Got Them!

Hey friends!

How was you’re weekend?

Mine was fantastic! (Isn’t it almost always, though?)… :)

Got Them!

The title of this post is the theme from the weekend …and if you read last Friday’s post, you’d have known that I wanted 2 things: pizza & fro yo.

I pretty much got them(!!), so let’s check out how the weekend went, shall we?

In pictures…..

Friday I taught Zumba in the morning-

got them!

Dang, I am rounding out! Yay baby bump!

And then drank my special drink on the way home-

got them!


Ate a huge lunch after I showered-

got them!

Worked & worked.

Then visited my doc & heard baby Perks’ heartbeat! <3

I was bored at a stoplight so I took a selfie….


Bug eyes anyone?!

After work I picked up Jared at school and we ate pizza for dinner once we got to the mountain house.


got them!

I ended up eating 3 pieces over the course of the evening. We chilled with my sis & her fam, and then went to bed.

The next day was spent pretty much parked here-

got them!

…and here-

got them!

A summer gal I am!

More pizza, lemonade, fruit, popsicles, pool time, reading time, and play time ensued. Jared is so good with the kiddos too–so that is super fun to have him around. The kids all looooovveee him because he does cool tricks off the diving board. πŸ˜‰

Such a fun, beautiful day!

After a shower-

got them!

And some more chill time, we headed home.

But not without picking me up one of these-

got them!

DQΒ Heath blizzard.

Tasted oh so good! (It wasn’t “fro yo” but it hit the spot.)

So so satisfying when you fulfill a craving, am I right?!

Sunday we went to church, napped, read, and took crazy photos in the car-

got them!

And picked up a free loveseat & pillows from my friend. She kindly gifted them to us because she is moving. (SO SO sad she is moving!!)

But she didn’t want to take the time to sell it, so she just gave it to us.

So sweet! <3

We did need more sitting room so it worked perf.

got them!

more pillows on our couch-

got them!

We ate dinner with Jared’s fam that night & had a blast.

got them!

It was a lovely weekend!


Well, it’s back to the races…..and Monday it is! Off to teach BP/CX and then work.

Have a GREAT day!! <3

What is something YOU really wanted lately and got??! What delicious food did YOU eat over the weekend?? Did anyone go swimming too?? What would be some pics of YOUR weekend (and links to any posts about that!)??!

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  1. didn’t go swimming, but we had beautiful weather here! i did go to my great great aunt lou’s 90th birthday party this weekend! :)

  2. Looks like you had a great weekend! Mine was pretty relaxing. School just started so now its about to get hectic. Last night I made some awesome brownies and enjoyed two of them (;

  3. Wow you jammed packed a whole lot into your weekend! Looks like a blast :) I think I maybe cooked one meal this weekend. Was so nice to have other people/restaurants cook for me. Definitely needed it! Especially the sushi…

    • Oooooh sushi is always so fun! And yah, I didn’t really cook AT all either (maybe that is why it was such a good weekend? hah!) <3

  4. Caroline says:

    No swimming but we went to a wildlife park which was a blast! We saw a baby zebra- cutest thing ever!

  5. Mmmmm DQ Blizzards are my FAVE! I usually go with Butterfinger. :) I absolutely love those pillows! Very cute and great colors.

  6. Nicole says:

    What a cute outfit – the green top with the cowl neck! :)

  7. Pizza with pineapple is seriously delicious… probs my favorite pizza topper :)

  8. Definitely a lot of deliciousness in one weekend! I’ve been feeling s’mores lately, so I was happy to get my fill when I went camping over the weekend. And I love how you went for pineapple on your pizza – Hawaiian is where it’s at. And now you have me thinking I may need to order pizza next weekend…

  9. Sounds like a lovely weekend for you!
    That grilled sandwich looks SO tasty! I kind of want one for Lunch now!
    No swimming for me sadly, but I did get to hot tub which is always relaxing.
    I had a great weekend with my friends which is always a clear winner:)

  10. Looking so darn cute! Glad you got what you wanted- hooooray! I”m a summer gal as well.

    What is something YOU really wanted lately and got??! Candy :) And coffee (not at the same time haha)

    What delicious food did YOU eat over the weekend?? Went to brunch at my favorite spot!

    Did anyone go swimming too?? No swimming this past weekend! Hopefully next weekend

  11. you are so pretty :)

    we had a wonderful weekend eating very well and enjoying one too many cocktails, but well worth it

  12. I swam in the triathlon over the weekend! I got to enjoy some yummy bday HH/dinner before the Hawks game! Overall, a great weekend. I got everything I wanted! πŸ˜‰

  13. I want you to record one of your Zumba classes so I can take it. πŸ˜‰ It just isn’t the same without you! I’m loving your cute baby bump girl! xoxo

  14. I’ve been craving ice cream/froyo like mad lately. I’m sitting here eating quinoa and veggies, but your blizzard looks 1000x more appetizing. fulfilling a craving really is the best thing. Um, and can we talk about how cute you look in that green shirt? Gorgeous.



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