Eating Sweets: A Discussion

Hey friends!

How’s it hanging? I’m now in StL! Wahoo!

I’m here for the rest of the week/weekend working, having fun, spending time with family (& friends–can’t wait to see Linz!), and having a baby shower on Saturday. Sadly it’s just me & Baby Perks here, Jared had to stay back & do school. :(

But alas, I am grateful to be here!


Controlling Sweets’ Portion Sizes

So in case you didn’t know, I am like 79% Swiss. My mom immigrated to the U.S.A. when she married my dad, and most of my dad’s entire line comes from Switzerland (as well as Germany & England).

That being said, (good) chocolate RUNS in my blood. My veins. My appetite. I am a chocolate fanatic, and chocolate snob. I will not eat crappy chocolate, and I savor the amazing Swiss chocolate I can get my hands on. I loooovvveee it.

This is the same for my entire family. And if anyone is dating someone who doesn’t like chocolate, they pretty much can’t marry that person.

#notkidding 😉

Most of my family gatherings involve really yummy Swiss chocolate & other treats (my dad and I & a few siblings are obsessed with ice cream too). So you can only imagine what this can create!

eating sweets: a discussion

An overload of sweets.

{p.s. no one in my family is overweight either, interestingly enough…and there is no diabetes, cancer, or heart issues.  We’re all really physically active too btw. Just wanted to throw that out there!)

I used to have major issues with this sweets’ thing. When I was anorexic I’d be scared of any and all family gatherings & holidays. They were the worst (sadly!). I was so focused on NOT eating the treats that I really wasn’t ‘living.’ And then in my binge & emotional eating days I’d eat SO many treats & chocolate I’d feel sick pretty much the whole time and would tell myself “okay just 1 more.” …10 more later, I was feeling awful-about myself & physically.

Nowadays I eat treats when I want them & how ever much I want them. I usually stop when I am satisfied.

The other night though, I came upon a treat that I had to mentally remind myself to stop after only a few more…..

eating sweets: a discussion


Thank you, Trader Joe’s. These bad boys were so darn good, and because I took the bag with me into my bed (don’t judge, pregnancy wipes me out!), it was a disaster waiting to happen.

I would say that I ate slightly past satisfied. I didn’t eat the whole bag or even half the bag, but I knew I was satisfied before I ended up stopping.

Simply because I WANTED more I ate a few more. And gosh darn it, I was going to eat it! But after I ate what ended up being the final few, I wasn’t feeling awesome & it tasted too sweet. So I stopped.

So for sweets’ portion sizes, I usually stop at an amount of sweets before I get even close to uncomfortable. Sweets just aren’t as tantalizing as they used to be for me, and so, I need less.

eating sweets: a discussion

The experience the other night with the popcorn confirmed that for me. Yes I ate a bit past satisfaction, but I also recognized that feeling pretty quickly & put the bag away. I didn’t want to ruin the treat by it making me feel sick!

Interestingly though, my sister says she only stops eating really good treats because she knows it isn’t good for her to eat a lot at once (she exercises daily, eats really healthy, but loves her treats). She says she never really feels ‘sick’ or ‘done’ with a really good treat. She says her sweets tolerance level is really high & so she has to actively stop herself from eating more.

1 of her little sons? He’s exactly the same way as her! Which is kind of funny–he could eat chocolate for days if allowed to! But her husband? He, like my husband, only needs a little bit, feels satisfied, and will really feel physically ill if he eats too many sweets.

My sister never feels ‘ill’ from too many sweets.

Interesting right?

eating sweets: a discussion

And I, once again, usually end up feeling sick or uncomfortable if I overeat sweets, so I have that ‘sensor,’ if you will.

{this pic above, for example, was at a family party. I only ate about 4 bites of the cake, and that ice cream plus another small scoop. I didn’t want the cake really, I wanted the ice cream! So I stopped eating the cake}


I want to hear from YOU on this topic!

How do YOU know how much/when to stop eating sweets??! Are YOU a feeler like me, or do YOU just ‘know’ you need to stop for health reasons, even thought YOU could keep going & not feel sick?? p.s. what is a favorite item of YOURS from Trader Joe’s??

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  1. i’m totally like your sister. i could eat a gallon of ice cream and not feel sick. i do need to stop because itz not healthy….! SEE YOU SOON!!!!!!!!!

  2. I could eat and eat and eat sweets and savory foods and never feel sick!! My body just doesn’t know when enough is enough 😉 I am like your sister in the way that I have to remind myself that I only need a little bit to satisfy my sweet tooth, after that it is just eating to eat! And now I am going to go find a cupcake for breakfast 😉 #healthylivingblogger!

    • That’s so interesting that you don’t really ever ‘feel sick’–hence why I wanted to have this discussion! I never knew my sister wasn’t alone before?!? 😉

  3. I’m actually a bit of a mix of you and your sister. I could eat sweets for days and not feel sick (except for some really sugary candies), but I do recognize a “satisfied” feeling. I’m still learning to actually stop when my stomach tells me I’m satisfied but my mouth still wants to taste more. I haven’t mastered the self-control piece of that, but I’m working on it and improving each day!

  4. I’m absolutely your sister – I’m pretty sure I could eat plain sugar by the spoonful and not feel sick at all (I don’t do that, obviously)…my tolerance for sweets is so high! So I have to practice portion control with my sweets, because I can down a whole plate without a second plate. So it means I have to get my portion and put it away (or, remove myself from it) or I’ll just keep nibbling at it.

  5. Definitely not a feeler. I cannot just open a package of sweets and be expected to stop when I am satisfied. The key for me is to take out what I think (according to the package and my level of hunger) is the appropriate portion size and just eat that. Same goes for cakes and cookies. I take one or half and walk away. Otherwise there goes the chocolate covered popcorn!! Self-control is certainly not my strong suit 😉

  6. I have a complicated relationship with sugar-I’m super interested in its metabolism and how our bodies process it, yet I definitely eat it…probably too much. I have a low sugar tolerance (i.e. I feel sick and it makes me crazy), but I’m not the best at stopping! That’s a bad combination! I think my awareness of what it will do to me helps me rein myself in though.

  7. Sienna says:

    I love sweets but definitely feel sick if I eat too much especially with candy. I can get headaches (and even tell when they may happen) if I eat too much candy. Like Aurora, this doesn’t always stop me from eating more sweets than my body would like but that’s something I’m working on. I’ve found now that one square of chocolate from a large candy bar often is enough and that more than that will make me feel sick. It’s hard to imagine now eating an entire candy bar (regular size Milky Way for example) though I know I did it plenty of times as a kid!

  8. Nicole says:

    I’m like your sister and have a hard time reaching the limit of sweets. The only time I feel physically ill from having too much is when my stomach just plain runs out of room to hold it all. My major downfall of eating too much sweets is that I fall asleep shortly after an indulgence! It’s like my blood sugar rises, then crashes down so low that I can’t keep my eyes open!

  9. Oooooh man that chocolate covered popcorn looks dangerously good. Mail me some and I’ll help relieve the temptation 😉

  10. Chatelaine says:

    I eat sweets until I’m sick and every time I’m taking what I think is my last bite I’m chowing down more. It’s bad when I fall off the wagon. There was a time in my life where I could eat just a bite, or a square or one cookie and be fine but then I cut sweets out all together because I didn’t need them anymore. Something has since changed and if a box of chocolates enters my home I will devour it, feel horribly and completely ill both physically and mentally and then have a sugar crash the next day. Full on sugar hangover where my head is cloudy and I feel lethargic. But will that stop me if in another week another box of chocolates shows up, unfortunately no.

    I’m working on it. I currently have 2 boxes of chocolates in my pantry that I haven’t opened. The real test will be to open it and only have 1. I’m not ready yet.

  11. I love sweets and need to have a sweet daily. I have trouble stopping at just one portion…it’s so hard for me. I don’t get sick usually just feel bloated and I beat myself up over it later. I do have times that I can eat a small amount and I’m fine, but most of the time don’t know how to stop.

    • Awww girl. I’m sorry. :( don’t beat yourself up though, Tina <3 With time & practice it will come. It took me a long time to recognize what feeling 'sick' was & to slowly work my way away from doing that over & over. Loving ourselves is independent of what we eat. hugs!! <3

  12. I know that if I eat too many sweets I’ll feel sick from all of the sugar. That doesn’t mean I don’t eat them though! I love cookies and cakes and brownies and ice cream – but I make them treats, not daily occurrences because I know I”ll feel icky if I eat too many!

  13. Kaitlyn says:

    I am definitely like you…too many sweet makes me feel physically sick :(. I loooove my sweets though! I’ve learned to kind of eat intuitively in that way. If I’m really, really craving ice cream or chocolate (or whatever), I’ll have it, but just a little bit, and my craving typically goes away!

  14. Sweets are my downfall – I have such a hard time because I could eat them for days and never feel full, sick, or satisfied. Not a good combo. Most of my family is the same way – we joke that we must have a separate stomach for just dessert because there’s always room for more.

    I usually try to just not keep them in the house or I’ll do things like stop for fro yo or a small treat that is already “portioned” for me. It’s a work in progress. :)

  15. Thankfully, I do not have a huge sweet tooth because I’m also gluten intolerant. If I craved cake and cookies and brownies all the time with this condition, it would be a disaster. I’d say I’m more of a salty person than a sweet person. I crave weird and salty things like hot cheetos (gross, I know) 95% more than I crave sugar! Weird right? But occasionally high quality (non-hershey) chocolate is the best food in the entire world! haha

    I’ve noticed that the more often I eat sweets, the more I crave them. Thankfully I don’t eat them enough to have to seriously restrict myself!

  16. danielle says:

    tough questions, but great post as always!!!! having a murky history with food and ED’s, my sweet tooth and i have a love/hate relationship. first of all, i have always liked sweeets: my background is Asian/Swiss-German and my great-grandmother lived with us till i was 18, and she LOVED to cook and feed me sugary treats. i think i overindulged but didn’t have a fear of them till i got older and during my ED, when i restricted everything. then i went through a phase where i only ate sweets and nothing else, and went way overboard! i’ve been all over the place with sweets in my life, but today i’m happy to say me and sweets are “okay” with each other :)
    these days i know that i get a little sick and dizzy if i have too much, and have to either stop or have some protein. the protein/fat helps with my sick feeling, but i also have to stop myself from too much. now i have just a few bites and i’m good, but i will always allow them. i don’t like to think anything is off limits, just try to focus on health and what is good for me. i love how sweet cherries can be so tasty and more satisfying than junk sweets, but then again there are times when a hot fudge sundae is the ONLY thing that will do… hahaha
    love you girly!!!!! big sweet hugs and smiles

  17. Oh man ice cream is a dangerous thing to have around me!! I love chocolate and everything with chocolate! Have fun in STL!

  18. I’m like your sister – I could eat cake for days and never be “done.” You’re lucky! I try to tell myself that the First bite will taste the exact same as the last, so why eat it all? Sometimes it helps… but more often I have to physically walk away. My inner fat kid knows no limits. LOL!

    Have fun with Linz!!!

  19. I hardly ever feel sick after eating sweets – I only feel sick after eating too many almonds (strange, I know). That’s why it’s so hard for me to stop!! I just have to kind of not start, or understand that I’m going to indulge in some delicious treats. My FAV from trader joe’s is their granola!! Addicting!

  20. Ugh, I totally get sick if I eat too much. In fact, I don’t have a high tolerance for anything really sweet or rich. Dark chocolate is where it’s at in my book. The sweeter it is, the less (sadly) I can stand. Cheesecake, for example, is just too much for me. I LOVE me some salt though! That popcorn and I would probably make a happy couple. 😉

  21. LOVE sweets… ice cream every time. It’s my vice. But I run a lot, so i think that helps me justify it.

  22. I definitely have a sweet tooth, and really love chocolate! For me, it depends on the type of sweet. Things that are loaded with straight up sugar will have me feeling blah if I overindulge. Sweet fruit, high quality super dark chocolate, etc., I can overeat without realizing. I have to remind myself to stop.

  23. I think I’m on the way to being like you, but I use to be at a stage where I could eat it for days like your sister. My bfs weird and could just do with a few bites haha. Unless I don’t like it I could probably eat the whole thing hah- although I have experienced times when I’m like gosh can’t eat anymore of that. Weirddddd
    Ps. Sorry for the lack of commenting lately- but I’m back and have always been reading just not commenting hehe

  24. Annie says:

    I’m getting to it – I’m a binge eater on the road to recovery so I feel like all I’ve ever known is the feeling of sickness from sweets especially from anything with milk chocolate. That being said though, I had 2 cookies as an afternoon snack today and just before reaching for a third I told myself I could have another one after dinner tonight if I really wanted it which I did. BUT (and this is the lightbulb moment) after that last one I thought hey, this cookie is actually really sweet and I know i’ll feel physically bad/sick if I have another one. Surprisingly I didn’t want it and it didn’t even occur to me to eat a 4th one.

    I know it’s only “small progress” but I also know that that’s how it works :)



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