Friday Faves

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Happy FRIDAY to us!


Friday Faves

1. Can I just say how much I adore my husband??

He is the most thoughtful guy in the world….here’s why.

So the other night I got upset about something stupid that had nothing to do with Jared (hello hormones), and decided to just go to bed kinda frustrated. I said goodnight & all that jazz to him, but still.

The next morning I got up and got ready & came to my desk (Jared leaves before I get up most mornings), and there sitting on my desk chair was a note & wrapped gift from Jared.

I immediately burst into tears. Naturally.

He got me what I’ve been wanting for MONTHS now.

friday faves

he is a keeper, that is for sure. <3

oh, and when I texted him about it/thanking him, etc., he told me I deserved it.

No bud, not really. I don’t even deserve you sometimes, but thanks for thinking that! 😉

2. Pizza, how I love thee.

I am sure you’ve heard me wax poetic about pizza before, but dannnnggg I love it.

pizza -friday faves

Homemade. From a restaurant. Delivered. Eaten out.

Love it all.

3. The perks of being a blogger….

Companies sometimes find YOU & then are like ‘let’s send her free stuff!’ Haha. COOL.

This showed up on my doorstep:

chobani flips -friday faves

I was totally stoked because a) I love Chobani already b) I have never tried the flips and c) it was free. :)

The ups guy was like uhhhh “yogurt?” hah. yes. I got yogurt sent to my door.

Thanks, Chobani!

4. I am loving Microsoft Excel.

Yep, that sounds super nerdy. But alas, I’ve been doing a project for work that uses Excel more than I’ve ever used it, and to be honest? It’s pretty darn cool. Very smart program.

My brother in law (major nerd –he’s a computer engineer/genius, but he’s awesome), actually swears by excel. He looooovvees it.

5. I also have been lovin’ on chips & salsa lately.

It’s a classic & it sticks around….there is a reason for that!

friday faves-chips & salsa

My husband found that cool trick online (of how to make the chips look like they’re in a bowl & you don’t have to dig down into the bag). Nifty.

6. Fresh fruit is my friend.

I don’t care what crazy stuff out there says fruit is bad for you. They’re all liars & totally wrong.

Yes it has sugar in it, but hello?! Vitamins, fiber, and other antioxidants & nutrients, people?! I’d much rather see people downing grapes than m&ms any day. So any word on ‘stay away from fruit’ is lamesauce IMO.

fruit -friday faves

7. I am slightly vain in the fact that I love being tan. So sue me.

I’ve mentioned this before, but I just LIKE being tan. I always wear sunscreen (duh), but I turn a nice shade of brown when I am in the sun. And I like it!

My tan from earlier in the summer is fading (sad!) because of some bad weather, not having time to be at the pool, etc.

Well, I am FIXING that this weekend! I’ve already checked the weather & there is a bright big sun for Saturday. Woot!

8. I won a giveaway!

I totes won a giveaway on Lauren’s blog & have thoroughly been enjoying my prize.

friday faves- flapjacked

I won 3 bags of FlapJacked Protein Pancake mix, and they are yumm! I’m lazy in the kitchen (you all knew this), so these bags are a lifesaver.

I also love that there is no artificial or fake anything in the ingredients, and they’re high in protein. OH, and the co. is run by a super cute family from Colorado. Great story, great products!

9. There is a lot of joy in talking to a best friend on the phone!

I just had to throw that one out there. Talking on the phone to a good friend who just GETS you is really amazing. No matter time or distance, those kinds of friends will always be a true friend. I’m lucky to have a few of those in my life, and am so grateful for their friendship!

So if you’re having a bad day, call up a good friend or sibling–it is so uber helpful!

10. I’ve liked a few quotes lately that I’ve pinned. 

Here are some! (See the rest by following moi & all are linked in my page there)


Well you all have yourselves a LOVELY weekend!! <3

What are some of YOUR Friday faves??! Any fun weekend plans on YOUR agenda??! Do YOU like the Chobani Flips–if so, which one is YOUR fave?!

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  1. Aww Jared is so sweet and thoughtful. We really did get lucky with our men, huh? I tell Cody I don’t deserve him all the time. We are blessed!

    Totally agree about the “stay away from fruit” thing – uhh, dumb. Fruit is da bomb.

  2. LOVE the chobani flips – such an amazing and generous company! The coco flip is my favorite!!

  3. Chobani left Canada. We don’t get their delicious flavors and yogurts anymore. I’m soo bummed! My Boyf travels to the states a lot, and always BBM’s me a photo of the flavor of chobani he’s eating. hahahaha it’s so sad :(

  4. We don’t have Chobani in Canada anymore, so anytime someone I know is headed to the States I always make them pick some up for me – I haven’t tried the flips yet though!

  5. Awe, so sweet of your Husband. For sure a keeper.
    And I’m SO with you on fresh fruit, I actually just posted an article I read today on my blog in defence of fruit. I mean, let’s get real fruit is healthy! It’s natures candy;)
    Have a beautiful weekend!

  6. Your husband is SO sweet! Love love love. Those flips rock. The key lime is our favorite. I haven’t seen the strawberry one. YUM. Chobani has my heart :)

  7. Thoughtful little gifts like that (or even just a note!) are just the best. What a sweet guy!
    I love being tan too- I am so much more tan now living in CO!! I know it’s not good for me, but ehhhh….
    I’m so glad you’re loving the flapJacked pancakes- I love them too!! I rotate which one if my favorite. Currently I’m obsessed with the apple cinnamon. :)

  8. OH MY GOSH I totally love how sweet Jared is!!!! Christian somewhat did the same thing yesterday night. I got mad at him for canceling plans with me that afternoon so I went to my room and tried to go to sleep. Not even 5 minutes later he knocked on my door and told me he was sorry. It was so sweet! We have the best guys <3

  9. bahaha, “I like being tan.” Girl, you’re speaking my language. I hate feeling pale, it just makes me feel sickly looking! I’m with you, for sure! :) And so, so sweet of your husband..those little moments are the BEST!! Have a good weekend love!!

  10. That’s so sweet of Jared!:) Probably just made your morning.
    Yay for FlapJacked! They’re so yummy.
    And I’m a huge excel nerd. Give me a spreadsheet and some data and I’ll play for hours.

  11. I also rec’d some Chobani flips! They are so good. I actually liked the coconut, even tho I am not a coconut fan. Who knew!! I want to try the flapjacks!! I’ve hearing people rave about them, plus lots of protein!! 😉

  12. I vote you give tips on how to use excel- I hate it and find it fairly useless 😛

    • uhhhhhh. I’m not that great is the problem. I’m doing the bare minimum to get by. 😉 But maybe I’ll have my bro-in-law do one! He is a genius with it!


  13. You and your husband are so cute, but he’s right- you do deserve it! :) I just got some free indian food just cause I’m a blogger, and I felt so special! Chobani would be insane to get though! yummm! I got my tan on this summer and am loving it! Don’t feel vain. Sunkissed skin is lovely to have :)

  14. That was soo sweet of Jared! Sometimes a tiny gesture like that makes everything better :) This weekend we are visiting my fiance’s brother in Indiana.. they are golfing today so I get to explore the town on my own :)

  15. I think the honey banana one is really good! You are soooo lucky to get so much free Chobani!!! Just tried lemon for the first time and freaked out.
    Those Trader Joe’s sweet potato chips are my absolute fav! Late July makes a great SP chip too! It’s hard to beat TJ’s though :)

  16. Your hubby IS a sweetheart! You should definitely keep him around. 😉 I LOVE being tan too. I’m so sad because my tan is quickly fading. Boo! Girl, I’m all about some fruit too. Those fruit haters can get over it.

  17. Phoebe says:

    can u post the tips of making the chips bowl-like? it will come handy in parties! 😀

    i find tanning amusing. i`m from hong kong, n even though i`m living in canada now, i have the Asian mentality that white skin = better. i`m more open to tan now, but my mum freaks out at how dark i`ve got hahaa!
    funny how pale-skinned people wana be tan, n yellow-skinned people wana be white… i guess we humans want what we don`t have! lol

    • It is online–jared said it is on! enjoy! (you fold the bottom of the bag in certain ways!)

      I see what you mean about white vs. dark wanting to be the other sometimes. Funny how we are! hah!




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