Friday Confessions {13}


Happy Friday to US!

And happy Saint Nicholas Tag! (Tag=day in German)

Did you get some treats in your shoes?! :)

We sure did!


Friday Confessions {13}

1. I want to see Catching Fire sooooooooo bad.

Like rightthissecond.

I am really bad with the whole patience thing (remember when I had to wait soooo long for Lily and I almost went nuts?! yah.), so I want to see this movie everyone is raving about.

I read all the Hunger Games series books and thought they were so intriguing and well written, and I really liked the Hunger Games movie, so this sequel being out and all, I NEED to see it!

Having a baby makes that a bit more difficult though….

friday confessions

{even if she’s hilarious & adorable}

I am tempted to just strap her to me & go (b/c newborns sleep so much, she prob wouldn’t make a peep), but I also don’t want the loud sounds to hurt her. And I don’t want to just get a sitter so I can go to a movie. Jared could watch her, but he has so.much. homework to do, and he already watches her a few times per week when I teach, so I feel bad asking him so I can do something so, well, selfish.

Oh well. I’ll figure something out! Either way, I WILL see it. Hopefully sooner rather than later. πŸ˜‰

2. I did my first HIIT treadmill run since, well, early in my pregnancy!

It’s been MONTHS since I’ve done any crazy HIIT work (HIIT=High Intensity Interval Training), so I was super excited to go get all sweaty & huffy & puffy.

And that I did!

friday confessions / HIIT

But let’s be honest here, I almost died.

But that’s okay, it felt soooooo good. πŸ˜‰

I am a crazy who loves that high of working hard in the gym, so the feeling of almost losing it? LOVE it.

For those who care, I did just over 2 miles in 23 minutes. I did 10 or 11 rounds of the HIIT work with a minute or so warmup to start. I alternated between 3.7 and 7.3 mph for each interval (about 1 minute for each).

friday confessions

I was nice & sweaty and baby Lily was nice & snug in her car seat asleep. Perfect!

3. We got baby Lily’s newborn portraits on the cd!

I finallllllly chose which pictures I wanted (thanks for your suggestions, they helped tons!) and the photographer dropped off the cd of the images the other evening. Wahoo!

She was so kind & did a bunch of extras for me and added b&w to ones I requested (even if she hadn’t originally done that), for no cost. And the images are all copyright release to me. SCORE!

friday confessions

{just had to throw in pics of her that I took the other day}

I can not wait to print a whooooooole bunch of the images. And I think I’m going to put some on canvas for Christmas presents to me & Jared!

4. I drank a green smoothie again.

It had been months since I drank one (they made me sicccccckkk during the beginning & ending of my pregnancy), so it felt good to down one again.

I really love my Blendtec, it makes life & green smoothies so much easier.

And I’m not gonna lie, I felt super healthy drinking my green smoothie. I sort of wanted the whole world to know that I was drinking my greens again & keeping ’em down.

You’re welcome for that info.

5. It’s FRIDAY!

I love Fridays. I get to teach Zumba, it means I get to hang out with Jared extra over the next few days, and it signifies that I don’t have to do any housework.

Oh wait? Is that not a Friday thing at your place?


6. Baby Lily is such a doll. How did I get so lucky again?!

Overall she is such a peach. Everyone always tells us she is “so good,” “so alert,” and “such a good baby.”

friday confessions

I don’t have anything to compare her to, but I definitely appreciate that she is so wonderful to us!

I definitely shed some tears this week though….she has a hard time going to bed earlier than 11/12, and I have a hard time staying up that late…. (I know.) So we tried to put her to bed earlier the other night (after reading from a baby sleep expert). She whimpered & then cried. After about 5 minutes I couldn’t do it. So I tried again when she was more in a half sleep state & had JUST drank some milk— she whimpered for a minute or so, and then fell asleep.

Hallelujah! It was 10:40 pm. Who knew I’d be so happy to fall into bed at that hour?!

Babies. They’ll change your normal, that’s for sure. πŸ˜‰

friday confessions


Have a GREAAAAAATTT weekend!

What are YOU up to this weekend?! Catching Fire-have YOU seen it (no spoilers please!)?? When did YOU do a HIIT workout last??! Green smoothie-love or hate ’em??!

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  1. Monica says:


    There are some movie theaters in my town that have special matinees for mommies and babies. Cheek around there might be one in your area! Lily gets more beautiful every day!

  2. Rite Aid has a deal right now for Canvas Prints for $10 (8×10). Not sure if there is a Rite Aid by you.. is that a nationwide store?… but I had one from my Wedding done and I love it!
    Heather @fitncookies recently posted…9 Years and Come on Snow!My Profile

  3. I’m planning to go see Catching Fire tomorrow – I can’t wait! Have a fabulous weekend Annette!
    Sam @ Better With Sprinkles recently posted…Five Things Friday 12/06/13.My Profile

  4. Catching Fire is on our list to see too!!!
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend :)
    purelytwins recently posted…creamy broccoli casserole (vegan paleo)My Profile

  5. Cody and I just went to go see Catching Fire yesterday! It’s amazing, as I’m sure you’ve heard. It’s definitely more of a struggle to get to the movies with a baby, that’s for sure. Honestly, I don’t think the sounds would be too loud for her. I took Hunter to fireworks when he was barely 3 months old (they were pretty loud), and he stayed asleep through them! LOL. I even asked my ped if it was OK, and he said it was fine. And you won’t have many more opportunities to take advantage of her sleeping so much in your carrier, so I’d do it, just my two cents. πŸ˜‰ OR if you want to bring her down here one day, I’ll take care of her while you go to a theater near my house? There’s one like 10 minutes away. Just a thought.

    OK, can’t wait to see you today! We shall chat more then. xoxo
    Ashley @ My Food N Fitness Diaries recently posted…Sara Haley Sweat Unlimited DVD GiveawayMy Profile

  6. I saw Catching Fire last week when I was in Florida. I loved it! I thought it was better than the first movie! :)
    Kristen @ notsodomesticated recently posted…Fun Friday #7My Profile

  7. def a green smoothie lover – but also a hot chocolate lover since itz freeeeeeeezing now!!!!!
    Linz @ Itz Linz recently posted…Five Things FridayMy Profile

  8. When I was a nanny and needed to put the 7 month old to sleep (obviously was tired but wouldn’t go to sleep!), his momma told me to put him in his crib, rub his back (super soothing to babies!), and then leave for 10 minutes. Usually he cried for 5-8ish before he conked out. Just a thought- I’m sure you’ve tried it, but that’s all the experience I have with infants! πŸ˜‰ YAY for HIIT! I’ve been sick for the past 2 days so super light workouts for me- I’m def craving a sweat sesh!!
    Miranda @ Lovely Wife Lovely Life recently posted…Winter Bucket List 2013My Profile

    • She does love the rubbing of her back too–thanks for the idea! She conks out pretty quick after some crying too, so I know she’s just tired and not that she hates me πŸ˜‰

  9. Nicole says:

    SchΓΆnes Nikolausfest! :) My Mom grew up in a German household on a farm in Minnesota. She would tell me stories of how they would get an apple or orange in their shoe.

    Green smoothies…..I’m just trying to get brave enough to try spinach in a smoothie. I need to suck it up (literally) and just do it!

    Have a great weekend with your little pink elf! :)

  10. I loved Catching Fire. I hope you get to see it soon!! Find some mom friends that you can swap date nights with in exchange for babysitting duties.

  11. You’re right; she is a doll! I can’t wait to get back to HIT/HIIT workouts. I did my first plyo routine this week (Jillian Michaels DVD). It wasn’t really the same as my old workouts, but it still felt good to get a lil’ sweaty!
    Tiff @ Love, Sweat, & Beers recently posted…Mom ApprovedMy Profile

  12. Ugh those early days are rough with them going to bed late. We didn’t get to an earlier bedtime/good routine until around 7-8 weeks. After that it was MUCH better and they are still going down in between 7-8, getting a dream feed at 10, and sleeping until 5 or 6. AWESOMESAUCE!! You will get there mama, I swear!!

    Aaaand, you are indeed allowed to do things for yourself. Go see that movie! I know I felt bad when I went and got a massage, but you are so entitled to a few hours! Having daddy watch her while you teach is you working, not doing something for yourself!

    • I love knowing that there will be more of a schedule & earlier bedtime! We’re working on it, and it’s slowly moving up a bit….. πŸ˜‰

      I totally get that it’s doing something for myself, but when she gets so sad it makes me feel way guilty. I am sure you understand!

  13. Once you have a baby…you don’t go to the movies :) Even on a date night! Because you actually want to chat when you have time alone together! She is so darn cute. Happy Friday!

  14. I’m pretty convinced I need to see Catching Fire tonight, it looks SO good.
    Hopefully you can get the chance to see it soon:)
    Eee..I bet the photos are so adorable of Lily! She’s just precious.
    Happy Friday!
    Lisa recently posted…Stress Management TipsMy Profile

  15. Yay for running and green smoothies! I’m sure it feels great to get back to your old self
    Katie @ Peace Love & Oats recently posted…Operation BeautifulMy Profile

  16. You MUST see Catching Fire! SOOOOO GOOD! I am sure you’ve heard! πŸ˜‰ Lily’s pictures are always adorable. I am so happy it is Friday. This week flew by and I hope next week does the same! Woot woot! I need to start X-mas shopping!
    [email protected] recently posted…Worst Christmas GiftsMy Profile

  17. I’m from Wisconsin and we always celebrated St. Nick’s Day, but when I moved to Texas everyone thought I was crazy and had no idea what it was lol. Definitely a regional holiday!
    Heather @ Health, Happiness, and Hope recently posted…Guest Post: Jobs for the Organization-SavvyMy Profile

  18. I finally saw Catching Fire this week & it was great!! BUT…I have to warn you…I spent 50% of the movie texting my sister to check on Atlas….so, be prepared….you may do the same when you leave your precious girl! Haha
    [email protected] recently posted…Atlas’ First Trip to AtlantaMy Profile



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