Weekend Highlights {11/25}

Hiiiii people!

How was your weekend?

Ours was pretty fantastic, and we had several milestones happen too. Let’s get to the highlights, shall we?

Weekend Highlights {11/25}


On Friday I taught Zuuuuuumba again!


It was SO so fun. I had a blast dancing my heart out with my peeps, and without a huge bump. Hah! I did mess up a few times, but I blamed it on sleep deprivation, so it’s all good.

On the way to the gym though, Lily decided to spit up everywhere….. luckily my mother-in-law is amazing & told me to just hand her over & she’d take care of it so I could be on time to teach. So NICE!

Afterwards I fed Lily while chatting with my MIL, then she fell asleep….so I grabbed the chance to hit up Trader Joe’s. I wore her in the Ergo & she slept the whole time I shopped. Perfection.

Friday night the three of us hung out while I fed Lily and we all watched Step Up 2.

Don’t judge–it was actually really awesome. I love watching talented dancers in any venue!

And then I ate dessert in bed.




After sleeping for 6 hours straight (!!)

sleeping baby

I awoke to a baby who was hungry! After she ate and fell back asleep, I got myself ready and took her to the grocery store & to a kids 2nd hand store.

I applaud myself right here. TWO outings at once with a baby?!? 😉

grocery store

In her defense, she slept the whole time making my life wayyyy easy. And I got the groceries I needed and found the clothes I wanted for her (T-day outfit, Christmas dress, and a shirt for family pics). WIN!

We came back home & so I fed her, made lunch for Jared and me


and then began the outfit changes…..

She totally upchucked all over her outfit & all over Jared.

After changing her, 2 seconds later she spit up all over that outfit.


{I personally think she eats too much for her tiny belly because I make so much milk…..so we have to be extra vigilant in burping her 10000000 times per feeding}

Finally she had stopped spitting up, so I decided to hit up an expo with her.

I strapped her in the Ergo on my front and had my diaper bag on my back, and walked around the What a Woman Wants Expo here in UT. It was actually really fun, and baby Lily slept the whole time. She’s a dream….most of the time. 😉


While there I got Christmas presents that Jared will give me.

Yep. Genius idea right there!

{Does anyone else do that?!? So I am pretending they don’t exist & put them away after showing Jared what he is getting me for Christmas. I figured the items were crazy good deals–they were–so why not?! hah}

Later that evening when we were about to leave to go pick up some pizzas, Lily decided to throw up everything I had just fed her.

So I did what any normal new mom would do….I sat in front of her & bawled. She was covered in thrown up milk, and I was crying doing nothing.

Makes sense.

I just felt so frustrated! I had just spent some good time feeding her, and then it went bye-bye. Plus I don’t know how much she threw up, when she’d be hungry  again, and why the heck she was doing this again!?? I just felt like a horrible mom who can’t read her baby’s signs….

So dramatic.

A lack of good sleep will do that to ya! 😉

Jared left by himself to get the pizzas and Lily and I had another feeding session.

Later on we just chilled after dinner & I was on the floor & saw this:



Lily fell asleep on my chest while eating at 10 pm…. SO happy about that!


She didn’t awake until 6 hours later, and after that feeding she slept for 4 more hours.

Hello!! Happy 4-weeks to her (and me)!

So I got around 8+ total hours (I didn’t go to bed when she fell asleep. mom fail). Yah, Sunday began much better than Saturday ended, for sure!

I spent the morning with Lily while Jared went to church (I didn’t wake up in time to feed her & get ourselves ready….hopefully soon I’ll be back to church, I miss it!).

weekend highlights

After he was back we all chilled, napped, made cookies, and listened to Christmas music!


We then spent the evening at Jared’s parents for dinner & hanging out with the fam–his sister was in town with her fam, so it was his whole family for dinner (2 siblings live nearby)!


What a good, chill weekend! Other than my breakdown, I really loved this weekend. And how cool that I can take Lily to the store now?!

K, so today I teach BP/CX back to back, and I hope Lily is okay with me being away from her again. It sucks leaving her, but I so love and need my time at the gym.

Have a WONDERFUL day!! <3

What are some of YOUR weekend highlights??! Do YOU buy yourself Christmas presents to give to your sig other so he can give them to YOU too?!? 😉 Last time YOU had a crying sesh–and what about?!?! When do YOU start listening to Christmas music??! (I say after my birthday, Jared thinks it’s fine Nov 1.)

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  1. haha i did a weekend highlights post too today. #greatmindsthinkalike :) jonny’s mom always tells me how jonny was such a puker when he was a baby…. i’m not sure how i’ll handle that, but they say itz different when itz your own!!
    Linz @ Itz Linz recently posted…Weekend HighlightsMy Profile

  2. What a fabulous weekend! Zumba and dessert in bed sounds pretty ideal to me! 😉 We went to my parents’ house on Saturday for dinner and yesterday, we were super lazy and hung around the house. It was nice to get a break from all the craziness and just do nothing!
    Holly @ EatGreatBEGreat recently posted…MIMM #12 – Giving ThanksMy Profile

  3. Kristin says:

    Hey, I’m a new mom too and my little girl (now 4 months old) used to vomit all the time like Lily is doing until I cut dairy from my diet. She hasn’t thrown up in over a month! While I miss my cheese and ice cream, not changing her clothes 3x a day and seeing her miss out on all that milk is wonderful! My doctor told me she “just throws up a lot and is a fussy baby” but really she had issues with milk proteins. Something to consider…

  4. Those baby carriers are KEY! They made me feel so much more human when I had Kay. She loved being all tucked in there. You are getting massive amounts of sleep (for a new Mom). Thats fantastic. I remember having crying meltdowns. Its not a Momfail….its a mom right of passage. hang in there! Josh and I usually just decide what we’re going to get for Christmas and buy it together.

  5. 1) Christmas music has been playing in our house for a whiiiile. I’m obsessed.

    2) I’m so sorry about your breakdown. I can completely relate though. I blame my meltdowns on the sleep deprivation…and the simple fact that babies can be frustrating because they can’t talk! I just WISH Atlas could tell me, “Hey Mom, I’m hungry…or…Hey Mom, I want to be held on my belly.” It is all a guessing game…which is tough at the end of the day when you’re exhausted!

    3) I’m amazed that you made it out for TWO outings in a row with Lily! That’s awesome. She’s a gem!

    4) We went to a store called the NYC Running Company this weekend. I picked out about 5 items and made Dave take photos of them for my Christmas list and I told him not to worry, I would act surprised. Obviously, I’m a gem too. haha
    [email protected] recently posted…Weekend ScenesMy Profile

  6. I love that you bought presents for Jared to give you.. If I find a great deal on something, I’m not opposed to it at all. my husband doesn’t ever tell me what he wants, to that leaves his all up to me. I’m sorry for your breakdown :( I can imagine it was awful not knowing what was going on! I’m glad she was much better on Sunday, though! P.S. I cannot believe she is 4 weeks already!
    Heather @fitncookies recently posted…Snow storm from no where- MIMMMy Profile

  7. Lily is so sweet when she sleeps! That little smile, gahhh! Don’t worry about missing those Zumba steps — what are babies for if not to take the blame for your mistakes ;)? Last time I cried was probably in a TV show/movie this past week, but the last time I remember crying to a real reason was a week ago, when I just felt so overwhelmed. A good cry (and a good night’s sleep) can really make you feel so much better.
    Carly @ Snack Therapy recently posted…It’s OkayMy Profile

  8. I wanted to go to that expo so bad! Too bad we were out of town… I’m glad you guys had what sounds like a great weekend! I’m sorry you had a little breakdown. :( It happens in those early weeks, but they seem to get fewer and further between as time goes on. Your milk supply will normalize and your body will make just enough milk for Lily, and then it’ll get easier for both of you. I know how much you love your dairy, but like another reader said above, cutting it out for a bit may be something to consider just to see if anything changes? It could just be that you have a really fast let-down too, but just a thought.

  9. it’s amazing and horrible what sleep deprivation will do to you! Working out is a great way to help though. . .have fun teaching!
    Katie @ running4cupcakes recently posted…Weekend Update: 11/24/13My Profile

  10. While Eric and I don’t do that, that’s actually not a bad idea…considering that I have absolutely no idea what I’m getting him this year!
    Sam @ Better With Sprinkles recently posted…Weekend in Pictures.My Profile

  11. She’s such a good sleeper, that’s amazing! Sounds like a wonderful weekend to me!
    Katie @ Peace Love & Oats recently posted…Weekend & Workout Round Up!My Profile

  12. I love her. Like, oh my gosh she’s such a little angel! <3 We had a new mom bring in her 10-day-old into my educational psych class on Friday. HE WAS SO LITTLE AND PRECIOUS. Although it was only 2 degrees outside and he was in a room full of germy college kids, so I don't know if I would have brought in my 10 day old! But to each her own 😉
    Miranda @ Lovely Wife Lovely Life recently posted…MIMM #32- hooray for great weekends My Profile

  13. I love the picture of her sleeping! So so cute. I wish I looked that cute while sleeping. lol Unfortunately, I am not a huge Xmas music fan….Perhaps one day!
    [email protected] recently posted…The Air is Cool, Crisp and Fantastic.My Profile

  14. Don’t feel bad about just sitting there and crying! My husband calls that my “Plan B” when anything goes wrong…and I am not a mom!
    Amy H. @ Run with Perseverance recently posted…Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge Week 1 RecapMy Profile

  15. Ugh – I remember those days of spitting up the entire feeding. They were literally the worst. Not only do you have to clean up all the spit up, change multiple outifts, but then you have to sit back down to feed her all over again and pray that she doesn’t spit it all up all over again! Thankfully, we only had a few weeks of that before it stopped (although it took much longer for her to stop spitting up in the carseat – that thing was like a spit up magnet for the first 6 months.)

    I’ve been trying to hang out on Christmas stuff, but I’m having a hard time this year! Last year we didn’t get our tree down until the day before Christmas Eve ( I guess that’s what happens when you’re 7 months pregnant and on your feet all day teaching.) So maybe I’m making up for that by wanting to start extra early this year?

  16. Oh sister – both of my boys were spitter-uppers so there were a TON of crying sessions (on my end! lol). You love love love your baby, but it is SO frustrating when you just finish feeding/changing/bathing them and then it happens…ugh lol.
    And when you’re used to running errands and doing things alone for so long…you do deserve a ‘high five’ for learning to manage doing them with a baby in-tow! It’s a lot to juggle!
    Doing good lady :)
    Sammy @ Peace Love and Ice Cream recently posted…8 Days of Healthy Tips Before Thanksgiving…TIP #6My Profile

  17. My friend Kat seriously always keeps at least two extra outfits for her baby on her at all times! They just love to let their food come out of both ends huh?
    That dessert in bed looks fab. Dessert tastes better in bed IMO!
    Caitlin recently posted…Skinny Doesn’t Have To Mean SickMy Profile



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