Too Fast

Hey friends!

That weekend went by way too fast! Anybody else think so too?

Too Fast

A few pics from our weekend:

Taught Zumba early Friday morning before work:

too fast

Love me some sweeeaaatttt. <3

Later on I took a break from work & chugged this stuff:

too fast too fast

Yikes. It was sweet. Like super sweet. It tasted like super flat orange Hi-C.

I have no idea if I passed? I’ll let you know when I get confirmation…

I was so hungry & thirsty, I brought a special drink along to drink on my way home from the doc’s office:

too fast


Later that evening Jared & I picked up dinner & headed up to the mountain house!

too fast too fast

That pizza was so so good. The spinach was a little weird (they like fried it?), but the pizza part was super delish.

I had wanted pizza alllll week long, so we had coupons & went for it. Jared got pepperoni.

I also ate leftovers for the rest of the weekend (that pic is deceiving, it was really big!)

We spent the weekend with my sister, her husband & kids, and my dad. We had a blast! We just chilled, watched movies, watched the rain (so no swimming, sadly!), hung out, slept in, ate food, and read.

And I took like no pictures. Whoopsies.

I snapped this one of a game me & my nieces played all weekend long:

too fast

I secretly love that game! It’s all about skill and agility, for sure.


A smattering of food I ate during the weekend:

too fast too fast too fast too fast

I take more photos of food than I do of people. Yikes! That has gots to change.


And, because I love this list, go read 15 things you should give up to be happy! :)


Have a GREAT Monday! <3

What were some of YOUR weekend highlights???! What do YOU think YOU should give up to be happier??! Fave food from the weekend??! Do YOU love the gone fishing game with the fish that pop up?!? 

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  1. I think I need to give up some negative people in my life- I have already let go of a few the past year and it has helped me so much.

    Fingers crossed for good results on the Glucose test. My SIL ended up with GD in her most recent pregnancy and it was hard for her…but on the other hand it did make deciding on a “push present” for her much easier. All she wanted was my home made baked cheesecake once she was allowed!

    • Letting go of people who hold you back or bring you down is always so hard, but it is SO SO worth it!!

      thanks for the fingers crossed! I still haven’t heard which I think is good? hehe :)

  2. Yay! We’re having an awesome family weekend here too. We’ve taken turns cooking each night, so itz been fun because there’s been so much variety! Sushi, Italian, Mexican, and Summer Grill!

  3. I looove the Gone Fishin’ game. I haven’t played it in forever, but it’s right up there with Hungry Hungry Hippos and Elefun! Oh and your Zumba outfits? I can’t even. They’re just so cool! Because I teach at a university, I have to wear this ugly blue workout top as my “uniform.” Blech.

    • oh yes, I used to have to wear the ‘ugly blue’ workout shirt when I taught zumba at a university too. major gag. So sorry!

      Hopefully soon you can teach it at a gym & can join me in the zumba clothes craze?! :)

  4. Sounds like a great weekend! Mine was too short too…fortunately, in Canada we have a long weekend coming up! Best thing I ate this weekend had to be the burger I had Saturday night – it was so good!

  5. I so agree the weekend past by wayyyy too fast!
    I really want that lemonade, simply for the fact that there’s a smiley face winking on it. I’m such a packing sucker.
    Sounds like such a great weekend! Dying over all your foodie photos.

  6. So glad you got some great quality time with your fam this weekend! Sounds like a great one! :)

  7. My weekend just flew by which I am not happy about because its Monday now. Boo! I had my first Questbar which was amazing! Went to the lake, hiked, ran, spent time with family. It was a good weekend. I loved the article. I would let go of my fears, but thats easier said than done!

  8. I tend to take a lot less pictures when I’m too busy ENJOYING what I’m doing. It’s definitely a good thing! But I’m glad you got a photo of that game- I used to love playing that!!
    The happy list is great- there’s definitely a few things on there that I should GIVE UP. :)
    LOVE the ever-growing baby bump- you’re too cute!

  9. Ahhh your bump is getting so big and cute! Love it<3

  10. THey gave you your bottle to drink at home? LUCKY! Ours made us come into the office, drink it in front of them and then just sit there until it was time for blood draw. I didn’t think it was bad at all. I made its sweet, but not like horribly nasty…maybe its me haha. What a fun weekend. The pizza looks delish. Weird that they fried the spinach.

    What were some of YOUR weekend highlights???! A great party on Saturday night and family time.
    What do YOU think YOU should give up to be happier??! Being so critical of everything I do/trying to be so perfect!
    Fave food from the weekend??! Baked beans mmm
    Do YOU love the gone fishing game with the fish that pop up?!? Totally

    • Oh man, I guess I am glad they let me drink it at home?? That would’ve been so boring. SOrry u had to wait there. ugh.

      Your weekend sounds awesome! I need to go read your post, acutally.

      I like refried beans more than baked. I am weird, yes? hah.

  11. I was at the tail end of my vacation this past weekend…it was fabulous :)

    Faved food from the weekend: popcorn!

  12. My weekends always seem to go by too fast. :-( Your sounds amazing! And that pizza LOOKS amazing! I’ll give it to you though, the spinach does look kinda odd. Ok…um, your food from the weekend, much yumminess. Just send any leftovers my way, mmmk?? :-)

    Ps. Your baby bump gets cuter by the day, I swear.



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