Friday Thoughts {5}

Hey friends!

Happy FRIDAY to us all. <3

Oh yes. I love me my Fridays.


Friday Thoughts

1. I thought I hated donuts?

So the other night at the pool party with friends there was food (obv), and I was starving. I ate chips, salad, and donuts (there were hot dogs, but me no likey). Say what?! I hate donuts??! Or so I thought….

I think I don’t like the glazed ones…but the white powdered ones?? Oh my goodness–it tasted so good when I popped that first lil’ one in my mouth.

they looked like this:


I had 4 of those suckers & that was my favorite part of the ‘dinner.’


2. Annnnnnd continuing on the food thoughts, veggies hate me right now.


It’s like the 1st trimester is trying to get me again!

I keep spending time in the bathroom (ifyaknowwhatImean) a few hours after eating veggies.

I am scared to eat salad or green smoothies right now.

It’s so so sad. I was complaining about it to Jared actually (surprise surprise), and I am all like “I LIKE those foods. Why does my body reject them?!!?”

It’s sad and annoying and frustrating. Especially because those types of foods (powdered donuts, etc) shouldn’t make me feel awesome and veggies should. But right now it’s the total opposite for me.

Gah. But it is what it is! And this baby girl is worth it. <3

3. Here’s what I ate for lunch the other day.

IMG_6772 friday thoughts

yikes. and yes, it was AWESOME.

4. I am ‘running’ a 5K tomorrow.

Yah, I know. CRAZY girl. Especially since I haven’t run since my 1st trimester. This’ll be interesting!

Let’s be honest though it’ll be more of a run/walk thing. And because it’s the COLOR RUN it’s just for fun & not timed at all. Don’t you worry, I won’t be stealing your PR times or setting world records or anything. 😉

I am doing it with Ashley too, so it’ll be a blast! I already feel bad for making her slow her pace b/c of me & the bump…..

5. Some days are harder than others to get up out of bed lately.

The other morning I popped out of bed in the 4 a.m. hour to go teach BP. But that day was rrroouuuggghhh.

friday thoughts

You can see it in my eyes–I was awake b/c I had to use the restroom (it’s like 4-5x/night lately!! gah!), but was so not ‘awake’ & ready to teach.

But I make sacrifices to teach because it’s something I love to do! And, when it’s over in the 6 a.m. hour, even better. Done for the day-BOOM!

6. And to end….an ode to my ever thoughtful husband.

Dude. how did I manage to snag him?

This showed up on my doorstep yesterday:

friday thoughts

It is a PINK (!!) cooling towel.

Ya know, because I love pink, I am hot all the time, and I get wayyyy hot after teaching fitness classes. And I’ve been complaining about all of the above nonstop to my awesome husband. Seriously, what the heck is up with this marriage?! hah.

All you do is wet it, and the properties of the towel keep it cool. It rocks!

This man is a keeper. And I am so in love with him. Thanks, hottie!


Alright, I am off to work, teach zumba, work, and then hopefully have a date with my husband if he ever gets home from school at a normal hour!

Have a GREAT weekend! <3

What veggies are YOU loving lately?!? (so I can be jealous) What are YOUR weekend plans?!? What is a thoughtful thing someone did for YOU recently??!

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  1. have so much fun at the color run! i’ve heard nothing but awesome things about it!!!!!

  2. Julie F says:

    I always love carrots and eggplant has been my latest obsession. When I was pregnant there were a few times it seemed like the only thing that tasted good was “puppy chow” or “white trash” depending on what you call it. You know the Chex mix with powdered sugar. Someone made it for me & it was the only thing I could eat for about a week.

    • oh I know what puppy chow is… 😉 That sounds deeeeelish right about now!

      I too like carrots, so I’m gonna try that out & see if my body will handle it well. Thx!

  3. You will rock your run, mama!! im sure baby girl will have her own dance party going on inside too. :)
    For some reason I’m on a kale kick again. It’s weird because certain times of the year I think it tastes too bitter, but the kind I’m finding now is nice and sweet. Besides kale, I’ve broken out the juicer and have been enjoying a blend of fruit/ veg during the afternoons when it’s so hot outside that the thought of a meal in my stomach makes me want to yarf.
    Weekend is wide open, though I did request a date night with my H.
    Eat what your body wants. It’s pretty smart. :)

  4. I totally can relate on how the first trimester is repeating itself in the third trimester! Fortunately our baby girl still allows me to eat everything I have been. Fav veggies: carrots and sugar snap peas. Add a little hummus and you have a delicious snack!

    This week was a stressful and rough one in our household. The nicest thing someone did for me was drag me away from work for 30 minutes to enjoy a walk with her girls and my dogs. The sunshine, fresh air, and good conversation were just what I need, more so than I realized.

    Weekend plans: Studying. Yay! Not. Hubby will continue studying helicopter specs & emergency protocols, while I work on my ISSA nutrition exam. We’ll also clean out the car, install the carseat, and order the canvas prints for the nursery.

  5. I can’t believe that you’re growing a human being and still manage to get up at 4am to teach a class. THAT, my dear, is insanity (in the best possible way).

    And btw, you have me craving mac & cheese like mad. Mmmmmm.

    • well it’s technically in the 4 a.m. HOUR (I don’t like saying specifics for safety reasons. hahaa). So does that make me seem less insane? Pretty please?! :)

  6. Ughh so sorry about the veggies thing! Pregnancy is a funny thing, huh? You’re doing a great job though, so just keep doing what you’re doing! Veggies will be back! 😉

    And girl, are you kidding… I am in NO running shape, so I wouldn’t be surprised if you left me in the dust. LOL. I was huffin and puffin at our 5K last weekend, so don’t you worry!

  7. I don’t think that I could get up at 4 am for anything, let alone doing it while pregnant 😉 You are a rockstar! And I’m picky about donuts, but I remember as a kid my daycare would get those mini donut multi-packs once in a while (white powdered sugar, cinnamon, and chocolate) and I would be all over them. My chocolate loving self preferred the chocolate over the other ones, of course 😉

  8. For sure, it’s an amazinggg feeling to have accomplished a workout so early in the day! Have fun in the Color run tomorrow!! And have a wonderful weekend :)

  9. I can just imagine how frustrating it would be to want to eat veggies so bad but know that your body can’t handle them! Probably the best thing about being married is realizing how awesome your husband is even when it feels like all you do it complain to him! I have definitely been there, but imagine it is worse when pregnant with all the hormones :/

  10. I will have to try the cooling towel, I hate getting overheated!

    • it is awesome! I’ve used it twice & this brand actually stays COOL. (my husband researched it for awhile before purchasing it). It is legit. And I feel so much better after my workouts! ahhhhh

  11. I’m sorry the veggies are taking a toll on your tummy! Bah! I have a strange obsession with carrots. I eat them pretty much every day! Have fun on your date <3 <3

  12. Ahhh so jealous you and Ash get to hang out! Have a great time at the 5K!

  13. danielle says:

    that is such a sweet and cute gift, love that!
    lately, veggie-wise, i’ve been into frozen green peas… ummm ok, not exciting or unique or exotic AT ALL, but so what. i had lost touch with them until the other night when suddenly a bowl of green peas, pesto, tomatoes and cheese sounded awesome. topped with salted nuts for some reason. that’s all i wanted, and it made me HAPPY.
    this morning i was extra sweet to my sweetie, even though on the inside i was crampy, bloated, grouchy, and blah… he appreciated that i didn’t show that side, and i’m glad. it’s way too easy for me to unleash my inner grump sometimes! working on it.
    busy weekend – oly race tomorrow, with an injury so extra suck. but followed by my sweetie’s god-daughter’s bday bbq.. and some good eatin and drinkin. oh yes, i’m ready to chillax! sunday will be fun, girl time and family time.. oh yeah :)
    big hugs mamacita bonita!!!!

    • GOOD lcuk on the oly race tomorrow! Sorry about your injury–that is so painful! But I am sure you’ll have fun.

      Enjoy the relaxin’ and eatin’! Sounds YUMMERS.

      xo hugs

  14. hi, I can’t afford consultation and know u can’t offer professional advice, that’s okay…I just relate to “some” of your story…early 30’s and no period for 10 years now…but i’m different in that i’m underweight, but highly anxious/constipated/binge eating at night ..not exercising at all…hormones a mess, insomnia, metabolism gone, gut health at low low low….would love to chat if possible…thanks…can u email me?

    • send me an email with your questions-and I will try to get back to ya as soon as I can :)

      enjoyyourhealthylife {at} gmail {dot} com

  15. Good luck with the 5k!



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