WIAW-Feeling Snacky

Hey friends!

How are you all doing?

We got snow here in StL, and everything practically shut down.

My sister joked that we should share a snowflake since there is so much of it. (sarcasm) HAHA.

We both went to college in UT, have parents who grew up in the mountains, and share a love for skiing, so snow to us is just one more thing added to the day. It sucks to drive in it, yes, but we don’t freak out about it. So it was just funny to me how we kept getting email after email about the kids’ schedules being cancelled…and there was hardly half an inch on the ground when we got those emails.

In their defense though, this snow is different–it is wetter & slippier. So I guess that is a pretty good reason to cancel stuff!

I think it is so pretty though. Baby Lily liked it from inside, while sucking on her toy. Typical. 😉

baby & snow


WIAW-Feeling Snacky

Linking up today with What I Ate Wednesday hosted by Jenn!

So yesterday’s eats were totally snacky. I am not sure I sat down for a ‘real’ meal until dinner! I am totally cool with that though, and am just stating the fact that I am human & don’t always eat while sitting down, plate my food, nor do I make sure I have a certain number of veggies per day.

I try to do those things, but some days are imperfect in that way, and that is okay!

{by the way, as always, this is NOT even close to all I ate for the day}


I totally forgot to take any sort of picture. Whoops! Most likely because running around doing my mom’s job while having my baby & trying to squeeze a workout in in the a.m. is quite the balancing act!

I had some water, banana bread, clementines, and yogurt. After my workout (running intervals/HIIT for 25 minutes on the treadmill), I had some chocolate milk and dried mangoes


I made dinner the night before–grilled chicken salads with homemade veggie butternut squash soup–so I had some more soup & those delicious Trader Joe’s multigrain pita chips.

homemade butternut squash



I ate this. So many chips & so much dip.

trader joe's

Cheese & black beans–kind of mexican and healthy, right?



My sister made dinner–red & green lentil enchiladas. It was so tasty!

red lentil enchilada

I need to use lentils more often–I just never think to buy them. Adding them to my usual grocery shopping list now!


I ate a few of these:

coconut oil chocolate chip cookies

My sister made some coconut oil chocolate chip cookies & they were deeeelicious. Mmmm!


And because she is so dang cute!

baby girl

Have a WONDERFUL day!

What is something delicious YOU ate yesterday??! What would stop YOU from going & getting ice cream–anything??! 😉 Do YOU cook with lentils often??!

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  1. ok i think caroline needs to guest post with some of her recipes!! i can’t believe schools have another snow day today… i was REALLY hoping we’d be in today… however…. it means crews have ALL DAY to plow the roads so we can get in our ice cream date tonight! i mean FOR REAL!
    Linz @ Itz Linz recently posted…5 pregnant chicksMy Profile

    • I’ve told her she needs to guest post about those recipes…she will gather ’em and send them to me because she loves me. hah! She is an awesome cook–and often makes a lot of tasty vegan dishes!

  2. I cook with lentils ALL THE TIME. They are such an easy addition to everything. TJ’s has steamed lentils in the produce section that makes it even easier. I like adding them to quinoa, then topping w/greens or veg and dressing for lentil bowls. My two favs are Dreena Burton’s “mellow lentil sniffle soup” and le til shepherd’s pue!
    Sarah Anne recently posted…What’s the Plan?My Profile

  3. I found my favs for you!! Lentil “sniffle” soup – http://viveleveganrecipes.blogspot.com/2011/03/mellow-lentil-sniffle-soup.html?m=1

    this is ALWAYS a hit! The combo of potatoes (sweet and white) and the lentils is so good! I add carrot/celery, garlic and muahrooms to the filling and mess with the seasonings ro make it a bit saucier, but we have this a lot in my veggie home!! (I use TJs pre cooked lentils) – http://www.simplebites.net/eat-well-spend-less-my-top-five-frugal-meals-recipe-lentil-shepherds-pie/

    Sarah Anne recently posted…What’s the Plan?My Profile

  4. We’re getting a big snow storm this afternoon:( We’ve had SO much snow this winter, but I do like a cozy day in with my little baby so I’m kind of looking forward to it. I did totally earn a Starbucks drink last night with his frequent feedings so I will make sure I get one of those lol!

    Have you tried the coconut chips from TJ’s? Amazing. My sister brought me up a bag and they are pretty much gone. Yum!
    Heidi @ Idlehide recently posted…Tate’s Birth StoryMy Profile

  5. That snow is so pretty! I’ve spent plenty of time in the snow, but it doesn’t ever (ever ever) snow where I love. Heck, this winter, it doesn’t even rain. Crazy.

    I love that TJs Queso Dip. It’s surprisingly healthy! And those cookies look so great. Big and soft and oh so chocolatey.

  6. I need to start cooking with lentils more often! I just need to make sure I get a really good recipe, because the boyfriend tends to turn up his nose at veggie fare – I have made a couple vegetarian dinners that he liked though!
    Sam @ Better With Sprinkles recently posted…WIAW: Superbowl Sunday.My Profile

  7. NOTHING can come between me and ice cream! 😉

    I love using beans and lentils – they’re healthy and SO much cheaper.
    Ashley @ My Food N Fitness Diaries recently posted…I My Profile

  8. NOTHING would stop me from getting ice cream…I have a husband for the late night store runs : )
    [email protected] my Miles! recently posted…A 3:16 AM wake up…My Profile

  9. Today is our “deep freeze”. Currently -25 degrees with windchill! Lucky for us, the snow is NOT part of the package 😉 I’m pretty certain (read: 100% positive) that Lily is one of the cutest little bebe’s ever! <3
    Miranda @ Lovely Wife Lovely Life recently posted…WIAW 2/5- working my way upMy Profile

  10. Amanda Conklin says:

    Would your sister mind sharing her tasty recipes??? The cookies look AMAZING! :)

    • I’ve told her she needs to guest post about those recipes from all the comments…she will gather ’em and send them to me because she loves me. hah! She is an awesome cook–and often makes a lot of tasty vegan dishes!

  11. I feel the same way about lentils – I always forget about them, but love them! One of my favorite discoveries was a lentil dip last holiday season and super easy. Pre-cooked lentils, Mediterranean feta, and bruschetta sauce all from the refrigerated section of Trader Joe’s. Mix. Serve. Devour. :) YUM.
    Breanne recently posted…Sneak Peek: Sweet Lil Pumpkin [Newborn]My Profile

  12. Those cookies look delish! And nope, nothing stands between me and my ice cream.
    Ashley @ Brocblog recently posted…Pasta a la AshleyMy Profile

  13. You’re right. She is so dang cute!

    Those enchiladas look yummy.
    Tiff @ Love Sweat & Beers recently posted…Most of WIAWMy Profile

  14. Yay snow! We just get ice down here in the south! Boo! I didn’t eat anything amazing yesterday, BUT, I found a recipe for ENCHILADA DIP! And holy moly, it looks amazing!!
    Sarah @ Sweet Miles recently posted…Biggest Loser Finale: Too Much?My Profile

  15. The lack of snow and the city closing makes me laugh. That is what happens here, in VA Beach, as well. I am from Colorado so it really cracks me up! It sure is pretty though!
    I never have cooked with lentils but use beans a lot, so maybe I should try! That dinner looks amazing by the way!! And the cookies of course :)
    Hope you are enjoying your trip in StL.
    Katie recently posted…2 Months – Must HavesMy Profile

  16. I BET those coconut oil chocolate chip cookies smelt THAT MUCH BETTER thanks to the coconut oil – I flipping LOVE THAT STUFF! :)
    GiGi Eats Celebrities recently posted…The Results of a Single-Blind ExperimentMy Profile

  17. I had a bunch of little pig in a blankets for dinner because I was at a huge event/party kind of thing. There wasn’t really anything healthy around, however I did have a veggie juice in the morning, kale/lettuce/celery/apples…. My wife cooks lentils quite often (I help her in the kitchen but don’t make them myself) I love them.
    Health Advocate recently posted…How to Relieve Constipation Quickly – A Natural SecretMy Profile



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