Get Your Workout ON!

Hey friends!

How’s it going?

I had a pretty not good day for most of yesterday, but whatcha gonna do, right?

It was like everything went wrong starting with my getting up & finding Jared pretty sick. :( And then work problems. And printer problems. And insurance issues. On & on & on.

It was awesome…..

It ended up being kinda funny that it felt the world hated me for a few hours… I tried to put on a happy face & deal with the issues at hand. Why, oh why do we need to be adults & do adult ‘stuff’?? That stuff is so boring.

And sadly, Jared did not feel so awesome all day, and spent most of the day in bed. Poor guy.

Get Your Workout ON!

But the day ended with a workout (wahoo!)–my teaching BodyPUMP— so all was well in the world again.

For reals, how is that possible?

Oh my friends. It is VERY possible.

A workout (2-4% of your day, depending on 30 minutes or 60 minutes), can make a world of DIFFERENCE in attitude, happiness levels, contentment, and energy. Not to mention the crazy attitude shifts that can occur JUST from sweating for a few minutes.

Put the work in.

Working out is my drug of choice.

I choose endorphins.

Bad mood? Go workout.



So people…..get your workout ON!



Thankful Thursday

  1. I am thankful that bedtime comes every night. 😉
  2. I am grateful for being able to wear sweat pants to work. Some days, you just gotta.
  3. I am super grateful for sour cream & onion chips…those too can make a day seem brighter!


Cheers to having a GREAT day today! <3

What did YOU do the last time YOU had a pretty bad day??! What are YOU thankful for today??! What will YOUR workout be today?!

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  1. i hope jared feels better!! poor guy!! and yes getting your workout on has SO many benefits – why hasn’t our entire country gotten this message yet?!

  2. Aww, I hope Jared feels better soon! Whenever I hear about the mood benefits of exercise, my mind immediately turns to Elle Woods “Exercise gives you endorphins, endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don’t shoot their husbands.” So true :-p

  3. Sorry your day sucked. At least pump has this strange ability to instantly change our mood. Pissed off, mad, bad day, headache? Just go lift something heavy, right? :)

    If my mood needs a boost, any kind of heart pumping activity changes me instantly. A quick jolt around the neighborhood at lunch works too! My workout of choice today was a quick interval session at the gym this morning. Just wanted to get in and out and on with the day.

    I’m thankful that my husband has a great job that supports us while I continue to start my own business; for our little firecracker chihuahua; amazing & supportive friends; and medjool dates slathered with coconut butter. <—- that last one is weird to be thankful for, right?
    Smile and dance because tomorrow is FRIDAY!!!!

    • Do you like coconut butter? I’m trying to decide whether to buy some or not!

      • amelia says:

        It is SO good! Artisana has the best texture. Just stir well to blend and don’t refrigerate. I love it on dates, oats, bananas, cinnamon raisin toast, and roasted sweet potatoes. Buy a single size pack at TJs to try. Online iherb has cheapest jar prices, FYI. :)

  4. You make an awesome point. A good workout is truly a small investment of time for a lot of wonderful endorphins!
    I hope today is fabulous! :)

  5. Ahhh girl, I’m so sorry you didn’t have the best day yesterday! They all happen from time to time, but that still never makes them fun or enjoyable. A workout ALWAYS boosts my mood! Three cheers for endorphins! Hope today is better for you! xoxo

  6. Poor Jared! At least he’s sick now and not when the baby gets here, right? It’s seriously amazing how a workout can totally flip a day around. Teaching classes puts me in an especially good mood because you’re just surrounded by amazing people!

  7. I definitely hate days like that! Hopefully today will be better and hopefully Jared will feel better soon. I couldn’t agree more…workouts always make me feel better after a bad day. They completely change my mood!

  8. I always feel better after a quick workout, it’s getting out the door that’s hard!

  9. Chatelaine says:

    I don’t try to remember bad days so i can’t think of what I did on my last one. I had a rough day on Monday and went for a walk with my hubbie and dog and did a Tone it Up video I think. That helped sweat it out.

    Today I’m thankful for a great job :)

    My workout today was 8 min PurelyTwins abs, followed by a Tone it Up video. Will walk my dog tonight………. better than nothing right?

  10. Annie C. says:

    I agree- on bad days, I need my workouts more than ever!!!! Clears my head, makes me proud of myself that I worked out even though the day was hard and I feel more level and upbeat!

  11. Great outlook! I agree that a workout can make a world of difference.

  12. Oh man, having a rough one today and am really banking on a bike ride w/ hubby after work to set things right!

  13. Great motivation in this post. Loveee me some BodyPUMP, excited for my Friday morning class tomorrow!

  14. I hear ya! To be honest some days I just wanna chill and not teach another class but afterwards I feel so rewarded and good :)

  15. My normal work outs are BP and
    areobics. All of my teachers are female.
    If anything goes wrong with me, one of
    my teachers does not let me get away easily.


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