Diet Mentality vs. Lean Living

Hiii friends!

How is the new year treating you already?

I pretty much lazed about to start the new year off well. 😉

I slept in until 11 a.m. (well, with 2 wake-ups during the early morning & at 8 a.m.), didn’t workout, watched Despicable Me 2, stayed in my PJs until 2, ate a green smoothie, and played with family. Baby Lily took an epic nap for most of the afternoon so I also had some down time with my sisters that ended up in us playing Dance Revolution for the Wii.

diet mentality

I may or may not be the dancing queen. 😉

{In all honesty my sister totally beat me on one of the songs. It was a tough defeat!}

I’d say the year is off to a great start based off of that day!


Diet-Mentaliy vs. Lean Living

With it being the new year there is a big push to start afresh, become the person you’ve always wanted, and try again at whatever you feel is lacking. And with that there is an obvious push in the media/blogs/books/gyms to lose weight, get that body you want, and well, go on a brand new diet.

I am SO against the diet mentality. Diets get you the exact opposite of what you want, and they are pretty much set up to fail.

And in that same vein I came upon a really fantastic, quick read that made me nod my head again & again, so I had to share it with you guys! The article is 7 things that dieters DO that lean people DON’T do.

GO read the full thing!

To sum up though, I pretty much could have written the article because I’ve been on both extreme sides and know it alllll too well. 😉

And here are the 7 things from the article:

1) Chronic dieters have a deadline by which they need to achieve a certain goal.

When you’re thinking about the way you eat and exercise and have the thought that at some point you will be able to stop eating and exercising that way, it’s a signal you are on a diet. Lean people adopt and implement a lifestyle way of eating and exercising that they could do forever. There’s no deadline by which they need to achieve X goal because they see healthy living as their operating system. Something they can and will do forever.

2) Chronic dieters see eating only in black-and-white.

3) Chronic dieters have a “lack” mindset (as opposed to an “abundance” mindset) around food.

4) Chronic dieters think it’s all about “the plan.”

I hate to tell you this, but the actual food you eat and the exercise you do is the LEAST important part of this process. Sure, you need to make the right choices more often, but the ability to actually MAKE those choices consistently starts with your MINDSET. Not the meal plan. Not the workout routine. It’s about YOU. YOUR MINDSET.

5) Chronic dieters need it to happen all at once or they’re on to the next ‘diet’.

THIS is the precise reason people who incessantly diet are not lean. Because engaging in the crash dieting cycle, month after month, year after year actually makes your metabolism LESS responsive.

6) Chronic dieters haven’t spent time developing the MINDSET necessary to be successful long term.

7) Chronic dieters think the answer to their fat loss is ‘out there’ and often hold coaches, experts, books and programs accountable for their lack of results.

One humungous difference between chronic dieters and people who are successful long-term is taking responsibility (or not) for your results. Sure, experts and coaches can guide us, but ultimately, we need to be ready to put forth the effort to not only do what we need to do, but more importantly, struggle through to figure out what works for us.” {source}

Amen & amen.

Having lived the diet mentality lifestyle for years, I know these 7 things all too well. And guess what? It got me nowhere. My love handles stayed, I didn’t get any fitter, most of my thoughts were about food or the next meal, I had pretty low self-esteem, and I was consumed by thoughts of not being good enough.

It was a crappy way to live!

But on the flip side, having enjoyed a lean living lifestyle for years, I know that the opposite is true too!

Changing the mind is key. Living well each day by making simple, healthy lifestyle choices is key. Enjoying food instead of worrying about it is key. Focusing on the positive is key! Loving ourselves is key. Being grateful for what we do have, the bodies we’ve been given, and the beautiful life we have is key.

Never take your life or body for granted! And instead of hurting it by going on yet another diet, channel that energy in a more positive way and choose to live the lean life by making good choices DAILY….for life. There is no timeline nor deadline.

Live lean like a boss.



Thankful Thursday

  1. I am thankful for family time. It is so precious & I’ve been soaking it all up!
  2. I am grateful for the Boppy. It is a lifesaver with breastfeeding for sure.
  3. I am super thankful for gmail. It’s the bomb email system.

What are some simple healthy things YOU do daily?!? If YOU ever lived the diet mentality, what did YOU learn from it?!? What are YOU thankful for today?!!

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  1. live lean like a boss! lol love it!
    Linz @ Itz Linz recently posted…New Years 2013My Profile

  2. love this! It is about a lifestyle and about moderation. Living in the diet mentality is so draining!!
    Brittany @ Delights and Delectables recently posted…Embrace and Be ReadyMy Profile

  3. Oh my, this article brought back memories from my “diet days” … ugh, so glad I’m past that! It’s so much more enjoyable to live life moderately and balanced rather than “black and white”. Great share!

    I’m so glad you’re having a great time with your family, but I sure am ready for you to come back! I’ve missed you! Cody and I were just talking yesterday about how we need to hang out with you guys SOON! xoxo
    Ashley @ My Food N Fitness Diaries recently posted…01/02/13: Thursday ThoughtsMy Profile

  4. I agree with all of these points! It is so true that a time limit should not be set on a diet, because Healthy living needs to be a forever kind of thing! :)
    Jana @ Happy Wife Healthy Life recently posted…Making 2014 CountMy Profile

  5. So true!!!! I think it is all about moderation and balance. Thanks for sharing this – great reminder as we start off the new year!!
    Katie @ running4cupcakes recently posted…Goals–2013 and 2014My Profile

  6. I’ve definitely lived the ‘diet’ mentality, and I ended up with misery and an eating disorder….clearly not the best way to go about it! The ‘lean living’ approach is a much, much better way to go about it 😉
    Sam @ Better With Sprinkles recently posted…Rehashing December.My Profile

  7. Kaitlyn says:

    Love this! i know the diet mentality all too well, and just as you said, it only made me MORE unhappy. I’ve definitely made progress, but I think the most important thing I’ve learned is that I need to accept myself (and my body) for exactly who I am and appreciate everything I’ve been given without trying to change it (hellloooo strong, muscular legs). Still a work in progress, but overall I’m definitely HAPPIER when I embrace and accept who I am and what my body looks like!

  8. I love your outlook on life. It’s so positive and such an inspiration to me! I need to remember all this when I get back to working out! I’m 5 weeks pp and hoping to get cleared for workouts tomorrow. Thank you for your positivity!!

  9. I LOVE this. Such a great outlook on the whole “lose weight” thing! So many dieters get stuck dieting for the rest of their lives because of those exact reasons. They never make it a lifestyle… just a phase!
    Miranda @ Lovely Wife Lovely Life recently posted…DIY: Photo Canvas with Lifted WordsMy Profile

  10. I’ve definitely lived in this diet world before (also known as the ED world). It sucks so bad. I’ve been working on changing this and working towards a leaner lifestyle. 2014 is my year and I am sick and tired of letting my body’s mind take over reality.
    [email protected] recently posted…Back to Reality!My Profile

  11. I really love this! I honestly think diets are such a waste of time and are giving our country the wrong mentality when it comes to health. It’s all about making a lifestyle that balances health and mental happiness (cookies!). One that you can maintain for your entire life.

    GREAT post!
    Christine@ Apple of My Eye recently posted…Thinking Out Loud #1My Profile

  12. My mom and MIL are always on some crazy diets and it drives me crazy! I am forwarding them the article – thanks for sharing!

  13. This is beyond awesome. I CRINGE whenever I see or hear people declare “My diet starts tomorrow!” (And they say this multiple times a year because their “diet” isn’t something that they can stick with in the long-term) A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE is SOOOO much more enjoyable and balanced than “dieting”–physically and psychologically. I completely understand when people have to strictly monitor their food intake for health reasons, but to deprive or “diet” simply to reach a certain number on a scale is (in my opinion) a means with no end.

  14. Ugh. The diet mentality. So not a fan, at all. I especially dislike diets that start January 1st, because they put so much pressure on a person and so often fail. Thanks for sharing!!
    Carly @ Snack Therapy recently posted…My ResolutionMy Profile

  15. What a great article. I definitely agree about the mentality part… you have to want to make healthy choices as lifestyle choices to really create a habit out of healthy living!
    Heather @ Health, Happiness, and Hope recently posted…Friday Crunch TimeMy Profile

  16. I never knew when to stop losing weight. I was doing pretty good and wanted to lose more and more because I had never been thin. I had been obese most of my life. So I went overboard and kept restricting my eating and working out a lot. There’s no end to the diet mentality.

    I love that article from JillFit – one of my favorites.

  17. I love the linked article (7 things dieters do that lean people don’t), and I totally agree with everything you had to say about it. I’ve been on both sides of the fence as well, and I can’t even put into words how thankful I am to have come out on the healthy, lean side of the fight.

    Dieting is a recipe for failure, depression, and ultimately, weight GAIN – ironically. The more articles like this out there, the better! I have read many, and written a few myself, that promote HEALTHY living and fitness as a LIFESTYLE rather than this psychologically impairing idea of shedding weight quickly through crash diets and way too much cardio.

    Amen, girl.


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