I Will Always Remember

Hey friends. <3

I Will Always Remember

I just wanted to take a moment and remember.

Today is September 11th. Twelve years ago today the USA was attacked by terrorists. Many people were killed and even more people were left without their loved ones.


Heroes were made as they helped strangers out of the rubble. Lots of tears were shed. And even more questions were asked.

I personally think our nation was never stronger than it was right after the attacks—people were kinder, more considerate, and God-fearing.

I feel like we can all do a better job to be like that presently. At least I know I can!

Today, as I am in OH for a work conference, I am going to be a bit kinder to those around me. In honor of the victims and families affected from the 9/11/01 attacks, I am going to be a bit better than I was yesterday by making others happier.

And today, as part of a service portion of our conference, I am going to try and cheer up some little kiddos. <3

I love serving & bringing smiles to others because it just feels GOOD. It’s cool how giving of yourself gets you so much more than you could have had….a cool catch 22, no?

I will always remember the attacks. But I will also always remember how our nation looked to God and turned to serving others in light of those awful events. I will never forget & I am going to try my best to live in a way that would make Him happy….

By being a light & a hope & a help to my fellow people–all of you & anyone I am around.

A smile, a kind comment, a hug. Those all MATTER.


Cheers, my friends! <3


What are YOU going to do for someone else today??! 

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  1. i can’t believe itz been 12 years! xo

  2. It’s so important to share love and happiness with others <3.


  3. Yes, we all need to show our human compassion and provide others with positivity, love, and happiness !

  4. sara @ Fitcupcaker says:

    We have been talking all day about where we were when this happened and so on…such a tragedy that none of us will ever forget! #neverforget

  5. I am hoping to get my random act of kindness in today. Today is a day that we will never forget.

  6. Great post. I completely agree with you that our country was just a kind place after those attacks. I pray that we will all get back to that mindset someday.



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