Truths About Exercise

Hey friends.

What’s up?

Let’s just say this week I’ve felt bipolar. I guess it comes with the pregnancy territory, but dude, could we calm the swings from happy to sad down a bit??! Luckily Jared understands & has been a champ through this all, but I just feel bad ya know?

For the most part I feel great, but mood wise–you just never know how I’ll feel from 1 minute to the next. It’s all good though. Life is good! Also, luckily I work from home, so I can take out any emotions on my pillow, instead of on co-workers. πŸ˜‰

And luckily, I dress like the sun so I can feel more upbeat & sunshiney….


you’re welcome. p.s. here’s a riddle: how many bright colors can I fit into one outfit??

To be totes honest, getting my endorphin rush for the day is key to helping the mood swings stay on a more even plane….I like to exercise. I like to help other people love to exercise. And so, I really thought this article was fab.

Truths About Exercise

6 truths about exercise that nobody wants to believe

Go read it.

But here are 2 things that are SO true and I wanted to yell AMEN to:

1. You need to commit for the long term.

Most people work out with a short-term goal in mind. I like looking at health in a different way.

  • The goal is not to lose 40 pounds in the next 12 weeks. The goal is to regain your health for the rest of your life.
  • The goal is not to bench press 300 pounds. The goal is to be the guy who never misses a workout.
  • The goal is not to sacrifice everything to get your fastest time in next month’s race. The goal is to be faster next year than you are today. And faster two years from now than you will be next year.

Ignore the short-term results. If you commit to the long-term process, the results will come anyway.

Furthermore, stop acting like living a healthy life is a big deal. You can go to the gym every week. That can be “normal” for you. Not a sacrifice. Not an obligation. Normal.

What’s funny is that when you commit to being consistent over the long term, you end up seeing remarkable results in the short term. That’s the power of average speed.

For realz.

Fitness, going to the gym, being physically active, whatever you want to call it– is a LIFELONG journey. Get on it. :)


5. You need to make slow progress each week.

Most people walk into the gym every week, do the same exercises with the same amount of weight, and wonder why they aren’t getting stronger. You’ll see people step onto the same treadmill, run two miles like they always do and wonder why they aren’t losing weight.

Here’s a little story that explains the problem and the solution.

Imagine that you are in a quiet room and someone turns on a loud and noisy fan. At first, it’s obvious and irritating. But if you are forced to stay in the room long enough, the fan starts to become part of the background noise. In other words, your body registers the sound at first, but eventually it realizes “Oh, this is the new normal for this environment.”

Your body adapts and the noise fades away. Something similar happens when you exercise.

When you start to train, it’s like turning on the fan. Something new is happening in the environment, and your body registers the change by getting stronger and leaner. But after a few workouts, your body realizes “this is the new normal.” Your body finds a way to adapt to this new environment, just like it did with the noisy fan. As a result, you stop getting stronger and stop losing weight.

What got you here won’t get you there. If you want to see different results, you have to do something different. If you want to see progress each week, then you have to progress each week.

This is actually very simple to do. Add five pounds each week. Add an extra set this week. Do the same exercise, but rest for 15 seconds less between sets. These are all ways of changing the stimulus and forcing your body to slowly and methodically get better.


This is a GREAT reminder to any and all of us! Slow progress is still progress. Don’t try to hurry the results up either–you’ll probably end up wiped out, injured, or sitting on your couch watching tv instead.


Like I mentioned earlier, it is a journey–and any type of journey requires patience, slow progress, and results along the way. But it won’t come right away and it won’t come easily.

But the results DO come.

So stay focused, keep going, & let fitness be a PART of your life instead of your whole life. But let it be a PART of your life, your ENTIRE life.

Got it?



Thankful Thursday

  1. I am grateful for long phone sessions with sisters. They are quite needed!
  2. I am thankful for facetime & technology that allows me to see my nephews/nieces from far away!
  3. I am super duper grateful for A/C. I have said this before, but dude, I gots to have it on alllll day long. Jared loves paying our monthly bill lately…. πŸ˜‰


Alright peeps, I’m out. Have a WONDERFUL day! <3

What are some truths YOU’ve learned about exercise??! What are YOU thankful for today??! How have YOUR moods been lately?! :)

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  1. i’ll shout AMEN with ya too!! and plus exercise gives people endorphins and endorphins make people happy. and happy people just don’t kill people! (ok i know i butchered that quote but you know where i was going!)

  2. I read that article, and agreed with it completely! You can’t keep doing the same thing day in and day out and expect results…eventually, your body adjusts and you need to change things up a bit!

  3. agree :)
    we are thankful for today is being able to do what we love to do :) and for SUNSHINE!

  4. LOVE that article – especially the two points you highlighted!

    I’m thankful for the cooler weather in the mornings and evenings so we can go on more walks outdoors without burning up!

  5. danielle says:

    great article and awesome reminders! yes, it’s always hard for me to take it easy, and many times that is what i need to do. it’s silly to go full steam ahead every single day, but somehow this happens. sometimes i just can’t get out of my own “race” mode and require sickness or injury to snap out of it – not cool! so yes, i love your points and slow progress and consistency is what matters.
    i’m super thankful for my sweetie for taking care of me while i’ve been sick the last couple of days. he’s such a trooper! and love him unconditionally, but especially these things today:
    TheraFlu daytime and nightime, Chicken Soup and Bread from Carrabbas Italian Restaurant, Chocolate covered cashews, having 3 awesome movies ready for me to watch, and an endless supply of snacky foods. i truly heart this guy πŸ˜€
    happy thursday gorgeous gal!!!!

  6. My moods have been pretty dumpy (today’s post explains why though; for once, hormones aren’t to blame! haha), but I’m turning things around. I’m trying to see the positive, and so far so good… or at least good enough for the moment. :) I like your take-aways from the article. So true!!!

  7. Great article for realz! #4 is important. People feel that being sore the next day really shows how hard they worked. Yes it showed that you worked hard, but you must build a foundation. No one wants to be sore for a week after a leg day or arm day.

  8. Love your colorful clothes!
    I agree that fitness needs to be a lifelong commitment and a love…not a chore :)

  9. Today I am thankful for Liz Lovely’s gluten free vegan cookies! They taste like heaven!

  10. You are always a ray of sunshine! I can’t imagine you with mood swings. :) I’m thankful for the sunshine and warm weather here today!

  11. OMG – totally feel you on the mood swings. I swear this week I have been all over the board! I think it has to do with lack of sleep (I’m up every 2 hours to pee). One minute I’m laughing, excited and happy and the next I’m fighting back tears. Crazy hormones. Luckily, Dave has been a trooper. ha



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