Sunshine Friday

Hey friends!

Happy FRIDAY. <3

Linz nominated me for the sunshine award and so did Carly (yes, I felt super cool to be nominated twice!), so it is time to answer their questions & spread the love!


1. Include award logo in a post or on your blog.
2. Link to the person who nominated you.
3. Answer 10 questions about yourself.
4. Nominate 10 bloggers to receive the award.

Linz’s Questions for me:

1. Favorite nut butter? 

Salted almond butter. (Homemade or from TJ’s)

2. You have the option: fro yo or ice cream… but you can only have one… forever!

Ahhhhhh. That is THE toughest question I’ve ever received.

(yes that is sad)

Probably fro yo because I feel there are more versatile flavors out there!

fro yo

3. Dream car?

I really like the acura TL. A lexus. Or a bmw. I obviously know nothing about cars….

4. If you could only do one type of workout for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Probably teaching BodyPUMP.

5. Best magazine?

I don’t read magazines really ever anymore….I find that most of them are a waste of time & the same info over & over again…..but I like the Ikea, Pier 1, and JCrew catalogs!

6. All food is “healthy” for you. What do you choose to indulge in?

Sweet potato fries & ketchup. Raspberry lemonade. Cafe Rio chicken salads. Chips & salsa. Ice cream. Fro yo. Sour cream & onion chips.

cafe rio

7. What decade would you like to experience? 

I think the 50’s would’ve been fun! And I would’ve helped them understand that smoking was NOT healthy or good or popular….

8. Favorite form of social media? 

Probably IG. (follow me!)

9. What would you rather do without: internet (computer, phone, etc.) or dessert? 

Internet. Sorry friends, I really like you, but I like dessert wayyyyyy more.


10. What makes you unique? 

That I am ME! I fully embrace all my quirks and can laugh at myself…I think that’s pretty fabulous. 😉


Carly’s Questions for Me:

1. If you could have any super power, what would it be?

The ability to read minds. Oh yesssss.

2. Do you prefer grocery shopping or clothes shopping?

Fitness clothes shopping. 😉

{check out my faves as of late}

3. If you were another person, would you be friends with you?

Duh. I am pretty much everyone’s favorite.



Actually, I am a pretty loyal friend (and sister). For realz. Being a good friend matters to me!

4. What’s your favorite way to show somebody that you love them?

To tell them. Or to buy them a gift/write them a note. I also often do nice things for the person-whether it costs money or not.

5. Are you more like your mom, your dad, or neither?

Probably more like my dad. But I definitely have my mom’s hosting/serving abilities……for which I am grateful! She’s an awesome hostess.

best parents

6. Do you have a secret special talent?

I can read really fast. Like I read books, articles, etc super fast. It’s a blessing & a curse…..

7. What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?

Planned a wedding in 11 weeks.


8. If you could listen to one band/singer for the rest of your life, who would it be?

I am not much of a music person…so I really honestly can’t answer this one. Songs & bands get old to me after awhile.

But I do like me some kelly clarkson or U2.

9. Do you have any tattoos or piercings? If so, where? If not, would you ever get one?

I have my ears pierced-just 1 hole.

10. If you could be famous for one thing, what would it be?

A kick-butt Les Mills fitness instructor and trainer. :)



My questions for the nominees:

1. If you could be an animal, what kind would you be?

2. If you could travel anywhere (money doesn’t matter), which 1 place would you visit?

3. What is your favorite grocery store?

4. Would you rather train your lower body or upper body?

5. What is your all-time favorite movie?

6. If you’ve loved & lost before, what 1 thing did you learn about the experience? If you haven’t, what are you waiting for?! 😉

7. Who is your doppelganger?

8. What is your favorite sporting event to watch?

9. What is one quality you really love about yourself?

10. Describe your perfect date?


The Nominees:

Katie @ Peace, Love, & Oats

Ashley @ My FoodNFitness Diaries

Sharsti @ The Blonde Hair Blue Eyed Runner

Janae @ Hungry Runner Girl

Ash @ Ash & Diz

Lauren @ Me & the Mountains

Janetha @ Meals & Moves

Becky @ Olives N Wine

Ashley @ Cupcakes N Crunches

Tara @ PNW Runner

….And anyone who wants to participate!


Alright peeps, I am off! Today I am subbing an early BP/CX class (I got my zumba class subbed), then it’s work all day, a date with Jared, and early to bed to prep for fun activities tomorrow! I’ll fill ya in on Monday!

Your turn:  YOU answer one of the above questions!! Can’t wait to hear! :) 

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  1. i like lifting my lower body better since my legs are stronger. i’ve been told my doppleganger is sarah jessica parker though i’m not so sure lol. favorite grocery store? if money isn’t an issue then whole foods. however, since money is real life, then trader joe’s! ha

  2. Mind reading, huh? I have a feel that might be somewhat traumatizing. If anyone else’s thoughts are bizarre as mine, I’m not sure I’d even want to know ;). Hahahahaha! Although, mind reading would definitely come in handy with a baby. No guessing what exactly they need/want!

  3. haha we feel the same way about magazines, we usually only read them when traveling 😉

  4. Love reading these. And I’m glad you chose almond butter over peanut butter. I loveeeee my almond butter so much more! With you on sweet potato fries too! I just tried some at a restaurant the other day and holy gosh, they were super tasty!
    Wouldn’t it be so awesome to read peoples minds! It would make life SO much easier;)
    Happy Friday!

  5. I always love learning more about you – this was so fun to read! :) Can’t wait to do it myself in the near future! Happy Friday girl! I’ll be seeing YOU tomorrow! Yay! xoxo

  6. I totally agree with you about magazines being the same info over and over again. .. and I would love to be in a BODYPUMP release video – teaching of course – that would be way cool. :)

  7. I love these! I love getting to know ppl through surveys! I too would choose fro yo and mind reading hahah

  8. I’m way more of an ice cream girl than a froyo girl, but I’m right there with ya on the magazines. Have a great weekend!

  9. I just got nominated for this too! Seems like a super fun survey :) you planned your wedding in 11 weeks?! Holy smokes woman!

    • yep! We wanted it done & done–and I already knew what I wanted…since I was like 10. Haha. It was the best day of my life!

  10. Thank you for the nomination!!! You are awesome girl! Have a FANTASTIC weekend!!

  11. I love these! I’m going to have to do it next week! My favorite sport to watch is football… and it is football time!!! YAY!

    • Yay! Then I am happy for you :) My husband loves college football….so I make him snacks & read while he’s watching it. haha

  12. We actually have the same secret talent – I’ve always been able to speed-read! It comes in handy when I put like 4 books on hold at the library and they all come in at once 😉

  13. Hi Annette, I found your blog a few months ago by Googling “How to become a Les Mills Bodypump Instructor.” I have done the entire Les Mills Pump DVD program that Beachbody puts out and now I am starting it over again, just beginning in the second month and I keep adding more weight. I teach group fitness classes at a local gym, but they don’t have a BodyPump license and aren’t interested. I love my job! I get to teach muscle classes with the bar that are similar to BodyPump. But I think I would love to teach a legit BodyPump class somewhere and benefit from their choreography and music. I’d love to be able to ask you some practical questions.

    • Glad you liked Pump!

      Ask away-what’s up?

      • Hey, thanks for being willing to answer my questions. My first one is: Do you think it will be a good idea to pursue the Les Mills cert. in BodyPump since I may only be able to teach a few classes a week and it looks like there are added costs to pay for the new releases and the cont. education they encourage. Do you find that you make enough to make it worth it when all is said and done? Would you make enough if you were only teaching, say, two BodyPump classes a week? I mean, I love BodyPump. But if I am going to be paying for a cert. and then not make enough to cover the cost of keeping cert., I may as well just pay for a club membership and take the class as a regular person. I want to make sure I will be in the black once I am teaching classes. My husband is financially savvy. If I just want to pay to do BodyPump, I think I may just do it as a club member so I won’t have the added responsibilities of being an instructor. (Even though I believe I’d love those responsibilities.) Does that make sense?

        • Good questions!

          I think it totally depends on what matters the most to YOU. As a fitness instructor it isn’t about the money really, it is about the passion of teaching fitness & helping others. So if you feel you have that passion, then the money doesn’t matter as much.

          There are costs of staying certified (getting the autoship which is 4x/year), and of course, going to the actual training, but other than that, that is it. In my eyes it is SOO SOO worth it, but it it a lot of time & some money up front. In the long run though, I’d say it def pays off (both passion wise & money wise). If you feel you want the responsibilities of an instructor, then go for it. But it’s good that you realize it’s not just all fun & games–and you have to prep for each class, etc.

          For me it wasn’t even a question of money (not because I am made of it, haha), but because I wanted to teach so bad. So I guess that is a personal question only you can answer. :)

          hope that helps!! <3

          • Thanks so much for answering that. I will definitely need to think about it and do the math before making a commitment. I love Bodypump and I love my teaching, but I will probably just opt for going to the classes as a member somewhere instead of teaching if it doesn’t look like I’ll make enough to support the cert. Are you allowed to tell me how much the autoships are? Or is that private info? It will help me to know ahead of time so I can figure out the math. I have looked for the costs online, but can’t find them. :) I think the cost of training would be minimal since I live close to NYC and I am assuming there would be a lot of events around here. I definitely can’t travel to another part of the country for anything. If I were retired without kids… maybe. :) Is the training hard to get to? Thanks again for letting me pick your brain for info!

  14. You planned a wedding in 11 weeks?! dang, girl! That’s impressive.
    Also, I absolutely love your wedding dress! It’s gorgeous!

    • yep!! We wanted to be married….stat! It was awesome though–esp b/c I had been planning it since I was a little girl. hahaha <3


  15. Thanks for the nomination! Totally made my day! I love these surveys – so fun!

    And I couldn’t agree with you more on the magazine issue. I feel like they all have the same articles featured over and over again! But I love looking through catalogs (Williams Sonoma, Ballard Design, etc).

  16. I love these surveys, so fun to learn more about you! One quality that I really like about myself is that I am a horrible liar. It keeps me honest :) haha

    Hawaii Bucket List


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