29 Weeks {Diapering}

Hey friends!

How’re you all doing?

I’m doing pretty great. Yesterday morning wasn’t so awesome because I totally didn’t hear my alarm & ended up sleeping an hour late! I was lucky I barely made it to the gym in time to teach! Yikes.

I must’ve needed my sleep?? But dude, that is not a fun feeling to wake up to. I’ve never hopped out of bed & gotten dressed so fast in my life!


Today it’s baby bump update time!

29 Weeks 

Baby Perks is just over 29 weeks today and is about the size of a butternut squash.

Here’s what Baby Perks has been up to this week:

  • Baby Perks weighs about 2 1/2 pounds and is a tad over 15 inches long from head to heel.
  • Her muscles and lungs are continuing to mature, and her head is growing bigger to make room for her developing brain.
  • To meet her increasing nutritional demands, mom needs plenty of protein, vitamins C, folic acid, and iron. And because her bones are soaking up lots of calcium, mom also has to be sure to drink her milk (yogurt & cheese & ice cream too!) This trimester, about 250 milligrams of calcium are deposited in my baby’s hardening skeleton each day.

And here’s what’s been happening with me this past week:

29 weeks-pregnancy update

Yay for my baby bump! (don’t ya love that I can’t look up & find the right place to stare? hah. p.s. check out my wild hair?!! This was after teaching a class.)

How far along? 29 weeks (& 3 days)

Baby’s size? Butternut squash

Total weight gain/loss: I’m +3 more since last checkup 1 month ago; bringing me to a total of 18 lbs gained so far.

Stretch marks? still zero (I’ve been rubbing belly butter more consistently on it lately-yay for remembering that!)

Sleep: Pretty good. I really sleep well for the most part. This week I couldn’t fall asleep one night so that was horrible. It was because I stayed up talking to Jared about plans for the future, and that always makes my mind race. Lesson learned: save those convos for the next day!  p.s. my tricks for a good rest are a great pillow (Technogel!), a fabulous mattress, no electronics after bed time, and my sleep mask. I also use a drop of some calming blend on my pillow/under my nose.

Best moment this week: Hearing Baby Perks’ heart beat at my appointment on Friday! She has a strong 133 HR. :) And, our making major headway on the room Baby Perks’ will sleep in! Good bye junk & extra stuff we don’t need! p.s. I also passed my glucose test & my iron levels are great. Wahoo!

Miss Anything? Lying on my stomach. Super intense workouts. Not having my lower back hurt randomly. Less bathroom trips.

Movement: She is moving like a champ, and she is definitely getting stronger. Her kicks & rolls pack quite the punch sometimes!

Food cravings: This week there was a lot of pizza, sparkling drinks (again), lemonade (again), whole wheat pasta & waffles, salads, cheese, a bit of tuna fish, smoothies, and fruit.

29 weeks-pregnancy 29 weeks-pregnancy 29 weeks -pregnancy update

Food aversions: Thankfully, nothing.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope! yay!


Labor Signs: No.


  • getting up to go to the bathroom allllll night long. I think this will continue til’ she is born!
  • eating constantly-but unable to eat a lot at once
  • crazy emotional
  • dragging my husband into the baby’s room to dejunk again (we finally made major headway!)
  • throwing away junk like whoa! And donating stuff like cray.
  • scouring ksl & craigslist for deals (and landing some! see below)
  • lower back pain comes & goes
  • wanting to lie down instead of sit up–sitting is the worst.

Belly Button in or out? In. But it is slowly starting to flatten! (I have a deep one, so this is kind of amaze to me)

Wedding rings on or off? On.

Maternity clothes? Wearing tops! I have yet to wear any maternity bottoms, but I have some jeans coming in the mail for the final month when it gets a bit colder.

Baby items purchased? We have an Ergo, a pink trash can, an orange blanket, and a diaper bag. We also have a car seat, and a Boppy pillow with a cover.

Annnnndddd because I’ve got skills with finding dealz (oh yessss), this weekend we found more great stuff for baby girl.

We got a pretty much brand-new Ikea crib, a pretty much brand new glider & ottoman, and a HUGE box of practically brand-new baby girl clothes (nb-9 months), from ksl! (The UT classifieds ads). All for just 280.

29 weeks-crib ikea 29 weeks-glider ottoman 29 weeks

So happy! This makes me feel like we’re finally getting a bit more prepared, especially because I felt a bit behind on gathering the essentials. Now she has a place to sleep, some clothes, and a place for me to rock her. I think we’re good to go! 😉 hah.

And yes, we decided to go dark on the furniture–I like the classier look & was worried about white in a kids’ room. 😉

Happy or moody most of the time: really happy! but also crazy emotional. See this panini story for an example (there were similar moments throughout the week, actually…)

Funny moments this week: Just thinking about the above panini story (nowwwww it’s laughable), makes me laugh. Schlepping Jared’s parents & brother all over the wasatch mountains to come with us to pick up the above 2nd-hand items in their van was also pretty hilare.

Looking forward to: Flying today to StL (yay family time!) after work & my first baby shower this weekend!


Fitness Thoughts at 29 weeks:

29 weeks -fit pregnancy 29 weeks -fit pregnancy

{pics are from yesterday after/before teaching BP/CX} p.s. I love my new top & capris! More on that this week.

  • Once again, fitness-wise I feel pretty great. (I feel super lucky & grateful!)
  • I have a bunch of fitness instructor friends who are cheerleading me on through this adventure, and it really helps! They all worked out/taught throughout their pregnancies, so it gives me hope that what I am doing is helpful for me & baby. 😉 Most of them said their labors & recoveries weren’t too bad at all, and they credit their active lifestyle to helping with that. My doc also agrees-so that’s peachy!
  • I still can’t lie on my belly (obv) during CX stuff, and I sometimes sit up now during crunches. They don’t hurt, it’s just kind of silly to keep doing them, ya know?
  • I haven’t really changed anything in my fitness teaching routine other than more sips of water while teaching (I get so hot & sweaty!), drinking my protein shake immediately after & then eating right after that (before pregnancy I’d be lazy about eating, but now I must get those cals in), not lying on my belly, and feeling less like I ‘need’ to add weight to my bar when I tell the participants to. I also don’t jump around as much or do as ‘full out’ movements while teaching zumba when I’m feeling a bit tired.



I figured since I am nosy & want to know what other people do & think, that you might be too…and would want to know what we’re going to do with diapering!

but you could also care less, so I’ll keep this short.

We’re definitely going the disposable diaper route.

Simply because I think reusable diapers are gross, with a capital G, and I do not want to deal with that ‘stuff’ on the go or on vacation or anymore than I have to. The thought just makes me a little bit green. 😉

I think it’s awesome when people do either one–a baby’s stuff simply needs to be taken care of-and whichever way someone chooses to do it, is fine by me. But as for us, reusable it is!

So if you want to send us any, let me know & I’ll get you our shipping address. 😉


Have a GREAT day! <3

What is something YOU’ve bought lately–2nd hand or not??! How was YOUR fitness this week??! Mommas: what diapering route did YOU decide to go, and why??! 

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  1. SEE YOU SOOOOOOO SOON!! And yes def to lunch a day, as well! :) :)

  2. HAHAHAH – I am the same way about diapering. Nooooo thank you! I do not want to be scooping that stuff into the toilet and putting it in my washing machine. Plus when I go back to work, that will be just one more load of laundry I’ll have to do!

  3. Like I said on IG, I swear your bump grew like WHOA this week! Glad you found some furniture for a great deal! That’s the best.

    I love cloth diapering, but you have to do what’s best for you! 😉 We do disposables on vacation and if we’re out for a long time – definitely more convenient that way.

  4. Hahaha, I love reading about peoples’ reusable diaper experiences, but I’ve always thought it was kind of gross… Where does the poop go?! Ick. So yay for disposable diapers. When I have kids, I’ll definitely use disposable. Except by the time I have babies, I’m sure they’ll have some fancy new machine that changes diapers for you. Fingers crossed for that one!

  5. I hate that scary rush of adrenaline you get when you wake up and realize your late!

    Also, you are rocking the bump and looking great :)

  6. You are definitely an amazing bargain shopper! I’m not at the kids stage yet, but I can’t see myself jumping on the reusable diaper bandwagon either.

  7. Becky Przy says:

    Disposable all the way! I didn’t even consider cloth. After all the poop, spit-ups, etc on me I couldn’t imagine having to deal w/more poop after she (and me) were clean. I never regretted my decision. I think learning the in and outs of cloth diapering would have pushed me over the edge as a new mom;-)
    My fitness week was ok….I am16 weeks pg so I am missing some of my more intense workouts. I get a little frustrated when the ‘little bump’ doesn’t want to go as far as my legs on a long run 😉

  8. I’d definitely go with the disposable diapers, too! So much easier!

  9. We have dark furniture for Em’s room and it will be the baby’s when she comes. LOVE it. Also – awesome deals! You won’t regret finding a great glider :) Looking good mama!

  10. We want to do cloth diapering too when the time comes! :) So, I think I need that essential oil… I can’t sleep well right now at all! lol

  11. Agree to diaparing. I’m a wimp when it comes to gross stuff. You seriously have the cutest little baby bump..and definitely some mad deal skillz. Your waffle and fruit plate are making me hungry! So glad you’re feeling good! Not much longer!!



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