Friday Confessions {5}

Hey friends!

Happy Friday to us all. <3

I am taking work off today & enjoying my family to the max. So excited about this!

But today I have a few confessions for ya….don’t judge, and enjoy. 😉

Friday Confessions {5}

1. I yarfed 4 times at over 30,000 feet.

So I didn’t mention this the other day because I’d already prepared my post, but because I share a lot on this ole’ blog of mine, I figured I’d share the kinda hilarious/grossness with ya….

The plane flight to StL was less than fun….I yarfed 4 different times on one of the flights.

Luckily it was into the white bags….and my seatmates were awesome & got me more bags & called the flight attendant over to give me napkins & allow me to use the bathroom (even though it was still a bit turbulent & rocky).

Major yuck. Flying over the rocky mountains with bad weather = very, very sick Annette.

I’ve always had motion sickness (as do my mom and a sister, and my grandmother did too), but pregnancy makes it 100000000x worse. I’m luckily it was only 4x….

Now I can say that I threw up at over 30000 feet in the air. Not many can claim that feat. 😉


2. I adore Linz more & more every time I hang out with her!

friday confessions Linz

If you aren’t a regular to her blog, you MUST be. Linz is one of the most genuine, hilarious, kind, and beautiful friends I’ve ever had. And did you know that we’ve been friends for over 25+ years?! We were meant to be!

We toasted our friendship with beet juice (naturally), and ate a delicious lunch together.

friday confessions friday confessions

We chatted up a storm & had a blast. I <3 her!

3. I love being Swiss….especially on the 1st of August!

IMG_6399 IMG_6405 friday confessions friday confessions swiss

Yummy Swiss food & breads, fireworks, cake, and decorations galore!

Not to mention being with a bunch of family.

friday confessions


4. I am really tired.

Not gonna lie. I am so so tired. Baby girl is really growing in there lately, I think!

5. I’m secretly reeeaaalllllyy excited for my baby shower on Saturday!

I am grateful for awesome sisters/mom & friends who are coming to support me & celebrate with me. I can’t wait!

I also very blessed.

6. I really miss Jared.

This one is kind of a duh, but I just do. He completes me. We are a perfect match, so when I’m away from him, it is sad.

I think that’s when you know someone is really good for you–that even when you’re with your favorite people (my family), you miss him/her.

And when that happened during our beginning of relationship, I knew there was something special about him & our relationship. He is the bomb dot com!


And ending on that mushiness, I’m off!

Have a WONDERFUL weekend!! <3

What are some of YOUR Friday confessions?!? Have YOU ever yarfed on an airplane??! What are YOUR weekend plans?!

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  1. aw i didn’t know you were sick on the plane :( sorry to hear that! always so good catching up with you – wish we had more time!! but i will see you tomorrow!!!!! xoxo

  2. Oh no! I’m so sorry you ended up throwing up on the plane! No fun!

    Glad to hear you’re having a fun time with family! Enjoy your day off. :)

  3. Ugh, that sucks about the airplane! Hope you have an awesome weekend with your family!

  4. Oh no! I can only imagine how uncomfortable it would be to feel ill on a plane. I’m not a fan of flying in the first place, so that would definitely difficult. Hope you enjoy your baby shower this weekend!! :)

  5. I have never gotten sick from traveling – thank goodness! The only time I’ve felt blech was on a cruise. That was no fun. Baby showers are SO much fun – I loved both of mine. OH, and my girls are growing a lot right now too – I am dying right now of tiredness. DYIINNNNNNNGGGG (dramatic much?) But the tiredness might have something to do with this little cold I’ve developed as well.

  6. I love you and I love Linz. You two are fun!
    I’m kind of obsessed with the fact that you had a little juice cheers. So cute.
    I’m excited for you to be happy about your baby shower! Ah, I bet it will be a ton of fun!
    Have a great weekend!

  7. sorry about the not so fun airplane ride, boo.
    but glad you got to enjoy a lovely lunch with Liz!!
    yay for baby shower :) exciting!!

  8. Ooh I just popped over to Linz’s blog and I love it! You guys are such cute friends! Friendships that are old friendships are some of the best kinds around!

  9. Aw, hate that you had such a bad plane ride. Hopefully the way back will be better. I love Lindz’s blog. You’re right, she’s so genuine and I love reading what she writes. Your lunch looks SO good! Hope you enjoy your weekend with family!

  10. I’m so sorry girl!! I get motion sickness too, but I’ve never thrown up on a plane. You and Linz give each other big hugs for me! Love both of you!



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