Delaying Gratification

Hey, hey. Good morning!

First of all, I am doing reeaaalllly well. Here is why:

cocoa almond spread


Oh man, this stuff is GOOD. Trader Joe’s seriously wins every time. I don’t know if I’ve bought a product from there that I didn’t love??

{It’s the Cocoa Almond Spread & it’s on top of a delicious zucchini banana bread muffin Ashley gave me. Sweet, right?}

So I feel like this week is flying by…kinda weird yah? I’ve also felt really productive lately (which is maybe why I feel like time is going so fast). Whew! However that is good that I’ve been pretty productive because my to-do list seems to grow longer by the day–both at work & home life….


And speaking of that, there is a reason my to-do list tends to be longer than probably most’s to-do list…..

I am not a “just get it now” shopper. And when I act like that, I get upset with myself.

Let me explain.

Delaying Gratification

Lately we’ve had to buy a bunch of things for Baby Perks (duh). We obviously knew this going into getting pregnant, but it’s a bit tough for someone who hasn’t been an awesome spender in my teenage past (used too much of daddy’s credit cards ifyaknowwhatImean) and who’s really reigned in the spending & done pretty darn well with saving & not buying whatever I want. So now I try not to spend any extra money at all. Thus buying larger items that weren’t in our budget before is a bit of a tough ride for me.

We did decide upon a few items we were not going to buy 2nd hand, and then started scouring deals & craigslist & KSL (UT’s classifieds) to find the rest of the ‘big’ stuff.

We’ve been really really lucky & found either brand-new & almost-new items for everything we’ve bought 2nd hand so far. And if I hadn’t told you & you came over, you probably wouldn’t even know it wasn’t all bought brand new from the store. Not that I really care, but still. All the stuff is still really nice.

And it just goes to show that you do NOT have to have everything brand new, the best, the top choice, etc. for all you buy.

A lesson I’ve learned: if you do feel you need to get something, it is best delaying gratification for awhile….because it makes you really decide if you NEED it or WANT it. And to be honest, buying 2nd hand, you have to be patient. You have to be okay with not getting the item right away (I’ve had several things I wanted/was looking at bought before I could get there). And you learn that you will LIVE if you don’t get that item RIGHT now.

{source} ^kinda true…..but does it need to be?^

You see, I like being ‘done’ with a to-do list or item, and so it’d technically be much easier to just go to a store & BUY it. But I’ve actually learned a lot & have had a lot of fun being patient & finding even greater deals online.

Here’s where this relates to food & blogging: sometimes you just gotta have it NOW, yes, totally understand (and for me, this is often slurpees. hah!)…

But more often than not, you do not NEED it (cookie, protein bar, product, etc) rightthisminute.

But blog posts often make you feel like that. Not on purpose of course-bloggers aren’t trying to steal your money, but the way products are placed & advertised & reviewed on blogs, it stimulates a response in me of “I think I need that. Now.”

Anyone else??

And on the food side…well, with binge or emotional eating, I learned to tell myself that I could have another cookie (or 4) TOMORROW. Delaying gratification worked wonders in my recovery. It helped me to slow down & not just cram food in my face because I was stressed. It helped me reduce my bingeing to less & less because I told myself I could have more tomorrow.

Delaying gratification is really powerful, actually, because it teaches us patience and the ability to WAIT for something we want. Usually most of the things I THINK I need are merely wants. So delaying gratification allows me to take a step back & decide if that is really a WANT or a NEED.

And if you’re struggling with binge or emotional eating, I highly suggest trying this strategy out. Pause for a moment & remind yourself the cookies, the ice cream, the pretzels, etc. will all be there tomorrow & you can have it tomorrow if you want it. It does amazing things to the mind when you know you can have it….but just at a later date.

And then usually you don’t even want it then!

Same goes with buying ‘stuff.’ If you wait a bit, you’ll often find you don’t really need or want that item.


{pinterest can be the worst with this. hah! but don’t you love those boots? :) }

Of course if it’s still on your mind and/or you really you feel you need it, then buy it or eat it. Just try doing it at a later date or time-not rightthatsecond. I promise it’s really cool to practice self control & restraint! 😉

Someone once wisely said this: “don’t give up what you want most for what you want right now.” Yah. That applies perfectly.

And to be totally honest here, this is a constant work in progress for me too(!!)–as I mentioned above, I sometimes do buy out of impulse & it can be quite a rush & pretty fun, but I usually feel sort of guilty afterwards because the items are usually not a NEED & I know better. I should’ve spent more time researching, thinking about it, and then deciding, etc.

So just know I wrote this because I’m working on it too, and it’s been a fun journey to see how good it feels by delaying gratification & practicing a lil’ self control! 😉

Thankful Thursday

  1. I am thankful for sparkling lemonade. It just satisfies my thirst & happiness so well!
  2. I am grateful for thoughtful sisters who send me awesome videos that make me smile. :)
  3. I’m also really thankful for my washer & dryer–I did a ton of laundry the other day, and it reminded me how lucky I am to not have to do it all by hand.


Have a FABULOUS day! <3

What are YOUR thoughts on delaying gratification?!? Any good stories to share??! What is something delicious YOU’ve eaten from Trader Joe’s??! What are YOU thankful for today?!

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  1. this is a really interesting post – especially what you said in regards to food. itz like food for thought haha

  2. I love TJs…they do have the BEST products ever. I need to go back and get more raw unsalted AB- that stuff is my crack ;). I’m actually a very conscious shopper- I have a tendency to buy very little. I actually need to start buying a bit more as I’m realizing a lot of my wardrobe is from last decade 😉

    • I love TJs too :)

      That is awesome that you’re a conscious shopper! I am now-thankfully! And yep, I havent’ shopped for real clothes in like a year. hah.

  3. I agree about delaying gratification on some things. Usually the longer I wait, I either realize I don’t need to purchase the item or I appreciate it even more because I worked harder to save up $$ for it–like buying new appliances. (I still do this as an adult!) I am worse when it comes to clothes. My wardrobe is sad.

    TJ’s is amazing. Some of my favorites are sunflower butter, spicy buffalo jerky, coconut milk ice cream, gluten free waffles, brownie mix in the yellow box (yes, a box mix!) chocolate covered espresso beans, and they have really nice bars of soap!

    What are YOUR thoughts on delaying gratification?!? Any good stories to share??! What is something delicious YOU’ve eaten from Trader Joe’s??! What are YOU thankful for today

  4. YES! So well said girl. This is definitely something that I’ve had to learn too, and sometimes I found myself learning it the hard way. It comes easier to me now (when it comes to buying stuff AND eating!), but it was definitely more of a challenge for me in my early college years. You’re awesome!

  5. Love that E-card about target- so true! LOL

    I’m working on the patience thing, in life and everything. It’s hard but I know that it is important…good things take time!!

    I’ve been obsessing over TJ’s granola/praline mix lately. I add it to my yogurt/berries every night for my dessert and it gives it some crunch! Love it!

  6. Awesome tips! I’ve been finding that my spending’s been a little out of control lately with shopping, so I’ll try it out next time I’m at the mall (which is this weekend because I need to buy b-day presents).
    Considering the lack of Trader Joe’s in Canada I’ve only ever been there once, but I was all over the cat cookies…those are awesome.

  7. Target is the devil! I fully agree. We just got Target here in Toronto and the prices are not even as good as in the US. My parents live in Michigan and they shop at Trader Joe’s all the time! Great store.

  8. I love Trader Joe’s! I haven’t been there in over a YEAR now (WHAT?!) but I need to go back! I love finding good deals! I got my college math textbook for $47 “like new” instead of 240 brand new. Ummm yes!

  9. I so need to try this with food. I’m bad about over eating at night b/c iwantitnow! lol As far as shopping goes, I just can’t spend money. I’m so cheap. The husband has to MAKE me buy things!

  10. I love this post Annette! What a great lesson that we all need to learn…er…work on learning. :-) Like you, I have a really hard time letting go of money, even if it’s something I do need, or want-and will get lots of use out of. But, my husband is a great reminder to me that it’s OK to treat yourself every once in a while. That said…I LOVE the idea of delaying gratification. I think this goes with work too. Sometimes I tend to be a work-a-holic and think I need to do everything, and get everything done right.this.minute. Truth is, it could wait. If I stop, take a breather, go on a walk with the hubby, throw some frisbee, whatever…and still feel like I need to finish what i was working on, then I will. Usually though, it can wait until tomorrow. (but then there’s the whole procrastination thing…geez!)



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