Holiday Decorating {My Style: Swiss & Apartment Friendly}

Hi friends.

Well yesterday we had our first snow storm!

holiday decorating

I think snow is so beautiful, so I thoroughly enjoyed watching the white stuff come down.

I actually drove in it early in the morning (some snow had stuck during the night) on the way to teach BP. Then when I came out it was coming down hard & fast…and the roads were pretty bad & slick. I drove reaaaaaally slowly and even managed to slip around a bit (which is scary). But made it home without issues.

holiday decorating

I showered, ate, and then cuddled my little girl and fed her.

We spent all day inside all cozy and warm!

Tummy time!

holiday decorating


Holiday Decorating {My Style: Swiss & Apartment Friendly}

I finished putting up the holiday decorations yesterday. Perfect while the snow was coming down & holiday music played, no?

We live in a 2 bedroom apartment, so our space is well, NOT spacious. Hah. I love it though because of the vaulted ceilings and because we have a place to stay warm! However, because it isn’t necessarily ‘ours’ we can’t paint or put crazy things up.

So we have some challenges with decorating. And, we won’t even be in town for the actual Christmas or New Years, so I didn’t want go all crazy & buy a bunch of stuff (i.e. huge tree).

BUT with that all being said, I did want our space to be a bit festive & holiday-esque. And as I do have a strong Swiss heritage (my mom is Swiss & immigrated to the U.S. when she married my dad), I have a lot of decorations from there & Germany/Austria when I lived there for 18 months (I served as a missionary there. FUN fact: My bro is a missionary in that area right now too!)

holiday decorating holiday decorating holiday decorating holiday decorating swiss holiday decorating holiday decorating holiday decorating holiday decorating holiday decorating


Super simple. How I roll!

{P.s. see that santa above in our centerpiece? My little sister Sara made that for us. Sweet, huh?}

And to make our apartment smell super festive:

A Holiday blend of essential oils. It smells of pine, winter, and Christmas. (The actual oils in it are cinnamon bark, cassia, pine, nutmeg & vanilla)

So basically heaven.

I pour the oil in with water into our diffuser & it sprays it out into the air. So pretty much my apartment is amazing smelling. You should come visit! 😉


Have a WONDERFUL day! <3

I am off to attempt a HIIT run on the TM for a short while (it’ll prob be really short because I might die).

What is YOUR heritage/line–where do YOUR ancestors/parents come from?!? Do YOU use essential oils??! What is YOUR favorite part of decorating for the holidays?!? Snow: love it or hate it??

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  1. i saw that holiday joy bottle and figured it smelled amazing! :) your place looks great, but i must say i’m way more excited for you NOT to be there and be in st. louis hehe #imselfish lol
    Linz @ Itz Linz recently posted…Whole Grain Oatmeal Protein BarsMy Profile

  2. Love all the festive decorations :) Enjoy the HIIT! I know you have been craving that since you were pregnant!
    Heather @fitncookies recently posted…Holiday Decorating InspirationMy Profile

  3. Dotsie says:

    My parents are from the Caribeean-Belize and Jamaica. I live in the south where it doesn’t snow very often, sooooo I don’t know if I like it or not! I definitely do not have the proper attire for it! On Black Friday I picked up Lavendar Vanilla pillow spray from Bath and Body Works-from there aromatherapy line. Is this considered an oil? I also bought a body mist…and some lotion. I looove the smell of it! I just love lavender.

  4. Courtney says:

    What a cute place! I love that you have such a strong connection to your heritage. I am part Irish and part Cherokee. My family doesn’t really celebrate heavily with our heritage, though, which is something I hope to change when I start my own family. :)

  5. Everything looks so cute! Love the table!!!! Yikes- driving in snow scares the life out of me.

  6. Fun decor! Yesterday was the perfect day to decorate for sure! We listened (and danced!) to Christmas music, baked, and played. I was afraid we’d feel a little “cabin fever-ish” by the end of the day, but it actually ended up being a fun day!

    I don’t love snow, but I try my best to embrace it… I think it’s beautiful, and I like watching it from indoors, but I HATE driving and going places in it. It also doesn’t energize me like sunshine does either. I’m a Phoenix girl for sure. 😉

    I’ve started to use Lemon & Orange essential oils that a friend from our church let me borrow. I would love to try more, but as you know, they’re a little pricey. I asked for some for Christmas, so we’ll see! The Holiday one sounds amazing! Also, question: can I diffuse them into the air through a humidifier?
    Ashley @ My Food N Fitness Diaries recently posted…WIAW #104: Day in the Life on a Snowy DayMy Profile

  7. We live in a one-bedroom apartment, so we definitely just stuck with a few small decorations as well. Still festive though! 😉
    Sam @ Better With Sprinkles recently posted…WIAW: Eating the Rainbow.My Profile

  8. I think all the Swiss touches are perfect! It totally suits you, and Lily will have fun learning all that there is to know about her family. :) My family is German and Swedish so we make krumkake every Christmas, but that’s the extent of our family history showing up at Christmas time!
    Miranda @ Lovely Wife Lovely Life recently posted…WIAW 12/4- snack monsterMy Profile

  9. Driving in snow can be wonky. I remember when I lived in Denver a few years ago getting up for 5 am pump, opening my garage door, and thinking WOAH snow! Still made it there and back in one piece. :)

    I love decorating for Christmas once thanksgiving is done! I broke out all the decorations last night and we are getting our tree this weekend.
    Yay for tummy time……and new BP/ Cx release. Woop!

  10. Oooo I might be emailing you about essential oils… I’ve been interested recently but not sure where to start or about the cost
    Katie @ Peace Love & Oats recently posted…Tips for New Bloggers–Part 3My Profile

    • Dude. Totally email me about it! I can send ya free samples! But I just want to know what you’re most interested in :) (you can look on doterra’s site) I personally love lemon (so versatile), serenity to help me fall asleep fast, onguard to keep sickness away, and a few others.

  11. The fact that apartments can’t be painted is a never-ending frustration for me. My dad is a painter so I know he could do a great job doing it how I want and then matching up the old color once I move out (and probably do a better job at painting it than the original, honestly!). Ah well, such is rental life for me. I can’t even decorate much here because I’ll be home for break in a few days. I love what you do to make your space special for the holidays, though!
    Ang @ Nutty for Life recently posted…Rainbow Disconnection [WIAW #35]My Profile

  12. Love your holiday decorations! I’m getting so, so excited about putting the tree up on Saturday! I think that’s my favorite part of decorating! I like snow only if I don’t have to drive in it! Slippery conditions are definitely scary!
    Holly @ EatGreatBEGreat recently posted…WIAW #24 – Cran-Apple CasseroleMy Profile

  13. Love what you did, looks like the perfect amount of festive:)
    Sharsti recently posted…Laughter is contagious and kindness is powerfulMy Profile

  14. This reminds me I need to get a tree and start decorating!

    Love all the details!
    Run To Munch recently posted…The 5 flights, 6 airports to go almost around the world and back – Airlines and airline foodMy Profile

  15. danielle says:

    Pretty!!!! I totally love love love your style, and the Swiss touch is my fav :) I have Asian/Swiss roots and love being very bold and festive, and I tend to like lots of colors and lights. Since Chinese New Year is also near, we hang lots of red and gold banners. I love fairy lights so much, wish I could hang them up year round! This year I’m filling up lots of glass bowls and vases with colorful Christmas balls and hanging lights and put up my little nativity set. I’ll probably just forgo the tree or get a tiny, but love decorating my mom’s tree with my little (big!!!!!) bro.

  16. So pretty!!! Your apartment looks so festive and happy!!
    LOVE snow – because I live in Florida :)
    Sammy @ Peace Love and Ice Cream recently posted…Hi. My name is Sammy and I…{am crafty!} #TTTMy Profile



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