Friday Confessions {12}

Hey ya all.


And happy new month! It is officially November. Crazy.

Want to know what is crazier? I almost had a baby in November….hah. So glad she came when she did! I totally thought I was gonna go NUTS if I had to wait any longer.

Oh, and this month is my birthday month. So feel free to send gifts. Kthanks.


Confessions time is the time to be super honest. So here we go!

Friday Confessions {12}

1. My mom is officially the bomb dot com.

She cooks, cleans, helps Lily, lets me take showers & naps, takes Lily during the night, shows me sweet tricks of how to help her nurse the best ways, etc. She is sort of a professional with babies (she has had 10 kids!) so I feel uber lucky to have her here.

friday confessions

Plus, I get one-on-one time with her-it’s so fun!

She also bought us a cute balloon & gorgeous pink roses to celebrate the birth of Lily. Awwwwww <3

friday confessions

2. I am not a huge fan of Halloween, but I have to have at least 1 piece of candy on that day.

Don’t be mad, but I don’t love the whole dress-up and get candy thing….but I think it’s super fun to see all the cute kid costumes!

And now that I have Lily, yesterday was so fun to put her in her onesie & snap photos galore.

IMG_7769 friday confessions


Yes, I am totally that mama. She’s just too adorable for words, so I have to take TONS of pics! hah.

Anyways, I totally had to find some candy to eat, because it is just tradition! I had a few pieces & some Swiss chocolate-craving satisfied.

3. My tummy is squishy.

I am sure that isn’t news to anyone, but it’s kinda cool/weird to have a squishy stomach….like my stomach is flatter than it was when I had her inside me (duh), but the muscle tone needs major work. I seriously can’t wait to rock my core again!

friday confessions

{tired, dirty-haired mama, 3 days postpartum in a crazy messy bathroom. just keeping it real!}

I secretly love a good fitness challenge, so for me personally, I accept my fitness challenge to get back into even better shape once I get back to the gym! I know that teaching CXWORX will really help tighten up that whole area. It will happen with time, obviously, but I am excited to get started!

I love a good competition with myself. 😉

4. I am a person who needs fresh air!

I obviously love being home with Lily and am recovering and all that jazz, but dude you guys, I need fresh air. Like woah!

I think I might go on a short walk today while she sleeps & my mom watches her. Fresh air does good things to my soul.

friday confessions

5. My mom bought the entire store….and tried to fit it all into our fridge/pantry. Hah!

She is the sweetest & went to the grocery store for us to get some food. Well, she went while I was taking a nap with Lily, and when she got home and I had woken up & came out to the kitchen, I almost had a heart attack….

It looked like the entire grocery store was on my counters!

So so generous of her (and my dad) to buy us all that food. <3 And she knows how to cook it well, feed me well, and share the treats she bought with us.

I love a good meal, especially when it’s bought & cooked for me. hehe 😉

Also, there was so much food it wouldn’t all fit in our fridge….so my mom put it in a cooler & put it on our porch. #genius

6. I am secretly loving my time off from everything. 

I am on maternity leave, I don’t teach fitness classes right now, and I barely have a desire to blog at all (because I’d rather just hold Lily allllll day long). So yah, my time is spent verrrrry differently right now and I am LOVING it.

friday confessions

Lily has stolen my heart & I am soaking up every minute of it! Hence why I’ve hardly connected with many blogs/social media & you guys….so forgive me, but she is def my priority right now!

I love being busy, it is my personality, but I love just being with Lily more. Right now I don’t need any extras in my life! Lily & Jared (and my mom being here) is all I want for now.

just being honest. 😉

7. The Pandora app is pretty fab.

I use my Pandora app on my phone to have some good songs/lullabies while Lily & I nap-and it’s fab because it is so portable! It seems Lily loves it too.

I guess I always forget that I have cool things on my phone I can use, other than the social media stuff & my emails. 😉

8. I am slightly sleep deprived….but not as bad as I thought I’d be.

I slept about 3 hours during the entire weekend last weekend (birth story coming at ya next week!), so let’s just say I am past sleep deprivation. But I also am on such a high, I kind of don’t notice it. And to be honest, each day gets better & better as I take naps & get sleep in the evenings.

Lily is sleeping really well, so I’ve gotten some good sleep at night! One night she slept for 8 hours straight without waking up to feed. Hello amazing baby! Another night she slept in 2-3 hour long stretches.

friday confessions

I personally think it’s because she was in there so long she now knows how to sleep. 😉


Well, I am off to be with the most adorable baby on the planet! See ya 😉

Have a GREAT weekend! <3

What apps are YOU loving lately??! What are some of YOUR confessions today??! Do YOU love YOUR fresh air time too??? What are YOUR weekend plans!

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  1. ah love love love lily posts!! seriously TOO CUTE! itz totally awesome that your momma is there – she’s definitely an expert!! :) my sister has a “white noise” app that she uses during her newborn photography shoots fyi!
    Linz @ Itz Linz recently posted…Friday FavoritesMy Profile

  2. You are both GORGEOUS! That onesie is adorable!
    Dana recently posted…Graveyard PieMy Profile

  3. I adore the Halloween onesie! Definitely agree with you on the fresh air thing – I always look forward to my daily dog walks because it means I get the chance to get outside for a bit.
    Sam @ Better With Sprinkles recently posted…Five Things Friday 11/01/13.My Profile

  4. I have no idea how you have managed to blog at all this week! I love reading your posts (and seeing pictures, obviously!) but you are a champ! You also look amazing! You just have a momma glow to you! Precious.
    Heather @fitncookies recently posted…Five Things Friday 11/1/2013My Profile

  5. You don’t apologize one bit for being more absent from the internet/blog world – soak it all in girlfriend. Mommyhood is incredible, and you truly do have cherish each and every phase because it seriously FLIES by. Your mom sounds so amazing! I’m so glad she can be there to help you. Lily is just the most precious little girl! I can’t wait to meet her! Also, I bet your tummy will look pretty much back to normal within the next month. It’s crazy how fast it shrinks. However, I did notice that even though it LOOKED back to normal, my core lost a lot of strength…still working on that one. 😉 Can’t wait to give you the biggest hug when I see you next!
    Ashley @ My Food N Fitness Diaries recently posted…Hunter’s First HalloweenMy Profile

  6. I’m not big on Halloween either, but I imagine I’d be a lot more enthused about it if I had kids — their excitement is infectious! And girl… I feel you on the fresh air bit. I am NOT a happy camper if I’m cooped up inside for too long.
    Amanda @ .running with spoons. recently posted…. monthly favorites – october 2013 .My Profile

  7. SO cute! I think you’ll love halloween more and more as the peanut grows! Your tummy looks great! Don’t rush too fast into ab exercises…it can cause major problems (trust me on this one ;)). Glad you’re enjoying your time off. Moms rock!

  8. Oh my gosh your mom is such a sweetie! I sincerely hope my mom will do that for me when I’m a new momma! <3 Lily is absolutely perfect and I can't get over her Halloween onesie!!
    Miranda @ Lovely Wife Lovely Life recently posted…Halloween 2013 {Recap}My Profile

  9. Lily is adorable… and you look amazing already!!! It’s so nice that you have your mom helping you out. I’m sure she is happy to help!
    Kelly @ The Fit Skool recently posted…Should you exercise while pregnant?My Profile

  10. april says:

    lily’s halloween onesie is so cute! i really love halloween, but i bet it’s way more exciting when you actually have kids to dress up. :)

    and no need to apologize for being absent from blogging/social media. lily is only going to be a newborn for so long, so you gotta soak up every second of this time. :) have a great weekend!

  11. I totally love my fresh air time too! II start to go stir crazy without it. After having Parker I started walking with her & family within the first week (my midwife said it was ok as long as I didn’t overdo it). It felt so good to just get out and feel the sunshine!
    Courtney @ Our Latte Love recently posted…Happy Halloween!My Profile

  12. I’m glad you’re enjoying doing nothing but loving on Lily – it sounds wonderful! And seriously, WHAT a great mom you have!
    Katie @ Peace Love & Oats recently posted…Eat the PizzaMy Profile

  13. She is so precious! I’m getting so impatient to meet my own little girl (due in 12 days but as you know it could be longer!) I also love your positive “go get ’em” attitude about getting back into shape :-)
    Andrea @ The Fit Scoop recently posted…Candy For Some, A Reprimand For Others?My Profile

  14. Lily is so beautiful! She definitely takes after her momma, and that little Halloween outfit is so stinkin’ cute on her. I think you have a great outlook on getting back into shape! It’s all about what works for you and where you feel your best at.
    Ang @ Nutty for Life recently posted…National Peanut Butter Lovers Month + Friday FavoritesMy Profile

  15. Loving all the pics! Super duper cute! I cannot wait to read about the entire story. I am sure you are a wee bit sleep deprived and yes fresh air is needed. I am sure its hard to get out especially with the changing seasons.
    [email protected] recently posted…Two HundredMy Profile

  16. All of her pictures are just so adorable!!
    And you look fantastic, mama!
    Danica @ It’s Progression recently posted…friday randomnessMy Profile

  17. Amanda says:

    She is so precious! That’s so awesome she’s such a good sleeper! She must take after her mama!!

  18. you are already looking great! aren’t moms the BEST THING EVER???? awesome. love your little bundle! so cute! have a wonderful weekend. xoxo
    janetha recently posted…costumes & carving & candy.My Profile

  19. Sarah G. says:

    She is so perfect and beautiful! Enjoy her!!

  20. danielle says:

    wow lady bells, it really is hard not to gasp at how adorable little Lily P is!!!!! you both are just glowing, so lovely. makes me smile to see the joy and love :)
    fresh air is food for my soul indeed, can’t live without it!!! always makes me feel more balanced.
    and by the way, i think i want to borrow your mom one day but i’m sure there is a waiting list, lol. she really does rock!!!!
    love you and love baby Lily!!!!!!
    xoxoxoxox happy friday with tons of love and hugs :)

  21. I told you I was just going to AWWWW at all of your posts. Your daughter is seriously ADORABLE. I can definitely see how you’re just wanting to soak up every second.

    I’m glad you’re enjoying your time off and that you have your mama there to “show you the ropes.” :)
    Breanne recently posted…Sneak Peek: Sweet Lil Pumpkin [Newborn]My Profile

  22. I am in awe that you’ve been able to put up posts every day. I could barely function after Addie was born!

    And you’re so blessed to have your mom there with you. My mom was only able to be here for the first few days after Addie was born, and it was SO hard to see her go!
    Kristen @ notsodomesticated recently posted…All about AddieMy Profile

  23. I love reading whenever you have time and energy to post! I totally understand being at home and in love with your new baby and how that tends to take up your entire day!! Keep on enjoying it. :) And love that your Mom is there – such a nice time for you, her and Lily! Hugs!
    Katie @ running4cupcakes recently posted…Friday Favorites: 11/1/13My Profile

  24. 10 kids!? Oh my goodness! How wonderful that you have her help though! :) I’m totally the same way about fresh air – I go stir crazy if I can’t step outside at least a couple times a day!
    Heather @ Health, Happiness, and Hope recently posted…Nod of ApprovalMy Profile

  25. Can I just deliver November b-day gifts to you in person? I want to see you… but really, I want to hold Lily. 😉

    Hope you got some fresh air! My mom likes to tell us how thrilling her first trip to the grocery store was after having me. She was so sick of bring cooped up in the house that buying milk was exciting.
    Laura @ Sprint 2 the Table recently posted…StrangeBut Good: Curry Sweet Potato BurgerMy Profile


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