34 Weeks {To-Do List}

Hey friends!

How are ya all?

I’m great–we had a nice Labor Day after all that fun from the weekend–slept in, ate a leisurely b-fast, worked out, we ran errands, Jared did homework & I did housework & napped, and then we saw a movie. It was fun!

And we know our days of ‘sleeping in’ whenever we want are a bit numbered, so it was thoroughly enjoyed. :)


Speaking of….time for another bump update!

P.s. my due date is LESS than 6 weeks away…..and is NEXT month. Crazy with a capital C. (and happy due date to Ash today!)

34 Weeks / Pregnancy Update

Baby Perks is just over 34 weeks today and is about the size of a cantaloupe or small pumpkin.

Here’s what Baby Perks has been up to this week:

  • Baby Perks weighs about 4 3/4 pounds and is almost 18 inches long.
  • Her fat layers — which will help regulate body temperature once she’s born — are filling her out, making her rounder.
  • Her skin is also smoother than ever.
  • Her central nervous system is maturing and her lungs are continuing to mature as well.

And here’s what’s been happening with me this past week:

34 weeks / pregnancy update

34 weeks / pregnancy update

How far along? 34 weeks (& 3 days)

Baby’s size? cantaloupe

Total weight gain/loss: Not sure–I’ll find out tomorrow at my appt.

Stretch marks? still zero so far..…I’ve been rubbing belly cream on it, so maybe that is helping?

Sleep: Pretty fabulous for the most part. There was 1 night where I couldn’t fall asleep super quick, and another night where I swear I got up to use the bathroom 5 times. UGH. Luckily though, when I do sleep, I sleep really well & deeply.

Best moment this week: Spending the weekend with family & Jared. It was super fun!

Miss Anything? Same ole: Lying on my stomach. Super intense workouts (I can’t wait to do HIIT runs on the TM again!). Not having my lower back hurt randomly. Less bathroom trips.

Movement: Tons! And her punches/kicks are getting real powerful. She totally kicked back at Jared the other day, and he was definitely impressed. She still really likes to ‘stretch’ out and her feet kick my ribs. Apparently this runs in my family (the way we carry), so all my sisters know the feeling!

Food cravings: This week I craved butter. It was pretty funny! I had a bunch of corn on the cob, toast, and bread with it. I also craved french fries (got those Saturday night), fro yo (got that), and waffles with syrup (in each & every hole). And milk, fruit, steamed broccoli (the pic was taken after I finished it) and sour cream & onion chips. 

34 weeks / pregnancy update 34 weeks / pregnancy update 34 weeks / pregnancy update 34 weeks / pregnancy update

Food aversions: Sadly….still salads & green smoothies. Still.can’t.do.it. And I’ve tried….and each night that I try, it ends up not staying inside me, if you know what I mean.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Salads & green smoothies. It’s so sad! I’ve yarfed about 2x/week lately and each time it’s happened I’ve eaten a salad that day. Why does my body reject what is so good for me?!?!

Gender: GIRL <3

Labor Signs: None. But I’m pretty sure I had some uterine surges the other day.


  • like the previous 2 weeks…. getting up to go to the bathroom allllll night long. It’s so annoying and I am rreaaalllly over it.
  • eating constantly-and feeling really hungry in the morning again
  • practice uterine surges (aka contractions) happened once
  • it’s definitely getting harder to get out of bed in a normal way!
  • wanting to lie down instead of sit up–sitting is still the worst because she gets her cute feet up in my ribs. OUCH!
  • lungs are squished & breathing is harder up stairs. haha
  • some groin pain

Belly Button in or out? In….mostly. But the top part sticks out some now! SO crazy.

Wedding rings on or off? On.

Maternity clothes? Nothing new.

Baby items purchased? Nada this week.

Happy or moody most of the time: pretty happy! But I did have a meltdown once this week…and I was a crying mess. But it’s all good in the hood now.

Funny moments this week: How I keep spilling food on my chest or belly. They just stick out more now! hah.

Looking forward to: Finding the perfect bookshelf….and dresser. Le sigh.


Fitness Thoughts at 34 weeks:

34 weeks / pregnancy update

{pics is from Friday after I taught my Zumba class}

  • Once again, fitness-wise I feel pretty good. Teaching BodyPUMP & CXWORX are great activities for pregnancy, I’ve realized! It’s helped me stay strong, healthy, and get that endorphin rush I need, while not compromising any safety issues. I still love teaching fitness & being pregnant!
  • This week I definitely slowed my pace & bouncing movements in Zumba quite a bit. As an instructor I can totally just fake some of it & grab water while they still dance–once they’ve got parts of it down. Those short breaks are really helpful! I had some groin pain, so I am subbing out my zumba class this week.
  • Core work is continually getting harder & harder, but I’ve found that planks/hovers aren’t too bad! But I can’t do them for as long anymore, and must go to my knees.
  • I still get pretty hot & thirsty, so I have to drink a crap ton of water while teaching & right after, and I’ve been regularly using that pink cooling towel you see above (in the pic). It helps to cool me down quick!
  • My bump is definitely still growing, and it’s been a really great thing to be a positive role model for other ladies in my classes. I’m totally cool with breaking some of the fitness/pregnancy myths! BOOM!


To-Do List

What better place than here to write down what I still need and what I need to-do?! I gots to have you all keep me accountable, because dangggg there are some days I am highly UNmotivated to do anything but chill on the bed after work or teaching a fitness class.

To Do

  • buy nursing bras/tanks
  • buy dresser & book shelf
  • hang a few pieces on the walls
  • put on the crib sheet (after I buy/receive a mattress pad protector)
  • iron the crib skirt
  • assemble hospital bag for me & Jared (he said if he did his, he’d only grab a toothbrush…hah)
  • get my driver’s license renewed (it expires about a month after she’s due, so I’d rather have it renewed early!)
  • if we don’t get enough to start with at our next baby shower….buy diapers
  • set up/order the breast pump (insurance covers it, but I need to actually order it)
  • get rid of our old vacuum and table (ahem, Jared!)
  • make a to-do list of what needs to happen right after she’s born (for insurance/work leave purposes)

I think that is it? But it seems overwhelming to me…so I am glad I sucked up and wrote it all out here. Now if only it would just all magically happen! 😉


Have a GREAT day! <3

What are some items on YOUR to-do list that YOU’ve been meaning to tackle?!? Any fun food cravings for YOU lately??! Mamas: What is something YOU think I must get done before the baby arrives??! 

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  1. haha i like your subtle (or not so) hint to jared 😉 writing down to do lists are always a good thing cuz then ya can check em off one by one!

  2. 6 weeks! How crazy is that??! I’m such a list person too – it always makes me feel better to at least know everything I need to be doing 😉 And thanks for the reminder on the driver’s license! I need to get a new one too :)

  3. Still looking fabulous momma! Can’t believe you’re due next month, that’s so exciting! And your food cravings made me laugh…french fries, froyo, waffles….and broccoli :-p

  4. Your bump is just so round and perfect! I can’t believe how adorable it is. It always feels sooo good to write lists out. Type A problems, right?

  5. I remember making a to-do list about a month before Hunter was born, and I felt SO overwhelmed and stressed about it all! But then you just get in those phases where you have a bunch of energy and tackle a bunch of things in a day or two…or the things you don’t get done you realize aren’t the end of the world, and they will eventually get done. :) Let me know if I can help with anything!

    P.S. I bought all my nursing tanks/bras from Target. They weren’t crazy expensive and have worked great for me.

  6. Ahhh I can’t believe she’s coming so soon! That’s so exciting! And I’m glad you got plenty of Jared time this weekend, I bet it was so nice!

  7. You look amazing for 34 weeks pregnant. I love that you are still going strong with your workouts too, it is great motivation for me :) I am 25 weeks pregnant and still teaching classes and training.
    Are your bodypump workouts getting harder to do?

    • Congrats to you!!! :) And wahoo for keeping up with fitness during pregnancy–you’ve got this!

      Some moves are tougher to do because of the belly, and I feel more tired at the end, and I’ve also gone down in some of my weight for some of the exercises too…so I would say it’s a bit harder nowadays for me, extra 20+ pounds is no joke. Pushups are def crazy harder!!

  8. You are so adorable!!! I’m so impressed by your fitness this far along! I absolutely can’t wait to see this sweet baby girl :)

  9. I adore your bump!!! You are clearly staying healthy because that’s the ONLY part of your body that’s growing!!! 😀 I am so happy for you. And since you’re craving butter, please do purchase the grass-fed/finished kind!!! Your baby will thank you!

  10. So many things to tackle, ahh! I’m at 19 weeks through so I still have time…I’m nervous about finding a pediatrician…I guess I should google questions to ask when interviewing them :)

    let’s see, cravings…I randomly bought some peach jello yesterday…and strawberry popsicles…still Skittles..LOTS of Skittles too!

  11. This may sound weird, but I am SO happy for you and the future baby! I seriously am giddy just thinking about the bundle of joy you’ll have soon! :)

  12. seriously one hot mama to be :)

  13. You are SO beautiful and glowing!! LOOVE the zumba clothes 😀

  14. I seriously can not even believe you’re due next month! Where the heck did the time go?!
    You look so amazing and I can’t wait for this new bundle of joy to come into your life! You are going to be an amazing Mom!

  15. Don’t worry – soon enough you will be getting up to feed a baby girl and not go to the bathroom!

  16. That is so great that you’re able to keep up with most of your workouts!! I’m 28 weeks pregnant and have been experiencing terrible round ligament pain. Have you had any of this? I thought it would only happen while jogging but it also kicks in while power walking too. If I were a fitness instructor I’d scare the class by having to bend over and get rid of them haha.

    • Congrats on your pregnancy!! :)

      I actually haven’t had any real terrible round ligament pain at all….I had it once or twice I think, but nothing too crazy. I have no idea why this didn’t plague me though?! SO sorry I can’t help more.

      By the way though, I haven’t done tons of cardio–just teaching zumba, so maybe that is why? Hope it lets up soon for ya!


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