A Manly & Girly Weekend

Hey friends!

How was your weekend?

Ours was really great…. quite manly and quite girly. You’ll see what I mean in a bit! 😉


Friday after work I took a nap….whoopsies.

…So Jared got white shells & cheddar for dinner. #winning

Then we ended up just hanging out because I was so tired–and went to bed early. Such is life, but I’m just keeping it real. Sometimes my life is reaaaaallly boring. Hehe.

A Manly & Girly Weekend

Saturday we woke up really early because…

we were headed to the inaugural Maverick Man Games!

Yep, Jared & Cody (Ashley’s husband) were participating in the Man Games (with another friend, Kevin), and us wives were going to cheer them on!

It was held up in Heber City, UT, and the weather was perfect for the events of the day.

The events included:

a manly weekend


The guys did all of the above challenges except the flyboard (they didn’t think it was worth extra $$) and the slingshot (because it ended up not being there for safety reasons).

We had SO much fun watching the boys compete!

man games man games man games

My favorites to watch were the watersport challenge and the giant rope swing.  Jared looked like he had a blast through it all (and said he did), and ended up doing quite well in the watersport challenge.

man games man games man games man games

I’m glad I could be a great wife & support him….but I was not jealous at all when I saw some of the stuff they had to do….like pig wrestling? Ugh. I so did not like that event.

man games

The morning was really fun overall though because I got to hang out with these ladies & kids!

man games

{Some dude walked by and asked us if there was something in the water we all drank….b/c Lauren & I were obv pregnant & Ashley had a baby. We all had a good laugh at that one!!}

man games

I am proud of my manly man! 😉

man games man games

***{p.s. thank you Man Games for sponsoring our husbands & us–they comped our entry & spectator fees. We had a blast! (and the Man Games is going to spread throughout the country, so watch out for it! p.p.s women can compete too, but yah….I was in no condition to do some of that stuff. haha}***

Afterwards we got some ice cream w/Ashley & Cody, and then said our goodbyes. It was sad to say goodbye after spending a good part of the day with them! And now, I think our husbands are inseparable.

Me & Ashley secretly love that our husbands are now bffs….for realz. They have the same sense of humor so they’re hilarious to be around.

Alas, we’ll see them again soon I am sure. :)

ice cream

We had to head out because we were attending my niece’s birthday party!

My sister created an incredible (girly) birthday party-complete with themed decorations, food, and fun for her & her little friends.

girly party girly party girly party girly party girly party girly party

We had a blast! And that cake was the coolest & super yummy. Mmmmm cream cheese frosting.

I believe the theme was rainbow bright from my little pony? Cute, right?! :)

And my sister made her daughter a special skirt for the party-awwwww!

girly party

{I secretly want that skirt in my size. haha}

We ended up chilling the rest of the evening there at the mountain house.

Then after we discovered a flat tire (well, Jared did, and found the nail in it), and Jared and my little bro had changed the tire, we headed home quite late Saturday night.

On Sunday we went to church, napped for forever (both of us were soooo tired–me: from growing a human; Jared: from being so manly), read, chilled, and ate homemade pizza.



‘Twas a very manly & girly weekend indeed!

Now I am off to teach BP/CX, work, and then get ready to go out of town for work tomorrow. It’s going to be a fun week for sure!

Have a GREAT day <3

What kind of a weekend did YOU have??! Which of the above Man Games’ challenges would YOU want to participate in??! What was the last themed party YOU attended??!

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  1. i saw that manly games on ashley’s blog this morning and my first thought was, “omg i have to do this!!!!” if only they’d come to st louis!! and that birthday party?! LOVE!

  2. Sounds like such a fun weekend. Your niece’s birthday party was absolutely adorable!! I think I want that skirt too!

  3. I totally agree….I need an adult size in her skirt! :) What a fun weekend with friends, family, and the cutest cake ever. I can’t wait to throw fun birthday parties like that. Happy Monday!

  4. That rope swing looks crazy!! And cutest cake ever. :) We just had a low key weekend at home. Got some running in, practiced BP 87 and made a few pinterest things!!

    • Ahhhhh I need to practice BP 87!!

      A few pinterest things?! Dang girl, impressed. If only I would make SOMEthing from my boards….

      • You’ll have to let me know what you think of 87, but I think it is a little harder to learn, the transitions can be tricky. . .
        And I did a Pinterest Challenge for August that I had some recipes “left -over” that I had the stuf to make, so I did! :)

  5. Haha I love the differences between the manly/girly parts of your weekend 😉 That cake is amazing! I need to try to make something like that in the future. And the mounted spear throw thing looks like it would be so cool to try!

  6. Sounds like a wonderful and fun weekend! I love all the bday decorations and that cakes is seriously amazing!

  7. I LOVE THIS as I realized (again :-)) Im more a manly misfit than a girly girl!!

  8. What, no pig wrestling for you? Next time ;). And can you put in my order for that skirt, as well? Amazing.

  9. We had SUCH a fun time with you both! We love you guys! We are definitely hanging out on a very regular basis whether you like it or not. 😉

    And your niece! She is just adorable. I love all the decorations and cake!


  10. omg that cake is so cool, what a cute party! and I love that you and Ash hang out so much now, it’s great you’ve both found each other in Utah!

    • thinking about you today, Katie!! You’ve GOT this.

      p.s. come out to UT & play with Ash and me, mmmmkay?! We’re super fun, I promise. :)

  11. Love that theme for a little girls birthday! I have seen that cake on Pinterest and have wanted to give it a try but it looks a bit intimidating!

    • My sister said it was time consuming but not hard at all! If that helps. :) And it was worth it for all the ooooohs & ahhhhs. haha :)

  12. ohmygosh! That manly challenge is amazing! Glad yall had fun. LOVE the rainbow birthday cake. Perfect! Hope you’re having a good Monday

  13. The man games look like fun! Well… except the pig wrestling. I’m with you on that one!

  14. omg I LOVE her skirt!! The last themed party I was at was my nephews first brithday and it was a Finding Nemo theme!!



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