Postpartum & Baby: 3 Months Update


Fun that we are in StL, right?! My parents are having a blast, my little siblings cooperate pretty well, and we haven’t missed an appointment yet. I’d say the surprise has gone really well. πŸ˜‰


So anyways, last week baby Lily turned 3 months old! Crazy, right?

So it is time for an update on her & myself.

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We’ll save the best for last, so my update will go first.

Postpartum & Baby: 3 Months Update

Postpartum: 3 Months (Body, Mind)


Postpartum: 3 monthsPostpartum: 3 months

Postpartum: 3 months

I thought I felt more normal at 2 months PP, but now I really feel even more normal! If that is possible?

I’m finally starting to see some definition again, am able to add some weight to my bar while teaching BodyPump and in my own workouts, and I can do pushups on my toes again. (I lost a lot of upper body strength!)

I fit into all my smaller jeans, my muffin top is getting smaller, and my stomach feels less squishy. I’ve also regained a good amount of core strength (I can hold the hover longer while I teach CXWORX, for example), and don’t feel as much that I am going to die with each class I teach. πŸ˜‰

I’m not really sure why I bounced back so quickly, but I can attribute it to a few factors: I am a younger mom, I was fit & healthy before I got pregnant, I worked out consistently throughout my entire pregnancy, I eat pretty well, I had a natural labor (with hardly any drugs), I think I have good genes (my mom bounced back pretty quick with her first 6 kids, as do my sisters), I was not worried about my post-pregnancy body very much, I embraced the changes, and I tried to keep a positive attitude when I felt large & in charge during pregnancy.

Having that (mostly) positive attitude & a worry-free approach has really made this postpartum journey awesome for me! I’m not saying that this is the same for anyone who did/does similar to what I did, but to be totally honest, I have forgotten what it feels like to be pregnant already because I feel so much like myself.

This is not an announcement though. πŸ˜‰ hah.

I do know we want a bunch of kids, so I really want to smash my workouts, tone & strengthen my body, and get super fit again during the time I do have until the next one. πŸ˜‰ There is nothing wrong with pushing your limits & trying to see how fit you can get!

I don’t worry about the extra ‘schtuff’ that I’ve got going on because I know that as my fitness level increases, that will disappear.

So in general, I am feeling great about the way I look, but there is an even greater fitness level to be attained.

GAME on.


This month came with quite the emotional roller coasters though. After we got back from StL for the holidays, we did work very diligently on her bed time and helping her get to bed quicker/better. That totally helped my mood!

BUT, her naps starting suffering around 11.5 weeks which made me feel really stressed, overwhelmed, and kind of inadequate. It also made me a bit sad that she didn’t sleep as much, because I knew that newborn territory was probably ending. I also felt like I couldn’t be a good mom to her if I had to do stuff when she was awake (because she wasn’t sleeping even close to the amount she had been), so I often found myself crying a bit. I know that is normal, but it was hard to see her start to leave the ‘always asleep’ stage, and to feel like I could ever get anything done.

I think that is something I might always struggle with–I like getting things done, checking things off a list, and while I love a laidback-nothing-to-do day too, if I have too many of those I go a bit stir crazy. I just have to learn to be okay with days where no to-do list is even pulled out. πŸ˜‰

I’m also so excited that I have a baby who interacts more–so once again, with the roller coaster of emotions, I find myself laughing & smiling tons with her. She is entering a really fun stage, so that has been lovely!

Overall I feel pretty stable, but I have some hard days. And those are HARD. Being a mom is totally hard–and I bow down to any & all mothers everywhere! It is awesome of course, but I’d be lying if there weren’t days (especially this past month) where it was just plain tough.

The overall joy she brings me is incredible though–so let’s talk about the little princess, shall we?


Baby: 3 Months

baby: 3 months update

She is growing really well! Although we don’t own a scale & she hasn’t been to any doc’s appointments for this month (she will at 4 months), I can tell she is getting a bit heavier & taller. Wahoo!

I bet she is just over 13 or so pounds, and probably just over 25 inches long. She has long legs!

baby: 3 months update


She continues to be a really good eater! I still exclusively breastfeed her, with the occasional breast-milk bottle that she eats when I am teaching and can’t be there for her normal nursing session.

I feed her right after she wakes up from her sleep, so she continues to eat on one side, burp, eat on the other side, and then burp. Her eating time has gotten significantly quicker, so that is crazy nice!

She had quite the spit-up week about a week ago, so that was weird, but I think she just got overly excited, ate quicker than normal, and sucked in some extra air. But that is totally fine with me because that beats the projectile vomit we dealt with for the first 6 or so weeks of her life!

I obviously have no idea how many ounces she actually eats at each nursing session, but when I pump only 1-1.5 hours after I feed her (tired mama who just wants to go to bed), I pump out about 3 ounces. So I know she is getting plenty when she actually eats at the breast! I totally prefer actually nursing her–I love those moments we have together. And now she stares into my eyes sometimes when she is eating & it just melts my heart. <3


baby: 3 months update

This month was the month she really began to ‘play’! We pulled out the activity mat & she loves to lie under it & kick her legs, pull things into her mouth, and stare at herself in the mirror.

baby: 3 months update

She plays for anywhere between 25-45 minutes after she eats, so she does a variety of activities when we are just at home-activity mat, vibrating bouncy chair, singing to tunes together, the swing, sitting on my lap & talking to me, reading stories together, etc. Otherwise we are off running errands-and she usually chills in the Ergo when we do that (or falls asleep).

She is a lot more fun to interact with this month because she knows who Jared and I are, she smiles at us, and she often giggles when we tickle her, blow zerbers on her tummy, and tickle her neck. She is such a darling little girl!


At 2.5 months we put her in her crib for naps & night sleep, and she did just fine. So after that first day we did it in the middle of January, she has been in her crib ever since. It wasn’t much of a ‘transition’ though because she has slept in her pack ‘n’ play since she was born.


As mentioned earlier, her daytime naps went down the tubes there for a bit. It totally threw me for a loop! She literally went from taking 4 naps (with two of them being at least over 1.5 hours long, one of them being at least 2-3 hours, and one day nap, the last, being about 45 minutes) to taking 4 naps of 45 minutes-1 hour each.


Which is why I was like WHHHAAA???! And not to mention some of those naps she kind of fought, so it was taking me 10 or so minutes to put her down, she’d only sleep for about 45 minutes, and then she’d be back away. It was so exhausting!

Luckily after about 2 weeks of that, she’s doing much better and now at least two of her day naps are longer than 1 hour.

And if I read her ‘signs’ well, she goes down into her bed with her binkie in her mouth, lying on her tummy, with the blanket pulled up to her shoulders, white noise on, and some music playing, and falls asleep on her own after a few minutes of me patting her back.

Some days she fights naps, and those are HARD. It’s not often, but I can just say this now, I see why mothers protect their babies’ naps! They are much better night time sleepers, happier, and more energetic when they nap well. Which is why when I know she isn’t done with her naps (she wakes up really sad), I grab her out of her bed and lie her on my chest & she falls back asleep. Even though I know it’s best she sleeps in her bed, I do love those moments when she sleeps on me. πŸ˜‰

baby: 3 months update

Night Sleep

Putting her to bed has been SO much easier than it had been! She generally goes to bed now between 7-8 p.m. We start the bedtime routine by putting her in her pajamas, massaging her legs & feet with some essential oils, reading her a bedtime story, singing to her, and then I turn off the lights, turn on the white noise & music, and then feed her in the dark. I usually put her in her bed drowsy but awake–sometimes I have to go back in after 5 minutes & put the binkie back in, but otherwise her going to bed has been so amazing! So grateful to have my evenings back!

So, right near the time she was ‘turning’ 3 months old, she started sleeping longer at night! She had been sleeping consistently 5-6 hour stretches at night (then I’d feed her), and then she’d sleep like 4 more hours.

Well lately she’s been sleeping in 6.5-8 hour stretches, then I feed her, and then she sleeps 4-5 more hours. It’s so nice! I still keep her to her ‘eating when she is ready time,’ so if she wakes up before 7 hours, I put the binkie back in & expect her to put herself back to sleep until it’s time to eat. She handles that well, but I so prefer her to sleep until it’s time to eat so I don’t have to get up twice. πŸ˜‰

And most nights she goes back to sleep pretty quick after I feed her, but there have been a few nights where she struggled to put herself back to sleep & we had to jump back up out of bed to pop the binkie back in. Jared helps a lot during the nights, especially when it is just to put the binkie back in, so that has been awesome!


Well, I am off to run my siblings around! hah πŸ˜‰

Have a GREAT day!

What were some things going on in YOUR life the past month??! How much sleep do YOU usually get per night??!

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  1. you look great, as always! :) hoping i get to see you this afternoon despite this crazy weather we have headed our way – ugggggggh!!!!! and i’m so in love with all the bows you always have on lily – too cute!!!
    Linz @ Itz Linz recently posted…27 Weeks Pregnant | Who will be in the delivery room?My Profile

  2. Girl you look ridiculous amazing! Go you!!!!! How much sleep do I get? Really varies per night. Somewhere between 5.5-8. I try to focus on getting 7 or 8…but sometimes I slip!

    • awww thanks!

      5.5?? Is Kay not a good sleeper or is that you going to bed late/getting up early? I think I would DIE if my total amount was that! hah

  3. Oh my goodness, you look flatout AMAZING. That’s what 3 months of hard work gets ya, right?! Crossing fingers that Lily’s sleep figures itself out again!!
    Miranda @ Lovely Wife Lovely Life recently posted…PlantFusion Protein Powder Review & GIVEAWAY!My Profile

  4. First up, you’re looking amazing, my friend! I love your honesty and transparency too. Thank you for that! Mothers need to hear that because everything you’re saying is so true. It was REALLY hard for me when Hunter transitioned out of the newborn phase. I was super emotional about it and the shift in naps was tough for me too. But I eventually got used to it and started appreciating the new phase. I also realized that as much of a priority Hunter is to me, and as much as I try to interact with him as much as possible, I also know that it’s just not realistic (or healthy, in my opinion) to feel like you have to be RIGHT there ALL the time. Some independent play is healthy for them, so I use that as my time to scurry around and get a few things done. It helps me feel more at ease and less stressed, and then I can come back and play with Hunter stress-free. Just my two cents on that, because trust me, I struggled with that too, and I still do sometimes! I’m also so glad to hear Lily is sleeping so much better! That 3 month mark is magical. πŸ˜‰ Glad to hear everything is going will out there!! xoxo
    Ashley @ My Food N Fitness Diaries recently posted…What Dreams Are Made Of {Giveaway}My Profile

    • thank you so much, Ashley!! That means a lot to me. ANd makes me feel less of a ‘bad’ mom πŸ˜‰ you’re the bomb!

  5. As usual, you’re a HOT MAMA to the most adorable baby girl, naps or no naps ;).
    Carly @ Snack Therapy recently posted…Tortilla Chip Chicken NuggetsMy Profile

  6. whoa look at those guns – awesome!! So glad you are continuing to feel awesome, and it is 100% normal to still get stressed and have tears at times too!! Hugs!
    Katie @ running4cupcakes recently posted…TYT #6: My 1st juicing experienceMy Profile

  7. So you look incredible, first of all! Glad to hear that Lily’s doing better with her naps – I can only imagine how difficult it would have been when she was transitioning out of the newborn phase.
    Sam @ Better With Sprinkles recently posted…Goal Talk: February.My Profile

  8. Joining the round of “you look incredible!” From reading your blog regularly, I know it’s been a lot of consistent work to rebound that way (starting with before you were preggers). It’s so great to read your attitude around it too though – yes you work hard, but getting that “pre-baby” body isn’t your only priority. :) Lily is, as always, adorable. And her legs are SERIOUSLY long.

    How much sleep do I get? Well, on the days I don’t teach 8-9 usually and on the days I do? 6ish. Ouch. I just can’t seem to get myself to go to bed that much earlier for the earlier wake up.
    Breanne recently posted…Sneak Peek: Sweet Lil Pumpkin [Newborn]My Profile

    • Her legs are long, huh? Both Jared and I have long legs, so I am not surprised. But still. Girlfriend can’t wear 3 month pants practically anymore b/c they ride up so bad!

  9. You look amazing and I’m not surprised either that you are bouncing back quite quickly! leading an overall healthy lifestyle is important because when life happens – in the form of pregnancy, illness, injury, what have you – you can bounce back quicker!

  10. YOU are looking OUT OF THIS WORLD phenomenal!!! You are an inspiration to pregnant and non-pregnant woman everywhere, SERIOUSLY!!! :) Welcome to the GUN SHOW BABY!
    GiGi Eats Celebrities recently posted…The Results of a Single-Blind ExperimentMy Profile

  11. her eyes are simply stunning – SO big and blue! and you, my friend, look AMAZING!!
    Lindsay @ Lindsay’s List recently posted…pregnancy – 30 weeksMy Profile

  12. I love reading these posts because I feel like our lives mirror each other in so many ways right now. You & Lily are both beautiful! And I’m with you on the fitness thing – I want to get into great shape & push my body to new limits with running…buuuut, I wouldn’t cry if baby #2 happened this year. I sort of have baby fever – I love Atlas so much I want another 1. Ha
    [email protected] recently posted…Things I’ve Been Meaning to Tell YouMy Profile

  13. Nikki says:

    My baby will be 3 months old in 2 weeks. I pump so my baby only gets the bottle, not the breast. We still feed him every 3 hours, 4 oz. I would like to transition to letting him sleep through the day. How do you recommend doing that when he is so very used to the schedule we have?

    • I’m definitely no baby or sleep expert, so I’m not sure any suggestion would be helpful, but what do you mean by wanting to let him sleep through the day? Hope I can help!
      annette recently posted…ZUMBA clothes, Spark, Citrus Salad, & Confrontation!My Profile

      • Nikki says:

        I put typo, through the night as a comment right after but I guess it didn’t send.

        • ahhh yes, that makes more sense. For sleeping through the night, we just tried to help her slowly wean off of waking up so often. So instead of nursing her, I’d soothe her back to sleep. Eventually she learned not to wake up so often in the night. I must admit though, she was never an oft-waker-upper (never more than 3x per night excluding the sleep regression or vacations). The book I read that helped us help her learn to sleep though, does say to do that: soothe instead of nurse so the baby learns to begin to self-soothe. However, if he just seems too hungry, then nurse him. Babies eventually do learn to sleep through the night! :)
          annette recently posted…ZUMBA clothes, Spark, Citrus Salad, & Confrontation!My Profile


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