A Zevia Dinner Party

Hiiii everyone!

Did you all have a nice weekend, and Mother’s Day? :)

My husband was a sweetheart, baby Lily was darling (and super smiley), and I got to sleep in. It was magical!


A Zevia Dinner Party

Our weekend was awesome too–more pictures to come–but for now, we had a fun little dinner party up Friday evening at the mountain house with some friends. And the main event??!


If you don’t know what Zevia is, go ahead and take yourself to the nearest Whole Foods (or Sprouts), head to the drinks aisle, and snatch yourself up a few cans of it. That stuff is deeeeelicious.

Basically it is no-calorie, no-sugar soda, and it is super flavorful. Zevia is sweetened with stevia, and with the latest revisit of ingredients and taste tasting, the Zevia flavors taste better than ever. Sweet smart for sure!

I am a Soda Sommelier with Zevia, meaning I love the stuff, and by the way, totally buy it myself too. It is a product I just love a lot!

Anyways, with summer right around the corner, Zevia wanted to send me some of my favorite flavors so we could share it with friends.


{My all-time favorites are grapefruit citrus, grape, orange, cola, and ginger root beer.}

We invited friends for dinner at the mountain house, and we proceeded to have an epic meal. But the best part (other than the company) was definitely the Zevia!


We had quite the little party going on, and it was such a blast!

zevia dinner party

All of our friends really liked the Zevia too. They said things like “ooooh this is good.” “I can’t believe there isn’t any sugar.” “Grapefruit citrus is definitely the best.”

Anyways, they really liked ’em as well, which I knew they would because who doesn’t!?

Plus having our cans of Zevia made the dinner super fun and extra colorful. :)

zevia dinner party

Thank you, Zevia, for the wonderful drinks!

{follow Zevia on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook}

I still have some left, so I am thinking I will drink some myself (duh), and mayyyyyyybe share some with our neighbors.

I am toooo nice, I know. 😉

{note: I was given coupons to buy drinks for the party. All opinions are my own.}


Have a WONDERFUL day! <3

What is YOUR favorite drink?? What is YOUR favorite Zevia flavor?? When was the last time YOU hosted/attended a dinner party??! 

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  1. I have heard all sorts of amazing things about Zevia, but have yet to give it a try. I stopped drinking soda years ago because of all the added sugar, artificial flavors, etc.,, so Zevia sounds like a perfect alternative.
    Holly @ EatGreatBEGreat recently posted…32 Things That Make ME HappyMy Profile

  2. I’m a huge water and coffee lover! I do really like Zevia after trying it with you for the first time several months ago. I liked the black cherry, but I think I’d love the grapefruit citrus a lot too. Sounds fun! I am excited to throw some dinner parties with friends once we move into our own place!
    Ashley @ My Food N Fitness Diaries recently posted…Since My Half Marathon…My Profile

  3. I’ve never tried Zevia. I usually stick to water, but sometimes I spice things up by drinking Pellegrino. Dinner parties are lots of fun, and it’s been too long since I’ve hosted. Glad you had a nice weekend:)
    Ashley @ A Lady Goes West recently posted…A look at my weekly workoutsMy Profile

  4. I need to try Zevia. I am a die hard coffee fan so that is always my beverage of choice. So glad that you had a wonderful Mother’s Day!!!
    Jenn@Mark my Miles! recently posted…It’s Mamalete Day!My Profile

  5. I have never tried Zevia, but now I am going to ha! The grapefruit one really does sound delicious :)
    Rachel @ My Adventures as a Rinderknecht recently posted…Happy Mother’s Day to My Beautiful Mom!My Profile

  6. I’ve never tried Zevia but will be giving it a shot since the temps are warming up here. I’ve been so into kombucha lately, especially after starting to brew my own. I love it chilled with lots of ice. It’s fizzy and sweet, very refreshing for this warmer-than-usual pregnant lady 😉
    Jaclyn @ BumpSweat recently posted…Motivation & Inspiration Monday: Make Home-Brewed KombuchaMy Profile

  7. fun! my favorites are the lemon lime one and the cherry cola!
    Linz @ Itz Linz recently posted…Mamma Chia GiveawayMy Profile

  8. I just finished drinking a Dr. Zevia! That one’s up there for my favourites…but I also love Cream Soda and Ginger Root Beer.
    Sam @ Better With Sprinkles recently posted…A Marvelous and Busy Weekend.My Profile

  9. On your recommendation. I bought some- It was really good but I thought it was quite pricey! CAn you tell your friends at zevia to lower the price a bit? =)

  10. I mostly drink water and coffee (duh). I used to be a big diet soda drinker, but after a suggestion from my doctor that I try 2 weeks without it to help aid some tummy troubles, I no longer really even want it anymore. BUT, Zevia sounds like the perfect “go-to” for when I do want a little bubbly (besides the champagne kind) in my life. :-) I think I’d like the black cherry or grapefruit citrus flavors.
    Sarah @ Sarah Sincerely recently posted…Mother’s Day Weekend in PhotosMy Profile

  11. I still haven’t tried Zevia. I typically just drink diet coke…so I am skeptical about trying Zevia’s diet flavored drinks.
    Tara@PNWRunner recently posted…Mother’s Day Weekend ShenanigansMy Profile


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