Favorite Fitness Capris and Sports Bra

Hey friends!

Can we just talk about my yesterday’s lunch for a second please?

IMG_6956 lunch

That would be a huge pan of nachos. With a side of TJ’s salsa, and strawberry lemonade.

Mmmmkay. This was freaking delish. And so random. And also my 2nd lunch of the day.

But it is the random that makes you come back for more each day, right?! πŸ˜‰


So I’ve obviously been wearing fitness clothes for many years. And I’ve been through a lot of brands and types of fitness apparel. I’ve also donated many of said items eventually, by the way. πŸ˜‰

And so, going into pregnancy, I was a bit nervous about what was ‘out there’ in terms of fitness apparel for growing mamas. I’ve found some great stuff that has grown with me, and I’ve really liked being an ambassador for For Two Fitness, but there are two pieces (from ‘normal’ stores) I really want to highlight in particular.

Favorite Fitness Capris and Sports Bra

They are:

Nordstrom’s Zella ‘Live-In’ Capris

Lululemon Ta Ta Tamer II

Both have been AMAZING in terms of making me look & feel good-no matter that I am pregnant or not.

To be fair, neither of them have been worn when I haven’t been pregnant, but it is saying a lot if a pregnant lady likes a certain fitness apparel item when it wasn’t designed for pregnancy specifically!

Let me highlight each item real quick.

And no, I am not getting paid or sponsored to say these things–I just like sharing the goods when I like said goods!

Nordstrom’s Zella Capris

I bought these during the half-yearly sale online because I had read about how awesome they were from Sara. She and her mom had a bunch of pairs of them, and said they made them feel/look awesome. (her review here)

zella live in capris nordstrom

Well, she was right! The material is thick yet form fitting, so it gives you a nice shape without showing off too much extra jiggle. If ya know what I mean? I also love where the capris hit on my leg, and I seriously can’t get over how flattering they are!

And that is saying a lot for me at this point in pregnancy. πŸ˜‰ I often joke with clients that the baby is not growing in my legs, so why are they growing?! Hah. But these capris do the trick of making me look better/fitter than I am or feel.

zella live in capris nordstrom

I wear them often to teach BP/CX and they never move. I seriously love them. Oh, and they are thick enough too that they don’t leave any funky sweat spots.

So I have them in purple regal, and am so considering buying them in more colors as a present to myself post pregnancy…. (p.s. for ordering purposes, I read online to size down in these, since the waistband is wide–and awesome–but can slip down a bit. So I ordered the smaller size for me –I usually get an M or an S in pants, and in these I got an S- they fit perfectly.)

zella live in capris nordstrom

Jared doesn’t know that I am planning this present yet. But what he doesn’t know won’t hurt him….right? πŸ˜‰

Lululemon Ta Ta Tamer II

I had been looking for a really awesome sports bra for quite some time (even before I was pregnant). I jump/bounce around a lot as a Zumba instructor, so I need a good fitting bra that holds me in without being constricting, but that is also super supportive and minimizes bounce.

I first heard about this bra from Tina, and I finally took myself to Lululemon to try it on.

Well, I fell instantly in love.

And I totally adored all the colors.

It is a bit $$, so I only bought one (in zippy green), but I will buy more in the future!

lululemon ta ta tamer II

{you can see it peeking out of my top}

I love the fact that you can do racerback or not (uhhhh that would be regular style? where the straps don’t cross), and that it’s a cute bra. Sometimes super supportive sports bra leave much to be desired….

And it’s been tested out many, many times as I’ve taught Zumba a bazillion times wearing it. And yes, it’s perfect for pregnancy & my chest that seems to never stop growing!

lululemon ta ta tamer II

Major fan.

So yah, there you have it. Two favorite fitness apparel pieces of mine as of late!

Go invest in some quality fitness apparel and you’ll be sure to work harder in your workouts. I promise it is a direct correlation, and proven in many studies. πŸ˜‰

if you feel/look cute => harder you work in a workout



Well, I am off to go to the doc for an appt. And I get to hear baby girl’s heartbeat. Wahooooo!

Happy birthday to my cute little niece–she is 4 today. :)

Have a GREAT day! <3

What fitness apparel bottoms have YOU really loved lately??! What about a sports bra–which one is YOUR favorite–and why??! What did YOU have for lunch yesterday??

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  1. next time you come to st louis you HAVE to go to dimvaloo…. i’ll go with you (if you twist my arm ha!) seriously i’m obsessed with their clothes! have fun at baby perks apt today :) :)

  2. I’m soooo happy you did this post because I’m always in the market for some good fitness capris! I really love my Lululemons– I think they’re called “In the Flow”– but they are literally the most comfortable pants I’ve ever worn! Have a wonderful Wednesday! :)

    • Ooooh those sound super awesome! Maybe I’ll have to check into those after pregnancy. Another gift to myself me thinks! πŸ˜‰

  3. I have yet to buy any sort of Lululemon fitness apparel. Crazy, right?! One of these days… I have a pair of Nike Dri Fit capris that I LOVE. They are thick, fit well, comfortable, and are flattering. I always feel extra confident in them. :)

  4. I love workout clothes. I wish I could wear them all the time. One day, I WILL buy myself something from Lulu Lemon. Amaaazing. Happy birthday to your niece and have fun hearing Baby Perks’ heartbeat <3.

  5. You look amazing. I was also worried about work out clothes, because no major labels carry maternity specific apparel. I found some good, cheap tops at Old Navy that could be worn during and after. http://oldnavy.gap.com/browse/category.do?cid=5508 They have some flowy type options, which are really cute anyway.

    I also found I could wear a pair of my Lulu pants the entire time…but not my mizuno or Nike capris.

  6. Chatelaine says:

    Moving comfort bras are my FAVORITE!! The Juno and the Maia are amazing for busty girls who run a lot! I’m a 32DD in those and I couldn’t be happier.

    I’m all over the place with capris right now. I live in my old Lucy capris….. haven’t found anything I like better. i’ll have to give the Nordie’s ones a try.


  7. Your lunch looks amazing! Sometimes a big plate of salty and cheesy nachos is all you need in life ;).

    Love your workout attire as well! You look radiant πŸ˜€

  8. I totally agree that if you feel/look cute => harder you work in a workout. I just got a new pair of workout capris from Ellie that I really like – especially for teaching bodypump. But I am always in the market for new ones – so I will have to check these out. I also need some new sports bras -but have been hesitant to do lulu because of the pricing, but good to hear that you think it is worth it!!

  9. thanks for the shoutout, mama. looking good!!

  10. we have mostly raw threads fitness bottoms and love them :)
    also have some pants from target haha

    • I almost bought a pair of raw threads this weekend and didn’t because I wasn’t sure whether they’d move around (ride up, etc). I love the shirt I got from them a couple years ago, but it’s always moving around.

  11. I don’t actually own anything lululemon – the prices are so difficult for me to justify! I have heard great things about their sports bras. I think my favourite fitness apparel bottoms have to be my Nike Pro shorts. As long as your comfortable with spandex shorts, they’re really comfortable and literally do not move no matter what you’re doing!

  12. I need these capris now….

  13. I LOOOOOVE th3 Lululemon Run Inspire II crops for EVERYTHING. Aerobics, running, dancing. You name it I’m not a shorts kind of gal and these always make me feel fit, toned and like a rock star. They have the perfect amount of energizing compression and circle mesh behind the knees for sweat. No sweat spots either!

    As far as sports bra, the TaTa Tamer never seems to fiy me just right and contain the girls. I preferoving Comfort’s Rebound Racer and the Fiona bra. Great colours, great style and FABULOUS support. Also? Something you might like soon – the straps are adjustable with velcro in the front, mewning you could slip one side off for feeding! (I just like being ablento tighten it up a bit once I get sweating!)

    Have a good day!

    • those crops sound so good! I’ll have to check ’em out after this pregnancy is up πŸ˜‰

      I think I have the fiona bra & really like it!

  14. I’m currently loving my Lululemon In The Flow crops – but they’re BRIGHT pink so they don’t get worn as often as they would if they were a dark color. What can I say? Old habits die hard.

    I’ve been wanting to try the Ta Ta Tamer, but I haven’t had the need for the investment since I have a slew of Moving Comfort Fiona bras that I adore and they don’t need to be replaced yet. While I joke that I can always justify the money on a sports bra, I’m pretty sure I’ve reached the point where I don’t *need* another one. The Fiona is AMAZING and holds my too large girls very well for high impact. I also just got the Moving Comfort Endurance Racer and while I don’t seeing it replacing my first love, it’s definitely a nice racerback option.

    • nothing wrong with a lil’ bright pink…. πŸ˜‰ hehe

      I like the fiona bra too! (im pretty sure it is called fiona) I have it in pink & wear it to teach zumba often!

  15. Fitness capris and bras are necessary to wear during exercising or workout because fitness clothings are especially designed for workout.


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