Without A Doggie Bag

Hey friends!

What’s going on?

I’ve been hanging out with this lady, and we’re having a blast together.


She’s so adorable. I feel so lucky to be her mama! <3

K, so check out this article:

13 Things Mentally Strong People DON’T Do

And here are 2 of them.

mentally strong

So true!

And I believe that being strong physically can help with mental strength–and vice versa.

Without A Doggie Bag

With our amazing weekend, we were able to go out on a date to dinner (thanks to my sister for watching baby Lily). While at dinner we had some interesting conversations, and I just HAD to share some of that with you guys.

While eating I did a bit of people watching (always so fun to do!) and I noticed that about half of the women were eating salads and the other half were eating burgers & fries.

After noticing this, I talked to Jared about how I used to be like that–the one who ALWAYS ORDERED A SALAD. Like no matter what I craved, I always ordered a salad.

And I always made sure I HAD ENOUGH TO TAKE HOME.

Like I wouldn’t eat a ton consciously so I could have a doggie bag to take home with me.

How backward & sad is that?!?!

And I always remember leaving restaurants feeling so unsatisfied, and I often felt I should’ve ordered what my friends ordered or what my date ordered. But I felt oddly empowered and felt great about myself that I was leaving the restaurant with a doggie bag.

Once again, so so dumb, eh?

And it was so sad that I left WISHING I had done this or that, or that I had ordered this or that. But that I was excited that I left with a doggie bag, which meant I ‘controlled what I ate’ really well? Totally crazy.

Seriously, what the what?!

Isn’t that a horrible way to live?

Yes, yes it is.

My point is this: don’t base your eating decisions on something so external. And don’t base your worth or how you feel about yourself by whether or not you leave without a doggie bag.

cafe rio

{for example–I love the Cafe Rio salad. so I eat it when I want it–and eat all the tortilla strips too– & I eat until I feel satisfied}

Like who cares that you’re eating a salad or a burger? If you want the salad, order that, but if you really want the burger, order that.

And eat until you feel satisfied–whether or not you leave without a doggie bag.



Annnnnndddd today is the day I go back to teaching fitness classes!! I.am.so.excited.

Early morning teaching BodyPUMP here I come! :)

Have a WONDERFUL day! <3

Do YOU or did YOU ever have issues with leaving without a doggie bag???! 

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  1. While I love taking leftovers home, I definitely don’t do it intentionally. And I like ordering salads at restaurants because I hate making them at home, but I’m all about ordering burger and fries if I’m in the mood! Shoot, sometimes I order dishes BASED on the side it comes with!! haha
    Linz @ Itz Linz recently posted…16 Weeks Pregnant | 4 MonthsMy Profile

    • Haha…I so agree with Linz and order based on the sides it comes with. Eat what you want, right? Then follow it up with froyo…. :)

  2. Hope it goes well- take it easy!!

  3. Dotsie says:

    I am definitely going to read that article. I love the first two things already!

    I never worry about a doggie bag, ever…maybe because I would most likely be the one eating the burger and fries and making sure I cleaned my plate…with the thought that I wouldn’t want to eat to unhealthy meals in a row, or have two days in a row with an unhealthy meal. See, we are a little twisted in some ways, sometimes :)

    Have a great day!

  4. I know a lot of my friends who will eat a salad when going out because they think it’s the healthiest food. For me, I get whatever I am craving. My husband and I hardly ever eat out. Honestly, couldn’t tell you the last time. So when we do, it’s a treat, and I enjoy what I want. Good luck today! Cannot wait to hear how it goes!
    Heather @fitncookies recently posted…No Floor Core {Workout}My Profile

  5. I used to be the girl who went CRAZY in restaurants. If I ever ate something without an exact calorie count, it led to an all-out binge, and so I’d always stuff myself to discomfort. Good times.

    I love that you get exactly what you’re craving. I do the same thing now, and sometimes there’s leftovers, and sometimes not. Either way, WHO CARES?!
    Carly @ Snack Therapy recently posted…Peanut Butter Granola Bars {No Oil, No Butter}My Profile

  6. Totally agree! I still am in the rut of ordering a salad or a veggie burger- just because everything else has meat and I’m not a meat person (except fish… nommm). I get chicken on my salads, but usually if I order a chicken entree, it’s SUPER unhealthy. That’s why I go for the salads! 😉
    Miranda @ Lovely Wife Lovely Life recently posted…Holiday Decorating: Dorm EditionMy Profile

  7. I totally agree with what you wrote! I used to be exactly the same way. Thankfully, I’ve grown a lot and no longer think that way – now the only times I try to take a doggie bag home are when I want to eat the meal a second time! (Although, with breastfeeding the likelihood of ever having leftovers is at about 0 – I’m always starving!)
    Courtney @ Our Latte Love recently posted…Help!?!My Profile

  8. Love this post!! And such a great reminder. I am so excited for you to teach BP this morning – have fun!!!!
    Katie @ running4cupcakes recently posted…Unexpected perks from my Grocery ChallengeMy Profile

  9. While I didn’t have an issue with doggy bags, I was definitely the person always ordering either a salad or baked/grilled chicken breast with veggies! I always felt like I had to have the ‘healthiest’ option on the menu. Now I definitely go for what I’m craving – sometimes it’s a salad, sometimes it’s a burger and onion rings (because onion rings are better than fries, in my humble opinion ;-)) I definitely know what you mean about women ordering salads – I see that in restaurants all the time!
    Sam @ Better With Sprinkles recently posted…Book Review: Allegiant.My Profile

  10. Good points!! I always just order what I really crave and I do love a good salad. But I have this thing where the salad has to be packed with different ingredients. A plain ol’ chicken ceaser doesn’t do it for me. I’m talking large salad, Spring mix/spinach leaves with cranberries, cheese, cucumber, tomatoes, carrots, beans, corn, tons of dressing and some sort of protein. Yeah. And I always eat until I’m left feeling satisfied.

    Sometimes when I go out to eat, I also feel like I should just order something with great sustenance and nothing ‘light’. Heck, I went OUT to eat…I should NOT eat like a bird. :)

    People watching is the best. lol.
    Dana recently posted…Cinnamon Toast Crunch Pancakes + Random weekend photosMy Profile

  11. Nicole says:

    Good luck and have fun with your first class back!! I’m sure they’ve missed you as much as you’ve missed being there!

  12. i totally used to feel guilty for cleaning my plate at a restaurant! i used to fall prey to the media’s messages that restaurant portions are ALWAYS too big and you should always take half home with you. now i just try to listen to my body. sometimes i can’t even finish a whole salad and sometimes i can finish my whole meal and someone else’s leftovers. every day is different!
    Caitlin recently posted…Pond House Grille Side Dish Cooking ClassMy Profile

  13. CLEARLY we were NOT eating at the same restaurant because if you saw me, you would have thought: HOLY CRAP that girl is eating SOOOOOOO MUCH FOOD, that’s crazyyy!!!!! — I get that a lot! LOL! But the thing is, is I order a TON of healthy foods! I get an appetizer, entree, side dish or two and then another appetizer for dessert – LOL! YUM! I love food too much to go out to eat only to spend $ on food I didn’t really want!! I am NOT one of THOSE girls!
    GiGi Eats Celebrities recently posted…We’re Getting Chili!My Profile

  14. danielle says:

    ok Lily is seriously cute as a button, i love her expression!!! she’s like, “yeah what? doggie bag???” i can see a book now…”the tao of lily”… lol ok ignore me.
    i can relate to ALL of what you described!!!! totally. i was that girl also, in fact i even had times in the deepest of holes where i thought it was better to actually order a meal and not eat it, but pick at the garnishes and condiments, be starving the entire time, take it home, and continue the horrible ritual in private. i was so delusional and sick in my head about what i was “allowed” to do and what i deserved. ugh!
    i don’t know when it clicked exactly, but i know my head changed over 2 years ago. i guess after so many years and a couple of decades of self abuse i was tired of the efforts! that life was truly exhausting, but made me realize that loving myself and caring for myself gives me so much energy to do amazing things. like EAT!! haha. yeah, now i get what i crave – i’m usually not a burger gal, but when i want one i’ll darn sure get one. i’m still a picker/nibbler and love to have a variety of nibbles like a trio of appetizers. i love grub!
    anyway, i’m so proud of you – you continue to inspire me and shine every single day :)

    • You’re so right–it was SO exhausting to be like that & count it all and be emotionally all over the place. I SO get what you’re saying here.

      You’re amazing for making the change & eating what you crave. :)


  15. Kudos! Yay- welcome back, let us know how you go :)
    Bek @ Crave recently posted…Bikram YogaMy Profile

  16. Yay for teaching again!! Can’t wait to hear about your first class back!

    & I ordered a burger twice over the weekend. I never eat burgers…in fact, I rarely eat meat, but breastfeeding is making me so hungry! I crave protein so I’m rolling with it because I assume that’s what my body needs.
    [email protected] recently posted…Much Better!My Profile

  17. Yay! for getting back to fitness!

    That’s a really great article! And I agree – I think sometimes we overthink eating out instead of just enjoying it and focusing on what we really feel and hunger cues. Definitely something to think about!
    Heather @ Health, Happiness, and Hope recently posted…Nod of ApprovalMy Profile

  18. Kaitlyn says:

    LOOOOVE love love that article about mental strength!!!! Those are such awesome reminders to have…and I agree with you 10,000% that mental strength correlates with physical strength and vice versa. It is soooo obvious to me that days where I feel mentally strong and focused happen because I got an awesome workout in that morning or the night before…it’s definitely no coincidence!!!



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