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Hey friends.

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Lots going on today! I just had a few things floating around my head & had to get ’em out.

So you get to enjoy all of it. You’re welcome. 😉


As many of you know, I am a fitness instructor on the side. (I teach BodyPUMP, CXWORX, GRIT, and ZUMBA).

I obviously love it (understatement of the year), and I really enjoy helping others who want to do it. I also like learning from other great instructors and figuring out how I can make my classes even better.

{Check out this post I wrote for more info & help on all that: So You Want to be a Fitness Instructor}

So when I came across an article that I adored, I just had to share it with ya all-especially those who are fitness instructors or who want to become one.

13 Things NOT to Say in a Fitness Class (aka 13 comments fitness instructors should never say)

Here are a few I really thought were worth mentioning here (and check out the rest in the article)!

fitness instructor

When I would regularly take fitness classes, this drove me BONKERS. Instructors should know their music well enough to know if the end is soon and/or should know how many reps they have done so they can give an idea of how MUCH time or how MANY reps are left.

Just saying “we’re almost there” or “we’re almost done” when we’re not even close is NOT helpful. And, research shows that when people have an idea of how much or how many is left, they’re more likely to give their full effort.

Blanket statements = harmful

Specific reps or time = super helpful

I often say “20 seconds to go!” or “4 more reps!” You want the amount to be short enough that they can fire up their will power, and not too long that they can’t make it through the amount of time or reps given.

fitness instructor

AMEN. I learned this at an instructor training–it is vital that you as an instructor appeal to ALL aspects of health in the room when giving cues.

It’s fine to talk about a great butt or nice legs, but include other aspects in there as well, like “strong arms for lifting kids” or “healthier back for good posture” etc. Sell the benefits of the exercise in a variety of ways!

p.s. As a personal choice I almost never talk about weight loss in my classes. I choose instead to focus on fitness, strength, health. The closest I get to talking about ‘weight’ is talking about better looking arms or legs, because most people wouldn’t mind better shaped appendages. 😉

fitness instructor

This also drives me crazy when I hear this a lot. Instructors: FAKE IT TIL YOU MAKE IT. Don’t apologize, it ruins your credibility in 2 seconds, especially because the participants likely didn’t know you messed up.

This does take practice though, especially if you’re newer to teaching.

fitness instructor

Haha. Could you just imagine a fitness class that is instructed in a monotone voice?! Yikes. I’ve def been there before, and I can tell ya, I never went back to that class.

Vary your tone of voice, energy, speed. Also, use pauses in your phrases to your advantage & to create drama!

(full article here)


Fro Yo Addiction

Apparently I am addicted to fro yo. Who knew, right?! hah :)

Check out this article:  13 Signs You’re Addicted to Fro Yo. It made me realize, I AM addicted! haha. (p.s. I use the word ‘addicted’ in a sort of joking manner here)

My favorite? #13. “You Instagram your fro yo on the reg.”

fro yo instagram

So true. Let’s be honest you all neeeeeeeed to know when I have fro yo, so I’ve just got to share.

Oh, and #5? “You don’t ‘get’ people who don’t like fro yo”

True story.

{full article here}

Anyone else in this same predicament?!

Kona Kase -July

The awesome people at Kona Kase had leftover July cases, so they offered to send me one. Sweet!

Here is what I got:

Kona Kase

I loved the granola! So good. And turkey jerky is a fave around here.

I also really like the seeds & fruit mix (especially since there aren’t peanuts involved. ewww).

kona kase

Kona Kase is a case that is sent every month with a flat fee of 15$. Check out what other Kases have included!

p.s. when I first received a Kona Kase, I got a protein bar in it, fell in love with it (chocolate mint builder’s bar), and then went and bought an entire box of the bars online. Kona Kase is totes a great way to try a bunch of new products for a great price.

Thanks Kona Kase! {I was sent product for review. All opinions are my own.}


Thankful Thursday

  1. I am grateful for a husband who lets me cry on his chest, and doesn’t have to ask what is wrong. (haha. He’s learned quickly that sometimes nothing is really ‘wrong’) :)
  2. I am thankful for ice! I love ice. So so much.
  3. I am thankful for a texting plan that includes unlimited texts. Sometimes it is just a really great way to communicate needs/plans/appointments!


Have a FANTABULOUS day!!! <3

What are some funny links YOU’ve found around the Internet lately??! Have YOU tried a Kona Kase before?? What are YOU thankful for today??!

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  1. totally agree with what you said about not saying in a fitness class – reason #928735 why you are the best fitness teacher EVER! and fro yo?! oh yes! you already know my thoughts on this one hehe

  2. Mono-toned instructors drive me BONKERS. That is all 😉

  3. Thanks for this one, Annette! I just started teaching Insanity classes in May and I appreciate any and all tips to be the best instructor I can be. Much appreciated! {And I am seriously trying to keep a lid on my fro yo addiction this summer… it’s expensive! :-) }

    • Hah. It IS expensive, your’e so right. But soooo worth it. hehe.

      You’re welcome, I thought they were some great tips too–how are you liking Insanity?!?

  4. This post is funny, but SO true! I can totally relate to some of those comments and assumptions other people have in class!

    Okay, as for the froyo, I am probably addicted too! Last night I had a 9PM grocery store run to replenish my froyo supply. Yeah. It’s weird!

  5. LOVE those instructor tidbits!! I feel like anonymously sending them to my fitness studio, especially about the reps one! I hate when my teachers tell us we only have 4 more push-ups and 2 minutes later we’re still going.

    • oh man. I would STOP & glare at the instructor if someone did that to me. hah. I DISLIKE it when instructors can’t count. If you can’t count, don’t be a fitness instructor, IMO. 😉

  6. When I saw that froyo article, I sent it to the boyfriend with the title “I think I have a problem…” yes, I do not understand people that don’t like froyo. What’s not to like?

  7. Haha love BOTH of the articles! Hilarious. :) And seriously, how can you NOT love fro-yo?!

  8. Gahh, I love teaching AND taking group fitness classes, and I definitely agree with that list. When I’m teaching my classes, I always say, “10 seconds left” or “5 reps left.” And then I scream at people to “make it count.” 😀 :D.

  9. I wish all class instructors would read those things not to say!

    And I KNOW I am addicted to froyo and greek yogurt in general!

  10. Totally love the list you posted! When I was teacher training for pilates some of the instructors would say things I was totally not a fan of, which made me learn a lot just from that. And it’s helpful to see lists like this. Since I definitely want to get better about my teaching methods too! I don’t do any of the ones you mentioned, but I’m going to be careful:)
    Haha, fro yo addictions. I feel like the only blogger without one. I don’t really like frozen yogurt for whatever reason. Such an outcast.

  11. Thanks for sharing that article! I think I was nodding the entire time.

    Fro yo – oh my goodness #8! That was totally me last Monday – “I put protein powder in my fro yo, it’s a healthy post-workout recovery snack now, right?” :)

    This link had me cracking up this morning.

  12. Those instructor tidbits are some of the reasons I don’t go to group fitness anymore.

    I did BODY PUMP for a month and loved it… then we had a sub leader and she was not the personality that that original had been… honestly, if she had been my first experience, I would never have gone back at all.

    GET PUMPED and quit apologizing! Love that advice. If you are a yoga instructor, however…. quieter would be appropriate, but never monotone, I agree.

  13. Number 2 drives me insane especially during rpm as it’s not my strongest class so I really have to pace myself and not go all out with the resistance too quickly. My favorite instructor did mess up one particular time telling us there was 20 seconds or so left when in fact, we’d only done half of the song but as he apologized after and it never happened again I won’t hold a grudge (plus he’s hot ha!) but on a regular basis it would drive me insane!

    And as far as running goes, I ran my first half marathon distance on monday and the last 3 miles were a killer. Reflecting back, if someone had told me “almost there now” at mile 10 I would have told them that the last 3 miles are the hardest part of the run!

    • Haha. That is awesome about rpm–and cool that he recognized what he did wrong & didn’t do it again! Way to go instructor!

      CONGRATS on the half marathon distance!

  14. I think I am going to sign up for these Kona Kases. They look fantastic! I need exposure to more great snacks to keep up my energy for running in this rediculous heat!

  15. This time, it’s my favourite kind of review- workout clothes. I owe another big thank you to Fitfluential for putting me on the list to review these clothes. I am so lucky to be a part of such an amazing network of fitness bloggers.



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