Fun Facts Friday {9/27}

Hi friends!

Happy FRIDAY. <3

Courtney & Chelsey often do this on Friday. And I’m gonna implement that today. Gotta be cool like them, and all. 😉

Fun Facts Friday {9/27}

1. I got my driver’s license renewed.

Can we all say hallelujah?!

fun facts friday

I am SO glad I got that crossed off the list before Baby Perks makes her debut.

{In case you’re newer around here, my license expires about 1 month after baby girl’s due date….so yah. I decided to tackle that one sans baby outside my womb. And my sister, who has an 8-month old, told me this was a great decision…as she got to go to the DMV with a baby in tow. Twice. She was my inspiration to just get ‘er done!}

Jared actually took me to the DMV so I wouldn’t have to go alone. What a stud.

2. I don’t like pumping gas.

I avoid it at all times if possible.

We do only have 1 car (Jared commutes to school using the great public transportation), so I often get stuck doing it. I drive it more!

But Jared pumped the gas & washed the windows while we were out & about the other morning.

fun facts friday

Did I mention he’s a stud? I like it when he’s around more! (He has 2 weeks off before the next semester starts and I’m enjoying every minute).

3. The fall weather is actually kind of fun….I like boots!

I admit, as much as I am a summer gal at heart, boots, scarves, and jeans are all super fun to wear in the fall.

There. I said it.

Oh, and I kinda want to make pumpkin bread. Soon.

4. I am a sucker for awesome quotes & thoughts & scriptures.

{all are from my boards on Pinterest}

5. Drinking herbal tea makes me really happy.

It reminds me of my Swiss grandmother. She would always make me tea & sit with me. She is an incredible lady, and I miss her!

Did you know she never learned English, and so as a little girl (before I could speak German) we simply communicated with our eyes, hugs, kisses, and hands? Cool, right?

She died in 2006 while I was serving an LDS mission in nearby Austria. I could speak more fluently then, so it was wonderful to write her during those last few weeks of her life.

Anyways. Tea makes me smile because it is so nostalgic and comforting. :)

My favorite herbal tea flavors are peppermint, lemon, and raspberry.

6. I’m getting my hair cut next week and I.can.not.wait.

I haven’t gotten my hair cut since MARCH. That’s like my entire pregnancy! Yikes.

Needless to say, my hair could use a little love.


Alright folks! You all have yourselves a GREAT Friday & weekend!

Jared and I are up at the mountain house already, having a little mini getaway weekend….probably our last just the two of us for awhile! So we’ll be chillaxing all weekend.


What is on YOUR to-do list that YOU tackled & are proud of??! Do YOU like pumping gas??! Herbal tea thoughts?! Weekend plans–let’s hear ’em!?! 

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  1. i find herbal tea very comforting, as well :) :) i have the fashion show tonight, audrey’s 2nd birthday party tomorrow, and my cousin’s engagement party tomorrow night – busy busy!
    Linz @ Itz Linz recently posted…20 Designer Whey Recipes + $500 GiveawayMy Profile

  2. I am such a boots person too. I am digging the new to do app with the update. I love being able to cross things off (or have things i haven’t done stare me down….)

  3. Agree agree – I love fall weather and clothes – sweaters, boots, layers!! I totally need a new pair of boots though. . . 😉 And you know how I feel about to-do lists. Love them! Good luck with learning BP this weekend. Watch out for those lunges – they are killer!
    Katie @ running4cupcakes recently posted…HLS13: Blogs in Transition RecapMy Profile

  4. Work projects have kept me super busy, but I have been able to cross a few major ones off the list, which make me feel awesome and accomplished! I loathe pumping gas so much that sometimes, and don’t tell my husband, but I’ll purposely drive home with my light on, then when he gets home ask him to go fill up my tank b/c I ‘forgot’. I know, awful, but I hate it that much! I think he secretly knows 😉

    Depends on the herbal tea flavor and if its hot, cold, sweetened, etc. Any tea steeped in almond milk with a drizzle of maple syrup and foam on top is divine. :) Happy Weekend.

  5. I don’t like pumping gas either…my hands just feel gross afterward! But… I do it anyways. ‘Tis life! 😉

    Love some of those quotes/verses you shared! Happy Friday Girl! Have a great weekend with Jared!
    Ashley @ My Food N Fitness Diaries recently posted…I Can’t Be Perfect (and sorry, but neither can you)My Profile

  6. I HATE getting gas. I think it’s horrible and would much rather send out someone else to get it for me! I love LOVE fall weather!!! Boots, scarves, vests…. bliss :)
    Miranda @ Lovely Wife Lovely Life recently posted…High 5 for FRIDAY 9/27My Profile

  7. I despise pumping gas too! I am so darn impatient I think it’s the worst chore out least when you wash dishes the time sort of moves faster.
    I love the Fall fashion too. The only thing I don’t love is pants soo jeans aren’t really my thing, but I think it looks great on other people;) I much prefer dresses and skirts so that’s the only part of Summer I’ll miss.
    Oh wow, that’s really interesting about your Swiss Grandmother! I love how she used those means as communication!
    Happy Friday!
    Lisa recently posted…Comment on On The Bright Side by Dixya @ Food, Pleasure, and HealthMy Profile

  8. We have just one car too and I end up driving it the most so I end up getting the gas. Thankfully I don’t drive it all that much so I don’t have to stop very often! I hear in New Jersey that it is required to let the attendant pump it for you – you can’t do it yourself. We should all move there :-)
    Andrea @ The Fit Scoop recently posted…Week 33: Sleep, Swimsuits, and ScorpiosMy Profile

  9. Nope…no boots. Summer forever! OK ok…I’ll take some fall squash, but thats as fall excited as I get!

  10. I ADORE boots too!!!! Make fall so fun 😀
    Electra @ recently posted…Pickled Peppered Turkey Recipe + WinnerMy Profile

  11. Yay, I hope you enjoy your haircut! I love getting my hair cut because I love when people mess with my hair! Haha
    Katie @ Peace Love & Oats recently posted…Link LoveMy Profile

  12. I really don’t like pumping gas either. I’ll do it, of course, but I certainly take up my husband’s offer to any chance I get :)
    Danica @ It’s Progression recently posted…The Most Underrated ExerciseMy Profile

  13. Haha I hate pumping gas too! Whenever I’m out and notice that I’m running low, I try to stretch it out to whenever the boyfriend’s going to be driving next, so he can do it :-p That’s a really cute story about communicating with your grandmother – it really is all about body language!
    Sam @ Better With Sprinkles recently posted…Five Things Friday 09/27/13.My Profile

  14. I actually don’t mind pumping gas… I am one of the weirdos who- i don’t know if LIKES is the right word for it- the nasty smell of gasoline.
    Oh, and tea always makes me ridiculously happy.
    Cori @ olivetorun recently posted…Grandma Status, Stealing Wifi, and Menus: ConfessionsMy Profile

    • That’s okay–I get it! I don’t mind the smell for like 2 seconds….but with Baby Perks on the way, I try to avoid it 😉

  15. LOVE herbal tea! Since it’s started to cool off around here, I’ve been enjoying a couple cups a day. I used to be a big coffee drinker, but it comes in phases…right now all I keep craving is my lemon grass green tea! Cute story about your grandmother!

    I don’t really mind pumping gas. I remember when I was a kid and my mom let me start pumping it for her…I was so excited and felt like a “grown up”! ha!
    Heather @ Kiss My Broccoli recently posted…The Great PESTO Post!My Profile

  16. I did not know you could speak German… too cool!!!!!
    Brittany @ Delights and Delectables recently posted…Marvelous SeptemberMy Profile



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