Family-Centric Weekend!

Hey friends!

Wow. That weekend flewwwww by. And it was such a blast!

Obviously no baby came (I ‘turned’ 39 weeks on Sat.), but because we were having a blast with various family members (mine & his), I didn’t think too much about it.

Family-Centric Weekend

My little sister, Sara, came into town Thursday evening and we had a blast with her! She is 19 and super fun. She has Down’s Syndrome, owns her own bread-baking business, and can make anyone laugh, smile, and feel like they need a hug at any moment. She’s the best!

She came for a wedding reception & to attend General Conference. (GC is twice per year in SLC & broadcast on TV as well. If you want to watch any of the inspiring messages-you can do so here!)

Friday was a blast!

  • She came to my Zumba class!

family-centric weekend

  • We got pedicures after showering & dressing.

family-centric weekend

{She wanted ‘clear’. 😉 She does not like her nails painted, but enjoyed the pedicure/massage part!}

  • We met up with a friend & ate fro yo.

family-centric weekend

{can you guess which one mine is?}

family-centric weekend

  • We went to Target to buy her friend’s wedding present…..and to pick me out something too 😉

family-centric weekend

{yessssss. I was inspired by my very own fashion post! hah}

  • After some down time at home for her & some work for me, we all got ready & headed out to Cafe Rio.

family-centric weekend

{My home away from home.}

family-centric weekend

{love this guy. lots}

family-centric weekend


  • I munched on ice on the drive to the wedding reception. (What else is new?? I LOVEEEEE ice.)

family-centric weekend family-centric weekend

  • Sara had a blast at the wedding reception with her friend(s)!


family-centric weekend

{Some people are really awesome to Sara, and some not so much. She obviously loves to be around people who treat her well & don’t think she is annoying. This friend is a total gem, as is her family, & was so excited to have Sara at her reception!}

Jared & I just sort of munched on mints, chatted, and had fun supervising while there. It was fun to see the new couple so happy too. Sara hit the dance floor; I was so not feeling it (it hurts a lot to stand for awhile lately….), so we just hung back & watched her do her thang.

Sara had a blast, and it made me happy to see her have so much fun!

Saturday was also super awesome too.

  • Upon waking we headed to the church to eat some yummy breakfast.

family-centric weekend

{I was a lil’ ambitious. Sadly I couldn’t finish it all, but I gave it my best!}

family-centric weekend

  • Jared’s sister took some maternity photos for us too, that afternoon.

family-centric weekend

{more to come tomorrow! p.s. Jared wanted to know why I wanted pictures of us with me at 39 weeks when I keep saying I feel huge. HAH. <—p.s. thanks for all your kind comments about my thoughts on that! Jared does have a point. Memories, right??}

  • We ate dinner altogether & later ate crepes & had a blast with Jared’s family.

My brother also was in town & stayed over, so that was really fun to have him join us!

family-centric weekend

Sunday was pretty rad too!

  • We awoke really early & headed out to actually BE at General Conference. Sara had never been & was super excited to go! I don’t blame her, it’s a pretty special place to be.

family-centric weekend

family-centric weekend

{Siblings! Me, my brother, and Sara}

family-centric weekend

{I may or may not have made him match me with his tie….}


{bro, Sara, friend, Jared, me}

Afterwards we had to say good-bye to my brother (he was flying to a dental school interview), and Sara. She was headed up to the mountain house to spend time with my sister & her family before Sara has to fly out today.

She is hilarious (and frustrating at times, hah!), and so the weekend was definitely a memorable one for sure. We miss her!


  • I painted my nails purple! (Well, my sis-in-law did one hand, I did the other)

family-centric weekend

  • We ate dinner, and then Jared & I had to head home.

What a weekend, for sure. Such a fun, fun time!

Family is the best. <3 And I feel lucky my family is so awesome & so is Jared’s. We love being with them whenever we can!

And I already miss Sara bunches. I hope she can visit again soon!


Well, it is back to the grind. But for how many more days?!? Only Baby Perks knows. 😉

Have a GREAT start to your week!

What is something super fun YOU did this weekend?!? When was the last time YOU hung out with a sibling(s)??! What was the last item YOU bought at Target??! 

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  1. Wow – I can’t believe at 39 weeks you are still having such fun/busy weekends! Good for you!! You look great :) Your sister seems amazing – it’s sad to think that sometimes people aren’t nice to her – some people are such jerks! Hope you’re feeling good and resting today 😉
    -Sammy @
    Sammy @ Peace Love and Ice Cream recently posted…Disney World RecapMy Profile

  2. love this! looks like a fabulous weekend, indeed!!
    Linz @ Itz Linz recently posted…Routine Refresh: Outdoor EditionMy Profile

  3. CarolineO says:

    I know too! You are so having this baby on the 10th :)
    Looks like an awesome weekend!!

  4. What a wonderful weekend! Spending time with family is just the best thing ever! Love your new boots!
    Holly @ EatGreatBEGreat recently posted…Target Practice – ProgressMy Profile

  5. That’s awesome that your sister got to visit <3. Family time really is the best. I can't believe that you're going to have a baby any day now. Cuh-razzzyyyy.

    Happy Monday!
    Carly @ Snack Therapy recently posted…5 Things That Happened This WeekendMy Profile

  6. woo hoo!! Cute boots. I actually bought myself a pair this weekend too! Crossing things off the fall to-do list, love it. :)
    Katie @ running4cupcakes recently posted…Defying gravityMy Profile

  7. You’re such an amazing sister! I’m glad you had a great time with Sara. :) Family time is the best, isn’t it? I love your new boots! Yay! I’m trying to talk Cody into letting me get some new ones too. Hehe.
    Ashley @ My Food N Fitness Diaries recently posted…BBQ Pumpkin Turkey MeatballsMy Profile

  8. Happy to hear that you had such a good weekend with your family! Your sister seems like an amazing person, so I’m glad she has friends outside of the family that realize how awesome she is. Can’t believe you’re so close to meeting your little girl!
    Sam @ Better With Sprinkles recently posted…Book Review: Terra.My Profile

  9. Family filled weekends are always the greatest!
    Your Sister sounds like such a fun person! So glad you had an awesome time together!
    Loving the new boots! I just bought 3 pairs oopsy. I can’t get enough of them for this season!
    I’m so curious to know when Baby Perks will be making her arrival!
    Lisa recently posted…Simply Lovely ThingsMy Profile

  10. You look so good! I can’t wait to see more maternity pictures. I’m obsessed with Cafe Rio too… soo good!
    Ali recently posted…Seven Months Old!My Profile

  11. How fun! Your sister is adorable! She sounds like one amazing lady. I can’t believe you’re so so close- I can’t wait to meet her! And I totally need Cafe Rio in my life

  12. Annie says:

    I LOVE your boots and nails! Do you know what exact color is your nail polish? I have a lighter purple but it’s not very autumny

    • Thanks! Yes, I def love the purple on my nails–it turned out nicely!

      It is the SinfulColors type (bought it at Walmart–I am a cheapo) and the color is “Amethyst” :)

  13. Target is the best hands down. Last thing I bought there were boxes of propel and crystal light. Nothing super cool like your boots! Cute!! I love your skirt and 39 weeks pics!
    [email protected] recently posted…Run with the Fishes!My Profile

  14. I would totally do what you did. Go out to buy something for someone else and come back with something for me 😉 So glad you got some sister time before baby comes!
    Miranda @ Lovely Wife Lovely Life recently posted…MIMM #25- workouts & sleeping (but not together)My Profile

  15. I love the boots! I recently FINALLY got my own pair of boots and I’m in love! Hopefully Baby Perks comes soon!
    [email protected] is Sweet recently posted…What a Difference a Few Months MakesMy Profile


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