Lily’s Birth Story (Part 2)

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Let’s continue on, shall we?

If you missed it, read Lily’s Birth Story {part 1} first.

Lily’s Birth Story {Part 2}

Where did we leave off?

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Oh yes. Saturday night at 9 pm I was checked & was dilated to a 9!

That may sound awesome but what it really meant was that in 3 hours, I only dilated 1 more cm. My doc was concerned that I was losing steam (energy, etc), and he was oh so right. I was SO tired-mentally, physically, and emotionally.

He gave the suggestion to do a glucose IV for a bit to help give me some energy. I recognized that I hadn’t been able to keep really anything down, so I was literally running on close to empty. But I also did NOT want to be hooked to an IV, I didn’t want any interventions, and I wanted to just push through.

However, after a few minutes of deliberation & chatting with Jared, I realized it was best to see if this energy boost would help now, and avoid any other really ‘medical’ interventions later.

{This turned out to be a GREAT decision. Goes to show it is key to be flexible with your birth plan & go with how you feel at that moment!}

I got hooked up to the IV & they started the glucose.

The contractions were getting really intense, by the way, and I continued to breath through them as Jared applied counter pressure. They were probably 2-3 minutes apart, and incredibly strong. Like they were getting tough to handle.

The nurse started me on a slow drip of glucose, but apparently when the doc came back a little while later, he turned it up. He said it wasn’t doing much (still dilated to a 9), and so up it went.

Around 10 pm I felt a real urge to bear down (which usually means the baby is coming/descending). The nurse & Jared got excited! It was time, we thought. So she got the doc, and in he came to check me.

I was STILL DILATED TO A 9, AND baby girl had turned, so she was sunny side up.  (This is not good news, and is much harder to deliver that way. Remember how Lily was in ‘perfect birth position’ for weeks?!? Gahhhhhhh)

Most devastating news EVER.

I can not even describe how discouraged I felt. It was a huge, huge blow. I had thoughts of “I don’t think I am strong enough to do this.” “Man, this is really painful.” “Why won’t she just come out already?” “Why did she have to turn on us like that?!” “How much longer is this going to take??” “Well, I won’t be having my baby today….and it won’t be an even date.”


After the doc left, I felt the urge to use the restroom….and the IV was done (finally), so off to the bathroom I went. It was so painful to have contractions while using the restroom (I went #2-TMI-I think that is why I felt I needed to bear down earlier. darn!) Like wowzers that all combined was so so much pressure.

I got back to the bed & we did the monitors again, while I had contractions & took them on my elbows & knees. (This was one of my favorite positions to birth in–elbows on my pillow, face in pillow, hands under pillow, knees wide on the bed, Jared or nurse pressing on my lower back).

The doc came back again around 11:15 p.m., so I turned over. He checked me and I was still a 9 and she was still sunny side up.

Another major blow.

That is when the doc & nurse sat next to my bed & had a chat with me…..

Lily was doing well on the monitors, but they were worried about me. I was getting really tired again, and the contractions were so full of pressure. I also was not progressing…which meant my body wasn’t relaxing & the work I was doing wasn’t really going ‘anywhere.’ Not to mention Jared was crazy exhausted too. (Remember, he was with me during every.single.contraction. And got me water, helped me up & move around, and applied counter pressure during each contraction. He was a champ!)

The doc mentioned getting some Pitocin.

I immediately was like NO! No way!

But he gently reminded me that because nothing was happening, things could get worse for Lily, and for me, and then even more medical interventions would be needed (i.e. c-section). After a few minutes of thinking, while enduring the contractions I was having, I decided to let them give me Pitocin on the LOWEST dose possible.

It was hard to see them put the IV back in & watch them load it up with Pitocin. I felt like a failure, I really did. I know that I am not, but it was hard to stop those thoughts from coming. I really wanted NO drugs, so it was a tough, mental blow for me.

That may sound totally crazy, but you have to remember, I had been in natural labor for over 26 hours by then, and I was so done. I remember really struggling with that mental battle…could I still call it a natural birth since I had to get some Pitocin?

It’s kind of dumb, yes, but I also didn’t want any drugs near Lily. Just being totally honest with sharing it alllll.

The Pitocin kicked in about 45 minutes later, right around midnight.

Sunday, October 27, 2013.


Oh man. True labor contractions are tough, but contractions on Pitocin?!? Holy smokes.

Not only were the contractions intense, they came right on top of each other. One right after the other, with not much ‘down time’ in between. I definitely had a few thoughts of “how am I going to do this?!” “This had better get things moving. And fast!” “I can do anything. I’ve done a Half Iron Man before. This will be just fine.” “Oh yikes, this is painful.”

And on & on.

Negative & positive thoughts flowing easily, back & forth.

I refocused my efforts, really concentrated on my Hypnobirthing tracks (which, by then, I had practically memorized….), and tried to just breath & relax through each contraction.

I was on my side, and then switched to the other side after about 30 minutes or so. The doc mentioned turning from side to side can help flip a baby over. And Jared had had contact with my sister’s mother in law (who is a nurse midwife), and she mentioned going on hands & knees (or elbows and knees as I preferred it). So I did all 3 positions.

So, SO much pressure everywhere no matter what I did! Gahhhhh it was painful.

Relax. Breathe. Relax.

Mantras of mine. Jared whispered wonderful, encouraging words in my ears as well. So did the nurse. They were both so great.

Around 1 a.m. I was pretty much toast. The contractions were so tough to handle. My lower back screamed with each & every contraction–so the nurse AND Jared were applying pressure under my knee & on my lower back.

I was near to tears around this time. I kept thinking, “I don’t know how much longer I can do this?” Interspersed with “you’re so close. You’re so close. You can do this!”

Like I said–major mental battle going on whilst the crazy, intense contractions were taking over my body. It is definitely an experience I’ve never had before. It was so so tough.

I was on my elbows & knees at that time & I had the nurse check me-simply because I HAD to have progressed by then, right?!?

She checked, and I was still about a 9.


Cue freaking out in my head. I wish I could say that I didn’t have negative thoughts, but that would be a lie. I might be strong, but it is because of my weakness that I have become strong. This was a HUGE test of that weakness to just give up & give in.

I actually had the thought “they should just cut me open & take her out right now.” I really did. I had that thought. {sidenote: that is actually how I knew that I was getting close to being fully progressed to a 10. When you think you can’t do it anymore, you are pretty close & in transition. I knew this, which helped me push that thought right out of my head).

I never voiced that thought, but boy was I trying hard to overcome it.

I dug deep, and began using much louder sounds as I breathed through the contractions. They were still occurring really close together, so there wasn’t much time to re-group and prep for the next one. I tried so so hard to relax, breathe, and just calm down.

This is when I began to pray really earnestly. I prayed for a miracle. I prayed for my baby to be okay (she was-the monitors said so). I prayed for this birth to be over soon. I prayed for help. I prayed for strength. I prayed for the miracle of her flipping back over & me being a 10. Oh how I prayed!

About this time I started to feel like I needed to bear down. I kept saying, “I have to go to the bathroom!” Simply because that is what it felt like! The nurse encouraged me to bear down & allow that pushing feeling to just happen. So I did!

I was seriously so convinced that I was just pushing out a big poo (TMI), because that is what it felt like. Which was kind of discouraging because I wanted to be close to pushing a BABY out, not going to the bathroom!

I did end up going #1, but because I was hooked to the IV, I couldn’t get up. I remember being really mad about that…. (they had to use a baggie to catch it all. Sorry nurse & Jared!)

My bearing down & yells got a bit more intense, and that is when the nurse announced she thought I was close. This was about 2 a.m. She went & got the doc.

I’ve never prayed for something so hard in my life.

It was just Jared & me for a few minutes, and so he took the counter pressure work really seriously. He pushed so hard on my lower back, it almost made the contractions feel bearable. Almost. :/

The doc came in around 2:10 a.m., checked me, and announced……

My cervix was now out of the way. I was a 10. And she had flipped back over.


{I said a quick prayer of gratitude in my head as I bore down during another contraction.}

It was for real, GO TIME. Finally. Finally.

I flipped over onto my back, they raised the back of the bed up a bit, and I pulled my knees out to the side.

I began to bear down in that position, and oh boy was that intense! I bore down with each contraction, and was also coached by the doc. Jared held one foot, and the nurse held the other.

The doc had me continue to bear down as he prepped his little work station. I remember taking out my headphones and allowing the whole scene to just wash over me. I wanted to capture it in my memory forever, because I was about to meet my little one!

I pushed for a total of about 35 minutes, and I will say this, that was THE MOST PAINFUL PART of the entire birth.

For some reason I thought that once I was a 10, baby girl would just kind of ‘pop out’ and arrive. I never really sat down & thought about the actual pushing part. Yahhhh.

Whoever said that part isn’t bad or is pretty easy, had an epidural! Hah.

For realz though, I can’t even describe the pain that each push caused down there! Yikes. After a few pushes, Jared could see Lily’s hair! That was so neat to hear him say that. :)

The doc asked if I wanted to touch her, but I remember saying “no,” because I didn’t want to ruin my concentration. It was taking ALL I had to just get through each really painful contraction & push.

After a few minutes of her head going back in & out, it was time to really push with all my strength, and really bear down & get that little girl out.

Those few minutes were crazy intense! I yelled, screamed, pushed with all my might, and made noises that I am sure scared the entire floor.

{I later found out I was the only one on the L&D floor. Oh good! Because I was LOUD. Jared later said he couldn’t believe how red in the face I got, and how loud I was. Hah!}

Finally, after some crazy, screaming pain down there, I felt her slide alllll the way out!

The doc announced that she was here! And boy did I know it–she came out crying & was nice & loud.

2:48 a.m.

{about 30 hours of labor total}

There were a bunch of nurses in the room actually, whom I didn’t even realize were there, and they suctioned her off, toweled her off a bit, and then the doc put her right on my chest.


lily's birth story / part 2

I was shaking (which is normal), baby Lily was crying, but quieting down, and I was so so excited. I did grab her from the doc, and ended up putting my hand in her poo that was all over her legs.

{Hence why all the extra nurses. The NICU team had been called in because there was meconium in the water when it broke earlier. It is a precaution to make sure her lungs & such are fine.}

I didn’t care that she had a mess on her or on me, she was finally here!

After the cord stopped pulsing, Jared cut the cord. What a beautiful, beautiful experience. <3

The doc had to cut a tiny part of my hymen (a muscle underneath the perineum) during the birth, so he stitched that up, pushed on my uterus to help it clamp down (ouch!), and then did some other things down there.

Jared, Lily, and I just relaxed & took in those precious moments as a family of 3. It was so surreal! She was finally here.

lily's birth story / part 2 lily's birth story / part 2

We didn’t name her until later that day, actually, so we just kept kissing her & touching her and calling her “baby girl.”  After a few minutes she latched on right away & began sucking. That was really cool! But I did feel quite awkward-like I wasn’t holding her right or something? The nurse helped me figure it out, and Lily did well right away.

After about an hour or so of skin-to-skin time (she hadn’t needed to be checked by the NICU team because she came out crying, meaning her lungs were fine), we let them weigh & measure her.

lily's birth story / part 2

7 lbs. 10 oz. // 20.5 inches long

Jared sent out texts to our families, and called our moms.

Then I got all cleaned up in the shower while Jared held her, and then we headed out of the labor room to our postpartum room. I was wheeled in a wheelchair (everything was SO sore & painful down there), and off to the nursery we went for a few of the tests & her first bath.

We delayed some of the shots/medical stuff until after the hour of skin-to-skin time so that Lily would be calm & feel loved. Birth is intense for babies, as well as mothers!

lily's birth story / part 2

She cried during her first bath, and boy did I want her back in my arms!

Finally we got her back & returned to our room around 5:30 a.m.

lily's birth story / part 2

lily's birth story / part 2

{blurry, but it shows how conked out Jared was}

We slept in the room as a family of 3 that night/morning! And it felt oh so right. <3

I was exhausted beyond belief, but I was also on a major high-the endorphin rush was crazy cool. I was just so overjoyed that she came! And that she was so so healthy & strong. We felt really blessed.

We named her Lily Frieda at around 9 a.m. on Sunday, and later that day, sent out texts to our families/friends to let them know.

lily's birth story / part 2

We loved the name Lily (and it is a family name on Jared’s side) all along, and Frieda is my grandmother (from Switzerland)’s name. Once we met our adorable little princess, we kind of just knew that she was definitely a Lily.

And she had stolen our hearts already. <3


I have to say a few things about this all (as if I haven’t said enough already!):

  • Even though I had to get glucose via an IV, and some Pitocin, I still feel like I had quite a natural birth-simply because I was able to feel everything. The Pitocin only made the birth that much more intense (and painful), but I was able to birth without pain meds or numbing areas of my body, which I really wanted to avoid. Going ‘natural’ was something I wanted because I didn’t want drugs in my body or in Lily’s, and I wanted to feel the whole birth. Well, I got that! And Lily didn’t seem affected by the small amount of Pitocin at all.
  • Getting both the glucose IV & small amount of Pitocin were two really smart decisions. I am so glad I had a doc who listened to me, but who also wanted me to have as much a natural birth as possible-and made that happen in a good way, when I couldn’t ‘see’ it.
  •  Jared is the real champion in this all. I can’t even begin to describe the amazing way he took care of me through it all! He never complained once, and he was always ready to help me through each contraction. He also didn’t sleep during those 30 hours either, so he was toast by the time we got back to our room Sunday morning. I’ve never seen the guy sleep so deep. Hah! He deserved it though, he was such an amazing companion!
  • 30 hours of labor is a loooooooong time.
  • This birth was the hardest thing I’ve EVER had to do. Ever. It was harder than the Half Iron Man or any marathon I’ve ever done.
  • I have mad respect for women everywhere who have given birth. Wow, just wow!
  • From this experience I have learned that I need to relax a bit more next time. My body couldn’t progress because I was tense, tired, and not letting the contractions just be.
  • Lily was worth every second of that entire extra wait (2 weeks 1 day extra), and 30 hours of labor. She’s THAT precious to me! 😉


Well, if you’re still reading, congrats. That might’ve been the longest birth story you’ve ever read! Let me tell you, that was the longest 30 hours of my life, so you got to experience just a part of it all. 😉

Thank you for letting me share such a special story with you. <3

Have a WONDERFUL day!

How long was YOUR mom in labor with YOU??! :) Mamas: How long was YOUR labor with your baby(s)??! Pitocin–YOU likey or not??

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  1. HOLY COW!!! seriously incredible story – you’re amazing, jared is amazing, and lily is obviously amazing!! :) :) xoxo love love love
    Linz @ Itz Linz recently posted…no cooking for meMy Profile

  2. CarolineO says:

    Wow. Just wow. Annnnnd wow. Way to be able to be flexible and make the best choices for you and Lily, even if it wasn’t exactly what you planned. But seriously, you are a hero. And way to go Jared for being a champion birth coach!

  3. You’re a trooper! Yes- flexibility is key!! Glad shes here and so darn beautiful

  4. Christen says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful story Annette! I teared up a little, it’s just so moving! Enjoy your new family!!

  5. I can’t believe it took that long and all that you had to endure! Lily is precious and I’m so glad you had listened to the doctors, too. I would definitely consider it a very natural birth regardless!! Enjoy being with your family <3
    Heather @fitncookies recently posted…Pittsburgh EQT 10 MilerMy Profile

  6. Wow 30 hours of labor total. You are my hero. Of course it was all worth it because Lily is absolutely beautiful!
    Such an amazing story to hear about your lovely baby girl.
    I’m so glad you were able to be flexible with your plan and make the best of the situation<3
    Lisa recently posted…Healthy Pumpkin Pie ShakeMy Profile

  7. I love birth stories! I had pitocin with my first (2.5 hours) and went into labor with my second(1.5 hours) and the pain difference is indescribable. I swore I wasn’t in labor still 30 minutes before my second was born because it wasn’t remotely painful compared to pitocin birth ( I was maxed out though, mistake made during nurse shift change!). We are actually a little nervous about the speed of baby number 3 due in feb. long labor isn’t good but I don’t want to have a baby at home with my 2 kids before my husband even has a chance to get home from work.
    Lindsay recently posted…24 Weeks PregnantMy Profile

  8. What an incredible story! I was completely pulled in through the entire read rooting for you, even though I knew eventually sweet little Lily would decide to make her way into the world. I have a feeling she is going to be a hand full just from that birth! 😉 You are so strong and inspiring. Funnily enough, reading this convinced me that I am not ready to have a baby for many, many more years.
    Ang @ Nutty for Life recently posted…Grapefruits Aren’t Grapes [WIAW #31]My Profile

    • hahahaha. I’m sorry that is what it did to ya–I promise it is WORTH it! 😉 Lily is such a joy to have.

      But yah, it was intense when it happened, and magically having her here made it allll worth it.

  9. My labor was 48 hours – for many of the same reasons you listed as yours being so long. I just wasn’t progressing and because my water had broken a while before we had to use pitocin. My midwife recommended to get an epidural with the pitocin so I could sleep for a bit (which I totally think is what my body needed after being awake for over 50 hours at that point). I was disappointed that I wasn’t going to have the natural birth I had wanted but at that point I would have done anything to get that baby out – I’m way impressed that you managed the pitocin on your own!! That’s amazing!
    Courtney @ Our Latte Love recently posted…Your butt is crushing me!My Profile

  10. Holy smokes, you are amazing! You’re already supermom in my book! 😉 Way to go girl, seriously. I know what you mean about the Pitocin contractions – well, kind of. I could feel them THROUGH my epidural, so I can only imagine how painful they are without it. My epidural pretty much wore off by the time it was “go time”, so I can relate as to how painful it is to push. My labor lasted like 18 hours, and I thought that was rough! (Well, it was, but major props to you!) Loved reading your story! Thanks for sharing with us!
    Ashley @ My Food N Fitness Diaries recently posted…WIAW #102: The Crock Pot Is A Brilliant ThingMy Profile

    • Any labor/birth is rough. You’re an amazing woman! 18 hours is still CRAZY long–and as I’ve said before, you’re awesome for going through it all! Plus, the times you had after it all—wow!

  11. Sarah says:

    Oh my goodness! What a lovely story. Thank you so much for sharing, and being so honest through the process. I’ve never given birth, so I really appreciate how detailed and real you were here. And, congratulations! What a feat.

  12. WOW 30 hours?! Even in the last moments, Lily did NOT want to come! 😉 So amazing how prayers work, isn’t it?!
    Miranda @ Lovely Wife Lovely Life recently posted…WIAW 11/6- A different dayMy Profile

  13. I’m actually a little speechless right now – Annette, you are incredible.
    Sam @ Better With Sprinkles recently posted…WIAW: How I ‘Detox’.My Profile

  14. I’m seriously in tears right now…what a beautiful story! I’m so very happy for you and your new family of 3. God Bless!

  15. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful story! :-)
    Lisa recently posted…Sunday SnapshotsMy Profile

  16. What a beautiful story. Lily is beautiful and looks so much like her mama!
    Aurora@Fitness is Sweet recently posted…Instant PRMy Profile

  17. Wow, such a long labor but you are AWESOME!!! Wonderful story with a beautiful miracle and happy ending!

  18. I am completely in awe after reading this (yes, I read the entire thing). It’s just so dang BEAUTIFUL!
    Carly @ Snack Therapy recently posted…Downfalls of ConfidenceMy Profile

  19. Gahhh – what an amazing story!!!! I’m so impressed with your will power and strength. What a happy little family and happy ending to the story :)
    Becky @ Olives n Wine recently posted…#9 Treat Yourself Tuesday {TYT}My Profile

  20. WOW!! You go girl. :) Thanks for sharing this awesome story. I know this sounds silly, but I am so proud and happy for you!! :) I had Pitocin with my labor too – and those contractions are INSANE!!
    Katie @ running4cupcakes recently posted…JamberryMy Profile

  21. You are not kidding – contractions natural vs. with Pitocin are SO different!!!! At least without the Pitocin you can breathe for a minute but with, forget it! SO exicted for you and your hub!!! What a BEAUTIFUL girl!!!

  22. Beautiful story!! Tears happened at my desk at 830am.
    Dana recently posted…My quote for MondayMy Profile

  23. Oh girl! You most certainly had a natural childbirth! Props to you for powering through for 30 HOURS! When my epidural wore off and I felt those contractions while on the Pitocin I thought I was going to lose my mind – you’re right: They are way more intense and you get NO break in between them and they last FOREVER. I can’t believe you powered through that. A-mazing.

    And I imagine pushing is incredibly painful. It didn’t hurt for me (b/c of the epidural), but I felt the most pressure during that time, which I imagine would have translated to pain without the meds.

    So glad Lily arrived safely and she wasn’t sunny side up! She’s beautiful – just like her mama!

    What a wonderful story – thank you for sharing it with your ‘Blends!’
    Ashley@Cupcakesncrunches recently posted…Atlas Luke Andrews – The Birth StoryMy Profile

  24. Alexandra says:

    Wow, thank you SO much for sharing that beautiful story! Birth stories are my absolute favorite things to read! Life is such a miracle! I am trying to get pregnant myself and have always known that I want to do everything in my power to have a natural birth for myself and my future baby. I take it you have no regrets as far as going thru it with no pain medication?

    • No regrets at ALL. I am SO so glad I did it without pain meds. It was a really intense, but magical thing to experience it alllll <3

  25. WOW…what an intense and incredible birth story! I’m so glad everything turned out okay and everyone is happy and healthy. She’s just beautiful!
    Holly @ EatGreatBEGreat recently posted…WIAW #21 – Election Day EatsMy Profile

  26. Incredible!! The story and your storytelling! You are a total rockstar.
    Breanne recently posted…Sneak Peek: Sweet Lil Pumpkin [Newborn]My Profile

  27. WOW! Congrats girl you are such a strong woman!! No epidural? Wow is all I can say. I could go on and on! My mom was in labor with me for over 24 hours and she remembers it being very rough. I wasn’t the easiest baby nor was I after. I was cohlic (sp). Lily is beautiful and I love seeing all the pics on IG. :)
    Tara@PNWRunner recently posted…One Word Wednesday- Volume 9My Profile

  28. INTENSE!! In some parts, I felt like I was re-living my birth of Eliza, our second. I was the UBER loud one on the floor, ( I was SURE I scarred the intern who was following my midwife, and everyone else in the hospital…) and I seriously LAUGHED when you said you were sad she wouldn’t be born on an even date. Eliza came on the 13th and I was so sad it was an odd number and the whole Friday the 13th business.

    I can’t believe you pushed through with PITOCIN! I tried with #1 and had to quit because I was shaking so badly. That takes some serious GUTS – wowzers! Good work!! Isn’t counter pressure FANTASTIC?! Oh man… I could go on and on!

    For the record, #2 came a LOT faster – and I delivered hands and knees – it was AMAZING. I would highly recommend it next time!!

    Good work, Sista friend!! She’s beautiful and your story was inspiring!!

  29. Shea Petersen says:

    Wow! You are amazing. I’m so glad you are both safe and healthy. Great story! You told it wonderfully! It was intense just to read. Can’t wait to meet her

  30. Wow … I’m in pain just reading that haha! 😉

    I ended up with an emergency C-section. It was frustrating at the time, but it was the best choice for Addie, so that’s what we did. :)
    Kristen @ notsodomesticated recently posted…Garlic Parmesan ChickenMy Profile

  31. This had me bawling tears of joy! I am so glad you did a natural birth. I am so grateful that you shared every second with us. I had to have an emergency c section with my first, and twins with my second so my dreams of having a natural birth were out of the question. It was great to live through you. She is gorgeous! Perfect! and angel! Big Congratulations to you and Jared!! xoxo
    Lisa @ RunWiki recently posted…Women’s Running Series Scottsdale 5K Race RecapMy Profile

  32. So incredible! This brought back so many memories for me of birthing my own Lily (did you know my husband is also a Jared? Ha!) We also really wanted a natural birth, and thankfully things progressed more quickly on their own and she was born in a birthing tub. I definitely agree that you can count this as a natural birth- even harder, because of that pitocin!! Way to go tough mama! And she is just beautiful!
    Laura @ Mommy Run Fast recently posted…Quinoa Minestrone + good newsMy Profile

  33. Krista says:

    Wow…intense!! I feel very lucky when I read stories like yours…I was in labor for 5 hours with my first and 2 1/2 hrs with my second. And….I had an epidural with both and I wouldn’t change a thing!!
    Everyone’s definition of a “natural” birth is different ; ) Lily is beautiful, enjoy!!

  34. Thanks for all the details- I’m serious. I loved reading about your experience and my goodness 30hrs of labour..glad I’m putting kids off for a bit haha. You’re a very strong woman!
    Bek @ Crave recently posted…Nutrition Plan & Weight Training Round 3 ReviewMy Profile

  35. I loved reading this! You are such a rockstar. I was kind of in the same boat as you on the pitocin front… I ended up having the smallest amount too around 18ish hours… I cried about it at the time but it was definitely a smart decision. And I still say it’s a natural childbirth just like you :). Hunter was 24 hours of labor. Hope you are feeling good and recovering well!
    Heather @ Fit Mama Real Food recently posted…one week into potty trainingMy Profile

  36. jana fowers says:

    Annette, thanks for your detailed story. Nothing like that “ring of fire” at the end. So many times I had docs and midwives say to me “You don’t have to get the baby out with one push. You really don’t!” And my reply was “Are you kidding? I’m not stopping pushing till this baby is out!!!!”
    One breath and one long push. That’s probably why my kids are a little loopy (oxygen deprived at the end.) But, congratulations, Annette, VERY Proud of you! You are a PIONEER woman!!!!

  37. Leslie says:

    You are amazing Annette! What a beautiful birth story. I believe every ‘perfect’ birth story has something in common: the mother feels empowered and strengthened throughout the experience. I hope you are proud of yourself. You waited an extra long time and worked really hard for the tender experience of holding this beautiful baby girl. Congratulations!!

    Also, I was amused at the thought of you screaming loud– you’re so awesome!

  38. This actually reminded me a LOT of my daughter’s birth, which I also wrote a super long blog post about. I had all the same birth goals as you, but ended up being induce because of pre-eclampsia at 40 weeks 5 days. I really didn’t want to be induced, but alas. I used hypnobirthing and tried very hard to go natural. I was in labor for 22 hours, on Pitocin, with contractions about 2 minutes apart almost the whole time (plus piggybacking much of the time) before finally getting an epidural because I had been stuck at a 5 for like 9 hours or something. Labor ended up being 28 hours total. In the end, I think an epidural was right for my situation, as was an induction, but next time I’m trying for natural again! Plus, during the time that I had no pain meds, while it was really HARD, it was such an important and meaningful experience for me. Just learning to relax through those super intense contractions was so valuable. Now I use the skills I learned when I am in pain at other times. Anyway, birth is hard but great.

  39. what a beautiful story (i read part 1 too). thanks so much for sharing it with us. i give you so much credit for going natural (and yes i agree you can still call this a natural birth!) and i almost would imagine it makes you love and appreciate your little girl all the more because you are able to feel all that pain and STILL say she is SO worth it. she is just beautiful and props to jared for being so supportive. i never considered that a baby would come out with its own poo on it – interesting! these are the things that i find crazy about birth – the stuff no one talks about.

  40. Yay! She is gorgeous.

  41. Wow – I’m glad I had my baby before reading this. 😉 Way to go mama! I hope you’re still enjoying plenty of rest and snuggles with you little blessing.
    Tiff @ Love, Sweat, & Beers recently posted…WIA and A and AWMy Profile

  42. Samantha N says:

    Congrats! I really enjoyed your birth story!

  43. Veronica says:

    So, i don’t know you at all, but must tell you that my labor with my son was about 30 hours as well and I too stalled at 6 cms after they broke my water to speed labor along. My doc suggested pitocin after a few more hours because she didn’t want me to be too tired to push (i was 41 weeks too, so i kinda feel you on the wait….geez 42 weeks, God bless you). She gave me lowest dose possible and it seriously pushed me right on over into transition. I was somehow able to remain quiet and in my meditative zone (reciting my bible scripture over and over in my head) until i felt this insane unstoppable bearing down…my body started pushing on its own. I too did not opt for the epidural so I can co-sign you on the intensity, but the pushing for me was a RELIEF!! I’m currently due with #2 in 2 months (or thereabouts. you know how that goes:) ) and my midwife seems to believe that my first has “definitely paved the way” LOL. Good job, mama!


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