A Colorific Weekend!

Hey friends.

Happy new week!

First of all, I (and Baby Perks) survived the Color Run 5k. Good news, right?! :)

colorific weekend

Let me share with ya what we did this weekend, and at the end I’ll highlight the Color Run that I participated in with Ashley & her friend Jen on Saturday! (get ready for a boatload of pics)


A Colorific Weekend!

Friday Highlights

Taught Zumba. Worked. Took an epic nap. Went to the temple with Jared.

colorific weekend

Saturday Highlights

Ran a 5K with (the babybump), Ashley & her friend Jen! (see more on that near the end of the post) Took 2 showers. Ran errands. Cleaned a part of our apartment. Hung out at the pool & read. Did laundry. Went to a baby shower. Ate the most amazing ice cream. Went out with Jared & saw Iron Man 3.

colorific weekend

colorific weekend colorific weekend

Sunday Highlights

Went to church. Napped. Read. Made an actual meal. Lazed about-stretched/foam rolled some of the soreness out of my legs & feet.

colorific weekend colorific weekend

The Color Run Recap/Pics

Saturday morning Jared & I awoke bright & early. Jared was so nice to come along & play–especially since it was really early for us on a weekend. Hah!

colorific weekend

{all clean, white, and tired looking to start. hah}

Cody & Ashley (& Hunter) picked us up & we all drove down to SLC for the Color Run.

We met up with Ashley’s friend Jen (such a sweetheart!), and finished prepping ourselves–used the porta potties, got tattoos on, tied laces, kissed husbands, etc.

colorific weekend colorific weekend

Then we lined up & we were off in the 5th or 6th wave (they just let people go in waves depending on where you lined up.) It is not a timed race, and there were people of all sizes, shapes, colors, & ages! I loved that it was a fun, active thing that a lot of families seemed to be doing together.

And it was perfect conditions for my FIRST ever 5K. I’ve never actually done a 5K race/event before….so it was fun to experience it with others & with a baby girl in tow. 😉

We saw our husbands right at the start, and then off we jogged.

colorific weekend colorific weekend

{I wore a bandana since I didn’t want to have to deal with washing color out of my hair. It worked perf.}

We jogged/ran most of the 5K, but we walked through all the color stations (where they spray you), and a few other times when I felt rather uncomfortable. (remember, I had a belly pressing down on me, and I hadn’t run since well, February…haha). Jen & Ashley were so nice to jog at my pace, and walk when I needed to. It was also really fun to chat & enjoy the experience. :)

We got colorfied!

colorific weekend

We ended the 5K near where our husbands were waiting & they dumped a ton of color on us. So fun!

Then we ran through the finish line (about 35-40 mins after we started–so yah, we took our time). Wahoo!

It was such a fun race, and am a total fan of the laid back approach!

colorific weekend

colorific weekend

Of course Jared needed a kiss for coming along to cheer/support/color me! …..


colorific weekend

His clothes ended up being pink too. Awwwww. 😉

At the end there were KIND bars (yumm! thought of you, Lauren!), and water. I was so thirsty (and hot!!), and also pretty hungry. Goodbye snacks, into my belly you go.

colorific weekend

We hung out for awhile with all the other crazy runners & enjoyed the ‘ending color’ party.

colorific weekend

I was a MESS. So much.color.everywhere.

(As a p.s. I ended up taking 2 showers on Saturday actually….and wow did I have to scrub! But it all eventually came out/off. Most of my clothes’ color came out too–but my white shirt & sportsbra have a nice tint of pink to them. hah!)

It was a super fun event! I loved doing it with Ashley, totally love her, (and meeting/running with her friend Jen!)

colorific weekend

I also want to thank the Color Run for sponsoring me in the race. I definitely recommend doing this race with friends or family–it’s a total blast!


Well, I am off to teach BP/CX and then work. THEN I get to see Ashley again (wahoo!!) & Janae for a Cafe Rio dinner. Can’t wait!

Have a FABULOUS day! <3

Have YOU ever done a Color Run??! If YOU’ve run a race, what is YOUR favorite distance to race-5k,10k,half marathon, marathon?? What was a highlight of YOUR weekend??!

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  1. ahhh the color run looks so fun!! looks like you girls had a blast! :) :)

  2. You are awesome :) I did Color Me Rad and had the best time!! I’m not much of a long distance runner (wish I were!) so I’ll stick to my 5-10ks!

  3. color run looks like fun, we still need to do one!

  4. Your recap and pics of the run are great! I love the idea of fun, no-pressure races. Sounds like a wonderful weekend! :)

  5. I’m glad you two had such a fun time. I’ve heard good things about color runs. :)

  6. Gahhhh I still can’t get over how much fun I had with you! I just love you to pieces. :) Loved your recap. I was a tad too lazy to go into all the details, so I’m glad you did. Hehe. Can’t wait to see you tonight! xoxo

  7. That looks like so much fun! So impressive that you were able to pull it off as a pregnant lady 😉 The only race I’ve ever done was a 10k, so by default that’s my favourite. I would love to do one of these though!

  8. I’ve never done a color run, but it looks like SO much fun! Are you guys spelling “run” in that picture? It took me a minute to figure it out :). My favorite distance to run is out for froyo. As in, be right back, I’m gonna run out for some froyo real quick!

  9. What a fun run! I’ve never done a color run but I think I’d like it! And have fun with Janae, I’ve always wanted to meet her!

  10. Caroline says:

    Cool run!!! You guys look awesome! You are having cafe rio tonight?! Jealous. Send me some?

  11. So fun! You look so darn cute. I loved the color run, but definitely felt like it was something I only wanted to do 1 time. My favorite distance is probably a 10 miler. Enjoy the rest of your day!

  12. Ohmygosh, that looks like so much fun. You are adorable!! Congrats on the race- and what a fun weekend!

    • thanks! Yah, I think you’d like it–it was super chill & fun. However you HAD to walk for parts of it to get the most color….so you’d probably hate those parts, miss speed demon. haha 😉

  13. danielle says:

    Looks like fun, and love the pink. Yes, very colorful indeed! Super cute pic of you kissing J with your colorful self, lol. I’ve never done a color run, but now I might just have to!
    Okay, I just realized I have never tried a KIND bar and now I want to… I just tried Lara Bars for the first time, and holy moly are they deelish or what???!!! totally loving the apple pie one, and now I have blueberry waiting for me.
    Hugs!!! xoxox

  14. You three all look so cute!! Wasn’t it fun?! My first one was a kick in the pants. Getting sprayed with color, it is a giant color fight!

  15. How fun!! I love the 5k distance for a fun run like this. Miss you girls so much!!!

  16. You’re a trooper. Love the Zumba pants too!

  17. You never cease to amaze me! Running your frist 5K with a baby. LOL! She’s going to love these pics one day. :)

  18. My first ever race was 10km and I actually did strangely well, I’ve also done two 5ks and beaten my time the second time but my fave distance is 0km. I dislike running and running dislikes me haha. I loved the running obstacle course 5km I did as well because it was laid back and so much fun!

  19. That looks like such a fun race!! I’ve never been in a race before so I would deff start off with a 5k

  20. looks like a total blast!


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