Friday Confessions {9}

Hey ya all!

Happy FRIDAY!! <3

Whew! This week was intense. Good, but wowzers am I excited for the weekend.

{if you need any extra motivation to hit up the gym though, check out this post!}

Let’s kick it off with another lil’ round of confessions, shall we?

Friday Confessions

1. How is it that I can teach an hour long fitness class just fine, but going up 3 flights of stairs feels like I’m gonna die???!

friday confessions

Seriously. We live on the 3rd floor of an apartment complex (sooooo worth it for the vaulted ceilings!), and so each time I wanna go home, I have to climb said stairs.

And it’s getting tough, yo.

2. I don’t think I’ve worn pants or capris in over 3 months.

I’m rocking the maxi skirts & cotton skirts pretty much every day, and I’m cool with that. (Hah. “cool”. hah. pun intended!)

It’s cooler this way (duh), and plus it allows me not to buy any maternity bottoms. Score!

3. Jared & I went out for a breakfast date with my amazing friend & her new husband.

It was so lovely! And so random–mid week breakfast date with grown ups? Hah.

friday confessions

My friend Trina just got married, but I’ve known her for years now. We met at the BodyPUMP cert training in 2010, and have been friends ever since! She obviously teaches fitness classes where I teach, so it’s always fun to get together & trade hilare stories.

She is such a beautiful lady inside & out!

And to be honest, it was so great to have Jared there with me :) I love having him around–and when his school schedule allows for a quick breakfast date, I’m all over that one! <3

And to add to this confession….this is the same breakfast place (Kneaders) I went to the day before. awesome.


french toast 2 days in a row? don’t mind if I do!

4. Some days I don’t want to get out of bed.

Surprise, surprise right?! hah.

But it’s gotten bad. I can.not.get.out.of.bed easily anymore! It’s amazing how tired I am….

And then my husband reminds me I am growing a baby.

But still…. Right? 😉

And to be totally honest here, it also makes me feel lazy & kind of a bum when I’m all like “I’m tired” and totally unmotivated to do really much of anything.

Luckily the motivation comes & goes (and nesting kicks in), so I have gotten things done on my to-do list, but I’ve def had my days where I just can’t get the energy to do ANYthing.

Such is life, I guess.

5. I received a box from Special K (thanks!) and some of it was quite tasty.

special k nourish

The ready to go multigrain hot cereal cups are tasty! The lemon bar….not so much.

I am a fan of grab ‘n’ go b-fasts though, so I’m not surprised I liked the multigrain hot cereal cups!

So go check out the new nourish line!

6. I made a killer dinner the other night. No recipe involved. Hah!

I really did make a delicious dinner….and IGed it (naturally) and someone asked “recipe please?” (Which kind of drives me nuts for some reason. Probably b/c I never make anything based off of a recipe unless I say so. But whatevs. I think my hormones make me feel annoyed about super stupid things)

friday confessions

SO in case you’re wondering, it was DEELICIOUS. Super easy. And wasn’t really a recipe….

-I cooked chicken in a crock pot in salsa & taco seasoning

-I shredded the chicken & added corn, black beans, Chobani plain yogurt, and enchilada sauce.

-I cooked up quinoa & dumped the chicken stuff on top with blue corn tortilla chips & more Chobani.

Wahhhlah! Chicken Enchilada bowls! And I surprised myself with how good it was. We had leftovers all week (yay! no extra cooking for me!)

7. I secretly loathe wordpress right now.

It keeps screwing up my scheduled posts! Anyone else have this problem lately?

I usually write my posts the night before, and schedule them for the next morning….well, wordpress for the entire week & part of last week keeps “missing the schedule.” My husband has tweaked a few things to no avail. So I am asking you guys–thoughts?? Anyone else dealing with this?

8. I need fro yo and pizza in my life. Stat.

I just realized this. And it needs to be remedied…..stat!


Alright peeps, I’m off to work, teach Zumba, work, doc’s appt (yay!), and head to the mountain house for some time with the man & my sister & her fam!

Have a GREAT day & weekend! :)

What are some of YOUR Friday confessions today?!? Anyone else dealing with wordpress issues?? What delicious food do YOU need in YOUR life right now??!

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  1. Stairs are KILLER when you’re pregnant. Makes you feel like you heart rate is going to rock right through the roof. Hope you get your pizza and frozen yogurt this weekend! I had a long week at work too. I’m ready to crash. I just got up but want to take a nap 😉

    • yesssss totally! My HR & breathing go crazy high & fast. I feel like an out-of-shape old person. Hah!

      I hope you can take a nap later, you totes deserve it! xo

  2. i was wondering about your posts! they’re not up around 6:30am which is when i do most of my blog reading in the morning! so then i check compulsively until itz posted lol i had froyo last night and there’s a good chance we’ll have pizza sometime this weekend. come back!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :)

    • yah for realz–it was so annoying. But jared being the amazing dude he is, figured it out last night & didn’t tell me. Stinker! So I was surprised this morning! he’s the bomb dot com 😉

      I hope to have pizza tonight too!!! ENJOY yours! xoxo

  3. Stairs are just starting to annoy me. I’m sure it won’t be long until I find them both annoying *and* exhausting! As for your dinner, it looks good to me! I hardly work from a recipe either, but I know good and well that crock pots make the *best* pulled chicken and pulled pork dinners. No recipe needed!

    Happy Friday!

  4. I live in a third-story apartment too, and I just about die trying to carry up luggage and/or four bags of groceries. I can’t imagine doing it with a baby strapped to my uterus. You’re a champ :).

    How frustrating about WordPress! No, I haven’t been having that issue and I have no idea how to fix it (are time/date settings off, maybe?), but I can definitely sympathize with your annoyance.

    • haha–yah add that baby strapped to your uterus (where do you come up with these sayings?!? hah. love you), PLUS the groceries & I am about done for. I have to sit down on the couch & just breathe for a bit afterwards. I feel like I am 90 & crippled when it comes to stairs!

      with wordpress, my amazing hubby fixed it last night & didn’t tell me–stinker. SO I could find out today & be surprised. He’s the bomb diggity. but thank you!

      happy Friday!

  5. I had the WordPress thing happen to me a couple times last week too. I just thought maybe it was because our internet had gone out for a few minutes or something? Ha, I have no idea.

    I love the enchilada bowl idea! I would take the recipe request as a compliment girl! 😉

    • Yah the wordpress thing was uber weird?! Jared fixed it last night & the stinker didn’t tell me so I’d be surprised this morning. He’s the best.

      Yahhhhhh I wish I could take everything as a compliment these days, but daaannnnggg are these hormones making more irritable & annoyed! hahaha 😉

  6. Ohh pizza!! I definitely need that in my life too :)

  7. My apartment is a second-story, but it’s a two floor apartment so if I’m heading straight upstairs…it’s three flights. Cannot imagine how much more difficult that would be when pregnant! That’s weird about the WordPress issue, I don’t think I’ve ever had that happen to me before…hopefully you guys figure it out!
    I’m camping this weekend, so I think that I *need* some roasted marshmallows…and maybe a few drinks 😉

  8. You get a free pass to get annoyed at stupid things when your pregnant 😉

  9. Hahaha love this post. And yes the missed schedule thing has happened to me for ages- but it happens sporadically



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