! :)

Today is a day where I just spill what’s on my mind/what we have been up to/whatever I want to talk about. Join in the fun in the comments! Also, the winner of the albionfit giveaway is announced at the end :)

Friday Confessions {22}

1. I’ve found a new sauce that I LOVE!

Oh my goodness! It’s SO good. And really spicy.

What can I say…..#ilikeithot Β πŸ˜‰

Frank’s Red Hot Wings Buffalo Sauce


sosososososososo good!

I was introduced to it at the Zevia Dinner Party 2 weeks ago, and couldn’t get it out of my mind (or taste buds). So this week at the store I bought it. SUCH a great purchase.

2. My baby likes the outdoors as much as I do!

I can’t tell you how happy that makes me. :)

Yesterday after her nap and being fed (#allthefood), we headed out to the pool. The water is still a bit on the colder side, so she just kind of dips her feet in and sits on the top step. For about 10 minutes. Then she’s done!

friday confessions

She likes chilling on the grass, and yesterday it looked like she took a wee bit of a nap there.

friday confessions

Sunbathing already, I am so proud. πŸ˜‰

{don’t worry, she was sllllattthhered in sunscreen}

And while she was napping, she was apparently working on a bit of a surprise for mama…..

Let’s just say that swimsuit had to get rinsed out and thrown in the wash immediately.


But anyways-yesterday we went on a long walk, had pool time, and played out on the deck. Baby loves the sunshine & fresh air!

But who doesn’t. Am I right?

3. I can not stand a few things….

Sorry to rant for just a second but, there are a few things that have been driving me crazy, and I must say them. Not trying to offend anyone here, just sharing what is a bit bothersome to me this week:

  • when people smoke anywhere near me…including me in my car! UGH. It’s so gross.
  • when a person decides to not go even the speed limit, and is driving right in front of me in the far left lane. #soannoying
  • when people text while driving. STOP DOING IT. (this bothers me about myself too-I sometimes will quickly text back as I’m moving forward from the light. bad, bad, bad. It must stop.)
  • when people are mean, rude, and unkind in their comments (on blog posts, FB posts, in real life, etc)
  • when people don’t take responsibility for their emotions. Someone can NOT make you feel a certain way. You do that all on your own.
  • when I have to make dinner and have no idea what to make. SO ANNOYING.

k. I’m done. #endrant

4. I totally enjoy getting lost in a book while eating chocolate. Or ice cream. Or both.

This has been my reality almost every single evening this week, and I love it!

Jared is crazy busy this term, so I am on my own after baby L goes to bed. Books & dessert it is.

Oh, and watching my favorite shows.

Once Upon a Time finale?!?!? Can was say CRAZY! Anyone else watch that??

5.Β It is FRIDAY!!!

I am so glad it is!

And I get some extra time with my man and baby this morning because Zumba was cancelled today for the long weekend.

6. The winner of the albionfit summer giveaway was randomly selected!

the winner is:


Macey W! Congrats!

{Winner will be emailed today}


Alright, I am off!

Have a GREAT, long weekend!!! <3

What are some of YOUR confessions today??! What do YOU want to rant about for just a second??! What delicious find at the grocery store have YOU been enjoying lately?!Β 

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  1. I bought these honey vanilla Greek frozen yogurt bars at the grocery store – yum!
    Linz @ Itz Linz recently posted…WaterWipes GiveawayMy Profile

  2. I’m guilty of texting while driving some. I’ve only been a smart-phone user for less than a year, but I find myself on it way too much when in the car… Terrible habit I need to break.
    Jaclyn @ BumpSweat recently posted…Post-Pregnancy Eats: Boobie Cookies & ‘Secret’ Sloppy JoesMy Profile

  3. I have problems with my coworkers from time to time. When I want to take a day off for something and want to switch shifts, I hardly get any offers for help, but when they want the time off, I’ve been pressured to step in and/or nearly expected to do it. My one coworker is getting married in July, and he’s taking three weeks off (after working here all of six months), and he’s acting so spoiled. I’ve heard about his European honeymoon, how his fiancee wants him to wear his hair and how he just can’t work certain days because he made plans to do wedding stuff. Me and another senior coworker wanted off Fridays, but he gets them instead because he has wedding things to do. I’m so sick of hearing about his dumb wedding. The kicker is that he has the nerve to complain about how when he comes back from his honeymoon he’ll probably have to work the whole following weekend because I’m taking my own vacation. Yeah buddy you will have just had three weeks off. You have no right to complain that you actually have to come back to work!

    I may sound jealous, but even though I’m single, I learned now that you are the only one who will care so much about your wedding…well you and close family/friends. No one I work with seems to care that this guy is getting married, and he’s even alienated my work friend and I by taking huge chunks of time off and asking for all this accommodation. What an impression to make in your first six months…coming in and not caring what senior coworkers want because it’s all about you, isn’t it?

    Ugh. Rant over.
    Ali recently posted…Pre-Memorial Day Weigh-In: Thursday, May 22My Profile

  4. Oh man baby Lily in that hat and sunglasses?! Too much. You always put her in the most adorable outfits.

    Every single item on your #rant I completely agree with!! I live in NYC so the driving ones don’t pertain as much to me anymore (although I still totally get it), but the smoking and the rudeness DEFINITELY do!

    Have a wonderful long weekend. Enjoy the extra time with your family. :)
    Laura recently posted…The Secret?My Profile

  5. I absolutely hate when people smoke around me as well, especially now that I’m pregnant. So, I live in a townhouse and I love opening my windows to let in the fresh air. The problem is…we have to neighbors who smoke and they smoke literally under our bedroom window, so then the smoke wafts into our room. They might as well me standing in the middle of our bedroom! I absolutely hate it!!!!
    Holly @ EatGreatBEGreat recently posted…Triple Berry Coconut Soft ServeMy Profile

  6. Love all of your confessions and agree with all of them!

    I loooove buffalo sauce. An idea for a meal using it: cook chicken breasts in a Crock Pot with water, drain water when done cooking, shred chicken, add buffalo sauce, and put the shredded chicken on buns with cheese! Sooooooo good! Plus, it’s super easy, so it’s a win-win all around.

    So glad little Lily loves the pool and being outdoors! Hunter loves being outdoors too. I can’t wait until we have some grass in the backyard for him to play more. He also loves kicking his feet in the pool – it’s the cutest!
    Ashley @ My Food N Fitness Diaries recently posted…All About Protein PowderMy Profile

  7. Amanda Conklin says:

    I am totally with you on the Once Upon a Time finale! I cannot wait until next season! Plus, (SPOILER ALERT) my Frozen obsessed 5yr old is so pumped and wants to watch next season. lol

  8. Kaitlyn says:

    ohhhh my goodness, smoking ANYWHRE near me drives me bonkers. It’s disgusting in so many ways. Blech.

  9. Amelia says:

    Love that hot sauce. We make buffalo chicken dip with it for summertime bbq’s. Not the least bit healthy, but delish with celery, carrots, pepper strips or any other veggies or tortilla chips. I’m sure if you google the internet you’ll find the recipe….many people nickname it ‘crack dip’.
    Baby Lily in a swimsuit, so cute!!!
    I’m with you on the smoking. Get it outta my face!

  10. It bugs me so much when people text and drive! It’s actually illegal in all Canadian provinces and territories, which I think is a good thing…although I am guilty of doing it at stoplights sometimes.

    And mmm, buffalo sauce. I’ve been on such a hot sauce kick lately, especially with avocado on toast. So good.
    Sam @ Better With Sprinkles recently posted…Five Things Friday 05/23/14.My Profile

  11. If you like buffalo sauce, then you MUST make this chicken! it’s to die for :-) And I second you on people smoking nearby, yuck!
    Tori recently posted…Fun Facts FridayMy Profile

  12. Who is smoking in your car!?!? YUCK. Seriously. I would pull over and tell them to either throw it out or get out of my car. And then I would lecture them on how horrible it is for their health. And clearly social life.

  13. Your rants could be my rants. Seriously.

    Also, the Once family was craaaaazy. I’m nervous about both ladies brought from the past.
    Breanne recently posted…Disneyland Half Marathon 2013My Profile

  14. I am so bad about the quick text through the stoplight too! It makes me feel so guilty…so I don’t know why I do it in the first place.
    Amy recently posted…Taking Care of Yourself FirstMy Profile

  15. Yesssssssssssssssssssssss! Kay loves the outdoors and the pool as much as I do too. She is a fishy. Um cannot stand when people smoke anywhere near me. The minute i smell even a hint of it…bah! Enjoy the weekend

  16. My husband puts Frank’s Red Hot on EVERYTHING. We have a giant bottle and it doesn’t last anywhere near as long as it should lol!
    Ashley recently posted…4 milesMy Profile



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