41 Weeks {My Thoughts / Update on Baby Perks}

Hi friends!

Happy Tuesday.

Well, there’s no point in postponing the inevitable…..

…so here’s this week’s update! (info on baby, induction, etc. included)

p.s. I never knew I’d have a 41 week update. Life throws you curveballs, and sometimes you just gotta roll with it. Cheers!


41 Weeks

Baby Perks is just over 41 weeks today and is about the size of a pumpkin. (And probably a bigger pumpkin than last week!)

Here’s what Baby Perks has been up to this week:

  • Baby Perks is joining the 50% percent of babies that overstay their welcome….I guess that makes me feel a bit better? hah
  • Like last week-her skull bones are not yet fused, which allows them to overlap a bit if it’s a snug fit through the birth canal during labor. This so-called “molding” is the reason your baby’s noggin may look a little conehead-ish after birth.
  • Also, her endocrine system is getting ready to produce stress hormones, which she’ll need to survive outside the womb.

And here’s what’s been happening with me this past week:

41 weeks / pregnancy update

How far along? 41 weeks (& 3 days)!!!! This means I am 10 days past my due date.

Baby’s size? a pumpkin

Total weight gain/loss:  32 lbs. (as of last week at my appt)

Stretch marks? still zilcho so far..…I’m holding out! fingers are still crossed as we continue this journey onward…

Sleep: Pretty good. I sleep like a rock, people. I feel uber lucky about that, because most complaints I heard about later in pregnancy from friends was that their sleep suffered. Mine isn’t suffering one bit, at least this week it hasn’t. I do still get up & use the bathroom a few times each night, and a few mornings woke up hungry before the alarm-but I go right back to sleep after each of those ‘events’.

Best moment this week: Uhhhhhhhhhh. Getting a massage. Other than that, not gonna lie, there haven’t been a lot of ‘best of’ moments. Jared’s pep talk the other night was pretty fantastic though! Dannnnng that guy can really give a motivational speech.

Miss Anything? Same stuff as usual: Lying on my stomach. (My goodness I can NOT wait to do that again!!!) Running HIIT sprints on the TM. Less bathroom trips. Being able to get out of bed or the car quicker. Feeling like myself again.

Movement: Yep! The movement is definitely less jabby than before, though. The NST showed she moves a lot when she wants to!

Food cravings: This week I wanted pumpkin bread again! And fruit, soup, chips, & pizza. Oh and french fries. And milk.

41 weeks / pregnancy update 41 weeks / pregnancy update 41 weeks / pregnancy update

Food aversions: Making meals sounded less than fun this week. Is that a food aversion? hah

Anything making you queasy or sick: Just one random bought of nausea the other day, from out of nowhere.

Gender: GIRL <3

Labor Signs: I’m still having a lot of ‘practice’ contractions throughout the day, and a lot more in the evenings, but there is no real pattern & they’re not strong enough to bring about labor. My doc says I need to have stronger ones & more consistent ones….so yah. Bring.it.on already!!! Also the appt on Friday confirmed I hadn’t progressed at all (AGAIN!!!) since the previous appt. (bummer) and was still dilated to a 1 and 80% effaced.  I am excited to continue to progress towards birth! Let’s go Baby Perks!


  • like always…. getting up to use the restroom allll night long
  • practice labor contractions throughout the day & evening // combined with the menstrual-like cramps
  • emotions are alllll over the place
  • my lower back has some pain–but it felt a lot better after the massage
  • less full-on breakdowns, but crying daily
  • feeling like my uterus might fall out during walks
  • annoyed, frustrated, and excited are all strong feelings this week!
  • desire to have a baby in my arms is STRONG
  • some groin pain

Belly Button in or out? OUT….mostly. The top part sticks out when I am standing.

Wedding rings on or off? On.

Maternity clothes? Nothing new. Still wearing a few tops & a pair of jeans.

Baby items purchased? A picture frame & some baskets! Diapers & the changing pad cover.

Happy or moody most of the time: Less moody than last week…but that might not be saying much. hah!

Funny moments this week: That I am over 41 weeks? That is pretty funny. 

Looking forward to: Her BIRTH!!!!!!!!! gah.


Fitness Thoughts at 41 weeks:

41 weeks / pregnancy update

{pic is from yesterday after I taught my BP/CX class // wearing my For Two Fitness apparel}

  • This week was pretty good. I continue to feel fine while teaching my classes, and it keeps my mind off of the impending birth! I taught less than normal though–see below
  • I didn’t teach for 3 days in a row (!!!) last week to see if rest would help bring on labor… Well, that didn’t work.
  • Also, I had my classes subbed out for this week, but on Sunday I called my boss & pleaded to have my Monday class back. I was going stir crazy. It was just the ticket–teaching yesterday felt amazing & I had some stronger contractions afterwards. sweet.
  • If you missed it, here is my post all about the modifications I’ve made in my fitness classes during pregnancy!
  • Hopefully this will be my last few days of teaching until after she arrives, because she better be here soon!


My Thoughts / Baby Perks’ Update

I had a loooooong appointment on Friday (an ultrasound, a Non-Stress Test (NST), and a doc’s appt) -here’s what they saw/found:

  • baby girl’s heartbeat is healthy & strong (129/132 ish)
  • my placenta looks great (as it ‘ages’ it can breakdown & be unsafe for the baby); but mine doesn’t show any calcification
  • my fluid levels are high (lower levels can be dangerous for the baby)
  • Baby Perks’ heartbeat does what it needs to do when she moves around; and she moves around quite a bit when she wants to!
  • Baby Perks handles the contractions perfectly (HR doesn’t show any signs of stress)
  • I have contractions (as shown on the machine during the NST), but they aren’t strong enough & not in any pattern to bring on labor. yet.
  • I was dilated to a 1 & 80% effaced (still)
  • I had the doc sweep my membranes. It hurt, but not as bad as I thought it would–and it was over quickly! p.s. that didn’t bring on labor (obv)
  • My doc is not pushing for an induction because the baby is doing just fine.

So there’s that! A lot of TMI (hah!), but I am sure you all wanted to know what is going on.

Because I would prefer her to come on her own, we’re not scheduling an induction yet. My doc feels Baby Perks’ is doing fine (as shown on all the tests/US), so there is no reason to go & get her out. She is just really cozy in there, darn it!

I have another appt. today, and they’ll check the fluids & do another NST. We’re just taking it 1 day, and appt. at a time, and hopefully she’ll just come on out this week!

{if she doesn’t, then I’ll be induced probably by next Monday}

My fingers, hair, toes, and eyeballs are crossed she comes on her own!!

I also must say, my family & friends (including you guys!), have been so amazing through this all. Waiting for a baby to come is no easy feat–and boy is it a challenge for the mind & emotions–so I appreciate all the kind words, thoughts, comments, tweets, etc. Thank you! <3

And if YOU think you’re ready to meet Baby Perks, you can only imagine how READY I am to meet her too!!!! 😉

As I reminded my husband the other day ” I CAN DO TOUGH THINGS.” Yes, yes I can. And waiting for her might be the toughest thing I’ve done in awhile. I’ve also been praying for patience & for the ability to trust the Lord & His timing, and that has helped bunches. He cares about me, and is with me–I can feel that. <3

So Baby Perks, if you’re listening, please join us! I can’t wait to cuddle with you! <3


Well, I am off to teach an early morning BP class! This better put me into labor, or else. 😉

Have a GREAT day!

What has been one of the toughest things YOU’VE gone through lately??! How do YOU handle waiting for something YOU really want??! Any advice or thoughts for me??! 

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  1. Hang in there mama! Worst case scenario? In less than a week you’ll be holding her. :)
    Madeline @ Food Fitness and Family recently posted…Baby #2: 34 Weeks PregnantMy Profile

  2. she’s coming SO SOON!!!!! i keep waiting for the day i don’t see a blog post from you because you’re in labor hehe i know you’re ready girl!!! i feel like saying that she’ll be here any day is a bit cliche at this point, but itz true!!!!!!!!
    Linz @ Itz Linz recently posted…Pumpkin RecipesMy Profile

  3. Any day now, mama! You can make it, just think of that sweet little reward at the end of all of this waiting <3
    Becky @ Olives n Wine recently posted…#7 Treat Yourself Tuesday {TYT}My Profile

  4. You’re my hero! I was so not patient enough to wait….I ended up getting induced a couple days after Kay’s due date. Crossing my fingers she comes….today!

  5. Well I was 3.5 weeks late haha. My poor mom. I know it’s probably uncomfortable and annoying, but you’re SO close :)
    Caitlyn @ City and the Cubicle recently posted…Just GoMy Profile

  6. I don’t know why, but I got kind of teary eyed reading this. Oy. What’s my deal?! LOL. Just the emotions you’re sharing with us brought back memories I guess. Ahh childbirth and becoming a mommy is all so incredible, and I’m just overjoyed and excited for you. Like Madeline said above, worst case scenario, you’ll be holding her by this time next week. And I know how badly you want it natural (and it may still happen!), but don’t be discouraged if it doesn’t. Remember our chat from last week. 😉 Hugs!
    Ashley @ My Food N Fitness Diaries recently posted…Back in the Gym: These Days {Part 2}My Profile

  7. I think you’re eating too much yummy food. Baby Perks knows that when she gets out, it’ll be plain ol’ milk for at least six months, and she’s not ready to give up the pizza, fruit, and french fries. Start eating sardines and see what happens ;).
    Carly @ Snack Therapy recently posted…Body TypeMy Profile

  8. Hang in there girl! It’s gotta happen soon!
    Holly @ EatGreatBEGreat recently posted…The Four AgreementsMy Profile

  9. I’m sure she’ll come soon! Everyone out here is DEFINITELY ready- especially her parents :)
    Miranda @ Lovely Wife Lovely Life recently posted…Things I’m Pinning TuesdayMy Profile

  10. Hmmmmm induction on Monday, huh? That’s my birthday! Can you maybe hold out until then? That sounds like the perfect date to have a baby! 😉 You are SO amazing STILL working out at 41 weeks!!! All the best…any day now!!
    Dana recently posted…Halloween and Fudgy BrowniesMy Profile

  11. I am thinking about you every day and praying for you and your little girl! I know you’re DYING for her to come out so you can meet her and enjoy her (and feel normal again!) so I hope she gets her booty out here, like NOW!
    Katie @ Peace Love & Oats recently posted…Who do you want to be?My Profile

  12. CarolineO says:

    You are amazing and can do hard things! Maybe you should *start* doing squats? To get labor going. Ha. :)

    • HAH.

      one of my pregnancy apps at like 39.5 weeks was all “start doing squats to get labor going”. yah yah yah. Obv doesn’t work for MEEEEEE.

  13. since due dates are just an estimate, you could have ovulated late in your cycle and really just be like 40 weeks, especially since nothing is “aging” in there. Even an ultrasound to date your pregnancy can be SO off, so maybe you just aren’t quite as far along as you thought? They measured my second to be only 5 lbs and she was born at 7 lbs a week early! And I just had a friend whose baby was measured at over 9 lbs and he wasn’t even 7! But I was late with my first so I feel your pain! When they induce you, see if they will just break your water first and give you a few hours to go into labor on your own before going straight to Pitocin. I had to get Pitocin with my first and didn’t want to do that again so when they were going to induce me with my second (early because of gest diabetes) they were going to just break my water and see if that did it before giving me the big drugs. Hang in there!!
    lindsay @ fuel my family recently posted…Sausage, Egg, and Veggie CasseroleMy Profile

    • very good points! Sadly, we/I know our dates were totally on & within a day or so of the ovul…..le sigh. So that can’t be it. I think she is just stubborn & wants to cook longer. But I SO CAN NOT wait to meet her!

      Thanks for your thoughts–it is helpful!

  14. Hang in there lady – it’ll happen soon!

  15. I have a feeling I’m going to go past my due date as well (I’m 37 weeks and haven’t even felt any BH contractions yet) so I’m taking notes on how you are surviving so well. Glad you are able to keep up being active – I imagine being late would be so much worse if you couldn’t exercise!
    Andrea @ The Fit Scoop recently posted…Nursery!My Profile

  16. I’m betting on Wednesday! I’m impressed with how you’re able to keep your mood up! Cant wait to see pictures of that precious baby girl!
    [email protected] recently posted…Sweet & Spicy BBQ Chicken Sliders + Meal Plan & Last Week’s WorkoutsMy Profile

  17. Yes you CAN do TOUGH things. I cannot imagine how hard it is to wait and wait, but you are a tough cookie. You are surrounded by those who love and support you. Especially your hubby! I cannot believe you’re still teaching. That’s awesome. There was a RPM instructor at Golds that taught until the day she gave birth.
    [email protected] recently posted…Give Yourself PermissionMy Profile

  18. Good things come to those who wait… You know she’s just testing her mama’s patience at this point 😉 Hang in there–she’ll be here soon and then you won’t remember life without her!

  19. Hang in there!! Fingers crossed that teaching BODYPUMP did something for that baby this morning and if not. . . well those squats will be good for labor prep. 😉
    Katie @ running4cupcakes recently posted…Weekend Update: 10/20/13–Des MoinesMy Profile

  20. Heather K. says:

    Sending labor vibes your way and hoping for a happy, healthy baby! You’ve been training for the ultimate workout for some time now…you can do it! Patience is the hardest part of it all. :-) Can’t wait to see pictures of your beautiful girl!

  21. Well…. You’ve likely heard it a bunch of time but “the best things in life are worth waiting for” right? Not that that will really help. Anticipation can be the worst/best and evidently confusing. Good luck at the appointment today!

  22. It would be crazy enough that you’re still exercising…let alone teaching group fitness classes!! You’re amazing and you look great!! (I literally say that every time..but it’s true!). I know this waiting game is getting old but she’ll be here SO soon and then this whole thing will be a distant memory to cherish forever :)
    -Sammy @ http://www.peaceandloveandicecream.com
    Sammy @ Peace Love and Ice Cream recently posted…Some days I have an inner battle with myselfMy Profile

  23. Oh I can’t wait to meet her! I was 2 weeks late when I was born….my mom reminds me of this frequently. 😉
    Brittany @ Delights and Delectables recently posted…A Blast From the Past: Homemade ApplesauceMy Profile

  24. Can’t wait to see her soon!! God’s timing is perfect, so there must be a reason for her being late to the party :) Keep on being patient (I know that has to be really, really hard though!), and I’m glad you have a supportive husband and a strong trust in God to get through this!
    Amy H. @ Run with Perseverance recently posted…A Fun Football WeekendMy Profile

  25. That’s great news that they aren’t pushing for an induction and that everything is looking healthy. As I am getting closer to the 41 wk mark I’m trying to focus on the positives. I am so glad that my body was strong and healthy enough to carry my little one this far. I know so many moms don’t ever have the chance to “complain” about passing their due date.

    You have such a good attitude and you’re rocking it with the workouts! Maybe she’s a future gym rat and doesn’t want to give up her gym membership just yet (and who can blame her – bodypump is addicting).
    Babs recently posted…Hospital Bag – what the heck goes in it?My Profile


  1. […] to fill ya in, like I promised: Yesterday’s appointment took forever because of some office circumstances (only 1 NST machine, and only 1 US machine that day because the other was being fixed), blah blah blah. p.s. I am slightly more effaced & dilated–but not much. I then chatted with the doc for awhile. […]



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