WIAW-A Weekend Day

Hiii friends!

I was nervous about posting all about how different I felt with what I did in pregnancy & so far with baby Lily, but you guys made me realize that it’s okay to be me, no matter if it’s not popular.

Thanks for the confidence boost!


And today we talk FOOD.

Thanks to Jenn for hosting this little linkup party.

Today I am mixing things up a bit and sharing from a different day other than a Tuesday. I am sharing from Saturday’s eats today. Yep, going totally crazy up in here! πŸ˜‰

I used to eat really different on the weekends–during my binge/emotional eating days I would restrict during the week (and eat super healthy), and then totally go crazy on the weekends. I would eat allll the junk plus bowls & bowls of cereal & pretzels (my ‘binge’ food. I know, kind of weird).

None of that food is necessarily bad per say, but it was the way in which I was doing it that was so very unhealthy for my mind and body.

Nowadays I eat pretty similar from weekday to weekend day, but I will admit I probably eat a serving or so less of vegetables on the weekends with more fun, empty calories, as compared to the weekday. Probably because I am much lazier on the weekends, but also because we tend to have more fun outings and/or get togethers with family/friends, and I am not one to let delicious food pass me by.

Also, as a sidenote, this past Saturday was a rest day for me. I stretched & foam rolled, but no ‘workout’ was done. Fine by me! My butt was still on fire by that day, so it’s probably a good thing I didn’t have a workout on the agenda. And of course, this is NOT all I ate.


wiaw-a weekend

I’ve really been loving eggs lately, so I ate this immediately after waking. So tasty! I know I also ate some fruit & yogurt too, but yah, that didn’t get pictured.


wiaw-a weekend day

Huge green smoothie (the picture doesn’t do it justice) of spinach, stevia, protein powder, ice, berries and an open-faced cheese/spinach/hummus toast.

Enter in a bunch of candy & chips after working up a sweat playing with my two favorites.

wiaw-a weekend day


wiaw-a weekend day

Black bean burger with cheese, sweet potato fries (homemade), ketchup, and poppyseed salad. Unpictured: chips. I forgot to put them on my plate before I began scarfing…whoopsies.

SO delicious. I could eat this meal every day and never be sick of it!

We had some friends come over for dinner & hanging out (hence the nice meal on a weekend, haha), and it was a blast! They don’t have kids so it was fun for them to hang with us & Lily. They helped us give her a bath & all that jazz, and then they babysat for us while we went to Ashley’s party. Fun, huh?

So we got to go out, and see a whole bunch of friends on Saturday evening–it was awesome!


wiaw-a weekend day

Chocolate cake & chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream at the party.

Thank YOU, Ashley for being born so I could enjoy that deliciousness. πŸ˜‰ Cody made that cake for her, isn’t that sweet?!


Such a fabulous, yummy day of eats! I sort of want to re-eat that day again…..

Alright, you folks have a PEACHY day! <3

What is something delicious YOU ate over the weekend??! Do YOU eat ‘differently’ from weekday to weekend day??!Β 

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  1. my sweet tooth has been on fire lately! i have sweets multiple times a day usually eek! i, too, probably eat a few less vegetables on the weekends for the exact reasons you stated…. ehhh itz all in moderation (usually!) so ain’t no thang! πŸ˜‰
    Linz @ Itz Linz recently posted…What If Everybody Ran?My Profile

  2. Mmmm…sweet potato fries and chocolate cake…two of my favorite things ever!

    The best thing I ate this weekend was this amazing crustless quiche I made. I’ll be posting the recipe for it soon! :-)
    Holly @ EatGreatBEGreat recently posted…WIAW #35 – Cleaning Eating My WayMy Profile

  3. chocolate cake AND chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream – that sounds like the BEST combo ever. :) I agree that I eat pretty similar most days – but the weekends have more treats!
    Katie @ running4cupcakes recently posted…BODYPUMP motivationMy Profile

  4. I used to be the same as you… I would restrict during the weekdays and then go all out and binge on the weekends. Yikes. Not healthy at all! I’m glad I’m past that. I was just thinking about how I used to binge all crazy on my birthday because “I deserved it”, and this year I ate normal and enjoyed a couple cupcakes, and that’s that! I didn’t really even think much about food. It’s SO much more refreshing and fun that way.

    Looks like a wonderful day of eats! Especially that cake! πŸ˜‰
    Ashley @ My Food N Fitness Diaries recently posted…Birthday EatsMy Profile

  5. Yup, I think I need to restock my ice cream stash. So good. I tend to eat a little less veggies and a little more fried food/desserts on the weekends, but that’s just because, like you, I’m more likely to go out to eat or have a get-together on weekends then I am during the week. But if someone offers me cake or onion rings on a Tuesday, I’m certainly not going to turn it down πŸ˜‰
    Sam @ Better With Sprinkles recently posted…WIAW: Instead, I…My Profile

  6. danielle says:

    i’m REALLY into yogurt right now and cheese. full fat and european style, like swiss! my favorite breakfast: huge bowl of creamy plain yogurt topped with cinnamon and lots of raw honey. plus toasted ezekiel bread with lots of real butter…mmmm. i can eat this combo all day! feel like this stuff makes my brain and hormones happy :)
    xoxoxo happy wednesday pretty girl!

  7. Ohhh that looks like a delicious ending to a day of eats πŸ˜‰ Now I’m craving cake! haha

  8. Over the weekend I had a delicious Cafe Rio salad and I can honestly say I forgot how good they were! I also had some hot cocoa and it was just what I needed :) That cake and ice cream looks amazing!
    Rachel @ My Adventures as a Rinderknecht recently posted…My Daughter Pulls the Funniest Faces and Some Baby Must HavesMy Profile

  9. You had me at homemade sweet potato fries :)
    Sarah @ Sweet Miles recently posted…Henry Grayson & #I40My Profile

  10. Yum! Homemade sweet potato fries are my favorite! And what’s NOT to like about chocolate cake?!
    Sarah @ Sarah Sincerely recently posted…Bear With Me & A Delicous Snack – WIAW {3/5/14}My Profile



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