Postpartum & Baby: 2 Months Update


Happy Tuesday!

So, it’s been a minute since I’ve updated ya all on me and baby Lily, so this might be a long one. Grab a snack & get comfy!

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I ‘turned’ 2 months postpartum while in StL on holiday, so sorry for the crappy phone photos in a different mirror.

postpartum: 2 months update postpartum: 2 months update

Generally I feel much, much more normal at 2 months PP!

Like I’ve said before, I don’t care about how much I weigh (and honestly have no idea since I don’t own a scale), but I do fit into my ‘smaller’ jeans better now.

The biggest area my body needs work in is: overall strength.

I just want to get stronger again! I’m on my way for sure, but it’s still humbling to realize I am several pounds on my bar away from where I was at the beginning of my pregnancy, or recognizing that I can’t hold that hover or plank as long as I could.

CXWORX is getting easier though. Well…sort of. That class is never easy-no matter how fit you are! But it is getting much more doable, so I know my core is getting strong again. Hallelujah!

I love my body! I love the way it looks, but more importantly I love what it was able to do: carry & deliver a super healthy baby girl. :)

So to be honest, these updates feel the same to me each time….to sum up: I’ve maybe lost a few inches, I still want to get stronger, but totally love the way I am right now.

I’m in a good place! Love who I am, but am committed to being even better, stronger, and fitter this 2014 year!


This month was a really good one. Right around 6 weeks-ish was when sleep became a biiiiiit more normalized (meaning much less wake-ups to check on her if she fussed a bit), and so I felt more emotionally stable during the days.

I feel like I’ve rolled with the punches pretty well, and so my mind has been in a good place this month.

I must say though, I’ve found it is KEY that I do stuff for myself every day too. I love being with baby Lily and doing all I can to play with, read to her, and be there for her, but I’ve noticed I’m a much better mama when I get time to myself each day too.

Sometimes that is 10 minutes, and sometimes it is an hour. Whatever time it is (aside from teaching), matters! Things like: clipping my nails, taking a long shower, making myself an epic lunch, watching a show, reading a chapter, or simply lying down & listening to an uplifting talk.

Whatever it is, I’ve found that I MUST take care to give myself a tiny break each day. Caring for someone else is incredible beyond words (especially a little doll like Lily!), but it comes with a price–it is exhausting. So giving myself that permission has been super helpful!

This month I definitely felt the hormones stabilize a bit better…but I am still waterworks often. Always have been, and I am sure this whole motherhood thing will take it to a whole ‘nother level. 😉

Well, that’s me!

Let’s move on to the super cute one, mmmkay?!

Baby: 2 Months

baby: 2 months update

She is growing up fast!

Stats at 2 months appointment:

  • 24.5 inches in length (97% percentile)
  • 12.1 pounds (50% percentile)
  • 15.15 inches in head circumference (15% percentile)

Apparently we’ve got a long, lean one on our hands!

The doc was like, ‘ummm just curious, did you or Jared ever have small heads?’

Hah. Come to think of it, yes, my head usually requires the smallest setting on any cap or hat! Guess Lily is taking after me on that one! But neither Jared or I ever had huge heads. But yes, we both have long legs, so that height percentile doesn’t surprise me one bit.

I’m also glad she’s in a good place for weight–she is pretty ‘average’ there.


baby: 2 months update

As you can see from pictures, her cheeks are getting chubbier! I LOVE it.

She has always eaten really well, but I’ve noticed this month that her feedings have gotten shorter in length–meaning she is much more efficient at breastfeeding. And she clearly lets me know when she is done, so that is nice that I don’t keep thinking she’s not eating enough.

She eats pretty quickly, burps much faster, and has stopped projectile vomiting. Thank.goodness!

baby: 2 months update

She has gotten really good at being able to eat anywhere too, which is soooo nice. Places she has breastfed: in the car, on the plane, at friends’ houses, in my parents’ living room, at her babysitter’s house, and in parking lots.


baby: 2 months update

This little one has quite the personality already! Her faces are just hilarious, she smiles on purpose now, and she is just so fun!

baby: 2 months update

She is quite the mover & shaker though, so she doesn’t love sitting still unless she is sleepy or asleep, and even then she still moves quite a bit.

She is loving her play mat with the mobile attached, her bouncy seat that vibrates, reading books with us, and toys that make noise.

She loves to giggle with us now, and she babbles already, which is SO fun. She is definitely ‘talking’ to us now because she can track us with her eyes, and notices when we are talking to her, and especially when Jared walks in the room. She pretty much stops whatever she is doing when he comes in & starts talking–it is so adorable.

She likes playtime a lot (usually after she eats), but boy does she let us know when she is done with it (usually about 30 mins). She only gets fussy during it if she wants a new toy or change of position, or if she is ready to sleep. So she’s pretty ‘easy’ to read in that way.

We are careful not to let her play too much and get too overtired because we’ve noticed that putting her down for naps or bedtime is muchhhhh harder after that play time.



baby: 2 months update

baby: 2 months update

She has always let us known that she hates sleeping on her back, so we’ve been putting her on her side to sleep. She didn’t like the swaddle at first (mostly because she likes her hands up by her face), but we decided to try the swaddle again around 6 weeks. She did well being swaddled and lying on her side for about 1.5 weeks.

And then, in StL, we noticed she liked taking naps on her belly (sleeping so so well)….so I slowly got used to the idea of trying her sleeping on her belly at night (unswaddled, of course), and so we did (around 8 weeks old).

And whalah! Like magic she stopped fussing for no reason, and slept in really good stretches most nights.

She takes her binkie much, much better now, and it has been a lifesaver! I swear by that thing (we like the MAM kind).


She sleeps a lot during the day–but the amount of sleep per ‘nap’ totally varies from nap to nap & from day to day.

So just like most newborns, she is pretty unpredictable in that area. 😉 She does take all naps on her tummy now, with her binkie in her mouth, music & white noise playing, and with her hands by her head. It’s too cute!

Night Sleep

Sometimes she will wake up before her ‘time is up’–the amount of time she’s proven to us consistently she can sleep without eating (around 6.5 hours)–, and all we’ll do is pop the binkie back in and she is back asleep (most of the times). It’s like magic!

Once her ‘time is up,’ she usually wakes up within 15 minutes of it, so I’ll feed her & burp her & then put her right back to bed. And she goes right back to sleep–it is awesome.

The binkie can be a problem at nights when she is trying to go down for the actual bedtime though, because it soothes her so well that if it pops out she gets fussy all over again.

Speaking of nights….she sleeps well and in good stretches, but boy that bedtime is a tough one some nights!

Before we left for StL we had gotten her bedtime moved up from 11 pm-ish to around 9 ish (yay!). The first few days in StL she stayed with that time & even slept through the night 3 nights in a row!

But then, as more people started arriving at my parents’ house, it became harder & harder to keep her in bed. It almost seemed like she knew she was missing out on the party! So some evenings instead of running back & forth to pop the binkie back in & soothe her, we’d just let her sleep in my mom’s arms until we were ready to go to bed around 10ish.

Some nights were really tough in StL, but overall I am so grateful we started putting her in a pack’n’play right when we came home from the hospital for bed time so she would be able to sleep in a pack’n’play anywhere.

She is now taking all naps & sleeping in her real crib in her room. (!!!) It wasn’t a tough transition at all, and once again, I attribute this to her sleeping in the pack’n’play right away.

We feel pretty lucky on the sleep front because she sleeps in good stretches at night, so we just need to nail the bed time routine (getting there!) & soothing routine down so it doesn’t take an eterrrnniiittty to get her finally asleep. 😉

baby Lily likes:

  • her swing for play time
  • being ‘held’ in the Ergo while the adult carrying her is moving (and she usually falls right asleep)
  • being held & talked to
  • being snuggled
  • eating alllll the milk!!
  • sleeping (especially on her stomach)
  • kisses from us
  • being soothed while one of us vigorously bounces on the exercise ball (seriously–major bouncing makes her happy & puts her to sleep. We just hold her head tightly against us with our fingers keeping the binkie in)
  • dancing around the room in my arms
  • my singing (she’s like the only person in the world who does…)
  • my voice in general
  • showering with one of us
  • her binkie

baby Lily does not like:

  • her arms being swaddled by her side (straight jacketed)–so we’ve ended the swaddle
  • baths
  • being put in her car seat when she is napping or asleep (she always wakes up now….darnit!)
  • cold hands
  • startling loud noises
  • waiting to eat
  • just sitting in her carseat if she’s awake (the car must be moving and/or she has to be asleep to like the carseat)
  • taking a bottle <–but has gotten so much better
  • bedtime….

In other general notes, we’ve begun to ‘read’ her much better now. I can usually tell when she is ready to go down for a nap, when she wants to eat, and when she is done with playing, eating, or sleeping.

I can also tell when she is really overtired….and that SUCKS. Especially when it’s just the two of us and I am driving the car…yikes.

Let me just say that hearing her scream (which is so unusual & infrequent–making it worse), is the absolute WORST. So we try hard to keep her from being overtired by really making sure she sleeps enough (she is picky about how/where she sleeps now, so it’s key to provide an environment for her to sleep well).

Any tough times aside, she really is such a doll and we feel so so grateful she is in our lives!

2 months: baby

We love you, baby Lily! <3


Well, I am off to teach early morning BodyPUMP!

Have a GREAT day folks!

p.s. happy birthday to my little bro! He is 24 today & was just accepted to a few dental schools. I am SO proud of him!! He starts in the fall….and ladies, he is single. hehe. Happy Birthday Martin!

What is YOUR bedtime routine??! Mamas: how did YOU usually soothe YOUR baby??! 

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  1. awww love this!! you look fabulous (oooobviously – no surprise there!) and baby lily’s cheeks are starting to fill out more!! she just keeps getting cuter and cuter!!
    Linz @ Itz Linz recently posted…24 Weeks Pregnant | Belly RubbingMy Profile

  2. omg her owl hat is the cutest! Glad you’re both doing well!
    Katie @ Peace Love & Oats recently posted…What’s Under Your NoseMy Profile

  3. girl! You look amazing!!!! It definitely takes a bit to work that BP weight back up, but you’ll be there before you know it. Youve come so far already! And your little girl? So darn cute. Funny- Kay has a massive head haha…

  4. Dannggg, Lily has one hot mama. Lucky girl :). How is she getting so big already? It’s adorable and sad at the same time…
    Carly @ Snack Therapy recently posted…When Pinterest Pisses Me OffMy Profile

  5. You look fabulous! exercising during pregnancy pays off!!
    My baby doesn’t like the swaddle either and i want to let her sleep on her tummy but everyone says its bad! what are your thoughts??
    Kelly @ The Fit Skool recently posted…Things I am loving lately!My Profile

    • oh man. I know that people say that about sleeping on the tummy, but you gotta try things out, be consistent & see how it goes.

      They used to say being on the tummy was best & NOT to put them on their backs….1 or 2 studies changed everything. And I wouldn’t be surprised if it went the other way again in a few years. Each baby is different, so you have to just do what feels best & check out how your baby is doing when you change things up.

      Also, her head & neck are really strong, so I was never worried of suffocation or anything because she can lift her head up & switch really well–which is another reason I felt it was okay to try it out. The first few nights we tried it though I definitely didn’t sleep awesome–kept checking her, but she was totally fine & totally out. My sister’s kids were ALL stomach sleepers btw.

      Hope that helps! :)

      • Annie says:

        I am a closet proponent of tummy sleeping. We have a 4 month old tummy sleeper/side sleeper. I will say, she has been able to hold her head up on her own basically since the day she was born. To be honest, I have more concerns about back sleeping – as an infant, my sister almost died by choking on her own vomit when she was on her back. So glad to see other new mama’s admitting to tummy sleeping!

  6. So funny about the doctor asking about Lily’s head – she looks perfectly normal to me!! And your face (and the head behind it, hehe) are gorgeous so if she’s taking after you she’s a lucky gal <3
    Becky @ Olives n Wine recently posted…#18 Treat Yourself TuesdayMy Profile

  7. Hot mama! You look AMAZING for only being two months postpartum!!! I sincerely hope I have great genes like you do 😉 2 months has gone by so quickly… I’m sure it’s fun to start to see her personality emerging!
    Miranda @ Lovely Wife Lovely Life recently posted…Just pretend there’s a theme to thisMy Profile

  8. I can totally understand why Lily doesn’t like being swaddled! I know a lot of babies love it because it reminds them of the womb, but how would we like being straight jacketed to sleep?! Ha ha!

  9. Jessica H says:

    You’re posts are giving me baby fever 😉 seriously she is awesome!

  10. So glad to hear you’re doing and feeling so great! You’re an amazing mama, and it definitely shows!

    And that Baby Lily – what a sweetheart she is! I can’t believe how LONG she is! I love seeing how her personality develops and shows.
    Ashley @ My Food N Fitness Diaries recently posted…Spinach, Goat Cheese, & Turkey Sausage FrittataMy Profile

  11. You look great!!!!! I’ve gotta work on getting some “me” time. If only I could get him to take naps that last longer than 30 minutes. That’s only long enough for me to rush a meal and wash his bottles… definitely doesn’t count as “me” time!

    It’s great she sleeps so well. What a little angel!
    Tiff @ Love Sweat & Beers recently posted…Perfection Isn’t PerfectMy Profile

    • The book I’ve been reading says that some babies are simply short nappers & some are long nappers….which totally sucks, but it is something to think about.

      btw I LOVEEEE the book & it’s helped us TONS fix some of her sleeping issues. 😉 It is called Healthy Sleep Habits Healthy Child (I will do a full review of it once I’m done with it) It is fascinating!

      And I totally get that feeling of ‘must get everything done while she (he) is down.” Oh mannnnnn

  12. Hope BP was awesome this morning! And I love that you are trying to get your bro a date via the blog – #awesome. :)
    Katie @ running4cupcakes recently posted…Puppy ChowMy Profile

  13. We totally have the same thinking about nighttime sleep. Once they prove to us they can go longer, we stop getting them up anytime before that. Some people don’t agree with it, but one of my jobs is to teach them how to sleep! Right now we go from 10:00-6:30. Sometimes Emerson wakes up before that (not really hungry, but she’s not as good of a sleeper as Brooklyn) and the pacifier sometimes works. If not, she stays in her crib until it’s time to “get up” – which of course she loves because she loves to talk. In the next month or two, I’m going to start moving their “dream feed” back 15 minutes every few nights until we don’t have to do it anymore. I can’t wait for that day so I can just go to sleep at a normal (albeit early) time every night!!!

  14. Hooray for an update! You look fantastic, so I’m pretty sure Lily is just the “cuter one” because she’s fun-size. :) Glad to hear you’re both doing so well!
    Breanne recently posted…Sneak Peek: Sweet Lil Pumpkin [Newborn]My Profile

  15. danielle says:

    Love your update pretty mamacita, and you look gorgeous as ever! Baby Lily just continues to climb the cute-o-meter with her cuteness 😀
    I need a better night routine but right now I like to read a little, that kinda puts me to sleep mode.. unless it’s a book that keeps me up, which happens, haha!
    xoxoxxo big hugs in 2014!!

  16. I have so many thoughts on this!

    First, Lily has the cutest clothes and bows. I sort of wish I could get dressed out of her closet. It makes me want a little girl…but then it sort of makes me glad I have a boy because if I had so many cute options for little girl clothes we would be BROKE. I couldn’t say ‘no’ to things like cute owl hats.

    You look amazing! I wouldn’t even believe that Lily came out of you 2 months ago. Isn’t it miraculous how our bodies stretch out so much and then go back relatively quickly? I love what you said, “I’m in a good place, but committed to being even better.” You summed it up perfectly.

    OH, and can’t forget to tell you. Dave is bringing Les Mills into his Y (think I told you that) and they are doing a demo series in 2 weeks and I’m going to try (if Atlas cooperates) to take it. It will be BodyPump and Grit. I’ve never done Grit, so I’m excited to try it and possibly explore getting certified to teach! Anyways…made me think of you.

    Aaannnnd, as you already know – our nighttime routine is almost the exact same. Except Atlas hates pacifiers. We’ve tried several – kid hates them all. But, last night he was asleep by 9:30 which was amazing. I don’t even care if he is asleep by 10…I’m just glad we aren’t doing the midnight show anymore *knock on wood*
    [email protected] recently posted…Exciting StoriesMy Profile

  17. one hot mama!! you’re looking amazing and soooo happy that you’re happy!!!
    and love all Lily’s outfits – seriously the cutest!!
    Purelytwins recently posted…10 yoga individuals to followMy Profile

  18. Thanks for the update! I am due in about 4.5 weeks, so I find this information to be super helpful :) Oh and I was reading the Ensign last night and I saw a picture of you and your hubby. The article with the picture was great as well, so I thought that was pretty neat :)
    Rachel Rinderknecht recently posted…35 Week Baby UpdateMy Profile

    • haha. Yep, that is me & him….3.5 years ago!!! We did a photo shoot right after we were married (they needed a newly-married couple), so it’s hilarious that it keeps showing up.

      You’re getting so close!! Yay!

  19. Oh my goodness, those CHEEKS! So chubby and adorable 😉 Looking awesome Annette!
    Sam @ Better With Sprinkles recently posted…Multivitamins – What’s Your Take?My Profile

  20. i’m sure your strength will come back way quicker than it took you to gain it the first time around! you have a great outlook about your post-partum body and fitness. i’m sure it makes you feel great to be teaching fitness again already! lilly seriously makes the craziest faces!

  21. She is so cute! and I like your singing too. =)

  22. she’s gorgeous! and I love all the bows you put on her – wish I’d done that with Clara.
    Lindsay @ Lindsay’s List recently posted…pregnancy – 27 weeks (“all.the.heartburn.”)My Profile

  23. Love the updates, it takes to back to when my kids were infants. Pretty much every time you think you have something about them figured out, they have a growth spurt and need to eat more/sleep more/move more or do something different than yesterday. Likes like swaddling and pacifiers they may hate one month but love the next. Sounds like you are doing a great job learning her cues and just going with the flow. You are a beautiful, blessed mama!
    Stephanie @FoodFit4Real recently posted…NEW Snack Bars from KashiMy Profile



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