Friday Confessions {6}

Hey friends!

Happy FRIDAY. <3

It’s the end of the week, and I’m good with that, yo.


I prefer things in list/organized form, so here are a few of my (random) Friday confessions for ya!

Friday Confessions {6}

1. All I wanted yesterday at one of my snack times was corn on the cob with butter, toast with butter, and sugar snap peas. 

Yes, that is the all true! And so freaking random.

friday confessions friday confessions

And so I ended up eating each one in succession over a period of an hour or so. {I forgot to take photos of the 2 buttered-toasts I ate. #fail}

Random cravings must be met. MUST.

2. Our carpets were professionally cleaned yesterday….and I amazed myself by how ecstatic I was about it.

For reals, if you want to feel really joyous, go get your carpets professionally cleaned.

friday confessions

Like the feeling was euphoric!

I also wanted to invite everyone & their dog over to see our super clean place….with all our furniture stacked on top of each other. Yahhhh. It was pretty awesome over here. I was working in the kitchen with chairs & schtuff all around me in the afternoon.

3. For insurance purposes I had to get my biometrics screening done…..boring.

I went to a local place & got my finger pricked, weight/height, blah blah blah done.

And to no one’s surprise, pretty much all my ‘numbers’ got worse from last year. Pregnancy will do that to ya! 😉

{However, my HDL –the good chol– was really high. I so want to research more about that! Pregnancy hormones might affect HDL?? I never knew!}

4. Our friends just had an adorable baby boy yesterday!

I am so happy for them! His cheeks are to die for cute.

And boy does it make me excited for the impending arrival of our little girl!

5. Speaking of, I went to go teach a fitness class (BodyPUMP) the other evening, and decided to take a bathroom selfie before leaving.

friday confessions

Anyone else think my bump is def going through a grow spurt?!? I was excited because I sure think so!

….and then the tech doing my biometrics the next day told me “you are so tiny.” That ruined my moment.

I guess with pregnant ladies you just can’t win?? Let’s just all commit to when we see a pregnant lady saying “you look awesome.” The end.

6. I made cupcakes the other day for a friend’s birthday.

They ended up looking like turds….

friday confessions

And ruined my clean kitchen.

But it was actually pretty fun!

The recipe? Oh here it is: buy a box of chocolate cake, make that & add butterscotch chips to the batter. Bake. And then dump random ingredients into a bowl for the frosting. (butter, milk, cream cheese, cocoa powder, powdered sugar & vanilla)

Just in case you wanted a really easy way to pretend you did it all from scratch. :)

{that is my secret actually–just make the frosting from scratch, which is most peeps’ favorite part anyway, and no one will know the cupcake part is from a box.}

7. I am, in fact, a sleep champion.

I just have to throw that out there. I sleep really well. I often wake up and can’t remember what happened right before bed. And I wake up most mornings feeling rested. I am soaking this alllll up. Shouldn’t there be an award for this kind of feat??!

p.s. I am A-OKAY if those genes get passed on to Baby Perks. 😉

In fact, I am praying for that. Haha.

8. This was an awesome read about 5 ways to eat like a ‘normal’ person.

GO READ IT. So well written & succint. And amen to everything she says!


And a VERY happy birthday to my stud of a little brother today!! He is serving an LDS mission in Switzerland, so he won’t read this, but man is he a stud! Love that guy.

lds missionary

{him entering the missionary training center, with my mom walking him in}

lds missionary

{me with him in April, 2012. Saying goodbye for 2 years! So proud of him}


Well today….after teaching zumba & work, we’re off to the mountain house to hang with my sis & her fam, another lil bro, and my dad. It should be a blast!

Alright, people, have a GREAT weekend!!! <3

What do YOU like more–the cake/cupcake or the frosting??! What was a random food craving YOU had recently??! Are YOU a good sleeper or not??! Weekend plans?!

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  1. we’ve got a wedding this weekend so that will be fun! and some of my texas cousins will be in town so we’re hanging out with the fam tonight! your bump sure is bumping – love it!!! have you tried to put coconut oil in toast?? i LOVE it!!

  2. I agree 110% with your cake secret. I’m all about the boxed mixes. I can never tell if it’s a cake mix as long as the icing is good! :)
    Also, I looove your pink workout top. Nothing better than fun workout gear!
    Have a wonderful time with your family this weekend!!

  3. How cool that your brother gets to do his mission in Switzerland! One of my friends from high school is on his mission in Jacksonville, Florida. Eh. Sounds too hot to be biking around in a suit! I know it’s not about the location at all, but still, it’d be nice to go somewhere a little more interesting! So fun!

    I don’t discriminate against the cake OR the frosting. Love them both equally :).

    • Haha. Yah, he was pretty stoked to go to Switzerland–esp considering that is where my mom & all of our ancestors are from!

  4. amelia says:

    So I must be the exception to the cupcake rule as I love the cake but toss the icing. Shocker, but I think its because my mom would make hot fudge cake for my birthday each year growing up, so there was no need for frosting when you have homemade hot fudge on top! :)

    You are a very beautiful pregnant lady. Tell that tech to close her mouth! 😉

    I’m good once I’m asleep, It’s getting past my husband’s snoring to actually fall asleep first. Have an awesome weekend. Hope the weather is beautiful where you are!

  5. Clean carpets rock! I think you look just perfect!! I dont like cake or cupcakes….i prefer fruity desserts or cookies 😉

  6. As long as the frosting is tasty and you have some sort of variety of chocolate chips or nuts or other mix-in, boxed cakes can be carefully hidden :-p And I am all about the frosting when it comes to cake!
    I’m jealous of your sleeping abilities. All summer I’ve been regularly waking up once or twice a night!

  7. Sugar snap peas are sooooo good! Oh yes…I totally hearing you on the clean carpets!!! In fact, this really makes me want to get my carpets cleaned too!

    I think the cupcakes look yummy! I kind of have a cupcake obsession and I definitely go for the frosting!

  8. Icing ALL the way! :) And amen to what you said about what we should say to pregnant women… You don’t want to be called “too tiny” OR “too big”, so yes, “awesome” is just perfect. Mmm butter on corn on the cob is my fav! We’re actually having that for dinner tonight with turkey burgers. Yum! Can’t wait! And I LOVE that article about how normal people eat!

  9. Caroline says:

    You have the perfect baby bump! Happy birthday to Jacob!

  10. I am a frosting only. I will usually avoid cake completely because I don’t want to “waste.” Last weekend, we talked my best friend into making us cream cheese frosting from scratch at 10 PM. Haha. Delish! He’s a pastry chef (and an LM instructor too – he calls it creating his own job security. Haha.).

    Weekend plans? Disneyland Half Marathon! (That I, as usual, feel completely not ready for.)

    And yes, you look awesome. :) Also, that workout top does wonders for showing off baby girl. :)

  11. I’ve honestly never liked frosting. But the cake? I’m all about the cake! :)

  12. Ok, your cupcakes that look like “turds” your words 😉 look very yummy! :)

  13. I’m so jealous of your good sleeping. I can’t sleep… it is so annoying. I can only sleep a few hours at a time before waking up. Luckily, I go back to sleep within a few hours.



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