Friday Confessions {7}

Hi friends.

Happy FRIDAY!! :)

Wahoo! I am so glad it’s the weekend. This week was a tough one and I am ready to relax!


Friday Confessions {7}

1. I miss summer. But I am okay, this time around, with fall coming….

I am SUCH a summer girl–I love being tan, I love swimming, I love being outdoors, I love the sun, I love summer foods, etc.

BUT, let it be known, the cooler breeze in the morning and evenings are really nice….and it makes me excited for fall foods, decor, and of course, a fall baby. :)

Maybe that is why I am sort of okay with summer ending?….because I get a baby out of it. hah!

2. I really hated my work computer yesterday.

No need to chat about it, but the glitch majorly messed with some of my work….And tacked on some frustrated several minutes.

Oh well. Such is life. But luckily I was able to get the excel spreadsheet fixed how I needed it to be.

3. I am loving sour cream & onion chips lately.

I don’t know what it is, but the flavor is awesome for me lately. And I don’t discriminate — kettle brand, sprouts brand, lays, ruffles. I just really like the flavor & saltiness of ’em!

friday confessions


4. Can we please talk about the fact that Baby Perks’ will technically be full term TOMORROW?!?!

Yah.  WHOAH.

friday confessions


Holy smokes.





The count-down has begun.

Holy moly her room & stuff aren’t even close to being organized yet.

When is she going to make her arrival?!?

Who is she going to look more like?

What color will her hair be?

I need to sleep a lot right.this.minute.

{just a peek into some of my thoughts that I have each & every day}

5. I have been loving fruits of all kinds lately!

I seriously eat 4-5 different kinds of fruit per day.

friday confessions

It all just tastes so darn good.

I’ve especially been loving green grapes–the tartness & sweetness combined is so perfectly yummy!

6. Today is a VERY special day to Jared & me…….

Can you guess what it is?!



It’s our “meeting” anniversary!

Yep, 4 years ago, on September 20, 2009, Jared first laid eyes on me. And that is when he fell in love. 😉 hehehe.

{I told the story in this post — short version: I was picking apples with a roommate in my condo’s backyard when Jared came out of the other condo –he had been helping with a service project– because he heard crazy loud laughter & he wanted to know who it was. When he stepped outside, he just stared as I, in a dress & heels, was on a step ladder shaking the apple tree to get the final apples down so my roommate, who was running around with a bucket over her head, could pick them up. Apparently we were quite the sight….we didn’t see Jared so he ended up watching for a bit….and then finally came over to help us. I wasn’t interested at all b/c of a bad breakup, and yep, he pretty much fell in love with me right then & had to see me again… :) The rest is history!}

Yep. We met under an apple tree. Pretty awesome story, right?! I like our lil’ fairytale. 😉


Well, on that note, I’m off to have a fantastic day! (Teach zumba, work, groceries, and then Jared & I will definitely be eating apples tonight & having a lil’ fun date night.) Wahoo!

You all have a GREAT day! <3

What are some of YOUR confessions today??! When did YOU meet YOUR significant other??! What fruit(s) have YOU been loving lately??! Weekend plans??

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  1. You and Jared have such a cute story! Eric and I met at a tutoring program for kids in conflict with the law…(we were both tutors, not the other ones!) While the story makes us both sound charitable, it’s not exactly romantic 😉
    And I’ve been eating grapes like it’s my job lately! Just so good.

  2. I agree with your thoughts on summer going away… As much as I love fall, I’m just not quite ready for fall yet. It’s slowly growing on me though!

    Happy “meeting” anniversary! Too cute! Enjoy your date night!

  3. In Bozeman it went straight from being in the 80s during the day to being 50 during the day. It went straight from summer to almost winter here and it is FREEZING. Brrrrrrrrrrr…. I love your bump!

  4. I’m ready for fall, but I swear that any tan I had is already gone! So excited for Baby Perks :)

  5. I do love Summer, but I’m more of a Fall girl for sure. Maybe because my birthday’s in the Fall;)
    But, it’s still not Fall yet – just a few days to go!
    Eee…can’t believe Baby Perks will be full term tomorrow!!! Yay! I’m just so excited for you!
    And I’m with you on the fruit love. I’ve been going nuts with the fruit lately! But, I’m cool with that since I adore all fruits.

  6. awww! sounds like a great weekend ahead – enjoy it with your boo!

  7. Thats so cute that yall remember what day you met! I love it. YES fruit is the bestest. I’m never ok with summer ending 😉

  8. Melissa says:

    I just found your site because I was searching Bodypump! I just went through training last weekend, taught today for the second time (just tracks 3,4 & 7) and hopefully will learn more this weekend to teach again Monday morning – whew, that’s my confession! I met my hubby the summer after 8th grade at the ball fields. Our sisters were playing against each other in a softball tournament and I told my friend that he was the cutest boy I’d ever seen and I was going to marry him! We started high school a few months later and there he was!! 16+ years of marriage and 3 kids later, here we are :) I am loving green grapes right now too! So yummy. Thanks for a great site and all the helpful information!! Good luck on that sweet little baby and bringing her into the world, just had my 3rd 6 months ago and she’s growing too fast!!

  9. Annette, how wonderful a “fall” baby, what great time of season to be “nesting” :) Happy meeting anniversary date night :)

  10. Fruits are awesome so keep that up :) And I like sour cream chips too.. or I used to anyway, when I ate chips. I don’t really eat them anymore. Not because they’re not good for you but I just lost the taste for chips I guess. Which is good. Haha. Anyway WOOO for Baby Perks!! That’s super exciting.

  11. John David and I met on Leap Day in 2004! How could Jared NOT fall in love with you when he saw you?? You are hard not to love girl. I’m so excited about Baby Perks!! I will just be jealous that I can cuddle her when she gets here! 😉

  12. Kaitlyn says:

    Soooo cute!!!! My boyfriend and I started dating on August 28, 2009! (Also about 4 years ago! Although we’re still just bf/gf).

  13. Ok sour cream and onion chips are bomb. Like crack I tell ya. I miss summer too. I hate the cold…it takes me forever to adapt. :(



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