37 Weeks {Packing the Hospital Bag}

Hi friends!

So yesterday my friend came over with her adorable little girl. She is 2 months old. Squeal!!


I held her the entire time they were over. Isn’t she the cutest?!

I am SO SO excited to snuggle my own!!!!


Think I can pull off the ‘holding a baby’ look? 😉 (esp with those bags under my eyes, I can! hah)

It was such a lovely visit. <3 Newborns are just the sweetest, and this visit made me even MORE excited (if that’s possible?) to have my own.


Annnnnd on that note. Here we are. Past full-term, baby.

37 Weeks / Pregnancy Update

Baby Perks is just over 37 weeks today and is about the size of a bunch of Swiss chard.

{uhhhhh folks, that means I have reached just over ‘full-term’ status now! Yessssss}

Here’s what Baby Perks has been up to this week:

  • Baby Perks weighs around 6 1/3 pounds and measures a bit over 19 inches. (give or take–this is just an average)
  • Little girl is now considered full term! If I were to go into labor now, her lungs will likely be mature enough to fully adjust to life outside the womb.

And here’s what’s been happening with me this past week:

37 weeks / pregnancy update / hospital bag

{p.s. this was taken the day I was not feeling so hot. as you can tell. awesome}

How far along? 37 weeks (& 3 days)

Baby’s size? bunch of Swiss chard

Total weight gain/loss: around 28 lbs

Stretch marks? still zilcho so far..…I’ve been rubbing belly cream on it, so I guess it is still helping. Hoping it holds on a bit longer……fingers crossed!

Sleep: Pretty fantastic. I count myself VERY lucky that I sleep so well! However, the bathroom trips could be less often…. Please?!? For reals–the other night, 5 DIFF times. FIVE!

Best moment this week: Snuggling with Jared over the weekend when we both slept in. He finally has some days off. FINALLY!

Miss Anything? Same ole: Lying on my stomach. (I want to lie down on my belly sooooo badly!) Super intense workouts (I can’t wait to do those HIIT runs on the TM again!). Less bathroom trips.

Movement: Yep! She’s just moving around in there trying to get comfortable. :) But she is head down & face to the back (perfect birth position), so that’s nice. Someone told me I look like I’ve dropped, but I can’t say she still isn’t in my ribs, so who knows?

Food cravings: This week again like last week, I didn’t have super strong cravings or tons of interest in food. I just eat because of necessity & when I am hungry, but it isn’t crazy exciting to me. Sadly!  I did want soup the other day, though. Milk, fruit, and toast are making a daily appearance.

37 weeks / pregnancy update / hospital bag 37 weeks / pregnancy update / hospital bag 37 weeks / pregnancy update / hospital bag 37 weeks / pregnancy update / hospital bag

Food aversions: Nothing really. (yay!)

Anything making you queasy or sick: Not this week again! Yes! (thankfully not salads anymore it seems)

Gender: GIRL <3

Labor Signs: This week I’ve had way more practice uterine surges (Braxton-Hicks), and I’ve def had some pre-labor warm-up surges. So that is kind of fun!


  • like always…. getting up to go to the bathroom allllll night long–totally annoying. but she’s worth it! ;)
  • eating often but not as huge of an appetite as before
  • it’s definitely hard to tie my shoelaces, shave, and get out of bed
  • wanting to sleep. allllll day long.
  • feeling excited!
  • lungs are squished & breathing is harder when going up stairs. haha. Like my heart rate gets up real high & I’m huffing & puffing.
  • this week was definitely the week where I really started feeling super uncomfortable
  • some groin pain

Belly Button in or out? OUT….mostly. The top part sticks out now when I am standing! SO so weird to me b/c I am such an innie.

Wedding rings on or off? On.

Maternity clothes? Nothing new.

Baby items purchased? Nothing purchased, but we received some more wonderful gifts from gym friends & other friends. We feel really blessed. <3

Happy or moody most of the time: pretty happy! Though I had a breakdown 1 time this week-it was not awesome.

Funny moments this week: I guess you can call it ‘funny’ as in, ‘that is funny it happened at once’: both Jared & I got sick with colds/flu/throat issues last week. Might as well bang it out making both miserable at the same time in one week, right? Luckily both of us are better now.

Looking forward to: Getting the final things organized in her room.


Fitness Thoughts at 37 weeks:

37 weeks / pregnancy update / hospital bag

{pic is from yesterday after I taught my BP/CX class}

  • This week was the week teaching fitness classes felt HARDER than normal. (I was wondering if that would happen)… As in, wow, I am getting tired! I don’t think it helped that Jared was sick, I was coming down with something, and I just overall felt kind of ‘blah’ on the fitness front this week.
  • I still taught my classes fine, but I def felt more tired.
  • Zumba was fun last week, but it takes so much out of me now! I am so glad I only teach it 1x per week right now-there is no way I could do more.
  • I love the endorphins teaching fitness classes gives me though. And I am sure Baby Perks appreciates them too. :) I just need to nap more or something. hah!


Packing the Hospital Bag

Alright my friends, here is a list of items I will pack in the bag….so PLEASE tell me what else I need! Thank YOU.

  • ipod & ipod dock
  • essential oils
  • eye mask (to block out the light to sleep better)
  • iPhone
  • underwear I don’t care about
  • pj’s for after birth
  • slippers
  • nursing bra/ nursing tank
  • toiletries (chapstick, face wash, brush, makeup–doesn’t the hospital have shampoo & such?)
  • going home outfit for me
  • going home outfit for baby girl (it’s soooooo cute!)
  • birth plan, wallet, insurance card

Well, I am off to teach early BP and then work. Jared & I might hit up a movie later tonight-we shall see! Have a GREAT day! <3

{p.s. how many more of these updates do YOU think I will have?? :) }

Everyone please GUESS-what DAY DO YOU THINK SHE WILL COME?!?! (her due date is Oct 12) Mamas: What else should I pack in the hospital bag??! 

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  1. October 16th!!!!!!!!!!

  2. You won’t really need much of the underwear. They’ll give you the hospital hotness panties once you have the baby 😉 But it is nice to have some just in case :). You look amazing! SO SO exciting. I’m guessing Oct 10.

  3. Courtney says:

    Oh, how exciting! As far as hospital bag suggestions go, I’m definitely not a momma, but I remember my sister-in-law bringing Shot Bloks with her during labor and delivery, which the doctor OKed. She felt fortunate to have some sustenance (albeit very little) during her long labor.

    I don’t really have a guess as to when she’ll come, but I’m going to go with Linz’s prediction and guess a few days late. However, from what you say, it seems like she’s in the perfect position to make her appearance, so who knows!

  4. Caroline says:

    October 10th :) because its an even date, and just a little but early which I’ve been predicting.
    Your list looks great! Just remember to wear maternity pants going home- skinny jeans will not work!!

  5. I’m going to guess October 15th. And I’ve never given birth obviously, but I think your list looks pretty thorough!

  6. full term! ahh wow! i know absolutely nothing about this but a co-worker mentioned a while ago that the best thing she brought to the hospital was a roll of “luxurious and soft” toilet paper because the time for the cheap brands is NOT after you give birth. she said it was best investment in TP ever, haha.

  7. Whoop whoop!! I’m going to guess October 16th because that is when my nephew is due, too. Might as well have both make an appearance on the same day!
    As for hospital bag, I’d also pack:
    *some snacks (For those of us who LOVE to eat, the hospital food may or may not cut it!)
    *earplugs (If you’re like me and need SILENCE to sleep! Ironically, I was in the SAME room after having both of my kids, and it was directly across from the very busy nurses’ station. The earplugs were a godsend!)
    *TMI, but GINORMOUS pads. (Like, the ones you would use on super-extra-heavy flow days. My sisters and I called them “elephant pads”) The hospital will probably provide you with some, but it’s nice to have your own!
    I’m thinking at least 3 more weeks of updates… Weeks 38, 39, and 40…

  8. SQUEEALLLLLLLLLLL it’s getting so close!! I’m going to go with October 11th. I don’t know why! :)

  9. One of my other favorite bloggers just did a post on what she brought to the hospital, along with what she wished she would have brought – check it out here: http://iowagirleats.com/2013/09/17/packing-list-for-the-hospital/. So exciting!

  10. You look incredible, girl! And you only look natural when holding a babe – I can hardly wait until your little lady arrives!

    The hospital I was at (AF Hospital) actually didn’t have shampoo/conditioner/soap. I was kind of surprised by this, but fortunately I had some with me. Not sure about the hospital you’re delivering at, but I’d probably bring some just in case. I just bought the mini travel sizes from Target. I also brought some snacks with me because there were a few times that I wanted a little something, but didn’t want to have to order a big meal. Maybe you want to bring a robe? Just a thought since the hospital gowns aren’t anything special.

  11. Look at you getting some practice! :) I’m glad you both are feeling better now, and I can only imagine how excited you are. Yay yay yay!!!

    I’m glad you posted your hospital bag list. I was thinking of packing mine next week, so now I can compare lists to see if I’m forgetting something.

  12. Holy geez. I can’t believe she’s going to be here so soon! I’m betting for an October 5th arrival. What do I win if I’m right ;)?

  13. Yay full term! I’m thinking she’ll get here early since she’s in position and you mentioned (last week?) that she was measuring ahead. I’ll guess the 7th.

  14. Yay! I’m SO excited for you and your fam! You’ll be holding her in your arms so soon now!
    And I’m so impressed you’re still teaching – that’s awesome!
    You’re looking amazing and I’m so curious when her arrival will be…maybe we’ll share the same birthday since mine’s coming up 😉

  15. oh goodness…I’m going to guess Oct 12th because 12 is my favorite number :)

    Don’t forget your iphone charger!

  16. Don’t bother bringing underwear. You’ll be wearing the hot mesh panties from the hospital with the biggest maxi pad/diaper you’ve ever seen. I brought my own shampoo and conditioner, the hospital had a body/hair soap, but I used my own. I brought makeup, but never put any on. And I just stayed in the hospital gown. You’ll be getting checked every few hours (especially the day you give birth), so it’s just easier to stay in the gown, pull it up and let the nurses do their business. 😉 And definitely bring your phone charger!

    I think Baby Perks will arrive a lil early, Oct 9th!

  17. I am about to go sautee up some swiss chard in a little coconut oil! 😉

    You were born to be a mommy! Cannot wait to see you bundle!

  18. Kristin says:

    Pack hearty snacks or be prepared to order takeout. I had my baby after the hospital cafeteria closed and they could only offer us crackers. We ordered pizza at 10pm and it was so delicious after all my hard work! Good luck with your labor…you can do it :)

  19. Instead of jammies, I just brought boxers, a nursing tank and a light robe. I also just wore the mesh undies until the last day – then just bring your biggest, comfiest pair for that. You don’t need to bring your own pads – they have PLENTY for you and ask for more and bring them home :)

    What you WILL want at home are hitchhazel pads to line your pad with. A name brand is Tucks – they’re for hemrooids but provide the best cooling sensation ever. Our hospital had these for us, but yours may not. You also definitely want stool softeners waiting for you at home too! Hospital has you taking these each day as well and will ask you if you pooped yet.

    I’m jumping all around but we brought our music/ipod doc and never used it – may not need to bring. Definitely remember chapsticks and your husband will want snacks while you are in the laboring room since he doesn’t have to leave you. Ohh and make sure you bring roomy shoes for going home because you’ll be more swollen when you leave then when you came.

    Hope this helps!

  20. Ohh and make sure you bring the bath basin that they do the first bath in home with you. Our bath washer forgot to leave it for us and we forgot to remind her! We got home and were like… “uhh where’s our little basin?!” Haha. Ohh and take all the diapers you can home with you too! We “accidentally” hid some of diapers so they brought us more hahah.

  21. I cannot wait to see your precious baby’s face once she arrives! She’s going to be gorgeous <3 And you're looking great, mama! I hope to be as active as you when I am 37 weeks along :) My guess is October 14th! Sorry to push you past the end 😉

  22. I brought my baby book. I actually did have a little time to update it. It was fun, everything was so fresh in my mind and I had nurses to help take care of the baby. When I got home, I didn’t do it for several weeks. The hospital had way more for me than I thought they would. I used the underwear they gave me for several days. I asked for extra pairs they were so comfortable.

  23. The question for you is, are you and Jared always early, late or on time? Our family (my husbands) is notoriously late, while I’m typically on time. I would guess her due date based on that fact. :)

    One of my girlfriends gave birth recently and she suggested a huge water bottle, despite the fact that they will give you a pitcher in the hospital. She said she was always incredibly thirsty, especially after her little boy was born that the nurses couldn’t keep up! 😉

    • I’m always slightly running late, but Jared is always early….so our whole marriage I have been mostly early to places. But if it’s just me (and it’s not teaching a fitness class), I am usually just 2-5 mins late. Hah

  24. Deanna says:

    I’m a new reader that found you at Ashley’s blog.
    You look fantastic!
    I’m not a mom (but trying…) and have seen many friends have babies and suggest the following:
    Baby scratch mittens – I’ve run to the store a few times for friends for these :)
    Smaller and bigger going home outfits for baby – I’ve seen them come out way smaller or way bigger than you might think!
    Camera or a good phone camera
    Pen and paper to write down things you don’t want to forget, keep track of feedings ect.

    And my guess – right on her due date!

  25. I am going to guess October 6 because that’s Emmalyne’s birthday and I would rather wish an early delivery on you than late 😉 – Em was 9 days early herself.

    Your own pillow with a colored pillowcase
    Pen & paper
    Baby book – the nurses will probably be willing to stamp the baby’s footprints in it for you

    I wouldn’t bother with underwear or pads – they will give those to you at the hospital. I actually loved having my make-up because Chris’ boss and his wife visited us. I also loved having my own jammies – I was never checked postpartum until being discharged … I don’t know if it’s because I didn’t really tear?

    • about the pillow–did you say colored pillowcase so you’d remember to grab it?

      My biggest fear is bringing my super nice pillow & forgetting it there with all the excitement/ hubabubb! I loooooove my pillow is all.

  26. I’m going to guess October 6th!

  27. Camera, snacks for after and hubby, pillow, boppy, toiletries (not all hospitals provide), baby mittens. My baby is 5 days new and I used all of these items.

    • Congrats!!

      And thank you so much for the suggestions! Did you really find you used the boppy there? Or would the pillows provided work for the short time there? (I just don’t want to take my whole house. haha)

      • I like you work out the day that I gave birth. My little girl is FullTerm and small 6lbs 6 oz. I have in my breast friend pillow. The lactation consultants were able to show me the best positions for feeding her with it. It allowed me to ask questions and feel more comfortable for when we left the hospital.

  28. danielle says:

    oh I’m so uber excited for you, darling angel you are sublime and this whole journey has been such a blessing to experience “with” you. thank you! i can’t believe she is almost here…. wahooo!
    big big big (yet gentle!) hugs…
    p.s. your pic made me crave cucumbers and pretzels, eating them now! but with cheese 😀

  29. Amanda says:

    Annette!! So sorry, first of all, that I couldn’t make it to the shower. This little guy got sick the day before :( I have something for you though! We’ll have to come by when the little miracle makes it here :) I am SO excited for you…

    Your list looks great… the only things that I had my mom go get for me that I didn’t bring was extra snacks… hospital food never looked good AT ALL haha Darin ate it :) And the other, not sure if someone already said this, but lanolin ointment/cream. Your “girls” :) will get sore so fast! This was a life saver… The hospital might have some, but just in case!

    Love ya girl!!

    • I’m so sorry the lil’ guy was sick. Sadness! :( I def missed you, but you gots to take care of the little tyke. Thanks for thinking of me nonetheless!

      I def need to remember good snacks–thanks for the reminder!

      And yes, let’s play soon! We’ll have two cuties to go on play dates with!! xo

  30. One thing I have packed (still haven’t actually gone into labor so I can’t speak from experience ha) is a children’s book called “On the Night You were Born.” My mom got it for us and she said to have the doctor/nurses and all the family sign it saying what they were doing/feeling/etc when our baby boy was being born. Then, when our boy is older we can read it to him. I thought that was the sweetest idea. Maybe you can order the book on Amazon and do the same! :)

    At this rate, I think you may have your sweet babygirl before my little boy makes his debut! He seems to be very comfy…he’s very low and in the perfect position…but he’s just hanging out right now!



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