31 Weeks

Hey friends!

{If you missed my weekend recap b/c the blog was being weird yesterday, here it is!}

So last night we went & saw fast & furious 6 at a dollar theatre–it was pretty fun! I kinda like a good action movie that has crazy stunts.

I love doing simple things like that with Jared—he’s been busy with school lately, and yesterday he had a day off, so it was fun to take advantage while we can, of just going somewhere when we want too. 😉


speaking of the cute little girl…..

31 Weeks

Baby Perks is just over 31 weeks today and is about the size of a pineapple OR 4 navel oranges.

Here’s what Baby Perks has been up to this week:

  • Baby Perks is over 16 inches long and weighs about 3.3 pounds…and she’s apparently heading into a growth spurt!
  • She can turn her head from side to side, and her arms, legs, and body are beginning to plump out as needed fat accumulates underneath her skin.
  • She’s going through major brain, nerve, and eye development, and her irises now react to light.
  • All five of her senses are in working order.

And here’s what’s been happening with me this past week:

31 weeks pregnancy

How far along? 31 weeks (& 3 days)

Baby’s size? pineapple or 4 navel oranges

Total weight gain/loss: no idea. I’ll let ya know next week after my visit.

Stretch marks? still zero…which is kinda amaze, considering how much my belly’s grown!

Sleep: Good! Much better than last week’s roundup. Most of the nights this week I slept well, but there 1 or 2 that just did not go well (couldn’t fall back asleep after bathroom trip, was too hot, etc.) But I feel lucky, because most nights are great.

Best moment this week: Feeling like her room is finally coming together. For realz. It’s taking a nice shape! 😉 

Miss Anything? Same ole: Lying on my stomach. Super intense workouts. Not having my lower back hurt randomly. Less bathroom trips. And oh, not having her feet (?) UP IN MY RIBS. dang that hurts.

Movement: Like woah, still! She def has more legit sleep & wake cycles though–I kinda know when she’ll be ‘awake’ and when she’ll be asleep. She is most active right before I go to bed (of course!), and after I eat a substantial meal.

Food cravings: This week no real cravings, other than pizza & sparkling drinks. But that’s kind of the norm around here! Oh and max & cheese & lemonade.

31 weeks 31 weeks 31 weeks-pregnancy

Food aversions: Thankfully, absolutely nothing.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope!

Gender: GIRL <3

Labor Signs: No. I think I had a braxton hicks contraction the other day for the first time? Not even sure about that one….


  • getting up to go to the bathroom allllll night long.
  • eating constantly-but unable to eat a lot at once.
  • crying at any moment… this week was a bad one on that front! yikes.
  • getting super stoked about small things like buying pink hangers!
  • lower back pain comes & goes
  • hello! her body parts (I think it’s her feet) in my ribs. OUCH.
  • wanting to lie down instead of sit up–sitting is still the worst.
  • tying my shoes makes me breath harder! hah. so does walking up stairs. Apparently my lungs are squished…yes, yes they are.

Belly Button in or out? In. But it is slowly continuing to flatten.

Wedding rings on or off? On.

Maternity clothes? Nothing new. Still wearing the few tops I have plus ‘normal’ tops. I haven’t had to buy any maternity bottoms yet (I bought jeans just in case for later), so that’s been real nice. Summer cotton skirts for the win!

Baby items purchased? A bunch of things this week! Super adorable clothes (2nd hand, but looks brand new!), hangers, closet organizer, and diaper trash can. We also returned a gift we already had & bought a bouncer seat with that $.

Happy or moody most of the time: pretty darn happy! but lots of crying sessions occurred this week…

Funny moments this week: How freaking excited I get over small things like finding ‘perfect matching’ diaper & storage buckets. Weird-o! 😉

Looking forward to: Finishing up her room!


Fitness Thoughts at 31 weeks:

31 weeks-fit pregnancy 31 weeks-fit pregnancy

{pics are from yesterday before/after teaching BP/CX}

  • Once again, fitness-wise I feel pretty good. I feel like a broken record saying it though!  Personally, I think being active has helped me so so much. I feel more like myself when I get that endorphin high, so I’m definitely less apt to get caught up in what I look like & all that jazz that comes with a changing body. (And, from the research I’ve done, baby girl gets some of those endorphins too. Wahoo!)
  • This week I had to dumb down some of my movements while teaching Zumba, though. As the instructor you can sneakily pretend to be doing more than you are. 😉 That is what’s so magical about being pregnant & the instructor….you tell ’em what to do, and then you proceed to offer (& do) modifications. I just go with this based off of how I am feeling that day! And when I taught Zumba this week, I wasn’t feelin’ it like I normally do, so wahlah! Modify!
  • I’ve been really enjoying doing lunges for some reason lately…not sure if it’s because it puts less pressure on my back then squats or what? But I’ll take it! Usually I don’t love lunges…
  • I am hanging on to only a few fitness tops that work well (and aren’t too short), so if you see them over & over in the next few weeks….that is why. Hah! :)


Have a GREAT day!! <3

What are some fitness moves YOU enjoy doing lately??! Pregnant-ladies or moms: what is THE best item you got or bought for your baby??! Also, nursing bras & tanks–recommendations anyone?! thanks!

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  1. You look great and soooo happy! Love that dress too. If you don’t mind my asking, where’d you find it?

    Yay for new baby clothes! I can’t wait until I have my shower so that I can go ahead and buy all the stuff I need after seeing what’s still on my registry.

  2. I can’t believe you haven’t had to buy any maternity bottoms yet! That’s awesome, and totally saves money. Maternity clothes ain’t cheap! I was wearing them at 12 weeks pregnant. Haha! I carried really low though, and it was cold so no skirts for me. If you realize you need any for the end weeks, let me know, I have a couple pairs of jeans you may want to try!

    Best thing I got for Hunter? Hmmm, SWING! I thought it may come in handy, but I never knew just how much Hunter would love his swing. It was my lifesaver (still is sometimes) to get him to sleep well!

    • So true–maternity clothes are def not cheap. Thanks for the offer, I’ll let you know if I need ’em! (My hips were already pretty wide, so they haven’t grown much…..we shall see!)

      I def want to get a swing–it sounds amazing!

  3. You look awesome, lady! Happy to hear that everything’s going well. Lately in the gym I’ve been loving one-legged kettlebell deadlifts and good mornings – my hamstrings are weak, so it’s been a good challenge getting them strengthened up a bit!

  4. Katie says:

    What a cute preggo lady! Yes! Single leg exercises do put less pressure on your low back–I had some low back issues and my amazing physical therapist prescribed plenty of lunges, clam shells, pilates side kick series, etc. Hope it starts feeling better!

  5. Being super preggers in the summer months is the best (clothes wise). Looking great! Getting so lose

  6. 4 oranges?! Haha. These fruit comparisons are cracking me up.

    You look absolutely adorable! I love how active you’re able to be. :)

  7. Super cute dress!

    My favorite fitness moves of late: 2x a week yoga, stability ball hip thrusters, kegels (a must for every pregnant lady), and a variety of squats (goblet w/kettlebell, BOSU, barbell). Oh and swimming! It’s so nice to feel weightless even if it is just 30 minutes!

    The best baby item we’ve received: B.O.B stroller & Chicco KeyFit 30 carseat combo. I’ve also been given a TON of clothes. At this point, I won’t have to buy her clothes until 12/18 months!

    A good friend of mine recommended Bravado nursing tanks. They receive awesome reviews on Amazon. So, I ordered 2 yesterday with gift cards from our baby shower for D-day and postpartum.

    • amen to the swimming!

      I love our chicco keyfit 30 car seat too (haven’t used it yet, obv. but I already like it. hah!)

      Thanks for the tip on nursing tanks!

  8. You look great!! Congrats on keeping up with your fitness routine and just feeling great all over. The best item I bought for my baby was the swing/ bouncer and the “gym”. I have a curious question: Now that you’re pregnant… how many calories do you consume a day? Thanks!

    • Ooooh yes, a gym would be nice to have for her too! 😉

      I don’t count calories-haven’t in years. So no idea! I eat when I am hungry, and stop when I am full–and so each day varies. I probably eat anywhere between 8-9 times per day though b/c my stomach is getting squished! hah

  9. Target for the nursing tanks! I wore them everyday when I was nursing Em for 13 months. They are awesome. Several of my friends rave about the nursing bras too and they are all super affordable!

    Best thing I had in the beginning was a Moby wrap. Babywearing saved my sanity :)

  10. #cutestbabybumpever!

  11. Anne Marie says:

    I love the size: Pineapple or 4 navel oranges haha:)

  12. I remember in high school we used to buy pineapples and eat them for good luck. You’re holding a lot of luck in your belly right now! 😀

  13. You are a gorgeous pregnant lady! You seriously just glow!

  14. looking good sweetie!!
    you’re too cute — seriously the best looking mamma to be!

  15. I cannot believe you’ve gone 31 weeks without having to break out the maternity pants! GO you! I suppose the fact that it’s summer and easy breezy dresses are available helps some too. Your little bump is the cutest thing!



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