33 Weeks {Focusing on What Can Go Right}

Hey friends!

Happy Tuesday. :)

I’ve said it before, but I love these days because I think it’s so fun to update ya all on my ever-growing baby bump.

But first, a few pics from last night….

I ate at Cafe Rio with Ashley & Janae (and Hunter & Brooke, their babies!)

cafe rio cafe rio

It was delicious, super fun, and wonderful to hang out in real life. Love those ladies!! <3


Also, Ashley got me the CUTEST little things for baby girl:


so so precious. I was dying. I can’t wait to see Baby Perks in these! Thanks, Ashley! <3


33 Weeks / Pregnancy Update

Baby Perks is just over 33 weeks today and is about the size of a pineapple.

Here’s what Baby Perks has been up to this week:

  • Baby Perks weighs a little over 4 pounds and has passed the 17-inch mark. (whoa! and I feel like most of that body is in my ribs….just sayin’)
  • She’s rapidly losing that wrinkled, alien look and her skeleton is hardening.
  • The bones in her skull aren’t fused together, which allows them to move and slightly overlap, thus making it easier for her to fit through the birth canal. These bones don’t entirely fuse until early adulthood, so they can grow as her brain and other tissue expands during infancy and childhood.

And here’s what’s been happening with me this past week:

33 weeks / pregnancy update

How far along? 33 weeks (& 3 days)

Baby’s size? pineapple

Total weight gain/loss: It was 20 pounds 1.5 weeks ago. So something above that?

Stretch marks? still zero so far..…which is totes amaze, considering how much the bump’s been growing lately!

Sleep: Pretty fabulous. I had a good week of sleep, but I didn’t get enough of it….which seems to be more the norm lately. How does 9-10 hours not cut it anymore?! Daaaannngg.

Best moment this week: I’d say doing the Color Run 5K was pretty terrific!

Miss Anything? Same ole: Lying on my stomach. Super intense workouts (I can’t wait to do HIIT runs again!). Not having my lower back hurt randomly. Less bathroom trips.

Movement: Tons! And her punches/kicks are getting powerful. Jared the other day had his hand on the bump and was like “whoah!” when she kicked hard. It was funny. I’m all “yahhh that is what happens to me all day long.” She’s just making her presence known already!

Food cravings: This week I craved Trader Joe’s everything. Hah. I am kidding, sort of…. I was loving TJ’s cinnamon graham crackers with the cocoa almond butter, milk (!! I freaking love it lately. so weird!), streusel muffins (so good!), popcorn, and corn on the cob. So yah–CARBS much?! hah.

33 weeks / pregnancy update 33 weeks / pregnancy update 33 weeks / pregnancy update

Food aversions: Sadly….salads & green smoothies. Can’t.do.it.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Salads & green smoothies. It’s so sad!

Gender: GIRL <3

Labor Signs: None. But I definitely had a Braxton hicks or regular contraction the other night. It was crazy weird!


  • like last week…. getting up to go to the bathroom allllll night long. It’s so annoying and I am over it.
  • eating constantly-like I get full so fast (sad), and have to eat again an hour later. Luckily I am at home for work, or else life would be really hard. 😉
  • round ligament pains (I think?) I am not sure about all these ‘symptoms’– but I think that is what it was?
  • it’s getting harder to bend over & tie my shoes, yo.
  • wanting to lie down instead of sit up–sitting is still the worst.
  • lungs are squished & breathing is harder up stairs. haha

Belly Button in or out? In. But it is slowly continuing to flatten. It might actually go out eventually? So.cray.

Wedding rings on or off? On.

Maternity clothes? Nothing new.

Baby items purchased? A few outfits…I just had to!

Happy or moody most of the time: pretty happy! This week was good–-but I also had a few crying sessions for no reason. I seriously started bawling when Jared asked me the simplest question. Poor guy….I think he knows now that it’s not HIM that makes me cry, but rather whatever emotional baggage I am carrying + hormones. He has a great shoulder to cry on though!

Funny moments this week: Watching my bump move around because of the lil’ one inside. It always makes me laugh for some reason!

Looking forward to: Finding the perfect bookshelf. Still.


Fitness Thoughts at 33 weeks:

33 weeks / pregnancy update 33 weeks / pregnancy update

{pics are from yesterday after teaching BP/CX}

  • Once again, fitness-wise I feel pretty good. BodyPUMP & CXWORX are great activities for pregnancy, I’ve realized! It’s helped me stay strong, healthy, and get that endorphin rush I need, while not compromising any safety issues. I love teaching fitness & being pregnant!
  • This week I definitely realized I have too much fun in Zumba though…I was pretty sore the next day (and then I did a 5K). So Sunday was spent lazing about & a bit sore. I don’t want to do that again, so I’m gonna tone down my ‘jumping around’ in zumba a notch. I thought I had? But I think my body needs a bit less jump. 😉
  • Core work is continually getting harder & harder, but I’ve found that planks/hovers aren’t too bad! So in CXWORX I never modify or change that part on my end –and simply go to my knees if needed.
  • My bump is definitely still growing, so it’s fun to not be able to deadrow as high anymore. Hah 😉


Focusing on What Can Go Right

So….I’ve read a lot of books lately & talked to a lot of ladies–all on the topic of pregnancy and especially labor & delivery. What I’ve learned? There is so much that can go wrong with L/D…..but there is SO much more than can go right!

And I, my friends, choose to be focusing on what can go right!

This may sound out of the blue, but I’ve obviously been thinking (and reading & talking with others) about all of this labor & delivery stuff, especially since it is imminent & in just over 6+ weeks.

The biggest part of it all is that I’ve never done this before. (duh). So I have no idea really what to expect. This is a good & bad thing. So that is why I’m trying to read books & talk to people who encourage me to continue to be focusing on what CAN go right.

From what I’ve read/heard (and believe also), childbirth is an amazing, special, and very incredible process. (Ya think?!?) And something very natural, IMO. Our bodies should know what to do when we go into labor & the baby knows what to do to get out (for the most part). And apparently if we connect to those natural tendencies and remain calm throughout it, the labor/delivery can be peaceful, happy, and joyous.

I am obviously wanting to deliver naturally (as I’ve mentioned), and so I choose to focus on what can go right with that scenario. I trust my doctor and that he’ll make a good decision if it isn’t going right….but WHY WORRY ABOUT THAT NOW???! What would that even do?! (answer: nothing.)

I definitely have my moments (especially when people give unsolicited advice and/or share horror stories), but for the most part, I feel calm about the whole process. And I oddly can’t wait (okay, I can wait a lil’ longer), to be in labor & deliver/have my little girl in my arms.

I must admit though, I am such a planner, so the part that worries me about all this upcoming ‘stuff’ is WHEN WILL SHE COME?! Funny that that is the thing I am most worried about, right? 😉 That is the planner in me, folks.

So anyways, what I am trying to say is this: focusing on what can go right has done wonders for me already. And I will continue to do so! I am a realist, yes, but why worry about everything that can go wrong, when most births go very very well & right?!

Exactly. So I will leave the worrying to someone else. I choose to have a calm, happy birth, no matter what. <3


Alright people, you all have a GREAT day! <3

Let’s hear YOUR thoughts on this–in life, how do YOU focus on what can go RIGHT??! Ladies with babies, tell me something that went really right with YOUR birth?!?!

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  1. haha i don’t understand why people share horror stories… i mean seriously, do they think they can really help AT ALL in any type of situation?! weirdos. lol. xoxo

  2. Yayyy! Looking cute as always. Those little booties are adorable. I think you just have to go into L&D with an open mind and just focus on a healthy baby. Every Mom to be has her hopes of what her delivery will be like and if it goes that way- awesome, if you have to make a few adjustments- no problem. The goal is a happy, healthy baby at the end of the day!

    • Aren’t those booties so freaking adorable? Ahhhh so cute.

      Amen to going in with a focus on healthy baby! The ultimate “focus on what can go right”!! :)

  3. Your bump gets cuter and cuter each week! I respect and admire your decision to focus on the positive possibilities for labor and delivery. It is so east to focus on the negatives and what-ifs in life that I believe we do have to make a conscious decision to focus on the positives! :)

  4. loving the baby bump in those workout clothes!
    yes focusing on being happy and calm and less stress :)

  5. I LOVE your polka dotted skirt in your photo! So cute. How can you NOT love TJ’s stuff, right? Ahh it’s probably a good thing that it’s not closer to me. :) I absolutely love your attitude in re: to your labor and delivery. I think your mindset about it all is perfect. Something that went really RIGHT with my birth? I got the most beautiful little baby boy. :) I’m so so so excited for you!

  6. I think you have a great attitude towards labour and delivery. Focusing on what could go wrong obviously won’t do you any good and leads to unnecessary stress, so just keep thinking about the positives and in the end, no matter what happens, you’ll have a gorgeous baby girl :-)

  7. You are just too cute!! I love your skirt:) cannot wait to meet baby perks!! We need to get together again soon:)

    • Thanks girl!!

      Yes, let’s do it! I foresee some fro yo in my future….. :) I bet we can convince janae & ashley & ashley and a few others to foresee that in their futures too. Hah

  8. Focusing on what can go right definitely applies to life! There are so many people who face horrible things, but there are also tons of people who don’t. And, as I’m slowwwllllyyy starting to learn, worrying doesn’t really solve much. I can’t believe you’re just a few short weeks away from having Baby Perks in your arms! So exciting <3.

  9. You look amazing!! And your dinner out with bloggers has me suuupeerrr jealous – I can’t wait until HLS to get back to blogger meet-ups :)

  10. I was actually excited for labor and delivery. weird maybe? I was determined to do it naturally (which I think if you going in thinking you may get an epidural, you will, or I would have, proverbial you). It was obviously painful (no surprise there) but I “enjoyed” it. It was empowering and it was a pain that led to a greater good, kind of like the burn while working out, I enjoy it because I know it means ill have results. I will have my third this winter and again, looking forward to delivery! Its nothing to be scared of!

    • I LOVE everything about this comment! Thank you SO much. This is my hope–to feel emopowered & excited & so peaceful holding my healthy baby girl. Can’t wait!!

      Good luck to you on your third–exciting!! <3

  11. Definitely a good mentality to be in. Though I am glad I knew about some things, because when some things did not go as planned for me, I was glad I knew some of the stuff and I didn’t have to google at the time of diagnosis, because google can be scary sometimes haha

  12. That’s just the worst when people share their horror stories. Like why?! Haha, that would stress me out way more. Not cool.
    So jealous of your blogger meet up!!! Looks like SO much fun!
    You look beautiful<3

  13. Loved this post (duh). I felt like I wrote the baby update because we are so close in our pregnancies. lol – as I was reading your symptoms I thought I was reading an interview someone did with me! The getting up to pee a million times every night is getting SO old, but I think it is prepping us for those nightly feedings. 😉

    And props to you for wanting a natural delivery! Dave and I toured the hospital where we plan to have Atlas on Friday and there were 40 people in the tour. I was the only one that wanted an epidural. I think natural birth is definitely the new trend…I’m just not tough. ha! I felt like the black sheep of our tour group. & I couldn’t agree with you more – I think labor is a natural process. I opted out of the birthing classes because I’m convinced my body will know what to do during labor. I’m more worried about what happens when I bring our baby boy home!

    • I am so excited for you Ashley!! (I am just now responding b/c sadly your comment went to spam–so I fixed that!)

      It’s all good–it sounds like your confident in your decision, and so the baby will def do what he needs to. You’ll be a fabulous mother!! SO excited for you! When is your actual due date?? Isn’t it soon? P.s. are you on Instagram? xo

  14. Loved this post!

  15. Those shoes are so stinkin’ cute!!! You’re getting so, so close!! Woohoo!! :)

  16. Way to stay positive and not worry about the future. I feel like I would be going crazy with my nerves thinking about the actual L/D. But like you said, it is all about putting that behind you and just being happy!



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