A Bunch of Random Musings

Hey friends!

Did ya miss me?! 😉

The work conference was busy, exhausting, and wonderful, so I had no chance to blog….but it made you miss me more, so it’s all good. 😉

A Bunch of Random Musings

And because it’s Friday AND my mind is alllll over the place (what a weird work week for me!), here is a peek into a bunch of random musings that I have going on. You’re welcome.

1. Can we talk about this amazing breakfast I’ve been enjoying lately?!

mix my own mix my own

I was contacted by the kind folks at Mix My Own –this fantastic company that packages up custom made breakfast cereals for you!

I got to choose my very own custom mix….and dang it’s good!

I chose 2 kinds of granola, a bunch of dried fruit, cacao nibs, coconut, and goji berries.

But you can choose whatever you’d like or select from one of their pre-made mixes.


I feel super healthy just eating my–and I know I am fueling me & Baby Perks really well. :)

So get your own & connect with the nice folks of Mix My Own!

Facebook: www.facebook.com/MixMyOwn

Twitter: www. twitter.com/MixMyOwn

Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/mixmyown

Instagram: http://instagram.com/mixmyown

{All opinions are my own. I was provided cereal free of charge.}

2. My husband is the bomb dot com.

I know I’ve said this a bazillion times, but he really is. He picked me up at the airport last night after a really long day of school.

And when I got home the entire apartment was clean, and he had built……..

husband love


SO excited. It’s a pink bookshelf for baby girl’s room (it’ll be on it’s side eventually), and I am STOKED.

I bought it on a whim the other day before I left (from Ikea), and he built it while I was gone without telling me.


Love my Jared! <3

3. I had my last solo plan flight probably for a really long time…..

As the plane touched down in SLC last night, I reflected on the fact that any time I fly from now on, I will have an actual baby/child with me.

Wow. Crazy cool stuff!

4. The work conference was so fun! But I am totally exhausted.

I work full-time from home as a personal health coach for a nation-wide insurance company, and every year we have a coaching conference so that we can reconnect & actually be in person with our co-workers (we all work from home all over the country). We were in Ohio this time, and it was fun to stay in a hotel, meet up with coaches whom I admire & love, learn, and be inspired.

hotel conference hotel conference hotel conference

Each day was pretty long, but they were filled with great activities & yummy food.

food conference food conference food conference food conference food conference food conference

I also led 2 fitness classes in the mornings (1 day was Zumba & 1 day was bootcamp), and those were a hit. People seemed to be impressed that I was working out while pregnant….I guess that is not a normal thing??! haha.

exercise conference

exercise conference

{I’ll post the entire workout next week–it was a good one!}

It was a fun jaunt for a few days and I really adore some of my c0-workers. We had a blast together & each night I went to bed feeling blessed & totally tired. Oh and my voice? Gone. Apparently I like to talk?

That’s weird.


But I am totes disoriented now…it’s Friday??! hah. I mean I am cool with the fact that it’s Friday, but dude, that was a weird week.

5. It’s Friday the 13th.

Speaking of it being Friday….it’s actually Friday the 13th. Whoooooooo.

Anyone really superstitious out there? I am not, actually. And I’ve had some awesome Friday the 13ths, so I fully expect today to rock. :)

6. Yesterday was the “1 month til Baby Perks’ due date day”!!

Whoa. Things got really real folks.

She is now due in less than a month’s time. (I ‘turn’ 36 weeks tomorrow too).

And today I get to see her on an ultrasound, hear her heartbeat, and get checked to see how I’m doing/what the doc’s predictions might be. It’s gonna be a fun day! I’ll keep ya all updated, promise.


Alright, I am off to teach Zumba, work, and then hopefully just chill. Tomorrow is my baby shower!

Have a GREAT day! <3

Have YOU tried the Mix My Own cereal mixes yet??! What is YOUR favorite thing about conferences??! Are YOU superstitious??! Who builds furniture in YOUR relationship with a sig. other??!

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  1. who builds furniture between jonny and me?! HA! is that even a question? neither of us! how about my dad?!?!? lol. you look so adorable in all you pix as always – i was just telling my mom and sister that you’re one month til due date and i can’t believe how quickly itz gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I’ve seen Mix My Own on yours and Ashley’s blog and it mix looks delish! Now I absolutely want to try it! And check out that adorable pink shelf! So perfect.
    Have a lovely weekend! :)

  3. Love Mix My Own Cereal! So awesome.

    Way to go Jared! That was super sweet of him to build Baby Perks’ bookshelf! And I’m so glad you found one you like!

    That’s great you had such a fun time at your work conference! So fun that you taught a couple fitness classes too! :)

  4. Those personalized mixes are SO cool!! I may have to get in touch… yum! :) I can’t believe how far along you are! The time has really flew by!

  5. Aww that’s so sweet of your husband! I love considerate men :). And that cereal mix seems so cool! I love the idea of it!

  6. Awww…so nice of your husband to have the place all clean by the time you got home! I have got to try the mix my own cereal. It sounds so awesome!

  7. Glad you had fun on your trip!!! Were they ok with you traveling this close to due date? 1 month! WHOOOOP!

  8. Caroline says:

    That is the most perfect pink shelf for the baby room. Can’t wait to see the finished room!
    Jason builds our furniture but I totally put our high chair together. Go me! (Did I mention there were only 2 parts?)



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