Weekend Highlights {Valentine’s Fun!}

Hiii you guys!

How was your weekend??

I love weekends because it just seems like life slows down a bit-not to mention I hardly open my computer, and Jared is home. So it is just super fun for our little fam!

We spent the weekend up at the mountain house, and boy was it fun!


Weekend Highlights {Valentine’s Fun!}

I will just share a few tidbits and some pictures. Enjoy!

I taught Zumba on Friday–wearing my new Armou39! (More on that tomorrow). It was fun to get sweaty!


After some grocery shopping & packing, we were on our way in the afternoon (Jared only had stuff for school in the morning) to the mountain house.

We played for a bit, and then baby Lily went down for a nap.

We ate a spaghetti dinner with heart ice.

And played some more!


After she was in bed, we watched a movie & cuddled. It was such a nice Valentine’s in!

We all slept in on Saturday….she didn’t wake up for the day until 10:45 a.m.! So neither did we. 😉 (She ate 2 times from bed time ’til then, and woke up 2 other times for a binkie)

After a workout (I get smoked every time by GRIT! yikes),


I decided to test my skills…..I still am a bit flexible.


But if I don’t keep stretching, I will lose that soon! Noted. *Also, I totally forgot a workout top when we were hastily packing to leave….so the sports bra just had to do for the workout. And yep, I’m proud of my middle-still have ways to go in terms of getting stronger and seeing a bit more definition, but I am proud of how far I’ve come in 3 months!*

We chilled all day Saturday-went on a walk, played outside, played on the floor, read some books.

My new favorite pic:


Love them!!!

We ate some candy we found for a snack.


I was so happy I got the best colors!

After baby Lily went to bed, Jared & I went in the hot tub. I love sitting in the hot water with the cold air biting at our cheeks and the peaceful mountains all around us. It was magical. <3

After a hot shower & some hot cocoa, we hung out by the fire!

hot cocoafire

We went to bed around 10….and didn’t see baby Lily until 4:45 a.m. on Sunday! She slept for almost 10 hours! (She went down at 7:00 p.m.) After she ate at that time, she slept until 9:45 a.m. (another 5 hours).

We were SO happy! And felt so much more rested than we had the entire week before.

Sunday morning we drove home, and got ready for church.

After church we took some pictures.


Thanks Carly, for the adorable Nike outfit!!


Isn’t she a doll?! I seriously love this outfit on her, so you might see it a lot in the coming weeks. 😉


Dinner was enchiladas. Mmmm.


And then after a bath, baby Lily was in bed & Jared and I chilled & got ready for the week.


Well, I am off to teach some BodyPump and CXWORX, and then I have quite the full day ahead. Catch ya later!

Have a GREAT day!! <3

What are some of YOUR weekend highlights??! What are YOUR favorite starburst colors?! Favorite outfit of YOURS of late??!

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  1. Wow, you look GREAT, especially for having a baby 3 months ago. Kudos to you :)
    My favorite Starbursts are the red and pink, though I don’t mind the orange.
    Amy H. @ Run with Perseverance recently posted…Daytona Beach Half Marathon Race RecapMy Profile

  2. I just LOVE that big pink flower headband on her! So stinkin’ cute. And that Nike outfit is adorable too! Good job Carly!

    I’m so glad to hear you guys had such a great weekend! Sounds perfect. :) And wow – go Lily in the sleep department! I’m sure you guys loved that!
    Ashley @ My Food N Fitness Diaries recently posted…Current Running PlaylistMy Profile

  3. You look AMAZINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG (I would add more G’s but that would probably get obnoxious :)). Her little Nike outfit melts my heart. I want one of those HRMs so so bad, but I would have to get the water and its just too expensive :(. Guess I’ll have to stick with my polar!

  4. I guess Lily must have caught on to the fact that you guys were on vacation 😉 and holy flexibility lady!!
    Sam @ Better With Sprinkles recently posted…FLTW: Being Grateful.My Profile

  5. danielle says:

    wow you totally have such amazing flexibility, and of course energy and strength. so cool! i can still do the splits, even after back surgery. it’s funny cuz after the surgery (back in 1999) i wanted to check myself to see if i could still do the splits. that’s ALL i cared about for some reason… lolllll.
    i used to love pink starburst!!!! but now i can’t have anything toffee-like due to all my crowns. years of an ED will wreak havoc on the teeth, but i’ve made peace with that… sigh. 😉 instead i will have chocolate truffles, hahahahah.
    luv you girly!!! happy V and hearts day :))

  6. I love pink Starbursts the best.
    Breanne recently posted…Sneak Peek: Sweet Lil Pumpkin [Newborn]My Profile

  7. Hot momma! I have never, ever ever been flexible. My sister’s a ballerina (has been dancing since she was 3 and shes 16 now!) and is just like you. I’ve always been jealous of people who can do the splits! Also, I can’t get over how adorable Lily’s Valentine’s Day outfit is :)
    Miranda @ Loving Every Mile recently posted…mimm #44 {crisis averted}My Profile

  8. I need to be more flexible :( I never really worked on it but I do know the important aspects it has on the body especially when training. And I think you’re the only person I know who thinks the yellow starburst is one of the best colors haha. Orange and red :) Great post!

  9. Baby Lily is an absolute doll, and you look AMAZING! I hope I can bounce back as fast as you have :) My weekend was spent snuggling my sweet baby girl, and seeing family. Just the way that I like it :)
    Rachel @ My Adventures as a Rinderknecht recently posted…Rosalie’s Birth Story Part TwoMy Profile

  10. I love that Nike Outfit. SO cute! Sounds like you guys had a ton of sleep this weekend! That’s awesome!
    Laura @ RunningJunkie recently posted…Ankle Weight Routine to Strengthen Those Hips (& Booty!)My Profile

  11. So much goodness in this post! How fun to get away for the weekend with just your little family. I’m sure it was beyond enjoyable and relaxing. Girl, you can’t be serious that orange and yellow are your favorite starburst colors?! Pink and Red all.the.way!

    Your body looks fabulous! You’ve been working hard and respecting it’s needs and it seems to be appreciating that! :-)
    Sarah @ Sarah Sincerely recently posted…Marvelous in My Book – Weekend Wrap-Up {2/17/14}My Profile

  12. First off I have to say you look AMAZING!! I’m a little jealous! Though I have to admit I’m not working as hard as you! Go mamma!! I had starbursts this weekend too 😉 my favorite is the yellow! Baby lily just gets cuter and cuter!
    Katie recently posted…Weekend RecapMy Profile

  13. Annette, you look amazing and wow on the splits there. I’ve never been able to do that… I now have a strong desire to work on it!
    Julie recently posted…MIMM: Valentine’s Day weekend/BLENDMy Profile

  14. I love that Starburst came out with a ONLY reds bag…my favorite. Looks like you had an amazing weekend!!!
    [email protected] my Miles! recently posted…Training Talk Tuesday: MotivationMy Profile

  15. I LOVE that picture too – especially Lily in her bear snowsuit – so adorable!!
    Katie @ running4cupcakes recently posted…TYT #7 – Maui + LuauMy Profile

  16. omg – so many things I want to comment on. First, you can do a split?? I mean…how?? I just assumed unless you were an Olympic gymnast you couldn’t do a split after the age of 10. Amazing. Just amazing! I’m adding that to my life’s bucket list – I want to be able to do a split again. And a round-off back handspring.

    Second, you look fantastic! I think you’ve bounced totally back from pregnancy! You look long, lean and toned! You go, mama!

    And finally, that picture of Jared & Lily is my favorite and they aren’t even my family. SO sweet!

    Oh, and the nike outfit? Adorable. Wouldn’t it be great if you had a boy next and I had a girl and then we could just swap all our baby clothes?! lol
    [email protected] recently posted…Date Weekend – NYC StyleMy Profile

    • haha. Yep, splits and I go wayyyy back. I did gymnastics for years & then danced for years & years. We should have a splits party! P.s. are you going to Blend??

      Thanks–I feel pretty good, so that is what counts!

      Ummmm I am game to swap clothes on babies if we have opposite genders! When is your next one coming?! 😉 hehehehehe

      p.s. I meant to tell ya-with the Breathe oil, it’s super potent (as I’m sure you’ve realized if you have it already, so don’t put it near his eyes ever. We put it on her head, bottoms of feet–where the most pores are, so it goes right into the blood stream, and sometimes on her chest (covering it up with her shirt). We also put it on a cottonball in her bed (by her feet) so it smells the room up & she breathes it in, but not in her eyes. Hopefully that makes sense! Also, it is so potent, so half a drop or less goes a looooong way.


  17. Sheesh great splits! Where is your adorable black headband from?!



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