Bootcamp Workout

Hey friends!

Last night was definitely helpful but kinda hilarious….I went to a breastfeeding class.

I didn’t make Jared go, so it was me by my lonesome. He totally supports me feeding our baby this way, but let’s be honest, he doesn’t need to attend a class on it. IMO.

It went well, and yo, all these classes are making this all seem VERY very real. Life is about to change in a HUGE way–but in an amazing way. <3


Moving on.

So you’ve probably noticed that I haven’t posted a workout in awhile.

Well, that’s because ALL of my workouts lately are teaching fitness classes (BodyPUMP, CXWORX, & Zumba right now). I am A-ok with this because I love teaching fitness classes, and because I am SO freaking tired all.the.time.

So it’s a win-win situation–it makes me get my butt to the gym, I have fun doing it, and Baby Perks reaps benefits.

However, then you guys are left by the wayside. I mean, I enjoy kicking your butts too, ya know! 😉

So, when I was asked to create a bootcamp workout for last week’s conference for work, I knew I’d be sharing the deets with you guys.

You’re welcome.

bootcamp workout

And yes, there are wall sits. Winning.

Bootcamp Workout

I created 4 stations of 2 different circuits within each station.

So you could technically do just 1 station as your workout & do the 2 circuits within the station as many times as you’d like (taking breaks in between each circuit) and call it good. Thus having 4 different workouts for the week. I did create the stations so they are very well-rounded & use a variety of muscle groups, cardio/strength, core and balance, so that would work just fine.

Each station takes about 5-8 minutes to complete if you do the circuits just once….so that gives you an idea on time!

{At the actual bootcamp I led, we did it station 1- station 4 doing all of it just once. It took about 30-35 minutes or so. But we were by no means trying to go super fast….hah}

{NOTE: I am not a doc, so check with your doc before making any changes to your fitness routine. 2nd NOTE: Any move that requires both legs or arms on either side is double–i.e. 20 lunges means 20 lunges on EACH leg}

boot camp

bootcamp workout

bootcamp workout

bootcamp workout

It’s a fun & sweaty one!


Have a GREAT day!! <3

What is a workout YOU’ve been enjoying lately??! Do YOU enjoy circuit-style workouts?? Why or why not? Which move that I listed are YOU most excited to try!!? :)

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  1. i do love circuit style workouts! otherwise i find that i rest way too long between sets!

  2. hahah…Josh came to the breastfeeding class with me. About 15 minutes in I was like okkkk I think I’ve got it- enough National Geographic pictures/videos ;).

  3. That looks like such a blast! AND totally doable in my dorm room, which is a huge plus :) Your shirt is SO cute!

  4. You’re awesome! I swear you’re like the cutest pregnant lady ever. Can’t wait to do this workout!

    P.S. I need to come see you again! 😉

  5. agreed I wouldn’t make D go to a breast feeding class. Ok I’m going to try this workout now, while watching a show…cause I want to move but I’m exhausted :)

    • Just turn on some pump UP music & go at it! And like I said, you can take it & make it how ever long you want it to be :) Have fun!

  6. I rarely do circuit style workouts – but I did an Insanity workout at home the other day, which makes me really want to do that style of workouts more often!

  7. Definitely looks like a fun and sweaty one! And yay for the baby thing becoming more real… I’m so excited for you!

  8. FUN! I want to try! I am still sore from BP on monday. This shows that I obviously have not done BP in a while!

  9. That bootcamp looks killer girl! I would def have to break it up for 4 different days! Then again, I’m really out of shape… but for a good reason! :)

  10. I go through phases with circuit training. After focusing on heavy lifting so long, I think it sounds like a GREAT idea right now. :) This looks like a killer burn!

  11. Katherine says:

    I totally took my husband to my breastfeeding class – as did most of the other women. Our nurses recommended it and told us that having a partner who not only supported but understood the nitty-gritty of breastfeeding was one of the biggest predictors of breastfeeding success.

    • That is awesome! Yep, Jared totally supports me. He just couldn’t make it to the class & I wasn’t going to push the issue. 😉

  12. we reeealllly need to workout together some day!


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