Friday Thoughts {4}

Hey, hey!


I felt like this week flew by for the most part…like how is it already Friday? But no complaints here. I am cool with the weekend, oh yessss.


Friday Thoughts {4}

1. Can we talk about how I ate popcorn & a green smoothie for dinner the other night?

For reals. I wasn’t that hungry around dinner time, so I made Jared a chicken salad sandwich (I wasn’t feeling that) and myself a green smoothie (packed with spinach, frozen berries, milk, oj, stevia, and protein powder). After I drank that & went to the store to make some returns, I came back & ate a bowl of popcorn.


And I didn’t take any photos of the evidence. You’re just going to have to trust me on this one. 😉

2. I am so excited for this weekend!

We’re going to the mountain house today after work (yay!), and my dad and sister & her fam will be there. Woot! Par-TAY.

I love escaping to the peace of the mountains with the mister. And having fam there is a huge bonus!

3. By the number of paninis I’ve consumed this week, I am going to turn into one.

Not but seriously.

friday thoughts friday thoughts

I can’t IG my lunches anymore because they’re all the same nowadays.  And that would be a travesty to do that, right?!

Oh, and no, I haven’t forgotten any of my paninis in the panini maker…….


4. Mushy fruit is a no go for moi.

If I eat a piece of fruit, I like it to be perfectly ripe. The amount of crispness I desire is dependent upon the fruit.

friday thoughts

For example: nectarines & peaches are nasty when they’re too hard, so semi-soft is best. Plums must be crunchy. Watermelon can not be too mushy. And apples MUST be crunchy. And berries have to be semi-soft.

5. I can’t decide on the color of furniture I want for Baby Perks’ room!

Gahhhh! Do I want to go dark? Light brown? White?

Decisions. Decisions.  {the colors of the room are going to be pink & orange}

6. I am happy for Kate & William!

Like I mentioned before, congrats to the Duke & Duchess! I don’t follow the royals all that closely, but I think it’s super awesome they’ve begun their family.

Check out this article that I want to say AMEN on the rooftops to: Why is the World Shocked by Kate Middleton’s Baby Belly

Seriously. Why do people focus so much on what the mother’s midsection looks like right after birth?!? She just went through one of the most incredible processes of humankind and all we care about is the size of her belly?? Sad.

So I applaud Kate for not trying to ‘hide’ her body. (Most celebrities don’t show any of that area until they’re ‘back in shape’). Way to be bold & awesome, Kate! She is so classy.

7. Annnnnd on that note, I lovvveee my bump.

I just do. I definitely have moments where I am like “whoa I am huge!” or “whoa I look so different from a few months ago!” (I am human), but I really do love having my baby bump.

friday thoughts / baby bump

{28W 3D}

I wanted one for so long (she was stubborn & didn’t want to stick out), so it’s really fun to walk around with it & think about the miracle growing inside of me.

#mamamushiness :)

8. I love ice cream & fro yo.

As if you didn’t know that. But I just wanted to share that again.

Any dessert (cookies, cake, pie) WILL Be trumped by ice cream or fro yo.

However, I am not opposed to adding a homemade chocolate chip cookie to my bowl of ice cream…..

friday thoughts

eaten in bed, of course.

9. I found a great salad dressing!

Sweet Onion.

friday thoughts

Super tasty. It reminds me of the Subway stuff they put on your sandwiches-only this is slightly less sweet.

Two thumbs up!

Oh, and because you all love photos of food, here is my salad bar round 1 from the other night when we went to Jason’s Deli with Jared’s parents:

friday thoughts / jason's deli

10. I can’t wait to hear baby girl’s heart beat today!

I have another doc’s appt today (and the glucose test), so I get to hear her heartbeat. Wahoo!


p.s. happy birthday to my beautiful friend Maria!

Have a FANTASTIC weekend ya all! <3

What are some foodie finds YOU’ve discovered lately??! What is the TRUMP ALL dessert to YOU??! Thoughts on Baby Perks’ furniture color?? 

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  1. cake batter ice cream oooooobviously! and i vote white for baby perks furniture! :)

  2. I think pink and orange would look super cute with white furniture. But maybe that’s just me because I love the look of white furniture in a little kid’s room!

  3. Caroline says:

    Kate and William are so super classy. I love that she didn’t try and hide her post-delivery belly.

  4. I’m definitely with you on ice cream or froyo trumping all other desserts. Stuff is so, so good…coconut milk ice cream has been my dessert of choice this week! And I love how Kate didnt try to hide anything, it just makes her that much more relatable.

  5. danielle says:

    holy moly, i TOTALLY had a smoothie and popcorn last night for dinner as well!!!!!! omg we’re twins, lol. ok not at all but cha know what i mean… yeah, last night my bro and i had our movie date night, so i had time for a little jog before hand. after that all i wanted was something cold and yummy, so smoothie time it was! and put some greens powder and all kinds of berries, etc. then at the movies we shared some extra buttery popcorn… yeah, the super bad stuff. like i basically at a heart attack but it was delicious, and so much fun to have an impromptu bro/sis date night. worth every buttery bite!!!!! hahaha
    love you and your teeny weenee perkish bump, big hugs!!!!

  6. CHEESECAKE, hands down!

    Baby bump is super cute!
    Have a great weekend!

  7. I say go white furniture with the orange and pink! I think it’d be super cute. If you want someone to go shopping with you for baby stuff, I’m riggghhhttt here. 😉 I think we need to go out for ice cream/fro-yo soon too, yes? August is a lot more low key for us too, so we’ll definitely have to get on that.

  8. I hope your glucose test goes well. I had mine this week. Ugh. That’s all I’m going to say about that. haha

    Have an extra panini for me; they look delicious!

  9. OMGeez! You have the cutest baby bump.
    And I am with you on the mushy fruit from. Yuckgh!!

  10. Enjoy your weekend! Sounds like it will be a good one! Your bump is so cute. We went dark on the furniture. The idea of white + a baby always makes me nervous. There is a lot of poop and spit up and stains involved…..

  11. Yummm Froyo! The best treat for sure, hands down!

  12. I’d say white or dark for the furniture – white would be gorgeous and summery all the time and dark would really make the pink and orange pop.

    Chocolate peanut butter ice cream is my TRUMPS ALL dessert. MMMMMMMMMMM.

  13. I’m all about the froyo too!

  14. Nicole says:

    Foodie Finds – Lately, I’ve been lovin’ McDonalds’ 99c ice cream cones. There’s something about reachign the very bottom of the cone that is sooooo satisfying! On the “healthier” side (though, not natural)….Quest Protein Bars have made me smile lately. So good when slightly warmed.

    Ice cream always wins!!

    Furniture…I’d pick something that she can grow into….and/or pass along to a younger sibling. :) I am no help!

  15. Ooo..a trump all dessert, that’s hard. I may be with you on the froyo, although anything dark chocolate always wins my heart. Dark chocolate froyo??? I TOTALLY know what you mean about fruit. I’m right there with you. Too hard = gross, too mushy = gross.

    I want to come live with you and let you make me paninis everyday. They look SO GOOD!!!

  16. I hope your glucose test went great love! I’m so with you on the fruit. And… I can’t touch a banana if it has spots. My bananas have to still be firm and not too ripe!

  17. Your #1 would be funny if it didn’t hit so close to home. I’m sipping on a green smoothie for dinner as I type. I hadn’t thought of adding some popcorn to the side though. That’s my only complaint! :)



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