Make The Sacrifice

hey friends!

Good morning :)

Yesterday I had a great morning, actually! I met my amazing friend, Maria and her cute boy, Parker, for breakfast at Kneaders.

Hello award-winning, delicious french toast. With a side of carmelized sugary syrup (best ever). <3

kneaders french toast

We had a lovely morning & it reminds me what amazing friends & loved ones I have around me.


I feel so lucky!


So even though I am not necessarily training for fitness in the sense that I am wanting to increase my fitness right now (thanks to baby girl), doesn’t mean I can’t write or talk about how to up the ante. I still know a thing or two. 😉

And something’s been bothering me a bit lately….

When I hear people say that going to the gym (or on a run, or whatever) is just too hard.

It doesn’t fit their schedule. It isn’t convenient. It is too early to wake up. blah blah blah blah.

Pretty sure having a chronic disease & not being able to move well is harder.

Just sayin’.

And if you don’t take care of your health & fitness now, you’re going to be dealing with that. Promise.

Yes, I am harsh. Yes, I tell the truth. And yes, I am really good at being honest.

It’s just that in my line of work, I am here to help you PREVENT illness & other disease states by taking care of your health NOW.


I know that a lot of you do this, but there might be some who need a lil’ reminder.

Make the Sacrifice

So guess what? If you want to get healthy, fit, or change something about your current situation, you MUST make the sacrifice necessary to do so.

You must decide what is most important to you. And then you must go after it & put the work in. Whatever the cost.

If you need to a hire a babysitter, do it. If you need to wake up 20 minutes earlier? Do it. If you need to buy a treadmill or other piece of equipment to have it even more conveniently nearby? Do it.

I am proud of one of my sisters–she had her husband scour craigslist for days until he found the best deal for an elliptical. And she’s hardly taken a day off since getting one! (Other than a mandatory rest day I mandate she takes weekly. Hah! 😉 ) She lets her boys play with their toys while she’s exercising, and yes, that comes at a lil’ cost because sometimes they mess the house up a bit…..but to her, that is worth it. Her health is worth it!

Anything worth having comes with a little bit of sacrifice. <3

That sacrifice looks different on each person, yes, but it MUST happen.


I often ask my peeps at the gym what sacrifice they made that morning or evening to come to the gym. Let that sink in with them. There is always something they could’ve been doing, but instead they chose the gym.

They did something to make going to the gym happen–they put themselves & their health first, over something else. That is sacrifice.

Find out what it is that is keeping you back, and make the necessary sacrifice for your health.

I’m right there with you! :)


Thankful Thursday

  1. I am thankful for ice cold (clean) water. Seriously–I can’t drink water at room temp anymore.
  2. I am super thankful for thoughtful in-law family!
  3. I am grateful for cotton skirts & maxi skirts. Oh yessss.

So, YOU tell me, what is YOUR sacrifice this week in regards to YOUR health & fitness??! What are YOU thankful for today?!

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  1. Very true! In order to improve our health, we have to put in the effort to get there. This week, I’ve been going to the gym after work. It means that I sacrifice being able to come straight home and collapse on the couch for a while, but it’s worth it! (and by going after work I’m sleeping in in the morning, which is lovely).

  2. SO true! It’s gotta be a priority. Morning BodyPump class got cancelled today, so I’m planning to drive to the gym that’s further away so I can take it tonight! I wouldn’t want to be doing anything else.
    The French toast looks amazinggg too

  3. Caroline says:

    I choose exercising over a cleaning the fridge this morning!

  4. I am super thankful for ice water, especially on hot days. AND I’m trying to give up sugar before my wedding in October, but it is SO hard! Definitely a sacrifice.

  5. Great post, I completely agree. It may be more difficult for some people than others to get to the gym or find time for exercise, but in the end it is about priorities.

  6. Well said sista! I completely agree. I cannot stand it when people complain about why they cannot workout. There are 24 hours in the day. You can find 1 hour or at least 30 minutes to get out and do something to better your life. The complaint I hear the most is, I dont have time to get home, change, and drive back downtown to the gym. Why not buy the piece of equipment, like you said?! There- no excuses now if you have the treadmill/elliptical/bike or whatever at home. Ok, I am done ranting now! 😉

  7. Oh man, LOVE Kneaders French toast! So so good. And AMEN to everything you said! Couldn’t agree more! :)

  8. PREACH IT, GIRL!!! people sure can complain a lot when in reality their body puts up with a lot – itz our job to take care of it!!

  9. Very well said! Time is an allocatable resource and people make time for what is important to them so I get frustrated when I hear people say they “don’t have time to workout.” 9 times out of 10, it isn’t that they don’t have the time…it is that they lack the desire! I also think the sacrifices made aren’t just about looking good for bikini season – you work out to lengthen your life and improve the overall quality of your life!

    Love this post!

  10. Christi says:

    This has to be one of my favorite posts ever! Thank you!! I have to make sacrifices each night to go to the gym because I work full time, but it has been so worth it! I’m realizing more and more every day that I can take out any frustration I feel during the day at the gym and I don’t have to try and suppress those feelings by eating. It has been the most amazing change that I have ever experienced!

    • you’re welcome–thanks for reading!

      LOVE that you’re making the sacrifice–for your health & sanity 😉 Keep it up, girl!

  11. Nicole says:

    Several times this week, the motivation to hit the gym hasn’t been there….but then I read fitness blogs (like yours and other favorites) and I remind myself that even 20 minutes is better than nothing. So I tell myself to go for just 20-30 minutes, and it ALWAYS turns into an hour! …and I always feel a bazillion times better! Sometimes that first step is the hardest!

  12. Love this! I’m like you- sick of excuses. My mum’s the same and I wish she would just let me train her or something but she doesn’t have ‘time’. When she wants to do something about it she will- I hope she just doesn’t leave it too long ya know.



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