CXWORX Release 14 Review

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How’s it going? Did you have a nice Cinco de Mayo evening? We had Mexican food, chips & salsa, and lemonade. Mmmmm!


It’s been about 3 weeks now far that I’ve been teaching this CX release, and I will say it: this is BY far my favorite CXWORX release (since I’ve been trained)! It is so so good (in my opinion). The music, the moves, the fitness magic. Gahhh I love it.

I also like that it feels like one of the most challenging releases we’ve done…..of course I’d love something that feels harder than usual. 😉

As always, read my other recaps here & you can also learn more about Les Mills CXWORX here.

CXWORX Release 14 Review

Track 1- Warmup. Song: “We Own It” Like all quality fitness classes, the warmup is first. I really like this song and the choreography to it (quick, quick, slow single leg lifts) is awesome! We do a bunch of different moves to get the core nice & warm–double leg lifts, single leg lifts, crunches, cross crawls, and bridges. And for some reason I really love this track with the moves choreographed so well to the music–it just flows really well! It is key as an instructor to really help the members understand the ab brace and feel that pressure almost wrap around the spine.

Track 2- Core Strength 1. Song: “I Choose U” The 2nd track begins with a hover on the knees, and then we go into a knee lift sequence, which begins to increase the muscle pressure in the core. Then we go to our backs & do a series of knee sequences, leg extensions, and speed leg drops. The slow burning deep within the abs begins, and it feels reallllly good. 😉 Then we go back to the hover with knee lift sequence, and the burning continues. Then we flip back onto our backs & finish with speed leg drops (option: to start it from a lower extension….ouch), and an added crunch. It is such a good track, and left me sore for days! options: lowering legs to begin sequence(s) to increase intensity

CXWORX Release 14 Review

Track 3- Standing Strength 1. Song: “Fight On” This is (once again) the first track of the release in which you stand–this track trains the cross links of the body (the twisting motions that we experience), and is quite the functional training track. We also do upper-body strength with lower-body strength work in tandem (through the core) so it is a good track to prep us for every day life-since everything starts from the powerhouse: the core–and works through the appendages. In this one we use the tube to begin, we do an L-press with a lunge, and man is that hard!! We then move to power skater and power skater with a twist (step longer and further to get a deeper burn). Then we finish with a drop squat with a plate (or tube). And do it all again on the other side! By the end of the track my whole body is totally on fire–especially my arms, and abs! Option: plates or resistance tube (& vice versa)

Track 4- Standing Strength 2. Song: “Set It Off”  We focus on the core, glutes, and hips by using the tube to add resistance as we do standing single leg side taps, back taps, leg extension pulses, and wide back & forward steps. It is quite the newer work for my glutes, as I’ve never done those type of side taps with knee tracking before, and let me tell you, it looks easier than it is, for sure! Man my glutes & hips feel so much stronger already, for reals. These moves also challenge the core by testing our glute strength & hip stabilization, and they help to improve muscle integration & movement patterns. Then we do all these movement pattern sequences on the other leg! I like this track a lot for the work, but some of the song, like the ending of it (it builds and then ends in a weird spot), is not my favorite for some reason. Option: tube OR no tube/just body weight

Track 5- Core Strength 2. Song: “Waiting All Night” This track is on the floor/mat again–targeting the inner & outer obliques. I really really like the song, and the entire track! Definitely one of my all-time favorite CX tracks. We start on our backs with leg extensions (then add a twist), and then we move into a quick,quick,slow cross crawl pattern (matching the song perfectly). Love that.  We go to our side hovers and stay there while tapping our leg, and finishing off the side hover with side crunches. Finally, we go quickly back to our backs and do the cross crawl sequence….and then do it all on the other side! Phew! This track is tough, but in a really do-able way. And, I love the song, the moves, and the intensity that builds in the obliques. Such a good one!! Option: knee down in the side hover // bent knees in the cross crawl

CXWORX Release 14 Review

track 6- Core Strength 3. Song: “How Ya Doin’?” A fun song, for sure! We start seated with the tube around our feet, and we go into a mid-row with reverse fly combo, and a triple pulse wide row as we target our upper back and postural muscles. Did you know that your core is only as strong as your postural muscles (and vice versa)!? Hence why we need to work the back as well as the front. 😉 After our seated sequences, we lose the tube and lie on our bellies to do star pose and pulse back extensions to finish. A fun song, simple moves, and a really great way to end the class. Option: tube doubled over // no tube

note: there are also 3 extra tracks to switch it up for class (along with the other releases I have), but I have not done those yet, so will not review them.


Man, do I love teaching CXWORX! It’s really great to be able to see the progress in my members’ strength, cores, and ability to do the moves correctly and even in the advanced options. A bonus? My core has gotten way stronger too!


Alright, have a WONDERFUL day! <3

What do YOU think of CX 14??! How much time do YOU spend weekly on YOUR core training??! What is a core work exercise YOU would like to see demonstrated in pictures/video from moi??! 

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  1. Kaitlyn says:

    ohhhh I agree with you, I’m loving CX14! I’m obsessed with the glute track and those toe taps. I thought the oblique track was tough, but mainly because it took me a while to figure out how to get my body lined up appropriately so the correct muscles would be activated for the side oblique crunches. LOVE! Can’t wait to go to CX tonight :)

  2. Is it weird that I’ve never heard of CXWORX before? Is it simar to Body Pump?? I’m so curious!
    Becky @ Olives n Wine recently posted…#34 Treat Yourself TuesdayMy Profile

    • Les Mills is the global fitness company that created BodyPump (and a bunch of other fitness programs). BodyPump is their barbell/strength class, and CXWORX is their 30-minute core class.

      It is a really great core class because it is integrated core training (so much more than crunches), and the class really shapes, tightens, strengthens, and changes the core. I noticed a HUGE difference after only teaching it for 6 weeks last winter (before pregnancy), and have noticed yet again how quickly my core has gotten strong. Find one in Chicago–you’d LOVE it!
      annette recently posted…CXWORX Release 14 ReviewMy Profile

  3. We didn’t celebrate cinco dr mayo at all! we will def have to make up on the chips and salsa front!
    Linz @ Itz Linz recently posted…BIG boyMy Profile

  4. i need to come take one of your classes!
    Lindsay @ Lindsay’s List recently posted…the birth story – part IMy Profile

  5. I would love to take a CXWORX class some time. I’ve never been! I’m sure it would totally rock my core!
    Ashley @ My Food N Fitness Diaries recently posted…Working on that Whole De-Stressing ThingMy Profile

  6. I haven’t been doing much ‘core-specific’ (planks, sit-ups, etc.) work lately, because of pregnancy. I incorporate several compound moves into my weekly workouts, and I feel those are helping me stay strong in that area.
    Jaclyn @ BumpSweat recently posted…24-Week BumpdateMy Profile

  7. I need to try one of these!!!
    [email protected] my Miles! recently posted…MOM Month:Month of Mileage!My Profile

  8. I like CXWORX 14 too. I think the leg drops in track 2 and the leg pulses in track 4 are super intense. I’m switching it up to teach and older CXWORX tonight.

    Changing the world, one core at a time! :)
    Ashley @ A Lady Goes West recently posted…And then I got a new jobMy Profile

  9. Amelia says:

    Cx is awesome. If I consistently go 3x per week, it make a huge difference in my core, strength in other classes (pump &spin) plus I notice my overall posture is so much better.
    Yay for chips and dippers on cinco de mayo. We had ice cream too….too bad it wasn’t fried ice cream with churro. Still DELISH though. :)

  10. I’ve never done a CX Worx class but have heard good things about it. I love les mills classes because of the music…I was obsessed with”I Choose U” when it first came out so sounds like this would be the perfect class for me 😉
    Kammie @ Sensual Appeal recently posted…My Favorite Chips Flavors Forever & Always: popchips snacksMy Profile

  11. I love this release, especially the quick quick slow sequences (and loving that it makes an appearance twice), but my hip flexors DIE every time.
    Breanne recently posted…Sneak Peek: Sweet Lil Pumpkin [Newborn]My Profile

  12. i love that you so deeply love what you do! I wish I lived near you so I could come to your class!

  13. I just did this CXWORX release today! I LOVE IT! I can tell that I’m going to be really sore tomorrow!
    Amy H. @ Run with Perseverance recently posted…Stache Dash 5K RecapMy Profile

  14. Bridie says:

    What does the word CXWORX mean??? What do the letters stand for???

    • the letters don’t stand for anything (as in C=a word), but CXWORX is the 30 minute integrated core class that works the entire core….so that is a snazzy name for the class.
      annette recently posted…A Zevia Dinner PartyMy Profile

  15. It’s an extremely intense ab workout, along with glutes too … wow!
    Thalia & John from the master cleanse reviews recently posted…Master Cleanse InstructionsMy Profile



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