Appreciate the Little Things

Hi friends!

How are you doing this fine morning?

2 great reads from the (one is kinda funny, the other heartbreakingly awesome):

go read them.


I’ve got randomness in my head….I feel stressed out…We’ve had a lot going on lately…..and I want to better stop and appreciate the little things. Smell the roses if you will.

so here are a few of mine.

Appreciate the Little Things

1. Salads.

…You don’t know how awesome they are until you can’t eat them.


Because of the horrible nausea & yarfing I had experienced the past several weeks, I hadn’t had a salad that I could keep down in a long, long while.

Well, I tempted fate & made one the other day….

Verdict? AWESOME. And it turned out awesome.

Appreciate the Little Things

So I sat there & “mmmmed” and “yummmmmed” my way through the salad. I truly enjoyed every bite.

See folks? That is really simple, yet so so appreciated.

2. Sandwiches.

I used to hate carbs because they were ‘evil.’ And I would avoid them at any cost. (What WAS I THINKING?!?)

Nowadays? I LOVE sandwiches. So much.

Appreciate the Little Things

3. Snuggling with Jared.

Some mornings we both get to sleep in a bit, and those are magical. I love just being held by him. I love lying on his chest. And I love waking up with him. I love being his wife.

Mushy, yes. But so so true. And I really appreciate that seemingly little thing.

I read somewhere about how sad it is that we check our phones FIRST before reaching over to say hi or snuggle with our spouse….where are our priorities?!? So I am making a concerted effort to forego the quick phone checks & instead use those precious moments to snuggle.


4. Feeling loved.

It is okay to allow yourself to be loved & taken care of. Hard for some of us, I know.

I felt so overwhelmed with gratitude on Saturday (and at my last baby shower) because so many people did SO many nice things for me–with the whole shower, gifts, & attending, etc.

I appreciated it so so much.

Appreciate the Little Things

And I want to savor that feeling. That feeling of knowing people love you & want to help you.

And then I want to take that feeling & pay it forward!

5. Ice cream.

More specifically double caramel Magnum bars.

Appreciate the Little Things

Eaten in bed.

Because folks, without chocolate, caramel, or ice cream, life is NOT worth living.

6. The late summer breeze.

I love enjoying the breeze that comes in the windows while I am working!

It seems kind of silly to just stop & smell the air & feel the breeze on my face, but oh how I love those moments! They ground me, calm me down, and help me see the bigger picture as I simply live in that moment.


Appreciate the little things, and I promise your day will be better, happier, and you’ll be smiling a whole lot more. :)


Thankful Thursday

  1. I am thankful for this blog & you guys. You are all awesome!
  2. I am super grateful for my ipod. Oh how it makes my life easier.
  3. I am thankful for naps.


Have a GREAT day! <3

What are some of the little things YOU’ve been appreciating lately??! How do YOU stop and smell the ‘roses’ on a daily basis??! What are YOU thankful for today?!

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  1. being outside always makes me happy (well unless itz raining)! and today jonny and i stayed in bed til 6:30! that’s LATE for us!! haha

  2. Wow, when I read the comment about checking out phones as soon as we wake up in the morning instead of rolling over and saying good morning to our husband it really made me sad because I have definitely been guilty of that! I am going to change.
    THANK YOU, Great post!

  3. Definitely a good reminder about saying good morning to your spouse! That would work better for the boyfriend and I if we got up at even remotely the same time right now (I’ve been awake for two hours and he’s still in bed…) but it’s a good thought nonetheless :-)

  4. I’m appreciating spending quality time with Christian! Our dorms are only 2 minutes away from eachother, but he’s so busy with school, music, his job, and youth group that the only time I see him is at dinner and at youth. It’s definitely amazing what little things you pass up!

  5. we are thankful for coffee 😉 haha
    thanks for the two articles off to go read
    Happy Thursday!!

  6. Love this post! Sometimes you just have to take a few moments to think about the small things in your life that are so great. I’m glad to hear veggies are back in your life! I bet you’re loving that! And yes, snuggles with the hubby are certainly the best. :)

  7. What a sweet post. YES! A good salad=amazing. Cuddling with the man? The best. Heres a story I”m loving:

  8. I’ll definitely be checking out that story now!
    I love this post, since I’m all about appreciating the little things in life! After all, all the little things add up to how we perceive life and how we look at things on a larger scale. At least I think so!
    I appreciate you and all your awesome posts, coffee, Breakfast, being able to workout….I could go on!

  9. Chatelaine says:

    Oh so true, just stop and appreciate what you have and take notice of as much as you can. There will be times in your life that you’ll be able to hold on to those memories have it warm you :)

    and what??? do people charge/leave their phones next to their beds?? thankfully ours stay in the living room!

    • I charge my phone next to my bed –I use my phone as my alarm. I turn it off though, so I don’t hear anything while I’m sleeping (I am a deep sleeper too). :)

  10. such a sweet post! :-) I appreciate you and your awesome blog.. I look forward to reading every day! :-)

  11. I’m appreciating the chance to raise my daughter the way I want to, and spend every day with her! I love being the one to see her milestones. I also appreciate being able to work on my passion (fitness) while I stay home with her, so that there’s a possibility I could return to the workforce and do what I love, instead of just hold a job. Salads are also awesome, and ice cream makes life worth living.

  12. #3 is definitely not little thing, it’s very much worth appreciating. I appreciate being able to have a little time before I HAVE to find a job, I really need this time to recoup and feel like myself again.

  13. I personally love the mushy stuff! Isn’t it sad how we often forget to appreciate that most important person in our lives? Because of recent life events, I find myself being even more appreciate of and thankful for my husband. Never let those little moments slip by!

  14. I completely loved that “how not to raise whiny kids” article. So true. My husband and I often talk about how we can be attentive and caring without making our kids the axis on which the world (seemingly) turns. Not an easy thing. I am also just now able to eat a small salad…and it is a good thing. :)

  15. Courtney says:

    Haha, I liked that first article a lot. As someone who doesn’t have children of my own, but had a large part (and still do) in raising my siblings who are much younger than me, I can appreciate it. My favorite line from that article: “I don’t care if that kid took your toy, get it back yourself, that’s street justice.” Love that line.

    By the way, I fully intend to get those ice cream bars when I’m in the store next. They sound incredible.

  16. So true – life is all about the little things :) I am guilty of the phone check – mainly because M-F Chris wakes up at 4:45AM and I am still sleeping so when I wake up he’s not there and I naturally check my phone. It’s a hard habit to break on the weekends!

  17. Ahhh, the little things…they always add up to BIG things! I’ve been doing my best to do little things for myself throughout the week like enjoying a cookie or taking a bit of time to curl up with a blanket and read. And today…today I’m going to visit my mama!! I haven’t seen her in weeks! So excited!
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